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Hello. Nice website. I really enjoyed your site though. I will remember you for my next special event. Keep up the good work!
Jack Harlinghton Alviso, California United States - Thu, Oct 06, 05 at 13:35:41

Just a pleasure for my soul to see Your photographs.
vienna, austria - Tue, Oct 04, 05 at 13:29:56

your pictures are fantastic in many ways! thank you and keep it up!
john sly
dallas, tx usa - Sat, Sep 24, 05 at 20:39:50

Thanks for displaying your work for the public to enjoy. It's phenomenol.
Justin Lee
Hsinchu, Taiwan - Thu, Sep 22, 05 at 03:11:34

Tuan, I always enjoy your photography so much. It helps me to relax and just unwind from the rest of my day. Thank you for posting them. Wish I cud afford them... Cheers MG
Marie Gibb
Calgary, AB Canada - Fri, Sep 09, 05 at 20:47:44

Your photographs are absolutely stunning and I was very moved by the emotion and feelings captured within your frames. Thank you very much!
Canada - Thu, Sep 08, 05 at 19:04:19

I found your site when I was browsing by keywords after again looking at the work of Ansel Adams, whom I greatly admire. I was knocked out by the clarity and definition in your work. I always tended to think that landscape works better in monochrome but you have changed my mind. As a student, I used to use large format for landscape, an old MPP 5x4 with a 90mm Rodenstock, it had appalling fall off on the edges and chronic vignetting but providing I composed the image with this in mind, the results were quite acceptable! Later, I used a Sinar Technical with a full lens range, a bit unweildy for the great outdoors!
Nick Fagan Sandwich, Kent United Kingdom - Sat, Sep 03, 05 at 09:39:22

Surely this artist has to rank on the top of the ladder.I have enjoyed his asian works for a long time.His work on NP in USA has seen him reach greater heights(how can this be when he is already as high as one can go.Thank you for sharing your great and I mean great talent and gift
malcolm Arnold. Khulna, Bangladesh - Thu, Sep 01, 05 at 22:00:05

WOW ! I know I'm from England, am sorry to start in American, but I just wanted to say how superb your pictures are and could'nt think of a better word to describe them except also .. fabulous composition, breathtaking colours and definition, refreshing to the eyes and enlightening to the spirit. I've seen many other Landscape photography sites on the Internet, but nothing in the same league as these ! Definitely beyond Photography to a classic 'art form' ! Thank you again for these lovely images. With Best wishes and regards : Honey ( Yes, I'm afraid that's my name ! ) Halliday
honey halliday. Wargrave, Berks United Kingdom - Thu, Aug 25, 05 at 09:33:48

Why no photos from the United Kingdom? England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland?
Roger Beltz. Elk Grove Village, IL United States - Wed, Aug 24, 05 at 19:08:40

Just magnificient! I love your web-site and thanks for sharing your beautiful work!
Rancho Cucamonga, CA USA - Tue, Aug 23, 05 at 13:16:34

The pictures you took absolutely beautiful!
Chino Hills, Ca USA - Tue, Aug 23, 05 at 13:14:52

I was wondering, what do you guys mean by "edition" in the ordering prints section? There is no explanation for this. Thank you.
Justin Nash. Arcata, CA USA - Fri, Aug 19, 05 at 13:33:35

Very thought provoking. Just Beautiful !
Kevin Roland
Bakersfield, Ca - Wed, Aug 17, 05 at 19:07:34

Absolutely fabulous pictures from all over the World. I wish I had a way of doing exactly the same thing. You're a lucky man, really.....! Don't stop now!
Noblesville, IN USA - Wed, Aug 17, 05 at 13:28:51

I love you photographs from Rothenburd ob die Tauber. I've been there myself so it is nice to be reminded of it with such wonderful photographs. E-mail me if you would like to see some of the photos i took there as well as some other places in Europe.
Stephen. Tallahassee, FL USA - Sun, Aug 14, 05 at 21:58:29

I have been really inspired by your photographs and it makes it so real to be on that journey with you. Thank you for sharing your experiences with me.
Mhairi. Castro Valley, Ca America - Wed, Aug 10, 05 at 13:57:57

In a few weeks we are visiting the South West of the US. As a beginning photographer I found your website a great source of inspiration! Every single picture is beautifull!! Thanks!
Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands - Mon, Aug 08, 05 at 13:06:24

I found this site while looking for some pictures of the nearby scenery of Redwoods and Fern County here in Humboldt. I was amazed to find Luong's website. The images are beautiful and I can tell he is a generous man by the way he puts them on his website. Clearly he is someone who appreciates the beauty of Earth and life and sees that sharing such beauty is more important beyond anything else. In this way he is a true artist and a real pioneer of photography. At every opportunity I get I show off his website, after all I'm also showing off the place I am fortunate enough to live too!
Justin Nash. Arcata, CA 95521 - Sat, Aug 06, 05 at 12:54:20

WOW WOW WOW!! outstanding photos! way to go!
Ellen Smith. Richmond, BC Canda - Fri, Aug 05, 05 at 07:42:15

Breath-taking photos! Thank you for this beautiful site! I've forwarded your site to some friends whom I know will fall in love with this site, as I have! Thank you!
Honolulu, HI USA - Mon, Aug 01, 05 at 19:50:41

Dear Loung, Thank you for such great art work sharing with us. After viewing your photos, I am crazy about learing photo taking and national parks travel now!! God has created such wonderful world for us. I really really wish to become like you. But, I don't know much about professional photographing. Please, please.... please, give me some instruction of how I can reach closely of where you are. I am willing to take time, one year or even 10 years or even 20 years to achieve what you do right now. Could you please share with me how you learn your photo taking? what art school? or any insititude? And also, how do you arrange your traveling especially to the national parks? I plan my travels too, but I am sure you have very smart tips and experience planning. I respect your valuable time. I don't like to occupy your time, but I am seriously crazy about doing what you do now. I feel like I have just fall into great love of your work, and God's creation. Please guide me. Thank you very very much! I thank God to have you teaching us how beautiful the world, the nature, the people can be!! With great thanks, Sonia Yes, I like to do whatever it takes to become closely of what you do now. You have inspired my passion of photographing and traveling like fire! I am determined!
Sonia. Los Angeles, CA - Thu, Jul 28, 05 at 01:23:16

great work
- Tue, Jul 26, 05 at 01:39:34

God bless you. The pictorial tours of all the places is marvlous. You have provided joy to the tens of thousands. Its a saint's job. God bless you.
Asim Sana Naik. Lahore, Punjab Pakistan - Tue, Jul 26, 05 at 00:26:21

I want to thank you for making these galleries available to everyone. Your photographs show how amazing and breathtaking creation is. They display God's power, and show how meager we are in comparison. Because of this, your work is both humbling and awe-inspiring. I am truly appreciative for allowing me to view your work.
Gary Osborne. Calhoun, LA USA - Fri, Jul 22, 05 at 09:20:46

I love your pictures and site!!! Great job.
Kenny Adams. Medford, Oregon US - Tue, Jul 19, 05 at 14:40:21

I've enjoyed all the photographies this website have provided and it also inspired me for visiting some of these destinations in the future. Thanks for all your contributions!!!!!!!!!
Xiaolong Li . Altanta, GA USA - Tue, Jul 19, 05 at 12:31:36

Please go to Capri in Italy and take photographs. I hear it is one of the most beautiful places in the world!!!
Hollywood, FL USA - Sun, Jul 17, 05 at 16:58:53

Your photography is so inspiring, I enjoy photographing my children with my Canon 20d and photography in getting inbedded deep within my blood and your photo's only add to what is possible with a lens...Thanks for sharing your dream with us!
Andy Glogower. Winter Haven, Fl 33881 - Sat, Jul 16, 05 at 05:49:13

Your work is by far the most stunning I have seen in years. To travel through your pages was to see, feel, and experience so many places I have never been to. Thank you, for such awesome work, your talent, and visions.
Anne Stevens
Merced, CA USA - Wed, Jul 13, 05 at 07:12:03

Hi , Some great images on your site, but I think you should work a bit on your image captions. “Women hikers consulting a map” … - duh captain obvious. Everyone can see that the people in the image are women looking at the map, or “ camper eating noodles out of the pot” – again if an image is in Alaskan backcountry that shows a person eating noodles while holding a pot, please don’t write caption that is just useless. Instead, give persons name, location and perhaps some other info not seen in the image – and that ‘s it!
toronto, canada - Mon, Jul 11, 05 at 14:23:24
Tuan's answer: Image descriptions are for search engines. However, note that the location is always given in the caption as well.

Your work is amazing!
Richard Lee
Lynnwood, WA 98037 - Sun, Jul 10, 05 at 20:00:42

wow, very nice shoots :) do you might let me know some tips ? btw, thank you
Kim. San Jose, CA - Sun, Jul 10, 05 at 15:11:26

Your work is beautiful. My family will be at Grand Canyon at the end of August. If I can get 1/100th of what you achieved I'd be thrilled. Great job.
Kevin. Farmingdale, NY USA - Sat, Jul 09, 05 at 12:33:42

These are such perfect pictures. I am going to buy some. Great work!
Rick Flippen. Bradenton, fl usa - Sat, Jul 09, 05 at 05:12:09

Are you aware that New Zealand is part of Oceania. You should come down here to "Downunder" and experience part of the "real" world instead of "bullshit" Australia and the wank yanks
Stray Bob. New Zealand - Sat, Jul 09, 05 at 01:28:25
Tuan's answer: Definitively on my travel list

Found your site by accident and have spent a lot of time looking at all your beautiful pictures. Love it and have sent links to my email friends & family. Keep up the great work. I will return to check for new pix. I love taking pix and so I am looking for all the ideas I can get to take better ones. You have helped and appreciate it. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and your pix are beautiful. I just take them for my own pleasure.
LP, Indiana USA - Thu, Jul 07, 05 at 07:56:51

The photos on your site are spectacular! I'm going to be spending a lot of time here!
Mississauga, ON Canada - Wed, Jul 06, 05 at 09:33:58

Hi, Mr Tuan. Thank you for your beautiful pictures. The pictures of the mountains makes me feel peace. I am moved by your passions. Blessing, Ho-ming
Ho-ming. Hong Kong, China - Mon, Jul 04, 05 at 20:56:35

I stumbled across this site one day, and love the pictures. I really enjoy seeing all the different places around the world. I frequently check for updated pictures, and recommend the site to everyone I know. Since I am a Texas native, I was curious why there are no pictures of this state. The hill country can be beautiful in the spring. Thanks again for the wonderful site. Amy Plano, Texas
Plano, Texas USA - Thu, Jun 30, 05 at 09:43:20
Tuan's answer: I am aware of the great Texas wildflower displays. I haven't had the chance to visit yet, but it's certainly on my list of destinations.

Thank you for the inspiration!
Sam Antonio
San Diego, CA USA - Thu, Jun 30, 05 at 02:59:57

Hi there, Just wanted to say that I have been on your site for a while now and you have some incredible prints - who are the artists? It's nice to see that you capture the good side of the USA :)
Lou Lou. Guernsey, Channel Islands - Thu, Jun 23, 05 at 23:43:36

I just stumbled upon your website and was taken aback by your spectacular photographs. Thank you so much for publishing them and making them available to people to view and appreciate. Kind regards, Laura
Laura Barbarino. San Jose, CA - Thu, Jun 23, 05 at 13:06:15

I came across this site while searching for rock climbing info. and I was blown away by all your adventures, climbings and photography. As a newbie in rock climbing and photography enthusiast, your site is truly outstanding, I just hope I'll be able to see and experience half as much.
M. Tuan Tran. san diego, CA US - Wed, Jun 15, 05 at 14:48:41

If goes without saying that by the time one has grown to adulthood, one has been exposed to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of photographic images (e.g., card stores, postcard racks, etc.) But I was very nearly moved to tears at the beauty of your photography, Mr. Luong. Especially those images of San Francisco made this viewer so very homesick for the place I grew up. From those images to the vast number of others, I am truly shocked. I expected that I would quickly become inured, but each new page of plates continued to amaze me. I am really mystified that such standard staples of photography could be so freshly and so strikingly realized--I'm in my mid-forties, have traveled a fair amount, so I wouldn't have believed it possible if I hadn't seen the images myself. Superlatives hardly seem adequate, but you have this stranger's deep respect and admiration.
Christian Hart. Los Angeles, CA USA - Wed, Jun 15, 05 at 13:28:50

Your photography is MAGNIFICENT!
Daniel Mark
- Wed, Jun 15, 05 at 01:10:03

I too love France and Italy and your pictures are just outstanding. I have spent a couple of hours going through my favorite places through your eyes. I find myself needing to revisit France every year.
Lovanne Horsman. Columbus, OH United States - Sat, Jun 11, 05 at 21:44:21

Thank you for such a fantastic website with so many beautiful pictures! I thank God for this site!
Jody Ingram
Costa Mesa, CA USA - Fri, Jun 10, 05 at 12:50:05

Truly amazing - your photos are absolutely breathtaking! Thank you for sharing your passion for photography and capturing nature's beauty with us. I am inspired by your work.
Fatimah Busran
La Mirada, CA USA - Thu, Jun 09, 05 at 20:37:30

Q.T. Luong, I want to say i really dig your photos, I looked at the Avenue of the Giants and it brought back pleasant memories of when my girlfriend and I were through there in 2000, what a nice time we had, also Yosemite we enjoyed being there. That sure is cool that you have the opportunity to go to all these great places, I wish you the best and keep on rockin', Roy Dobbs
Roy Dobbs. - Thu, Jun 09, 05 at 14:53:04

I just wanted to say thank you for all these pages and pictures, i find you absolutely amazing! I am young and plan to travel the world, and i didn't think that it was possible, but you have truely given me hope!! You have made my dream real to me and for that i would love to thank you!! Ongoing Dreamer, ~*~Brooke~Ashley~*~
Brooke Ashley. tampabay.rr.com">Tinkerbell89 AT tampabay.rr.com>
Auburndale, FL. US - Wed, Jun 08, 05 at 20:48:20

Thank you for sharing your technical info as well as your photography itself. inspiring....
Allen. Richmond, VA USA - Mon, Jun 06, 05 at 13:52:30

These are absolutely the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. I now have a new favorite website to visit every day.... Great work and great artist perception too!!!
Teresa Toten. West, MS USA - Mon, Jun 06, 05 at 10:37:14

Hi, your page is wonderfull but I have a coment, your picture ID#mexi32161 has the wrong description, the author is not Bustamente, the right author is Fernando Baños and the name of the esculpture is "Los Milenios" and it is a homenage to creation. I would like you to change the information please. Thank you, Luis Felipe Carbajal
Luis Felipe Carbajal. Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico - Fri, May 20, 05 at 16:27:48
Tuan's answer: Thanks for the correction. I have changed the caption. QT

Your website is outstanding and your photography is some of the best I've ever seen. I especially liked your photos of Alaska and linked them to my story on the web titled "A Tale of Two Airplanes". Thank You, King Hawes www.6srw.com
King Hawes. Omaha, NE USA - Fri, May 20, 05 at 02:44:49

Great photos u have there. I''ll coming to USA in July to visit your incredible parks. I am amateur photographer and I have a web site dedicated to my photograpy (www.drejhi.com). I can't comapare with you but I try to be better and better. I only own Canon EOS 300D and 17-40/4L. But during my visit at your conutry i'll buy 70-200 f2.8. I always wanted that lens and now i''ll finaly have it. I wish u more amazing photos. Bye, Andrej Slovenia
Sostanj, Slovenia (Europe) - Tue, May 17, 05 at 03:41:57

Your photographs are absolutely amazing, and I am very impressed with your coverage of so many different places. I just wanted to make one comment related to the incorrect labeling of one of your photographs in the Yellowstone section. In yell0537, based on the white rump patch and the shape of the head, I am almost positive that the two animals in the photograph are female elk. My undergraduate degree is in Wildlife and Fisheries Ecology, so I think that my eye is pretty good for identifying characteristics of wildlife. That does not change my impression of your work, but as a high school Earth Science teacher, I am always appreciative of students who both appreciate the work that I have done, while bringing to my attention, in an appropriate way, mistakes that I have made in my presentations. Their bringing my attention to those errors only serves to make the presentations, minus the errors, better. Thank you for sharing your work with us. Best Regards, David Boutwell Haymarket, Virginia
David Boutwell. Haymarket, VA USA - Sat, May 14, 05 at 08:40:08
Tuan's answer: Thanks for the correction. I have changed the caption. QT

the pictures are nice
david currier. Raymond, NH USA - Tue, May 10, 05 at 08:31:23

Mr.Tuan, first of all thank you for providing such "Beauty" that you have captured with your photographic talent. I must admit i am a bit jealous of the places you have seen, but more than jealous, i am happy that you were there and have provided glimpses of time standing still and perserved in the splendor of a unique photographer's eye. I have gazed in awe at most of your works and still look for more. May you have continued sucess and keep an eye out for that next shot... robert s breaux louisiana USA
robert s breaux. mandeville, La. USA - Sun, May 08, 05 at 17:31:54

You have beautiful pictures of Alaska. It provided me with an idea of what I will see when I visit this May 28.
Flushing, NY USA - Fri, May 06, 05 at 12:03:59

The photography is awesome. Very beautiful and inspirational. Thank you for sharing your work.
Debbie Jaquinta. Boca Raton, FL USA - Mon, May 02, 05 at 16:42:13

I thouroughly enjoy your photos. Viewing the different images, gives a-I'd like to be there feeling.
Mark Martin. Oakhurst, CA USA - Wed, Apr 27, 05 at 08:47:49

Hi, can anyone tell me what the "f" in f-stop stands for...? Thanks, Frank Dispensa
Frank Dispensa. - Sat, Apr 23, 05 at 14:41:34

Tuan's answer: f stands for "focal", as the f-number expresses the diameter of the diaphragm aperture in terms of the effective focal length of the lens. QT

lovely. just lovely. my third novel visits china... and having seen your photos, i want to extend my characters' trip to the stone forest. thank you for sharing.
canton, mi usa - Fri, Apr 22, 05 at 17:53:21

I just wanted to say how very impresed I was with your pictures. I got to see your site by chance while looking for pictures of Alaska (I am planning a trip out there)when your site popped up and I started looking. There is a lot of amazing stuff, keep up the good work.
George Matthews
Moab, UT - Fri, Apr 22, 05 at 12:58:41

I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful pictures. You truely have an artist eye. I will visit your site often in the future and have you on my favorites list.
MICHELLE. Salt Lake City , UT USA - Fri, Apr 22, 05 at 11:16:52

You, sir, are a genius. My nature photographer hero has always been Eliot Porter. Now he has a rival--you. I am reading Simon Winchester's book on the Yangze River. Last night I rad of Lijiang and your pictures are as equisite as his descriptions. Thank you so much.
Douglas Chapman. Sioux Falls, SD USA - Fri, Apr 22, 05 at 09:20:20

Cuban american retired that love photography. Thank you for your webside regarding large format. Bought my first LF camera, feel lost in technicality world. Your images from mexico,hawaii, somoa... are pure art. Emjoy you vacations. If any time are you in this area, MI CASA ES TU CASA. Jorge Perez, 20 Pineview Lake Cr. Ormond Beach,FL.32174.
Jorge Perez. Ormond Beach, Fl USA - Mon, Apr 18, 05 at 17:33:25

I have visited your site many times in the past year, often to help me decide where I want to travel next! But I haven't signed the guestbook until now. This photography is beautiful and moving in every way.
Amille Black
- Thu, Apr 14, 05 at 10:15:51

A truly inspiring effort, Tuan. Do keep up the good work. Photography is the only PAUSE button we have in Nature. It freezes a moment in time, in the midst of a fleet-footed world. You have been fortunate to have travelled so wide, and blessed to FREEZE the RIGHT moments. It is so well manifested in your brillant work that words cannot applaud enough. Thank you for the glimpses into the wonderous sights that natures imperfections bring forth. Keep it up and God-Bless.
sreeshant. - Sun, Apr 10, 05 at 08:03:27

In reference to an image I found on the site (Photo ID# aust2558) I was appalled to see some idiot diver stabilising himself by resting his fins on the coral. Its cretins like him who give divers a bad name and destroy reefs all over the world with their reckless actions. The photographer is also a cretin for happily allowing the damage to a reef for the sake of a mediocre photograph. Learn to control your buoyancy and stay off the reefs! Ian UK.
Ian Jakeway. Cheltenham, UK - Sat, Apr 09, 05 at 12:05:58

Tuan's answer: Thanks for your concern. The "idiot diver" was the divemaster for this expedition. The photographer (a beginning scuba diver at that time) simply assumed that his divemaster knew what he was doing, and just took a picture of an event he had no role in scheduling.

The photographs are just amazing..enjoyed all the snaps... Do vist INDIA..there are many places which u'r eye can capture....especially Himalayas ..
bangalore, INDIA - Sat, Apr 09, 05 at 07:43:21

What a well crafted site and such wonderful photo's whith such amazing quality. Well done.
- Fri, Apr 08, 05 at 08:21:23

just amazing...this is just amzaing...words won't describe.
Melinda Hudecz. venice, ca - Wed, Apr 06, 05 at 00:52:54

This is a very impressive website, u have transform the beauty of the Earth into ours eyes in every of your photo shot. Keep it up!
Tai Duong. Indianapolis, IN U.S - Tue, Apr 05, 05 at 12:57:19

I'm going to Italy in May. Your photos are breathtaking. I have a better iadea about where to go.. I'm an artist and my youngest brother's a photographer. G. Mankie
G. Mankie. Charlottesville, Va USA - Sun, Apr 03, 05 at 16:10:03

I always check back for new photos on this site. Love them all! By the way, are you traveling to South America soon?
San Diego, CA - Thu, Mar 31, 05 at 20:29:11

Hello, my name is John Alvarado and i just wanted to say that this picture of high voltage towers in the central valley is a super-nice picture! I like to draw electrical towers and i want to put my drawings online. My room is covered with drawings that i have done. I like to look at electrical towers along highways and i also like to take pictures of them. Excellent picture ,keep up the good work!
John Alvarado
Bloomington, Ca usa - Thu, Mar 31, 05 at 15:57:30

Quantas? i do believe their company name is QANTAS, standing for
senoj obmij. canberra, act aus - Sun, Mar 27, 05 at 17:09:46

Nice photos of Sweden. But where are all the PEOPLE?
Mike Vandeman. Hayward, CA USA - Sun, Mar 27, 05 at 16:31:34

Hello, I have to say this is the most remarkable down right amazing and espectacular collection of photography from one person I have ever seen in my life. No words to describe how amazing must be living life the way you do. I envy you. Congrats. Luis PS: Do you do traveling workshops ???? I would love to join you.
Luis Modesti. Miami, FL USA - Sat, Mar 26, 05 at 18:04:21

I really enjoyed your photos. Great eye candy, thank you!
Chris Brooks. Sacramento, CA US - Wed, Mar 23, 05 at 08:29:20

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to view your excellent photographs. I truly appreciate them not only as reminders of amazing wonders in nature that I so often overlook but also as fine works of art that communicate essences beyond my linguistic capture. Sincerly, Anh Nguyen.
Anh. Sydney, NSW Australia - Sat, Mar 19, 05 at 03:52:40

Dear Mr. Quan-Tuan Luong, Your images are amazing. Discovering your link was merely accidental, but since then I am hooked and I have told many others of your web site. You are so fortunate to travel the world and have the greatest skills to take these exceptional photographs. I enjoy the pictures from Viet Nam and I can't hardly wait to go back some day. Now living from Washington, I also appreciate those photographs on Mt Rainier, Olympic National Park, and Seattle. I am making an effort to visit your web site on a regular basis, as I am also interested in becoming a better photographer. MyPhuong
- Mon, Mar 14, 05 at 11:52:04

I have spent hours if not days on your website admiring your photos. I am an amateur photographer looking to get serious and your site is an inspiration. God Bless, Sam Antonio http://www.picturetrail.com/bircher
Sam Antonio. San Diego, CA United States - Sat, Mar 12, 05 at 19:55:27

I loved your pictures. I went through places in Europe, and I loved seeing what you took. I wish when I was in those places that I could have taken them. I would love to share some of my pictures to you, but I know yours are much better. I'm only 17, and I haven't been taking pictures very long...but people seem to love my sunset ones. I would love to learn and share with you what you have shared with me. also another picture of mine. http://picture.com/display.asp?ID=1645219
Samantha. Olathe, KS USA - Sat, Mar 12, 05 at 12:21:43

'Love all your pictures *** What a richness of beauties ! Bravissimo ! Are you planing someday to add pics about Switzerland ? greetings
Stuttgart, Germany - Sat, Mar 12, 05 at 11:57:02

I've scoured the internet in search of beautiful scenic pictures to be displayed on my PC, and to share with friends & realative. I'm a novice photographer, with a small collection of my own. Then I stumbled across Terragalleria.com and I'm truely impressed at the pride and craftmanship that Mr. Luong has taken in his photography collection. Great works of nature, landscape & wildlife. Keep up the good work...it is well appreciated.
Gregory. Casper, WY 82604 - Sat, Mar 12, 05 at 07:13:58

Ref. Puerto Vallarta images.....the oceanside walkway is known as the "Malecon" (not "Malaco"); I think accurate credits improve the presentation
david bailward. - Thu, Mar 10, 05 at 21:19:20

Thank you for putting this site together- the pictures are absolutely amazing. I can't get over it. Keep up the good work.
Josh. NJ US - Wed, Mar 09, 05 at 09:52:24

Your photos are poignantly beautiful; I am awed by the sights you have captured. It makes me worry that I am missing too much of the world. Thank you for making these sights available to me.
Heather Tuckman
PA USA - Tue, Mar 08, 05 at 18:53:59

www.terragalleria.com is one of the most beautiful webpages I have ever discovered, your photos are just wonderful! In case you want to add some nice pictures from my country (Switzerland): you may find them here: www.swissworld.org/eng/index.html?siteSect=1200
Johann. Switzerland - Sun, Mar 06, 05 at 06:08:02

This site is amazing. I, like others, stumbled onto it and now regularly visit it just to remind myself that a beautiful world lies out there. I am not much of an art afficionado, but these photographs move me! Thank you for sharing your experiences and art with all of us. It is much appreciated!!
New York, NY USA - Thu, Mar 03, 05 at 20:47:24

Tuan, I'd like to thank you very much for sharing those valuable photos of our beloved country. I went thru a few photos and noticed that the photo ID#Viet7840 was probably miss-labeled. Should it be 'Bamboo shoots' in place of 'sugarcane'? And I wonder if you would consider adding to each photo the time, month, and year it was taken. Someone like me would like to be able to enjoy the view at about same time of the year for the quality shown in those photos. Regards, DTLT
DTLT. Cerritos, CA USA - Thu, Mar 03, 05 at 12:49:54

Absolutely amazing gallery. I've been to several of the places you've visited and photographed. And you DO give the photos justice. They look just like that in person. Fantastic job. =)
Nichole. Castro Valley, Ca USA - Wed, Mar 02, 05 at 15:22:14

This site was wonderful! I am homeschooling my son and we are working on national parks. This site has the best pictures and it was so easy to use. Thank you so much for making this web site.
IL - Thu, Feb 24, 05 at 12:58:31

Hello Mr Luong. I am Greg Griffith's mother. He climbed Denali several years ago. He told me about the website. I am so excited about what I have already seen. Have no computer of my own. Have to go to public library. Will check again on next visit. It is wonderful. Pics are great! Brynn Griffith
Brynn Griffith. Orlando, Fl USA - Wed, Feb 23, 05 at 13:22:44

Dear Sir: I was browsing for pics of the grand canyon to show to a church group tonight, but I noticed the licensing fees. May I use 2 pics freely for this event? I have deleted them at this point until I hear from you. Mitch Axsom First Baptist Church, Clinton, LA
Mitch Axsom. Clinton, LA USA - Wed, Feb 23, 05 at 12:00:11

I really enjoyed your photo work. I have been visiting your site as an escape from my work and seek for inspiration. Hoping the beauty of nature that you have captured can spark some ideas and also relax my mind. Keep up the great work. I am definitely sharing this site to all my fellow designers. (I have listed your site on my company site.)
JacQ Davis
Columbus, OH USA - Tue, Feb 22, 05 at 06:15:54

Dear Q.T. L. I discovered your site when looking for photos of Gamla Stan. I am heading tillbacka till Sverige in July, August and September. I went through all your shots and rated them with much delight. It was a big ego trip, I must confess, becasue your photographic style is so similar to my own. You have a strong romantic streak in the context of the picturesque and sublime. I am a geographer ( degrees from NZ and Melbourne) and my research area is exploration in Australia dn NZ. Landscape perception. I have also been a free-lance photographer for the last 28 years, mainly doing weddings and portraiture but landscapes and nature for pleasure and spiritual input. I am now labelling my collection and hoping to enter the stock market. I want to share my work with others too, for spiritual output! I am sure you know the work of Australian Ken Duncan. I admire his worldview through the lens and mentaly. It is great to view you work. I am inspired. Blessings, Barbara
Barbara Russell de Vries. Melbourne, Victoria Australia - Tue, Feb 22, 05 at 04:43:57

Hello Quang-Tuan! I am very delighted with your artistic ability of the photos you took. Are you going to sell them on DVD in larger format and with music? I would like to have a disc like that. Thank you for amazing journey with your pictures. Best Regards, Gregory
Grzegorz (Gregory) Kawa. London, Ontario Canada - Mon, Feb 21, 05 at 18:28:05

I am satisfied fwith all of your photoes. Because photoes are so beautiful ever I have seen. Thank you.
Kozo Fuse. Kokubunji, Tokyo Japan - Mon, Feb 14, 05 at 00:57:44

What a beautiful photo gallery of our most wonderful natural parks. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Canyon LAke, TX - Fri, Feb 11, 05 at 15:26:21

Stunning pictures, thanks for sharing!!
Robert G.. Hong Kong, HK SAR - Sun, Feb 06, 05 at 07:23:28

I can not to download wallpapers from your site.
- Sat, Feb 05, 05 at 19:12:42

Paul Gibbons.. London., London. United Kingdom. England. - Sat, Feb 05, 05 at 11:56:48

The most impressive collection of photos that I've seen. Thank you for sharing them, I'm glad I "stumbled" onto your website while looking for pics of the Oregon Coast. Absolutely breath-taking!!!
Verna McClure. hotmail.com>
Boise, ID USA - Sun, Jan 30, 05 at 12:18:43

I somehow stumbled onto your website somehow, and I'm so glad I did. Your photography is gorgeous. I am a photographer myself so I have been on a lot of photographer sites and seen some scenes that you have capturee, but not one that I have seen comes close to your exquisite lighting, color and detail. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at some of your galleries and will be back again. See, I didnt leave without signing your guestbook LOL :) Ruth
Ruth Taylor
Doylestown, PA USA - Fri, Jan 28, 05 at 18:22:05

These are the most beautifull pictures I've seen in the internet. Thanks for making this web site and sharing them with all people arounde the globe.
Piotr Guziur. Warsaw, Poland - Fri, Jan 28, 05 at 03:14:09

thank-you for this gift, thank-you for the beauty, thank-you for sharing the world you have seen with those of us who will never see it, thank-you
joyce cox
uniontown, ohio usa - Wed, Jan 26, 05 at 07:29:41

There is so much more to your pictures than just pictures. The emotion and drama is sometimes overwhelming. You are truly an artist. Thank you for sharing.
Kurt Surette. Rio Linda, Ca. USA - Sat, Jan 22, 05 at 07:52:30

First, thanks for sharing your experiences with us. So,I'd just like to have somethings to say about the names of someplaces if you don't mind. I was born in VietNam, went to some cities before coming here. You translated some places'names, that's very nice, but it's also wrong,because you can't translate the name of cities of places to English. Nobody understands or recognizes it. For example, in Danang, there's a mountain names Maple Mountain, I'm sorry I don't what place it is, and if someone (not Vietnamese) mentions Maple Mountain in Danang with a Vietnamese, I'm sure nobody knows where and what it is (how many Maple Mountains located in Danang, and Vietnam). I hope you don't mind, but you can't translate names. Someone told me about the words: Tay Ba Loi A in Vietnamese before, I had no idea what it was until they said it's Argentina. Just share some ideas. Thanks.
irvine, ca usa - Fri, Jan 21, 05 at 15:53:42

Your images are truly amazing; few can compare to your collection here. As an adventure/wildlife filmmaker I must say: your work is a reminder of what we live for to those of us that do what we do.
Reinaldo Diaz. Palm Beach, Fl United States - Thu, Jan 20, 05 at 20:37:13

I just browsed through the Vietnam section of the site and the pictures are outstanding! I'm planning on backpacking through northern Vietnam and some of the central coast, as well as some of the south. You're pictures are many things; inspiring, beautiful etc. Thank you for giving me something that gets me psyched and excited for my trip. Great work, keep it up.
Shaun Muzyka
Campbell River, B.C Canada - Tue, Jan 11, 05 at 22:57:09

Your pictures are very beautiful and quite inspiring for an amateur photographer like myself!
Van Nguyen. Austin, TX USA - Mon, Jan 10, 05 at 08:08:53

All I have to say is WOW!!! This site is EXTREMELY AMAZING!!!! The pictures from the around the world are absolutely gorgeous, highly detailed, crisp, bright, and beautiful. This site has made me travel the world even more. WOW!!! to the photographers.
Leevan. New York, NY USA - Tue, Jan 04, 05 at 15:50:36

I chanced on to your website and what a wonderful site it is. I just spent the last 2 hours going through your pictures of Europe. LOVED THEM. What a gift to view through your lens. Thank you. Will be back again and again to see them all.
Peggy. Snohomish, wa usa - Fri, Dec 31, 04 at 08:27:36

I recently ran across your website, and have found very much enjoyment in being able to revisit many places through your photos. My wife and I have visited many of the places in Europe and the US, and as residents of Arizona have been thrilled to see the attention you have given to our state. As a Vietnam veteran I was amazed at the number of places I recognized, even though I last saw that beautiful country over 35 years ago. You have done a fabulous job of photography. Rome, Florence, Venice, and Paris seem more beautiful in your photos, than I remember them on visits over the last few years. My thanks for your time and effort in putting all of this together.
James Barnhouse. Mesa, AZ US - Fri, Dec 31, 04 at 01:59:29

compliments for your wonderful pictures. You give nice moments to people (in other words ...happiness). Watching at the picture I feel like travelling.... ciro
ciro. palermo, Sicily Italy - Sat, Dec 25, 04 at 09:52:53

Wonderful pictures! I browsed through your Southeast Asia section as I recently travelled through Thailand, Cambodia and Laos as well. I really love the photos you exhibit. Still have to have a look at the US National Parks albums.
Ole Begemann
Mannheim, Germany - Tue, Dec 21, 04 at 02:47:31

What a cool web site! I believe your effort in taking these photos is tremendous, a real passion for pleasure! I am also a fan in landscape pictures but time and families do not permit me to fulfil my wish. Keep up the good work. I really enjoy those photos.
Thai Huynh. Broadmeadows, VIC Australia - Fri, Dec 17, 04 at 14:30:24

These photographs are so captivating that you can easily eat up hours of your precious time trying to take them all in! I couldn't find attractive pics of my area, San Jose California, until I found QT Luong's work. I have to say that these photos may even be a little flattering to my humble city! If I had never been to San Jose and got to know the city thru these photographs, I might think it the most beautiful place on earth!
L Baker. San Jose, Ca USA - Thu, Dec 16, 04 at 11:50:04

Cool website.Great pics! GB
somewhere - Wed, Dec 15, 04 at 11:55:40

Great photos, and interesting as I have also photographed in many places you have been to (including many climbs in the alps) I am now mostly doing web design see www.bitedigital.com but trying to get back into photography!
Jerry Young
London, UK - Tue, Dec 14, 04 at 06:31:20

This has to be one of the most amazing collections of photography I have ever seen. I try to think of all the stories you could tell to accompany these photos. I'm left with the wish that someday I will have opportunity to see half as many of the places which your site encompasses. Let me know if you are ever in write a book. Stop by if you are ever near Austin, Texas. Thanks for sharing.-Dan
Dan Lavin. San Marcos , Texas USA - Sat, Dec 11, 04 at 23:32:50

Absolutely beautiful work.
Mitch Ziegler
Torrance, CA - Sat, Dec 11, 04 at 08:39:00

These are mdiocre pictures at best. While I did not survey the whole gallery I noticed a weakness in the use of light. Most the the images were shot during the 10 to 4pm period and did not take advantage of more dramatic light which happens early and late in the date and before surise. Before you do the book you should have some solid drop dead images which make use of great natural lighting. I also think if you want viewers to rate you images that's fine but I'd be much more interested in a book that is about your tastes and yours vision Jonathan Wilson The Philadelphia Inquirer
Jonathan Wilson
Philadelphia, PA USA - Sat, Dec 11, 04 at 07:48:17

Tuan's answer: I of course respect your opinion regarding the images, however I am not sure your assessment that "most of the images were shot during the 10 to 4pm period" is correct. Besides, do you realize that (a) some subjects just look better at mid-day, contrarily to "amateur photographer wisdom" that one should avoid those times of the day ? (b) In winter, 4pm is very close to sunset in some parts of the world ?

Beautiful Work ... Not much else to express. Thanks, Kim
kim nguyen
- Thu, Dec 09, 04 at 17:27:03

It is frastrated that It took me the whole morning for registration and payment process on yor website. Itis like a trap and keep telling the failure of creditcard transction failure. This is the mostfancy and rediculus e-business system I ever experienced within hundreds of successful cases on the web!!!!!!
TUNG LIANG LEE. Taipei, Taiwan - Tue, Dec 07, 04 at 19:54:04

Thank you Mr. QT Luong. I leave you with this quote from Kahlil Gibran. Sincerely, Jeanmarie "...and beauty is not a need but an ecstasy People of Orphalese, beauty is life when life unveils her holy face. But you are life and you are the veil. Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror. But you are eternity and your are the mirror." Kahlil Gibran
Jeanmarie. Manteca, CA USA - Sat, Dec 04, 04 at 11:05:03

The best I can say about your web site is "WOW" You have great images. They leave me breathless. Great work.
Moorhead, MN USA - Mon, Nov 29, 04 at 19:45:58

As a long time photographer, but only a recent world traveler, I was seeking information of visiting Vietnam and to photograph their beautiful country. Your site has given me such a profound inspriation to fulfill my dream of looking at VN through the lens. Your work is incredibly artistic and encouraging to those of us that seek to broaden our horizons in this fine art of photography. Many thanks for your contribution to the world of shutterbugs.
John Moretti. Chico, CA USA - Fri, Nov 26, 04 at 10:21:33

I wanted to say what a great job on the pictures of Ambler Alaska and the fish camp. The man driving the lady in a 4 wheeler is my oldest brother, Mack P. Henry. We are originally from Selawik, Alaska.
Tillie L. Carr. Anchorage, Alaska USA - Tue, Nov 23, 04 at 17:14:10

Breath-taking beauty in these photos! Really skilled artistry in the photography!
Gary Gault. Ft Belvoir, VA USA - Tue, Nov 23, 04 at 10:18:51

Your photographs are incredible, awe inspiring, and so very beautiful. Thank you.
- Mon, Nov 22, 04 at 13:19:45

Thank you SO VERY MUCH for taking and publishing these stunning images so that I may sit in my home on the plains and view the nature that makes my heart soar!!!!!
Norman, OK US - Sat, Nov 20, 04 at 13:46:25

I believe the best photography should be judged as art, independently, rather than as denotation of fact. But the photography of nature leads me, who love the Earth as well as the human mind, to seek a connotative power in the photograph of the place as nearly represented as can be. As I have been so lucky as to visit some of the places photographed by this artist and technician, I'd like to say that his work can have the power of a personal memory or a dream of a known place. I've just returned from a visit to the Guadalupe Mountains and the Carlsbad Caverns National Parks. Often, a photograph can be a barrier between the viewer and the remembered place, but not here. I would recommend these photographs to anyone who wants to have some inkling of what it is like to stand at Smith Springs, in McKittrick Canyon, or on the slopes beneath the east escarpment of the Guadalupe Reef. There is, sometimes, a great artistic achievement in verisimilitude.
Lawrence Clayton. Chicago, IL USA - Wed, Nov 17, 04 at 12:02:28

I have enjoyed your photos and like forward to more. Thank you for having taken the time to product such fine photos.
Linda Baird. Anchorage, AK USA - Tue, Nov 16, 04 at 12:04:11

I like your pictures! Nice website.
- Sat, Nov 13, 04 at 15:47:17

Really like your photo's. Hope the book will be for sale soon. Your library has been a real stimuli for me to go visit the States and see many National Parks. Tnx and hope to see new pictures soon.
Frank. Almere, Netherlands - Fri, Nov 12, 04 at 13:51:54

Your pictures of Jeruslaem hardly show a single Jew. You also make sure to mention the Temple Mount is holy to all three religions while ignoring that it is ONLY central to Judaism and holy to Islam (especially) and Christianity ONLY because it was known as being holy to the Jews.
Joseph. Passaic, NJ USA - Mon, Nov 08, 04 at 09:27:13

Tuan's answer: I have actually more close-up portraits of jews than of any other people in the pictures of Jerusalem. I am sure I would even had more if the residents of the Mea Shearim district disn't turn away from my camera. As for the statements about religion, I believe mine to be factually correct, although certainly incomplete (terragalleria.com is not an encyclopedia). I am not so sure about yours.

Hi there. These are terrific images. I especially appreciate the textual information you provide (in the mouseovers, though I was surprised you didn't use alt tags ... whatever). Anyway, in http://www.terragalleria.com/asia/japan/tokyo/tokyo.2.html the word precinct has been misspelled as precint. Otherwise, hey, keep up the good work.
Toronto, ON Canada - Sun, Nov 07, 04 at 15:19:31

QTL: I stumbled upon your site and was mesmerized by the photos of Katmai National Park, and your other work(s). From 1981 thru 1987 I was privileged to be the Chief Park Ranger at Katmai; possibly the highpoint of my Life. You have truly captured the "spirit" of Katmai, and clearly your gift and Artistry are appreciated in a sometimes confused and frenetic World. Thank You.
Casey Casebeer
- Sun, Nov 07, 04 at 05:41:18

I came across your website accidentally searching for "tree leaves" and was awe struck by the beauty you carry in your photographs. Truly, you are an artist and glad you found that after your scientific exploration! Thank you putting serenity in my day.
Fremont, CA - Sat, Nov 06, 04 at 20:46:22

When a human , is feeling one with nature Transcendent pictures ............ from M(A(ister)Tuan lots of respect and warm feelings/greetings Jan P. Holland
Jan Panhuis. Lopik, Holland - Sat, Nov 06, 04 at 12:16:08

I have looked on web sites at many, many photos that individuals have taken and felt that the photos were o.k. After looking at your photos I want to say that yours are the best I have ever seen! They are so wonderful and beautiful and was proud of the ones you took of Oregon and shared them with my friends. Thank-you so much! Deborah
Eugene, OR USA - Fri, Nov 05, 04 at 16:53:03

Cha`o anh Tuan, Bo^. a?nh qua' dde.p. I ought to show to my friends your albums of VN and US's national parks. Excellent works. Please keep up. Cheers
Henry Lam
Mountain View, CA USA - Thu, Nov 04, 04 at 10:47:34

Simply amazing! I love the work on this page. I am an amature photographer and seeing photos like these only makes me want to persue my dream of being a nature photographer even further
Michael. GA - Mon, Oct 18, 04 at 15:53:42

My son and I were looking for pictures of Japan for his schoolwork. It took some time before I found your site, but then no need to look for anymore. Beautiful pictures. I kept looking for a long time, checking out pictures from all over the place. Will save this site as a favourite and will also recommend it to my photographer friends. Thanks Ingrid
Stockholm, Sweden - Mon, Oct 18, 04 at 10:54:35

Have been visitng your site for umages for lectures on Sites and Attractions in SE Asia, specifically Vietnam...brilliant and will be recommending my students tap into your web site...very very impressed
Australia - Sun, Oct 17, 04 at 00:59:04

pictures here are worthy of every penny spent to travel that far to capture that image! admirable!
Adrian. Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia - Sun, Oct 17, 04 at 00:27:21

I am a writer doing travel pieces lately. I like your photos a lot. How often do you go to Thailand? My son and I own a condo there. We live in New York City, 212-227-8192. Perhaps we can collaborate on something??
Carla Rupp. - Fri, Oct 15, 04 at 12:33:19

I went to Stockholm with my boyfriend last w-e, that was my birthday present from him. It was my first time ever in Scandinavia and I fell in love with Sweden, at least with the part of it that I saw... I just looked at your pictures of the area of Stockholm and couldn't get enough of them. It really makes me feel like going back there as soon as I can. Each view is beautiful and the air there is so pure... That is very well reflected in your pics and I love them! Superb work!
Clémence Martin Saint Léon. London, United Kingdom - Thu, Oct 14, 04 at 07:47:39

hello my name is baha, ý am web desinger and working mountain Duldul web Page, please visiting... Thank you
bahadýr bulbul. Osmaniye , Turkey - Tue, Oct 12, 04 at 06:41:09

Hello Tuan..... THis is Erin. I sure had a wonderful weekend on San Miguel. I was with the group of young men from San Diego State. Thanks for letting us know about your photos. They are amazing pictures and I look forward to seeing the ones you took over the weekend of San Miguel. I am very impressed with your work! Thank you for sharing your talents! Erin Stuart
Erin Stuart. San Diego, CA 92122 - Mon, Oct 11, 04 at 21:57:09

Le spectacle de la nature est un émerveillement de tous les instants, et votre art de le communiquer par de par deà poursuivre ce magnifique travail digne des meilleurs photographes. Hoping French is not a heretic language to you (smiling). Sibylline
Sibylline. Geneve, GE Switzerland - Sat, Oct 02, 04 at 01:32:30

Mr Luong, I happened to enter into your site only by chance. I was lucky! You really show the beauty ot the world. I'll come again. My best wishes, Roberto Malfatti from Tuscany, Italy.
Roberto. ="mailto:infoATmalfattiarte.com">infoATmalfattiarte.com>
- Tue, Sep 28, 04 at 16:15:40

Your pictures of the Great Smoky Mountains are just beauitful. They make me feel that I am already there.
Linda Guidroz. Westwego, LA USA - Sun, Sep 26, 04 at 09:22:59

EPOUSTOUFLANT! quel magnifique album photo de notre planete. Je n'ai qu'une seule envie, de tout laisser tomber et de retracer votre chemin parmi tant de merveilles. MERCI pour avoir suscite autant d'emotions.
Wrentham, MA USA - Thu, Sep 23, 04 at 06:30:16

Great website! However, I never think of the future - it comes soon enough. MARTIN
Martin Lamput. - Wed, Sep 22, 04 at 00:36:00

I am very Intrested in this book. Iam the Vice President of the Victor Colorado Chamber of Commerce and this book would be interisting at the office. Please contact me about any more info on this book or any special books ,Magezine Articles,Photos. Thank you Jennifer ZOON
Jennifer Zoon. victor, co teller - Thu, Sep 16, 04 at 18:18:26

just wanted to let you know that I really love you photos! you have just inspired me to start shooting Stock photography... -estill Lexington, KY
Estill Robinson. Lexington, KY USA - Tue, Sep 14, 04 at 03:51:59

hai, i m very happy to see all the images in this website i love travelling and seeing the wonders(i dont mean the 7 wonders or such i mean only the natural wonders of the universe and the godly creations) of the world.If there is any opportunity that i can assist you in any kind in future please inform me about that.i love travelling to the various parts of the world ..i appreciate your zeal in it and the enthusiasm in it.. v v s kumar
vvskumar. chennai, tamilnadu india - Wed, Sep 08, 04 at 08:17:41

I love this site.....all the picture's are beautiful.....and I can come on whenever I like and check them out.....and I don't have to worry about someone hitt'in me up for some cash - it's how art should be enjoyed.....freely!!!!!
Jacob Hanly. - Tue, Sep 07, 04 at 15:04:41

Dear Mr. Luong: My husband and I recently celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary, and because we met and fell in love in Yosemite, we decided to give ourselves a very personal anniversary gift - a photograph of the Valley to hang above our bed. We looked for almost a year before we found the photo you took on the trail to Upper Yosemite Falls. In it, the falls cascade down the left side of the photo, the Valley is spread below in all its June greenery, and Half Dome shines in the distance. The photo is now framed and hanging above our bed, reminding us daily that on our first date we hiked to the very spot from which the photo was taken. Thank you!!!
Barbara Cheatham
- Fri, Sep 03, 04 at 13:25:17

Hi, found your website through Google, in my search for photos of US national parks. Your site is wonderful and the photographs are breath-takingly beautiful. They are an inspiration in themselves and I certainly would love to visit all the places you have been to.
New York, NY - Wed, Sep 01, 04 at 13:34:22

Chua bao gio duoc tro? lai VN tu nam 79. Xem hinh cu?a anh thi nua muon di, nua thay chang can di nua... Quel travail! et de plus si agréable... Merci.
Lê Thi HIên Minh. Gatineau, Québec Canada - Sat, Aug 28, 04 at 10:52:44

I found your site a few hours ago and can hardly tear myself away from these marvellous pictures. I've visited some of the places you have photographed, especially those in SE Asia, and your images make me feel like I'm back there. But you haven't been to Indonesia yet, as far as I can find out! I lived in Central Java for three years and my wife (who is from Sumatra) and I have travelled a bit around the country - you would find lots more sensationally beautiful and interesting subjects there, too! Thanks, anyway. - Roger
Roger Owen. London, England - Sat, Aug 28, 04 at 06:01:58

Hello Tuan, Thank you for Terragalleria! A wonderful gallery of many fine images, and an easy to use and pleasant looking website. I have enjoyed my membership here greatly. Definately one of my all time favorite sites on the web.
The Gibsons
USA - Sat, Aug 21, 04 at 22:50:32

Came across site via various links from climbing sites. I feel truly humbled to see such wonderful photographs of some of my favourite places and also of places I am yet to visit. I have taken an inspirational journey through a large part of your site and can only say - WOW!!!!! - I will most certainly be back. Thank you for sharing your love of travel and places with everyone, I have already started to "spread the word"
John Matthews
Coventry, UK - Sat, Aug 21, 04 at 07:37:20

I stumbled across your website while looking for desktop wallpaper suitable for my Mac Widescreen display. I definitely found what I was looking for, and much more. The pictures are absolutely amazing! Not sure if you take requests, but I would love to see some more shots of the pacific northwest.. seattle, vancouver, etc. I have purchased a subscription and will be coming back. Thank you for broadening my horizons.
Hal Mackins
Hanover, MA United States - Fri, Aug 20, 04 at 08:48:11

Fantastic site with very helpful information for photographers. You are very generous.
John Mayger
Hepburn Springs, VIC Australia - Thu, Aug 19, 04 at 22:54:05

Hello anh QT, Hinh dep qua - very detailed and lots of emotional. I wish I can go to all these places that you visited and see the scenery for myself. Love it, CamVan
Pham H. Cam-Van. Allen, TX USA - Tue, Aug 17, 04 at 11:42:59

wow, i am very impressed, I am trying to establish myself as a professional photographer, and i can only admire your work!
monique jansen. belgium - Tue, Aug 10, 04 at 07:48:50

Your photos are amazing. I have been to many of the places you have photographed and yours are by far the most stunning pictures I have come across. I particularly like your photos from Luang Phabang and Chiang Mai. Thank you for taking such beautiful photos that capture the amazing beauty of these places!
C. Leendertsen
San Francisco, CA USA - Fri, Aug 06, 04 at 12:32:49

What a stunning website! I am amazed by what Tuan has seen and done on this great Earth during his lifetime. What a joy it must be for him to look at pictures and remember the events surrounding that particular trip or trek. Thank you for sharing your memories with film.
Mr. Hansen
West, MI USA - Mon, Aug 02, 04 at 18:09:27

I ADORE your landscapes... so majestic work with incredible COLOURS and DETAILS!!!! It has been a great inspiration and a marvellous blessing to browse your work. a photographer who has only just begun...
marita toftgard. Stockholm, Sweden - Mon, Aug 02, 04 at 16:07:46

Your pictures are incredible!
Davis, CA U.S.A. - Mon, Aug 02, 04 at 13:36:14

Regarding the photo id#viet7840, I think those women in the picture were selling bamboo shoots, not cut sugar cane as the caption says.
Joe. Tustin, CA USA - Sun, Aug 01, 04 at 14:24:09

Your site has loads of BEAUTIFUL pictures, I don't have enough saving to travel around but this site opened my eyes and enable me to see the beauty of this world. One recommandation is that i think you are charging too much for your pictures :) if the prices are more resonable i bet there would be a lot of people interesting in buying them
Hong Kong - Thu, Jul 29, 04 at 10:56:49

Thank you for providing some beauty as you work. You may want to append the following sentence in your About Our Free Use Policy. "Many all-volunteer social services, environmental or charity groups belong in this category, and we have on several occasion[s] donated image rights to them."
David J Melin. - Mon, Jul 26, 04 at 10:25:47

Dear sir, i saw ur pages including the pictures of my country, Myanmar. Most of the pictures are lovely. I guess you came here around 2000 because of a pic of Inle Lake. There was the market festival there in that time. As I am working as a tourist guide, i've been to the places of Myanmar other than the places u have been. I also like photography and take pictures wherever i go. If u would like to see them, i can send via email ant can tell u which places. Our job is like ants; not too much work in the raining season and then hand to work hard in cold and summer season. As it is rainy season at the moment, i am taking a basic photography class from Myanmar Photographic Society. If you have chance to come Myanmar again, u should go to this society. Some of photographers here are really good and their pieces are very well done. If u want me to ask about Myanmar, don't be hesitate to contact me. I include my email address.
Ye Thiha Thwin. Yangon, Yangon Myanmar - Sat, Jul 24, 04 at 10:25:39

I really love your images. Have you ever thought of B&W photography? I have one comment on the Image "Valley View in winter with fresh snow" - (the spot you were at is called "Gates of the Valley" by Ansel Adams). I love the image, but from the low vantage point you took the image at, the horizon and mountains look a little off vertical. I know this is probably NOT the case, but you might consider making the scene LOOK more vertical. Otherwise the images are just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them. Roger
Roger Bennett. Lake Forest, CA USA - Fri, Jul 23, 04 at 15:01:51

Excellent site, congratulations.
Helbreath. nj, ny USA - Sun, Jul 18, 04 at 23:04:09

an immense inspiration for (web) photographers around the world. id like to see some more information about you though!
brussels, belgium - Sat, Jul 17, 04 at 13:43:13

very good site
Nice photos. I love them very much. Thanks.
In USA - Tue, Jul 13, 04 at 12:01:20

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TRUONG VAN TIEN. - Fri, Jul 09, 04 at 23:42:27

I find your images capture the essence of what you see in your lens. I live in Ohio and am from California and I visit your site when I need to touch home! Thank you for your sharing.
Sandy Jan
Worthington, OH USA - Wed, Jul 07, 04 at 04:47:33

check this out http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/multimedia/pictures/asia/hongkong/hkpa/scenic/hk1960b.jpg http://www.terragalleria.com/asia/china/hong-kong/picture.chin4811.html
cary tenzer
stamford, ct. USA - Fri, Jul 02, 04 at 19:34:30

My wife and I love the scenic photo.
Calvin and Amy
Philadelphia, PA USA - Mon, Jun 21, 04 at 19:31:23

CA USA - Fri, Jun 18, 04 at 09:14:56

I just ran across your website and its fantastic! You're really a great photographer. Congrats on all of your hard work. I love how you catch the world through your eyes for us to see.
Tulsa, OK - Thu, Jun 17, 04 at 18:53:00

Merci pour ce moment d'emerveillement. Bravo Tuan, ton site est magnifique. Je connaissais déjà ta page sur Yosemite , qui nous a été très utile lors de nos premiers big walls dans la vallée. Rêve de voyage et de paix quand on admire tes photos comme on parcours le monde. Un poème sur l'invitation au voyage car ta page nous appelle pour parcourir les beautés du monde :

Tu es plus belle que le ciel et la mer 

Quand tu aimes il faut partir
Quitte ta femme quitte ton enfant
Quitte ton ami quitte ton amie
Quitte ton amante quitte ton amant
Quand tu aimes il faut partir 

Le monde est plein de nègres et de négresses 
Des femmes des hommes des hommes des femmes
Regarde les beaux magasins
Ce fiacre cet homme cette femme ce fiacre
Et toutes les belles marchandises 

Il y a l'air il y a le vent
Les montagnes l'eau le ciel la terre
Les enfants les animaux
Les plantes et le charbon de terre 

Apprends à vendre à acheter à revendre
Donne prends donne prends 

Quand tu aimes il faut savoir
Chanter courir manger boire
Et apprendre à travailler 

Quand tu aimes il faut partir
Ne larmoie pas en souriant
Ne te niche pas entre deux seins
Respire marche pars va t'en

Je prends mon bain et je regarde
Je vois la bouche que je connais
La main la jambe l'œil
Je prends mon bain et je regarde 

Le monde entier est toujours là
La vie pleine de choses surprenantes
Je sors de la pharmacie
Je descends juste de la bascule
Je pèse mes 80 kilosJe t'aime 

Blaise Cendrars, Feuilles de route, 1924

Encore merci et fais nous encore rêver et partager ton monde de couleurs. Eric
Eric Limongi. Marseille, France - Thu, Jun 10, 04 at 07:48:59

Thank you for the beautiful pictures of Vietnam. I left Vietnam when I was a child and have never been back. During the war, we never ventured out of Saigon, so my memory of VN is confined to Saigon. It was wonderful to see pictures of different regions of Vietnam. Such a beautiful country. I am sending your link to friends. Thank you.
paula c
Pleasanton, CA - Wed, Jun 09, 04 at 12:39:19

I have never seen such beauty. Tuan, you are a true artist. Our world is lucky to have you. Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us!
Jennifer Berghage
State College, PA USA - Wed, Jun 09, 04 at 06:15:59

Yes I just can't leave without xpressing my sincere appreciation of your work. Superb photos ! The images are beautiful beyond words... U'r doing a great service to humanity by bringing beauty and peace into people's lives thru these images... Keep up the great work. Wish there were many more Tuans around the world ! Good Luck !
Rang Emei Gonmei. New Delhi, Delhi India - Tue, Jun 08, 04 at 08:33:53

Great photos of Australia. Comment - you need to change the spelling of "Sydney" not "Sidney" as presented on your web site"
Andrew. - Sat, May 29, 04 at 10:23:45

Hi. This site is great. However I'm missing an 'about us' page. Or, at least I can't find it (I've got some language issues). Could you please help me? / Larry
Larry. - Wed, May 19, 04 at 02:35:03

Thank-you so much. My son traveled to Anchorage yesterday. He climbs with his professor and his friend maybe today, I think, depending (as you probably)onthe spelling of "Sydney" not "Sidney" as presented on your web site"
Andrew. - Sat, May 29, 04 at 10:23:45

Hi. This site is great. However I'm missing an 'about us' page. Or, at least I can't find it (I've got some language issues). Could you please help me? / Larry
Larry. - Wed, May 19, 04 at 02:35:03

Thank-you so much. My son traveled to Anchorage yesterday. He climbs with his professor and his friend maybe today, I think, depending (as you probably)on the weather. With your excellent photos I feel like I might be with him. How many times have you scaled The Mountain? Thanks, Adrienne
Adrienne. Wells, ME USA - Mon, May 17, 04 at 06:11:41

Dear Sir, I am deeply impressed by all the photos I come every week to see on your so wonderful website! The landscapes are not only breath-taking, but also the quality of your focus makes us enjoy life, nature, and our Universe and be grateful to Our Lord for the immeasurable beauty you convey to us!
Celia Maria Leal da Costa. São Paulo, SP Brazil - Sun, May 16, 04 at 06:48:50

Dear Sir, I am deeply impressed by all the photos I come every week to see on your so wonderful website! The landscapes are not only breath-taking, but also the quality of your focus makes us enjoy life, nature, and our Universe and be grateful to Our Lord for the immeasureable beauty you convey to us!
Celia Maria Leal da Costa. São Paulo, SP Brazil - Sun, May 16, 04 at 06:48:16

Wonderful web site. Makes you want to call in sick for work.
Jerry Winkel
Lindon, Ut USA - Tue, May 11, 04 at 16:14:33

As an engineer who became a few years ago a full time painter I am amazed by your skill , tenacity and tremendous talent. Phorography along traveling are of my dearest hobbies and visiting your web. was equally spectacular. My prase to your genius, Anca Guna
Anca Guna. Toronto, Ontario Canada - Thu, May 06, 04 at 16:00:24

Hi my spiritual name is Annettah aka Netty. I really like the site. I wish to learn more about your organization. I am an inspiring clairvoyant medium and empath. I am learning and stil am. I have a web page and I am listed on ebay under Angel Card Readings. Light and Love Netty (Tee)
Tee. - Tue, May 04, 04 at 02:13:16

I really like this site the pictures you guys have are amazing.
mariela Ayala. redwood city, ca USA - Mon, May 03, 04 at 13:06:37

Hey just wanted to say that these photographs are amazing!!! Chris
Chris Olliges. Louisville , KY - Sat, May 01, 04 at 14:46:15

I want to thank you for taking such excellant photographs. It felt like I was on a vacation. These are the things I personally want to see when I look up photos on the internet. Keep up the superb work. You have a very good artistist eye.
Angie Brooks. Oklahoma City, OK 73139 - Wed, Apr 28, 04 at 07:10:33

Nice site great photos.
Troy. Houma , Louisiana usa - Mon, Apr 26, 04 at 13:30:39

Unbelievably beautiful!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!
Eileen Crane. Provo, UT USA - Fri, Apr 23, 04 at 22:48:12

You have a fantastic website. All the photo's are great. I have linked to you from my site. Best regards Stefan
Switzerland - Tue, Apr 20, 04 at 08:37:12

Your Phot collections are incredible...very good job!!! Good luck in all your endevours of good..smile
Hussain Muhammad. Temple Hills , MD USA - Sat, Apr 17, 04 at 08:37:29

Un grand merci de nous permettre de découvrir tant de beautés. Les photos sont magnifiques et impressionantes. Elles sont toutes plus belles les unes que les autres. Encore merci pour toutes ces merveilles.
Jacques LIBOIS
Liège, Belgique - Wed, Apr 14, 04 at 05:47:37

Thank you so much for the great shots of "my" Smokies. I change my wallpaper just about every other week to reflect the season. Being a "Southern boy caught in the 'Nawth" I long for "my" Smokies. Thanks so much for sharing. Having been a journalist for over 40 years I can appreciate what you must have to go through to keep your "property" "safe." Thanks again.
Dick Byrd. Phoenixville, Pa. USA - Mon, Apr 12, 04 at 14:20:24

What a fantastic site. Super quality, perfect photography, great composition. It's all there. Thanks for a great website. I hope everyone else can appreciate and perhaps purchase these photographs. This is truely fine art. Congratulations.
Seattle, WA USA - Wed, Apr 07, 04 at 09:25:46

There are many photographers out there. You're the only one it seems who has taken the time to visit and photograph American Samoa. This alone is reason enough to take your work seriously. I would greatly appreciate it if you could take the time to answer two questions please. Firstly, what made you visit American Samoa? I am asking this because I too am visiting this destination for a month, later on this year, and I am really looking forward to being one of the only tourists in the country, particularly in the Manu'a Islands. Secondly, this may sound silly, but here goes - I want to photograph the dramatic landscape of Ofu viewed from the lagoon, my question is : will my tripod get rusty if I use it in saltwater? I eagerly await your replies - cheers and keep up the great work!
George Venakis. Melbourne, Victoria Australia - Sat, Apr 03, 04 at 01:33:06

All the photo's were great. I love the colors. I hope to take some great photo's like you someday.
Sparta, WI - Fri, Apr 02, 04 at 10:10:56

I was absoutely amazed by your website. For the past two weeks I have been slowly navigating through each section. Your photographic eye is truly remarkable. Thank you for sharing these images. I felt like I was going on a trip around the world with you and your camera. Thanks again, this site is spectacular!!
Luke Martin. Fort Myers, FL USA - Thu, Apr 01, 04 at 12:26:43

Beautiful photography. You did Alaska great justice with your art. Thanks so much for sharing your photos and talents.
Eagle River, AK USA - Tue, Mar 30, 04 at 23:01:36

words cannot express the depth of gratitude that I feel towards the dedication and professionalism that it took to put together this site. Many of the pictures stir up deep emotion of almost being there. no other site that i have visited has been able to do that. I love the southwest and the mountain regions the best and miss being there more than am able to. this site helps alot, thanks again for all that you do.
carole rivera
dallas, tx usa - Sun, Mar 28, 04 at 01:47:19

breath taking. i wish i could travel as much as you do. all those pictures just make me want to drop everything except my camera.. and travel.
paris, france - Mon, Mar 22, 04 at 20:27:14

What and amazing site! Great photography... Thanks for all that you do.
Raymond Ellstad
Cardiff by the Sea, CA USA - Sun, Mar 21, 04 at 10:04:12

Tuan, I felt the need to thank you for taking the time to pass on your knowledge and expertise. Unfortunatly, it is not often that someone of high caliber will take the time to teach those just starting. I feel your photographs - they speak to me, indeed - all people. You have a natural talent - I have faith that your work will help preserve / protect our natural resources as they are today. If you are in the area again - Reno - please drop me a line, it would be an honor.
Barry. Reno, NV USA - Sun, Mar 21, 04 at 06:51:14

Your photographs are beautiful! You have inspired me to see america's national parks. Thank you for being a photographer who shows the loveliness of the world.
Mai-Kim Dang. United States - Tue, Mar 16, 04 at 12:23:46

Your work is incredible! I thought mine was good, but your's is just breathtaking. Thank you so much for sharing it and inspiring me. You're very talented.
Judy Purcell
- Sun, Mar 14, 04 at 00:09:18

Hi, Mr Luong, you are so great !!
Dick Chan. Hong Kong SAR, China - Sat, Mar 13, 04 at 16:34:33

Hi, your website is great and well designed. Beautiful photos! Best quality !! Keep up the good job. Greetings from Germany Vivien & Erhard
Vivien& Erhard. Ebersberg, Germany - Thu, Mar 11, 04 at 12:59:13

Hi there! Beautiful website, suchg a great photos... I was wondering if you visited all these places, then you've seen a lot: lucky you! : ) Have a nice time with your website, I like it! Best regards, Yvonne
Groningen, Netherlands - Thu, Mar 11, 04 at 09:13:07

i really like all the neat pictures you have on the site
new bothwell, canada manitoba - Tue, Mar 09, 04 at 09:10:36

Cảm ơn anh Tuấn đã ghi lại được những khoảnh khắc tuyệt đẹp, đáng nhớ của thiên nhiên và con người trên khắp thế giới. Mong lại được xem và đọc nhiều tác phẩm mới của anh.
Paris, Haut de Seine France - Tue, Mar 09, 04 at 01:15:00

I like your photos. It inspires me to work at my photography. Thanks
Jim Chesky. Vancouver, WA 98683 - Sun, Mar 07, 04 at 23:35:15

I certainly enjoyed viewing your images. I forget which Falls I liked so well now.Stunning. You do very nice work. If you ever come to Oregon,check out the waterfalls we have and there are about 34 covered bridges still in use in Lane County. Warm Regards, Robert
Robert Shepardson. Grants Pass, Or. USA - Sat, Mar 06, 04 at 11:36:06

Where are my posts???
cove. - Fri, Mar 05, 04 at 12:14:13

Tus fotos son relamente fascinantes e inspiradoras.Un trabajo espléndido, realmente sería muy interesante que puedas viajar por América del Sur que también tiene paisajes fascinantes.
Arequipa, Arequipa Peru - Fri, Feb 20, 04 at 07:04:10

beautiful pictures thank you for sharing another part of the world with me,listening to Sade s song paradise as i zone out to the mezmorizing beauty of your photos., im in florida and one day mite make it there myself,.txs again
- Thu, Feb 19, 04 at 19:40:16

Tuan, I just saw that my images were uploaded to the Nanpa website for viewing. I consider it a privelage to be listed on the same site as you. You have some stunning images. Great Job
Larry Gaskill. Rock Falls, IL USA - Thu, Feb 19, 04 at 09:12:26

I am just in awe of your photography! What started out as a little guidance to my 14 yr. old son on computer use on how to discover what Vietnam and Thailand looked like for a school report hooked me (the mom) spending hours and days looking at your photography. I want to go to Asia. It is so beautiful. I have looked at many other travel photo web site but they are really poor comparatively. The information you added to the photography was really interesting as it would be very time consuming to uncover all that information. I just realized that you have been to many other places after discovering your home page and look forward to pouring over the pages. Its about as close as I can get to traveling at the moment. I just wanted to thank you and tell you, as you probably know, your photography is so great, it literally transports me to those places. Lori
Lori. Portland, OR USA - Mon, Feb 16, 04 at 23:36:49

Your images are much better than the ones I brought home many years ago. Perhaps I should visit your country once more under different conditions. Nui Ba Den has held me in her grip since I laid eyes upon her 34 years ago. I heard that there is a cable car to the top. The top of the mountain always glowed every night nearly from attacks from the People's Party of Vietnam. Peace, Robert
Robert Shepardson. Grants Pass, Or. U.S.A. - Thu, Feb 12, 04 at 12:37:00

I have been viewing these pictures for hours. They are absolutely beautiful. At the moment our daughter is in Hong Kong teaching so it was a thrill to connect what it is like. Also I'm going to Europe in June and some of the pictures are the places I will be visiting. Thank you for sharing these - I love them
Lynne Meacock. Castleton/Toronto, Ont. Canada - Sun, Feb 08, 04 at 19:31:27

Your photos are inspiring and beautiful. Will spend hours to see them all. Thanks so much for sharing your magnificent photos with us all!
CA USA - Sat, Feb 07, 04 at 19:44:16

only 1 word: WOOOOW!!!
Michael Magnus. Grobbendonk, Belgium - Sat, Feb 07, 04 at 04:39:26

Thank you for sharing your beautiful work. I left Vietnam when I was 3 and have lived in the US ever since. I never really knew my country, so most of my images of Vietnam came from Hollywood: battlefields, jungles and rice paddies with helicopters circling overhead. It was moving and refreshing to see the different regions of Vietnam through your eyes. You captured the beauty, grace, and dignity of a nation and people. I'm grateful. Thank you.
Ha Nguyen
Concord, MA USA - Fri, Feb 06, 04 at 18:27:12

would like to corispond with anyone in alaska iam from scotland
marion_mcgillivray2002 AT yahoo.co.uk
- Mon, Feb 02, 04 at 15:32:21

Great website... lots of wonderful photos/comments/journals... and a great source of photography information. Thank you so much for sharing the great photos!
Roseville, CA U.S.A. - Mon, Jan 26, 04 at 15:34:44

wow, wow, wow, I climbed most of those same Yosemite walls in the late 70's early 80's. Did the nose in 2 bivauocs (sp?) Half dome (2nd time( in a day! leaning tower in a day> woot Your photography gave me "chicken skin"! I used to clinb ice in New England also, However now I live on the "Big isle" of Hawai'i. I have seen 10 zillion hawaiian images> yours rank right up ther simly stunning> I am so happy to have found your site > wooot!
John G. Ray IV.. no city/ just jungle, Hi usa - Sun, Jan 25, 04 at 17:58:19

I LOVE this website! I don't get to travel much and I just love looking at all the places I want to go. Thank you so much for posting these pictures for all of us to see. Appreciative in Texas!
Texas - Thu, Jan 22, 04 at 13:18:08

Hallo Mr.Wright! Thank you very much for this possibility of watching your fantastic photoes. I am hoping to have a chance to visit some of these wonderfull places some day. Once more, thanks. Mirek
Miroslav Kurka. Prague, Czech The Czech Republic - Sun, Jan 18, 04 at 10:56:02

I was on your site looking at all of the different pictures you've taken and so my suprise, I see the Lake of the Clouds as well as Isle Royale and the Pictured Rocks in Munising. I live at the base of the Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan and am surrounded by the beauty every day but I wanted to Thank You for taking such beautiful pictures of the country up here and sharing them with the world. You truely have a remarkable gift and I look forward to the updates to your site in the future! Thanks again! Sarah
Sarah Seavoy. L'Anse, MI USA - Thu, Jan 15, 04 at 15:43:05

Trên đảo Tasmania, ở Australia, có một loài động vật trông rất xấu xí được mệnh danh là quỷ dữ. Tên khoa học của chúng là Sarcophilus harrisi. Hiện chúng là một trong những loài có túi chuyên ăn thịt sống có kích thước thuộc vào loại nhỏ nhất. Con đực trưởng thành có chiều dài khoảng 0,6m, nặng 12kg. Con quỷ dữ này có cổ rộng, mõm ngắn, tai tròn. Thân mình chắc nịch nhưng các chi trông nặng nề. Bộ lông đen, ngắn, dày, mềm. Đầu to, bộ móng vuốt sắc, hàm lớn, răng khoẻ, có thể nhai vỡ xương con mồi. Chúng hoạt động chủ yếu về đêm và thường săn thú nhỏ, bò sát, cá và động vật không xương sống. Con vật này di chuyển chậm chạp nhưng khôn ranh và mạnh, thường ngửi dò tìm con mồi và tấn công bất ngờ. Tuy chủ yếu sống trên mặt đất nhưng chúng có thể leo trèo lên cây. Loài thú có túi Sarcophilus harrisi sống thọ khoảng 8 năm, sinh sản vào năm thứ 2. Mùa sinh sản từ khoảng tháng 3 đến tháng 5. Sau thời gian mang thai khoảng 31 ngày, con mẹ đẻ ra một lứa có từ 1 đến 4 con. Chúng được nuôi nấng trong túi mẹ cho đến khi được 15 tuần tuổi. Thời gian sau đó, con non được để nuôi trong tổ hay được mang trên lưng mẹ. Con non cai sữa lúc được 20 - 30 tuần tuổi.
- Thu, Jan 15, 04 at 02:34:53

I stumbled onto the Large Format Photography page quite by accident. It sparked old memories of Dad showing us how to load film in the "coat closet", and renewed my wonderment of even the simple things we tend to take for granted. Thanks for your efforts to smoothe the way for entrance into this art form. Bruce
Bruce McCrory. Federal Way (Seattle), WA USA - Mon, Jan 12, 04 at 21:48:05

The pictures in this are absolutely perfect. I am astounded by the sharpness and vision that these photographes exude. I am was interested in a Large Format camera, after seeing these I think I am going to go ahead and purchase a system. I have seen tens of thousands of images, and there have only been a few that make me gasp. These are some of those.
Ryan Chai. Orem, UT USA - Mon, Jan 12, 04 at 09:48:34

Amazing work. Love everybit of it. A++
Kris Kehler
East Dundee, IL USA - Mon, Jan 12, 04 at 05:06:05

Hi there, Brilliant photos, very impressed, have a look at my photos of Thailand, I would like your veiws, www.gandajones.co.uk thank you very much, keep up the good work and a happy 2004. I will pass your site onto my local camera club. Regards Ian............
Ian Jones. Llandrindod wells, Wales United Kingdom - Sat, Jan 10, 04 at 17:47:50

very beautiful pictures . smashing landscape . good luck .
jean luc . valbonne, france - Fri, Jan 09, 04 at 11:53:18

Hi Quang, (Not sure how to address you..."Anh", "Em", "Chu'" etc...) Anyway, I am really inpired by your images. These are just Awesome! Do you teach anywhere? If you do, I hope your close to my area so I can learn some of your techniques. Anyway, the main thing I want to say is I really admire your images. They're a great source of inspiration for me. Glad I stumbled on to your site, bookmarked :-) The^'
The Tran. Union City, Ca U.S.A - Fri, Jan 09, 04 at 09:05:16

I just looked at purchasing my first LF camera. After looking at your picutures I have decided this the way to go. I only hope my photographs look half as good as yours. Thank you for your forum on LF. I have learn alot. Dale
Dale Gee
Grand Rapids, MI usa - Thu, Jan 08, 04 at 16:41:33

Thank You so much for bringin your camera on these many adventures.
Cindy Sinatra. hotmail.com">chinadoll0420 AT hotmail.com>
- Sat, Jan 03, 04 at 20:34:51

Found your site thru the pictured rocks and isle royale pics- NP's near where I live. The quantity of your work is astounding- you have some fantastic images. Will visit again often for travel ideas and a viewing of places I may never see. How many hours were put into the scanning of each image, each optimization of each wallpaper, and the general construction and layout of your site?- Great work.
shawn malone
marquette, mi usa - Sat, Jan 03, 04 at 19:29:37

Great site and beutiful pictures
Bangkok, Thailand - Fri, Jan 02, 04 at 20:31:41

As a relative newcomer to large format photography, I was significantly influenced on viewing Tuan's work. The technical standard is supreme, but the many other elemental factors which are generally regarded by the discerning, as embodying 'fine art' are visually evident. A delightful portfolio enhanced by a more than generous attitude to the non-commercial members of the public domain.
- Thu, Jan 01, 04 at 03:07:17

Your photographs are absolutely stunning. I am not often moved to leave comments in guestbooks but your work deserves recognition. Congratulations.
David Lewis. Marlborough, UK - Wed, Dec 31, 03 at 04:06:36

Just a quick note of gratitude for the incredible images and articles that you have created and posted over the years. Thanks so much for sharing.
John S. Douglas. Wartrace, TN USA - Tue, Dec 30, 03 at 09:34:10

Thanks for sharing these excellent photos!
Plantation, FL USA - Mon, Dec 22, 03 at 10:54:38

Tuan - Awesome site, even better photography! I am a beginning national park visitor and your pictures make me want to visit them all. Keep up the good work...
Michael Barton. hotmail.com">goin2montana AT hotmail.com>
Bozeman, MT USA - Wed, Dec 17, 03 at 00:01:54

I am really really impressed by the pictures in many of the galleries, and I would definitely like to link you guys up once I set up my new website. I also added a link to my own Vietnam Gallery I created while on vacation this past summer. Great photos like these inspire me to continue to pursue photography despite the fact that my major is finance.
Kien Lam. San Gabriel, CA United States - Tue, Dec 16, 03 at 10:44:48

Hello, I just wanted to say you have a very informative site which really made me think, Thanks !
Rick. UK - Mon, Dec 15, 03 at 21:40:37

Please send me more pics of New Hampshire like this they are beutiful!!!!!
chelsea snyder. pt charlotte, FL USA - Mon, Dec 15, 03 at 09:26:49

Thank you! Your photographs are stupendous. I enjoyed your sections on Europe, as they reminded of my own visits to the very sites you have photographed. You have brought me great joy, and I cannot thank you enough for sharing your images.
Leslie Dewart
Toronto, Ontario Canada - Thu, Dec 11, 03 at 07:41:23

james umunna. lagos, lagos nigeria - Tue, Dec 09, 03 at 14:51:36

the pictures that you took are incredible. they are so vivid and realistic unlike pictures that some people take. that is one awesome camera. great job on taking pictures i just wished that there are more.
miriam. orange park, florida united states - Thu, Dec 04, 03 at 05:54:16

Hello Tuan, At the beginning of this year i was thinking (having a dream) to photograph every single US NPs. But a second thought came up: who was crazy enough to do this??! Until I found you web-site sometime mid-year and I knew it is do-able. Your work is simply amazing and phenomenal. it amazed a lot of people, myself included, non-photog and photog alike. Good luck! All the best!
Edward Ng. Brea, CA USA - Wed, Dec 03, 03 at 18:54:17

I truly enjoyed the ride that your photos of American Samoa took me on. I haven't been back since '85 and your photos reminded me of how beautiful my homeland is. I appreciate your careful protrayel of Samoa's beauty in your website. Great Job.
Ken Pola. Mesa, Az. US - Wed, Dec 03, 03 at 12:54:26

My wallpaper subscription was worth every cent! Never have so many extraordinary photos been made into high quality, high resolution wallpapers. My computer desktop is the envy of all who view it thanks to Tuan's exquisitely beautiful wallpapers. I hope to "save my pennies" for some of his prints for my house walls. Perhaps i can direct Santa to this site, huh?
Robert Wise
Lakeland, FL USA - Sat, Nov 29, 03 at 18:33:35

i have enjoyed looking through this site and has helped me gather research for my current set project.....thank you
Jorina Monteras. - Mon, Nov 24, 03 at 04:29:45

Thank you for posting the wonder + full images. BEAUTIFUL! *********************************************** sidebar: I came in the side door by searching Google for "big". I was looking for something to blow the soot out of my print head.
Ron Day
Knoxville, TN - Sat, Nov 22, 03 at 14:48:12

Just saw the pictures of Tay Ninh and the Cao Dia Religion and Temple. I visited there in 1971 while stationed near Tay Ninh. It was rumored that the Caodiaists were anti-Communist, so I've often wondered what happened to them and the temple. Based on my memory and the photos, little has changed. Thank you.
Midland, GA USA - Thu, Nov 20, 03 at 17:30:33

I have run out of superlatives to describe your photography! I just love the pics, and i would like to thankyou for allowing me to see them, and to use one or two as wallpaper.. i shall recommend this site!
Sydney, NSW Australia - Mon, Nov 17, 03 at 19:07:09

Absolutely amazing photos!
Oakland , CA USA - Thu, Nov 06, 03 at 18:25:25

Your site is wonderful. It's truly an inspiration. It's in my favorites now and I shall be back.
Steve Wohl
Webster, NY USA - Wed, Nov 05, 03 at 14:22:55

WOW! Amazing photography! This is art at the highest level!
Martin Jutras. Saint-Lambert, Québec Canada - Thu, Oct 30, 03 at 17:44:45

Awesome pictures! :) Ty for sharing with me.
HI USA - Tue, Oct 28, 03 at 10:44:47

AWESOME! Truly inspiring. You make me want to be a better photographer.
J. DeRemer
Phoenixville, PA USA - Tue, Oct 28, 03 at 07:25:40

Great photos, always nice to see some shots from my own backyard. I´ll be sure to come back here. Regards, Jonas
Jonas Hägglund. Stockholm, Sweden - Thu, Oct 23, 03 at 12:06:50

i am a landscape nature photographer who has been to some of the US parks on this site. I must say you take incredible shots and really capture the beauty of these places.
Matt Keefe. Park Ridge, NJ USA - Mon, Oct 20, 03 at 13:08:15

your photos and how you see places through your lens of your camera are emotionally amazing.many thanks for making me see things in a different perspective.
Wigan, U.K - Mon, Oct 20, 03 at 03:19:29

I found your site when I did a search for 'Madrone tree'. (-: wierd way to get to such a beautiful site, but I am glad I did.
Paul Bennett. London, UK - Fri, Oct 17, 03 at 15:19:50

What an amazing collection of photographs. Thank you!
A. Hiller
passing through, - Thu, Oct 16, 03 at 12:07:13

Hi Luong, Your photos are awesome. Crisp and beautifully taken. It must have taken you alot of time, patience and wisdom to get shots like that. I salute you. Thanks for the great pics.
K STan. Klang, Selangor , Selangor Malaysia - Thu, Oct 16, 03 at 03:33:50

i cant resist from viewing yr website each time i log onto internet. simply the best.
changsha, hunan china - Tue, Oct 14, 03 at 04:42:10

Loved your photos of the American Southwest. Some are truly great, and an inspiration for us lesser mortals to improve our own body of work.
Bill Cobb. Denville, NJ USA - Mon, Oct 13, 03 at 19:25:07

Hey Kuan, I can't remember how I found your site, maybe a link from Photo.net. Just took a look at some of your work from the southwest and wanted to tell you it's GREAT. Nice to see some large format work in film so well done. I use to live at the Grand Canyon Arixona and know many of the places you photographed. I just took my oldest son to work at the Canyon this fall. He will follow in his mother and Fathers footsteps, maybe for just a littile while. For now he can enjoythe Canyon. Unfortunately, he dosen't have a camera with him nor a computer or I would get a cheap digital for him. Anyway, I just wanted to comment on your photos and went off here. Your work reminds me of the places I wish I still lived in and near. Nice work, Brad
Brad Bradley. New Jersey USA - Sat, Oct 11, 03 at 04:53:06

Thank you for your photos of Sweden and the Northeast.
Hannah Sears. Houston, TX 77058 - Wed, Oct 08, 03 at 16:41:33

I need to know about amage picture in the world
samnang yin
Phnom Phen, Cambodain - Sat, Oct 04, 03 at 07:06:09

Dear Mr. Tuan: Let me express you my most profound and sincere admiration for your work. You have spent fifteen years of your life doing something wonderful and enjoyable, and for that I thank you. God bless people like you.
Corinna Ott Weber
Caracas, Venezuela - Fri, Oct 03, 03 at 10:04:36

Hi QT, Your photographs are stunningly beautiful.We were wondering if you would permit us to use it free of charge on our website(under construction) for a non profit Christian Ministry called Prayer Groups for Schools.We are a totally voluntary network and are not funded by any organisation.Our purpose is to pray for children and their schools.We would of course credit you name to your photographs and not use it for any other purposes.We would like to put some Bible verses alongside your photos.We would of course be very grateful for your contribution.Please let us know if we have your permission. Thank you for considering this request.God bless you. Margaret Kee Prayer Groups for Schools Victoria
Margaret Kee. Melbourne, Vic Australia - Thu, Oct 02, 03 at 19:22:36

Lincoln, UK - Wed, Oct 01, 03 at 22:36:23

Your pictures are a wonder! I'm presently living out of my home country (France) and you made me dream about the country I'm missing so much. I also wish that one day I will be able to see all the splendours you took with my own eyes. Thank you
Alexandre. Montreal, Quebec Canada - Mon, Sep 29, 03 at 09:38:38

did my first lf work in the 1950's just now getting back into it.
Herb Cunningham. Raleigh, nc usa - Wed, Sep 24, 03 at 06:50:15

Fantastic,thank you for letting me view them. You feel as if you are there.
Neil Fowler. England - Mon, Sep 22, 03 at 07:02:15

Your photographs are truly breathtaking. I'm not sure how you feel about people "borrowing" them, but I have to admit that Autumn Reflections is the desktop background of my home computer. I live in Central Florida, so I don't get to see the beautiful season changes otherwise. Thank you so much for your work. (And if you do mind me taking it for strictly personal use, please let me know and I'll delete it from my computer.) :)
Monica Orlando, FL - Sat, Sep 20, 03 at 09:10:53
[You are very welcome to use the images on the site as computer wallpaper. Tuan]

I absolutely love your pictures, can't even tell you enough. They are awesome.
Rosemount, mn Dakota - Fri, Sep 19, 03 at 18:48:14

Breathtaking photography! You are definitely gifted with a true photographer's eye. Thank you for sharing!
Patricia Cote'
CT USA - Tue, Sep 16, 03 at 20:27:22

Great pictures of Dalat, I also have pictures of Dalat also from 69-70 I was on Lang Bieng Mountain, 14KM from downtown,keep up the great work
DAVID C CASRON. sikeston, mo usa - Tue, Sep 16, 03 at 16:55:11

Thank you for providing such a wonderful web page to the world. Your work is awe inspiring. I once read that ones first live look at the Grand Canyon is like sneaking a peak at heaven. Having been there, I would agree, but all of your photos come very close to that standard.
R Rottschalk
Villa Park, IL USA - Tue, Sep 16, 03 at 16:51:47

Hey Tuan! I want to thank you, you gave me the best backround for my computer at home! I love it Keep Up The Good Work! Sherry!!!
Cobalt, Ontario - Mon, Sep 15, 03 at 12:35:56

Tuan, you are an amazing person! Your appreciation of beauty is fantastic and holy. You are doing excellent work, and I hope very much that it is seen by many many people... It could do the world some good to see some of the beauty you have captured. I'm going to show your site to my Mom, Brother, Friends, Girlfriend,, everyone I can! Please keep doing this for as long as you can. Love, Craig
Craig Iannello
Orlando, FL USA - Sat, Sep 13, 03 at 17:03:36

I admire your work and your tenacity! You are a great photographer.
Steven Lyle
Kangneung, Gawondo South Korea - Fri, Sep 12, 03 at 20:51:42

The pictures are fascinating! Thanks for taking us to places never seen before. Consider coming to Bulgaria, so the world can see us ;)
Milena & Boyan
Sofia, Bulgaria - Sun, Sep 07, 03 at 13:24:26

What beautiful photographs! Your work is among the best I have seen. Thanks for sharing.
Kay Powers
Lafayette, LA USA - Sat, Sep 06, 03 at 20:03:24

Hi,I have never known a guy who can live so wonderful a life! You really did a great thing in the world! My target is to see the world as more as possible, since so short time when we everyone live on the earth. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I am quite exciting when I saw this home page. Just walking on....//bless! (BTW,where are you from? I mean your name showed that you are not an American.) Yours,May
Yan Mei. Amherst, MA USA - Fri, Sep 05, 03 at 08:48:32
[My parents are Vietnamese. I was borned in France. I live in California. Tuan]

Wow!Very great pictures! Never seen before. You must have spent a lot of time to get the wonderful shots. You are a great photographer!
Sam. Hong Kong - Tue, Sep 02, 03 at 07:04:04

By accident, I discovered your website. Your photos are unbelievably and incredibly beautiful! Thank you for sharing your talent! You inspired me to go travel and discover the beauty of the world especially our national parks! Thank you!
Ngoc Diep
Orange, CA USA - Mon, Sep 01, 03 at 15:30:00

Q.-Tuan Luong: Just a splendor of the planet earth. The rebirth of Ansel Adams in Color. Thank you immensely for sharing the beauty of this planet.
Dennis Mihora. Santa barbara, CA USA - Sun, Aug 31, 03 at 17:53:05

I have just finished visiting your site with pictures from around the world, especially pictures of Vietnam. My partner is from Vietnam and your pictures have helped me understand his history and have intrigued me so much to want to visit this beautiful land. Your photography leaves me breathless upon seeing pictures of my native Canada as well as those of the United States and the many parks I have yet to visit. Thank you for allowing me to share your travels.
Dan Carey. Garden Grove, CA USA - Fri, Aug 29, 03 at 08:58:29

absolutely breathtaking photos. I have started my own photography businsess. mostly just minnesota for now, i am very envious of your work and the incredible eye you have. you are an inspiration. thank you for sharing your work.
bobette. south saint paul, mn usa - Fri, Aug 29, 03 at 07:53:54

Great pictures. Awesonme! Please teach me or link me to somebody who knows how to dry and preserve mushroom. Thanks!
Romy Lee Ancheta. Puerto Princesa, Philippines - Fri, Aug 29, 03 at 00:03:35

The pictures on your website are absolutely beautiful. They seem to capture the absolute beauty found in Alaska. I hope to one day see these sites in person
Wendy. Kentucky USA - Wed, Aug 27, 03 at 11:22:59

These are among the most breathtaking images my eyes have ever seen. If it wasn't for stumbleupon.com, I would have never found this site. Now it's bookmarked!
Amherst, NY USA - Tue, Aug 26, 03 at 21:34:04

Wow, just breathtaking images! Found your site from Plesk's forum. Bye for now, Son :")
Son Nguyen
Toronto, ON Canada - Tue, Aug 26, 03 at 13:23:36

Incredible! I am interested in learning more about 5x7 large format camera you wrote of in the descriptions. A fan of national parks and photography. I am seeking photographers work for my park related site too, parkheadquarters.com E-mail if interested
Ranger Heidi . - Mon, Aug 25, 03 at 15:15:50

Wonderful photographic art! Especially love the parks series, and adding the 'human element' to your areas of topic. Mark
Boise, ID US of A ! - Mon, Aug 25, 03 at 15:09:36

Thanks a lot for you who built this website. It helps me a lot of thing : easy find picture, history short report,... I love this website.!!! I only can say thank. But my felling is more than that word..
NguyenTrang. Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam - Thu, Aug 21, 03 at 01:42:40

Your pictures are awesome.... your website helps me whenever I plan a vacation, the pictures inspire me a lot! Every single picture is breathtaking! You are amazing!!
Jonali Bhattacharyya
Dublin, CA USA - Wed, Aug 20, 03 at 09:07:37

Unbelievably and ridiculously beautiful photographs.
Heather. westerly, ri usa - Tue, Aug 19, 03 at 09:00:25

These photos are outstanding landscape portraits. Well done!
Jim Guenthner
Dayton, OH USA - Tue, Aug 12, 03 at 14:23:54

Without a doubt you have the eye for capturing beauty. Incredible photos!
Carl Pearson. Minneapolis, MN USA - Tue, Aug 12, 03 at 09:39:56

I'm in awe of your work! it definately inspires me to grab my gear and go!! Thankyou for exposing your talents for the rest of the world to enjoy. Greg www.ikapture.com.au
Greg Smith. Brisbane, QLD Australia - Mon, Aug 11, 03 at 23:21:34

Hi! I just wanted to say that i love your site! Thanks so much for sharing the beauty in the world! I come to this site often..Thank you again! Jenn:)
Jennifer. South Lake Tahoe, CA USA - Mon, Aug 11, 03 at 13:47:06

Hello Tuan, I traveled to some foreign places while working as a civilian for the US Govt. and photographed what I could in the short time that I was at them. Your photos took me back to some of the places I worked and visited. I am awe-inspired by your expertise with a camera. Though my years are long, while viewing your photos of places I've been, I feel younger; as though it was only yesterday that I was there — although its been some 30-odd years since. Thank you for sharing with me, memories of my past. I wish I could live another life to return to those far off places again. Gene
Gene Maslar. Dickson City, PA USA - Sat, Aug 09, 03 at 11:41:30

Dear Tuan, As an oversea Vietnamese living too far away from our home country, I have often coped with my homesickness by strolling trough all the innumerable illustrated books about Vietnam available in Europe. However I have not yet found such a sensitivity as portrayed by Your magnificient pictures about Vietnam. It makes indeed a fine difference to have a photographer of local ancestry frame the country with all its abundant variety from a genuinly Vietnamese perspective. If I were not still a university student with modest ressources I would not haquite a bit of photography and am only beginning on my journey with large format photography. I hope to be nearly as good! Thanks for the show!
Paul Lester
Irving, TX USA - Thu, Jun 19, 03 at 14:15:02

Just beautiful
- Wed, Jun 18, 03 at 12:40:22

the photos are art!! i think it takes me a while to finish them all. here, i would like to exchange a bit more experience. i have been to tibet last summer. i strongly suggest you to make your plan to visit there. you may get your best masterpiece ever because i did.
rpifei. albany, ny usa - Mon, Jun 16, 03 at 21:32:28

Thanks for your most marvelous web-site with photas and outstanding instructional material.
Will Frey. Nashville , TN USA - Mon, Jun 16, 03 at 07:57:37

Greta website, i reall enjoy it! Ciao and all the best, Tala
Tala. Lennestadt, NRW Germany - Mon, Jun 16, 03 at 03:14:48

Exellent work. Exellent travel. Exellent quality. It would be interesting to learn, what equipment makes all these pictures. I envy your opportunity to travel. I wait new pictures.
Jan Martin. Moscow, Russia - Sun, Jun 15, 03 at 22:04:47

Tuan, sorry but i dont found the right words to say how wonderfull your photos are. As a prof.photographer i spend a lot of time at the nm and national parks - i shot lots of pictures but lost everthink in flooden water... Now when i see your wonderfull photos - i can feel the moments i found many years ago in the USA. Compliment about your great work, compliment for your great feeling to found the right light on the right spot to the right time. I think you are really a great artist. Best wishes from tenerife, south of Spain Klaus
Klaus Neuner
LA, Spain Tenerife - Sun, Jun 15, 03 at 14:55:52

I´m speechless......I received the "Linkperlen" newsletter with the link to your site.Fantastic photos. Especially the Photos of Bryce Canyon are fantastic. I visited it in 2000 and fell in love with this miracle of nature! The pictures I took are not bad *G* but yours are so wonderful! I think I have to go back to the US some day :) Greetings form Germany Annette
Linochette. Gaggenau, BW Germany - Sun, Jun 15, 03 at 13:44:55

Incredible photography! Tuan, you manage to capture a sense of peacefulness and beauty. Congratulations!
Calgary, AB Canada - Sun, Jun 15, 03 at 10:45:02

I have never seen anything more beautiful than your photographs. This site is very well worth it!!!
Tammy Peden. Goose Creek, SC US - Sun, Jun 15, 03 at 07:14:40

Your photography is beautiful and breathtaking. I plan to go to British Columbia and Mount Rainier this summer. After viewing your site of National Parks my enthusiasiam has heightend to the max. I bet, most of the pictures would look just as beautiful in black and white. Bllack and white photography in my assessment is just as art filled.
Mary Ann Wengyn. Tampa, FL US - Thu, Jun 12, 03 at 05:00:53

These photographs sure have brightened up my "windowless" office. I change my screen saver picture almost everyday.
Mobile, AL USA - Tue, Jun 10, 03 at 12:04:14

Amazing pictures.
Raj. Leawood, KS - Mon, Jun 09, 03 at 13:25:58

This is an amazing place!
Chen Zheng. Nanjing, China - Sat, Jun 07, 03 at 05:55:59

Incredible! I wish I could make one like this someday...
Jay. Columbus, OH US - Thu, Jun 05, 03 at 15:57:03

Incredibly beautiful pictures. Thanks so much.
Ben Cooper
USA - Thu, Jun 05, 03 at 14:38:14

Beautiful Images, lots of work you have put in! I am just imaging of all. Peace! SonnyNguyen
Sonny Nguyen
San Antonio, TX USA - Fri, May 30, 03 at 21:00:48

Very astonishing pictures! I have seen pictures of national parks before but I've never seen as beautiful pictures as the ones you took. It takes my breath away whenever I see it again and again!! One picture of the Tetons is almost similar as the one I took. But of course yours is much better!! :) Keep up the wonderful work!
Anita. Dallas, Texas - Fri, May 30, 03 at 14:57:13

Magnificent pictures.
Leunen Andre
Meerhout, Belgium - Wed, May 28, 03 at 07:31:44

I got to your page from photo.net website. I feel so lucky to have the chance looking at those images you have taken. Even more impressive is your bio. What a genious! You're so adorable. Anyway, thank you very much for sharing those photos with us and hope we will have chances to see more and more beautiful images from you.
Quang M. Tran. Orlando, FL UA - Tue, May 27, 03 at 20:07:12

What equipment do you use? Large format......
Ivan Earl. Melbourne, Australia - Sat, May 24, 03 at 18:20:35

I had a wonderful time at this resort
Canoga Park, CA United States - Thu, May 22, 03 at 11:21:30

ok good enough
Stephano Medina
West Hills, Ca Uhited States - Thu, May 22, 03 at 11:14:13

this is a beautiful web-page capturing the full beauty and essence of this state that i consider, pure untouched work by GOd. every time i feel down i come to this webpage and just skim through some of the pictures and read about your treks. i really hope to be able to visit places like lake clarke, as i know for sure id find my self peace in such a place. i hope to go in about two years time, i am 16 now, and hope to take a gap, year to be able to travel. but im still a little confused as to how i go about it. would the first step be to research ticket prices? where would the plane go from london englad, and so on. id really just be a begginner to this type of thing, but i was wondering if you could tell me step by step how to go about it at 18, and if i should go with someone. many thanks michael
michael tomsu. london, - united knigdom - Wed, May 21, 03 at 07:12:38

Whaaaaou!! What else can i say!?
Guilhem Péretié
Paris, France - Tue, May 20, 03 at 12:07:45

Great ....
buffalo, ny - Mon, May 19, 03 at 11:19:25

I want to first let you know how beautiful your work is. I am an aspiring photographer and 28 years old. I also have a wife and two children. Right now I live in Florida, which I hate! I have been here nearly my entire life. I have, however, been out to the Pacific Northwest several times.And I love it! I have decided that I am going to come out there and make a go of my lifelong dream. But I am going to have to come out there by myself and find a job and home for the family, who will have to stay behind until these things can be taken care of. I was wondering if you could maybe tell me what kind of an area Eastern Washington,Northern Idaho,or Western Montana are.I suppose that I will just ride the bus until it feels right! Hopefully some day I will have some pictures as beautiful as yours!
Tib Sanchez
Rockledge, Fl 32955 - Sat, May 17, 03 at 18:41:57

Tuan, your diverse photographs are some of the most beautiful I have seen.
Eva K. Engler. ="mailto:eengler AT bellsouth.net">eengler AT bellsouth.net>
Hollywood, FL USA - Thu, May 15, 03 at 17:09:52

Hi Tuan, Your photos look Stunning and composed by a craftsmen.We use a l/f to photograph paintings,scan then print limited edition giclee prints for artist. Kind Regards Gordon
Gordon Paton. Runaway Bay, Qld Australia - Wed, May 07, 03 at 00:53:05

Congratulations for the beautiful pictures. You allow the viewers to really feel the soul of all the places you went to .
francis genette. 5000 namur, belgium - Tue, May 06, 03 at 13:04:48

This is one of the most beautiful sites that I have visited so far! The pictures here are absolutely breathtaking! Continue to supply us with rich, colorful, pictures of the world surrounding us!
Michael Evans
Houston, Tx USA - Tue, May 06, 03 at 08:01:12

What a great site! Beautiful pictures and such talents! Congrats! Cheers Makes me home sick
- Mon, May 05, 03 at 22:21:12

Your photography is beautiful you should be so proud of how you make other people appreciate the beauty surrounding them. Do you have other examples of even simple things like fruit, vegetables, plants and animals from a distance and then coming closer to show the intricate detail of dialy life. I would love to see them Cheers Maurine
Maurine. Adelaide, South Australia Australia - Sat, May 03, 03 at 00:32:22

The photographs found on this web site are some of the most gorgeous and well taken I've ever seen. Thank you!!!
WI USA - Fri, May 02, 03 at 14:32:54

WOW, incredible pictures..
orangeville, Ont Canada - Thu, May 01, 03 at 16:09:22

thank you Tuan, for all the education I received from your web site and for the beautiful images you have made. I am just starting to use a 4X5 and you have been a trmendous resource for me. Mike
michael Adamian
Boston, MA USA - Thu, May 01, 03 at 12:28:09

I am not one to be very impressed by photography, but I think I have just changed my mind. I have never seen such inspiring pictures , I'm so impressed. Thank you for sharing these photos. They are wonderful!
Jennifer. Redmond, wa usa - Mon, Apr 28, 03 at 15:31:48

Wonderfull!!!!!!! Great! I love all pictures. Congratulations
sonia medeiros. rio de janeiro, rj brazil - Sat, Apr 26, 03 at 15:59:06

Amanda Ton. Houston, TX US - Thu, Apr 24, 03 at 08:40:14

All images are enchanting, but the large format ones, especially the autumnal reflections, are especially beautiful and interesting.
Petaluma, CA 94952 - Wed, Apr 23, 03 at 21:27:42

they are very pretty pictures!!!!\ interesting
megan shaneyfelt and Courtney hummel. union city , oh darke - Tue, Apr 22, 03 at 10:07:40

Long Quang. Toronto, ON Canada - Tue, Apr 22, 03 at 07:02:47

Tuan, I found my way to your site as I bounced around the net looking for sites on Yosemite photography. I am an amature photographer (but I have sold a few prints), and I have taken some pretty amazing photo's over the past few years, but you sir are in a different league. Well I will be traveling to Yosemite in mid May for some hiking, climbing, and photography ... I can only hope to capture images half as well as you hve in the Valley ! Would you recommend any places that I should make certain to visit, from behind the camera, while in Yosemite? I am using a Nikon F5 with a variety of lenses, but nothing longer than 400MM.
Curtis J. Malarkey
Laytonsville, MD 20882 - Mon, Apr 21, 03 at 08:52:36

Beautiful Photographs!!! Excellant Weeb site, a lot of helpful information!
Rod. Twin Falls, Idaho - Mon, Apr 21, 03 at 07:35:47

Beautiful Photographs!!!
Rod. Twin Falls, Idaho - Mon, Apr 21, 03 at 07:35:24

I am recently returning to the large format medium after a period of quite a few years. I first learned photography on a 4x5 view camera,only to find out that it wasn,t the format to use as a combat photographer. This is my first time visting your website and I find it to be very,very helpful to me. Your photos in the large format section have enforced my beliefs that this is the best format and way to express my visions. Thank you for your help. I look foward to seeing more of your work and visiting your web for more instructions. sincerly C.B.Young II
C.B. Young
pittsburgh, Pa United States - Sun, Apr 20, 03 at 16:56:48

Brilliant and aspiring pictures. Love the beaches, water, fishes, and the rock especially Grand Canyon, Painted Desert, and Petrified Forest. I live only a 50 miles from them. Thank you ahehee,
Leroi Morgan. Monument Valley, UT USA - Sat, Apr 19, 03 at 21:03:08

Las Vegas, Nevada US - Thu, Apr 17, 03 Apr 17, 03 at 14:18:15

Your site sucks alot theres nothing on here!!!!!11
Mount Pleasant, PA US - Thu, Apr 17, 03 at 09:16:01

What a lovely way to spend your days. Thank-you for sharing such inspiring views with us.
Stuart McAteer
Seattle, WA USAUSAUSA - Mon, Apr 14, 03 at 22:48:46

I love the pictures on this site, I could sit and gaze at them all day. Brilliant site; thanks very much!
Brian Gardner. Darvel, Scotland - Mon, Apr 14, 03 at 17:42:14

I enjoy your site.Excellent photos,I think you are the perfect teacher for me. I would like to see your work from Greece in the future. Maybe Greece is a photogenic place. How may I take sharp photos with 35 slr? Have a nice week kostas
kostas sidiropoulos. thessaloniki, ma Greece - Sun, Apr 13, 03 at 14:14:43

Amazing pictures, keep up the good work :)
montreal, canada - Fri, Apr 11, 03 at 05:53:12

i wish u could have more animals!!
columbus, oh u.s - Thu, Apr 10, 03 at 11:32:28

Thankyou for the beautiful photographs. I live in a city and it's like stepping into another world.
Diana. Toronto, Canada - Thu, Apr 10, 03 at 10:48:07

Absolutely stunning images! Thank you for sharing.
Glenn Thoreson
Cokeville, WY USA - Tue, Apr 08, 03 at 21:23:30

Nice stuff there.
Windsor, Ontartio Canada - Tue, Apr 08, 03 at 19:20:40

Je trouve vos photos magnifiques et découvrir le Vietnam sur d'aussi belles images me laisse étourdi! Très beau site.
Nicolas Trinh. Montreal, QC Canada - Sun, Apr 06, 03 at 16:11:46

I am transcribing my grandparents memoirs into digital format. In her experiences, she spoke of many of the places of which you have images of at your website. First off, I have to say that the photography on your website is excellent. Such vivid colors and contrasts! And I commend your insight when capturing the beauty of nature's scenic wonders. As an amatuer photographer, I have a deep appreciation for such fine and beautful work. You have a god-given gift. The reason I am writing to day is to let you know, pursuant to your Copyright & Use Policy ( http://www.terragalleria.com/copyright.html ), I have captured a number of your images as an inclusion to an archival & historical project. My project is strictly a labor of love to memorialize my grandparents. When they published their memoirs, they only had 30 hardcover copies made for immediate friends and family. My project is to make their works available for all members of the family for generations to come. I have rough drafts of the works, which I affectionately refer to as "The Brady Trilogy" located at http://freepages.rootsweb.com/~bradytrilogy/cover.htm Using many of your images, I have created minature photo galleries that are tied in to the text of their memoirs. I draw your attention to the sections in "Reclaimed Memories", especially the vacation periods of 1955 & 1963. I know that pursuant to your policy, that a limited amount of permission is already granted for the use of your images. However, I just want to personally make you aware of my intentions for the use of your images and would appreciate any feedback you may have. Please be aware that I am still constructing this site and fine-tuning it, so I have yet to adequately place all the links to your website and copyright information, but that is a top priority and that task will be completed over the course of the next couple of weeks. I have posted an acknowledgement on my Bibliography at this point, but I wish to make it abundantly clear at all points what the source is of these beautful photos. To refer to them as "images" or "pictures" would seem demeaning, and disrespectful. I have been working as a free-lance web-designer in my spare-time and have been to many websites, viewed many, many works by other photographers, but your's is by far the most consistent in quality, as well as artistic content. I applaud your work......... Thank you for any consideration and look forward to hearing from you. Robert M Brady
Robert M Brady. AT yahoo.com>
Palmdale, CA USA - Sat, Apr 05, 03 at 13:37:56

Your site is as beautiful as it is inspiring! Thank you for being so generous and sharing your photographs with us.
Waukesha, Wisconsin USA - Sun, Mar 30, 03 at 17:12:02

What a truly inspiring collection of incredible pictures! Thank you,
Peter, Maryland. ="mailto:peterspictures AT att.net">peterspictures AT att.net>
Gaithersburg, MD US - Fri, Mar 28, 03 at 18:05:51

Very nice website and the images are superb. Great job. Hope to see more of your work.
Peter Pham. Fountain Valley, CA 92708 - Fri, Mar 28, 03 at 14:18:00

Toronto, ON Canada - Thu, Mar 27, 03 at 06:03:02

Stunningly beautiful web site!
Chris Mayer
Birmingham, AL USA - Wed, Mar 26, 03 at 19:51:35

These are some of the best color photographs I have ever seen. I am also a photographer, but maybe I should have gone into another line of work. Keep up the good work!
Peter von Pawel
- Wed, Mar 26, 03 at 17:28:45

Your photographs show a great rapport with the places and people you visit. Thank you for taking me on a well guided visual escort of your travels! PS: Now is obviously not the best time to go, but I highly recommend Turkey.
New York, NY USA - Sat, Mar 22, 03 at 05:57:25

Truly a terrific site....
Donald W. Metzler. evansinet.com">donaldmetzler AT evansinet.com>
- Thu, Mar 20, 03 at 22:12:15

Good day, I am interesting in bay some pictures from Vietnam for my house as decoration. I want only black and wihite photos from Vietnan as follow - Delta - The Center - The North My interest is bay about 6 or 8 photos from this area of Vietnam. Please I woulg greater you if send my information , price and how I can buy it Thanks My Address in Spain is Mr. Jesus Tardio Lozano Street Askatasun Bidea, 18 - 8ºD 48370 Bermeo - Bizkaia - Spain
JESUS TARDIO LOZANO. Bermeo, Bizkaia Spain - Thu, Mar 20, 03 at 08:01:57

Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations. Your works are great!!
Hy Vu. San Jose, CA USA - Wed, Mar 19, 03 at 18:04:37

Hi your web page are really good, but if there are few maps that wiil be very good or maybe some maps that shows the changes over past few years (it will be easier for me to do the project) thanks for your web it is helpful see ya!
Jesicca. Sydney, NSW Australia - Tue, Mar 18, 03 at 16:31:27

You have captured some of the best scenes all over the world. I can only imaging how early you had to get up and how cold it was, but the results are awesome. Thanks for sharing them. Russ
Russell Preshaw. Veryyyyyy nice pictures buddy :)
canada - Sat, Feb 15, 03 at 22:07:17

Wonderful Pages!! The pictures about Vietnam and Myanmar are really excellent! I come back soon to see other images. Congratulations!! Ciao Marco
Marco. Fidenza, PR Italy - Fri, Feb 14, 03 at 14:11:22

Your site is absolutely fantastic. I love photography but have not traveled half as much as you have and I only obtained MF equipment less than a year ago. For over the past twenty years I have used 35mm cameras. I own a PC lens in 24mm which gives a certain amount of flexibility without the amazing sharpness you show in your awesome compositions; from color to perspective everything is vibrant about your photographs. I am also an ice climber but of a much lesser caliber than yourself. However I do understand the requirements of the sport and enjoy it tremendously. I have considered large format, the 4x5 more specifically. I shoot in square format 21/4x21/4 and I truly enjoy the perspective it gives. When I see the places where you took your LF equipment I can only give you my respect. I was told about your site by Lucien Nocera whom I met at the Rockreation gym in Los Angeles and who is a friend. Your site is fantastic. I will spend lots of time looking at your photographs and learning a lot. Mine don't compare, but I love photography. Best regards. Paul
Paul Homsy. sherman Oaks, ca USA - Thu, Feb 13, 03 at 23:43:05

What a great site. Pictures are stunning. You are definitely putting good things out into the universe. Will share with friends. Thanks.
Milton Briggs
Orem, UT USA - Wed, Feb 12, 03 at 09:10:05

There are Papayas and not Avocados on pic hawa2613 (Maui)!? But very nice photos!! experienced with tropical fruit, Tamara
Tamara. Germany - Fri, Feb 07, 03 at 14:01:19

I've never seen such beautiful pictures!
- Wed, Feb 05, 03 at 18:20:36

This is by far the best web site for high quality pictures. EXCELLENT JOB!!! You should make a trip to Leadville, some time, its beautiful up here.
Mike. Leadville, CO USA - Wed, Feb 05, 03 at 10:16:29

Some very nice images here. I like your large format pages. You are very fortunate to have travelled to so many culturaly rich places.
toronto, - Tue, Feb 04, 03 at 15:38:39

Dear Professor I am doing resarch in camera calibration. I found your website tremendously useful. This is my first visit. I will have to visit many more times soon to learn more about computer vision. I would like to thank you for your service in disseminating knowledge on computer vision to humanity this way. My prayers will be there for the welfare of you and your family members. I also met Prof. O.D. Faugeras in the Indian Conference on Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing held at SAC Ahmedabad India during 16-18th Dec 2002. His Plenary talk was very informative and educative and motivating. Hope to hear from you soon C. Muruganantham Asst Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering Thiagarajar College of Engineeering Madurai pin code 625 015 India Phone off 91 452 2482240 Ext 403 Phone Res 91 452 2530518 Fax Off 91 452 2483427
C. Muruganantham. Madurai, TN India - Tue, Feb 04, 03 at 12:08:24

After taking an upper-division course in the geology of our (USA) national parks at Portland State University, I was very much impressed by the quality and overall comprehensive geology which is accurately depicted and representational. Also, as a graphic design major--having a background in layouts, compositions, and photography)--I thoroughly enjoyed 99% of these photos (the other 1% was beyond exceptional!!!). I just wish I were able to afford a large print on back-light compatable paper to display on my wall on a lightbox! The computer monitor and images as background wallpapers will have to do for now...
Portland, OR USA - Sun, Feb 02, 03 at 23:36:52

the best pictures that i've seen on the internet.thanks for sharing us,you guys do the fantastic job.please keep going,i'll look forward to see your pictures.thanks again
Go Thailand. - Sun, Feb 02, 03 at 00:53:56

beautiful, inspiring work. Excellent teaching examples.
michael duckworth. - Fri, Jan 31, 03 at 11:51:55

Love all the pictures you took in Alaska and thank you for sharing.
Maarten Vermeer
Leiden, The Netherlands - Fri, Jan 31, 03 at 07:19:47

Brathtaking. Thank you for sharing this !
Joerg Ruebensam
Berlin, Germany - Fri, Jan 31, 03 at 05:38:42

Your photographs of Yosemite are breath-taking not just for their visual beauty but because you have captured the soul of the Range of Light. I haven't seen anything this good since Galen Rowell hit the scene. I've spent years hiking and backpacking through Yosemite; your photos are like a homecoming. It's the small rocks, the waterwheels at dusk or the tree in the light that is so familiar and so hauntingly evocative. Tourists may not recognize all of these places but they sing to me. Thank you.
Pat Williams. San Rafael, CA 94903 - Thu, Jan 30, 03 at 20:32:03

nice site. please correct the spelling of Tutuila in your website. It is not spelled TUITULA, but rather TUTUILA. Fa'afetai.
- Tue, Jan 28, 03 at 23:57:19

Hi Tuan, Great web site, great pictures great life you have taking these great pictures, great life I have being able to look at these great pictures. Keep up the great work and I will tell all my friends and family to also visit your site. Thanks from Alaska. BAC
Bruce A. Cunningham. Kenai, AK. USA - Mon, Jan 27, 03 at 19:08:32

Wow...loved the pics! Got me even more excited about my second trip to Alaska this summer.
E. Anderson
Philadelphia, PA usa - Mon, Jan 27, 03 at 13:12:56

I love having beautiful backgrounds on my computer. Whether it's a sleek new Boeing 777 taking off at dawn, or fine are on a human canvas I enjoy seeing beauty on my computer every time I turn it on. This site is now one of my favorites.
Evan Hughes
State College, PA USA - Sun, Jan 26, 03 at 21:18:44

A great site. Excellent pictures. Pretty thanks to you somewhere on the other side of our planet...
Stefan S.
stuttgart, BaWü Germany - Sun, Jan 26, 03 at 12:08:41

I just want to thank you for giving me such good emotions and vibrations looking to your mountaneering photographs. I love mountains and I did some climbs in the past but then I stopped and I don't even know why. Looking to your site I've found something that was closed somewhere in my mind, and now it is open againg. I hope to arrange a trip ASAP and also have some good pictures like yours. Thanks, great site, very well done, very usable, very simple, very professional. People have to learn from guys like you! Enrico.
Enrico Bertini. Rome, Italy - Sun, Jan 26, 03 at 03:50:33

Simply amazing photos. Best in the whole Internet.
- Sun, Jan 26, 03 at 01:40:36

Dear Tuan, I was introduced to your website by Jane Zhang. I owe her many thanks for affording me this pleasure. You, my fellow light chaser, are a phenomenal talent! You have my best wishes for beautiful light each and every day. Be well, Michael McAreavy
Michael McAreavy. Alameda, CA USA - Fri, Jan 24, 03 at 20:36:57

I am an student at colege studying photography I i am interested in landscape photography in a wa yI woould just like to say tha tI think you images are realy good and I hope to beable to take pictures that good one day >
- Thu, Jan 23, 03 at 07:06:53

Great! Wonderful!Beautiful!I'm sorry i can't use english and PC.But It really touched me.Thank you.
miki yanagida. tono, iwate japan - Wed, Jan 22, 03 at 20:33:27

I am completely astounded by the incredible beauty you have captured in your photographs! I gasp each time I click on a new picture. I love photography and have never seen better composition, color and quality--all on the internet, no less. You have an amazing eye and a fabulous talent, how do I buy your artwork? From a new fan, Megan
Megan. Los Angeles, CA USA - Wed, Jan 22, 03 at 11:21:42

Hey I really like your site. I have found some of the information here helpfull. Thanks :)

Joe. Memphis, TN US - Tue, Jan 21, 03 at 17:48:44

I really enjoyed the photography on Mount McKinley. It made you feel as if you were there. I liked the exposure of the snow. It seems too many pictures I've seen you see gray snow. It was a pleasure to view and to learn about the Mountain. Thank You
Ted Sweger. Silverton, Or USA - Tue, Jan 21, 03 at 00:08:46

Your photos are 5 stars rating! Extra-ordinary works! Great...
kyaw. Yangon, Myanmar - Mon, Jan 20, 03 at 22:41:39

Just wanted to congratulate you on some fine work. I've been to several of the places that you photographed, and didn't do nearly as fine a job capturing the essence of the place. Would love to know how you managed to accumulate such a large body of work from these places. Did you stay long? Sincerely, Steve Herbert
Steve Herbert. San Francisco, CA USA - Sun, Jan 19, 03 at 21:41:58

The photo listed under Sydney / bondi beach is not bondi beach - i think it is probably Manly beach to the north of the city.
Marcus Johnston
Scotland - Fri, Jan 17, 03 at 13:57:28

You have a collection of the most incredible pictures that I've seen. I'm so happy to have found your website. It is an eye opener for me, how a beautiful picture can be. Thank you for sharing your art work with all of us. Michael Nguyen.
Michael Nguyen. Concord, CA US - Fri, Jan 17, 03 at 13:47:59

Just amazing work and inspirational
Michael Corrigan. Saltcoats, North Ayrshire Scotland - Mon, Jan 13, 03 at 12:27:10

A lovely experience keep up the good work. I loved the China photographs and am planning to go there now for easter 2003.. makes my dream come true for real :)
Elkin Atwell. London, UK - Sun, Jan 12, 03 at 16:43:42

Great site... beautiful pics!
Eckental, Germany - Sun, Jan 12, 03 at 04:26:26

What beautiful pictures! In the photo at the beginning of the large format article, the one of the fall trees behind the lake, with the grass in the forground, you commented that the focusing of the camera was "intuitive". Did you mean you simply adjusted the camera until it "just looked right", or is there some technical proceedure which would seem "intuitive" to an experianced photographer? Please excuse me if the question is so downright dumb. I just today was given a 4x5 Graflex as a gift. In trying to find out something about what I was given, I was linked to your site. Something about your "intuitive" comment in the article got me excited to think that I (a wholly uninformed neophyte) might actually be able to use this camera to take such a beautiful photograph. Thank you, Mark Rogge
Mark Rogge. Bainbridge, Ohio USA - Fri, Jan 10, 03 at 18:55:49

This past September I visited Mont Blanc and stayed in Chamonix. I had read some less than kind words about the town of Chamonix and all I can say is that whoever wroavel comments as well)! Thank you! /B
Bruno Mattarollo. Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Tue, Dec 24, 02 at 02:49:45

Brilliant photos! the large format camera really does bring out the detail, my wallpaper will be much more interesting after this! Cheers.
Richard Sims
Manchester, England - Fri, Dec 20, 02 at 05:48:17

Hello Tuan: Great fun site, had a blast wandering through the many great photos. Got here by first seeing page on Large format photography (I just bought a used 4x5 monorail and now need to figure out how to use it!) Best wishes! Bob Beard
Robert Beard. Arlington, VA USA - Thu, Dec 19, 02 at 10:52:39

You have posted some wonderful photos on your site. Thank you, I truly enjoyed looking through them : )
Glendale, ca USA - Wed, Dec 18, 02 at 23:02:40

I just wanted to pass along a compliment. Several years ago I was surfing the web and ran across your Denali photos, which were stunning. I never have forgotten them, but couldn't remember where I found them, or your name, to navigate back again. I just found them again today, by chance! And the rest of your work! You've obviously been very busy, and your work is outstanding, astounding. You're bookmarked now and I'll inform anyone looking for nature photos to check out your site. Keep up the good work. Phil
Indianapolis, IN US - Tue, Dec 17, 02 at 09:01:12

Hi everyone, I´m from Brazil and i like photos very much...when i discovered this site i decide to do see all the pictures... I liked it a lot. Congratulations... Fred
Fred. BRASILIA, DF Brazil - Mon, Dec 16, 02 at 10:23:55

Dear Mr. Luong, I really cannot adequately express my gratitude to you for providing these pages. You ARE my introduction to large format photography. With the assurances provided to me by your excellent intuitive and technical expositions I have now purchased my first LF camera and system and am embarking on my goal of chronicling and illustrating the lovely countryside of my area. Perhaps it may become a commercial venture and one day I will be able to refer to myslf as a professional LF photographer. You have played an envaluable part so far and I cannot thank you enough. The world is a better place for people such as yourself who freely share their knowledge and actually go so far as to laboriously publish that knowledge. Best Regards, Scott Fleming, River Run Ranch, Texas
Scott Fleming. Johnson City, Tx USA - Sun, Dec 15, 02 at 13:01:18

these pictures that I have just viewed for the last two hours are so inviting, it makes you want to be there at the site. they are great.
char. chicago, il usa - Sun, Dec 15, 02 at 04:24:08

Your pictures are spectacular!
Jerry . Oshawa, ON Canada - Fri, Dec 13, 02 at 12:10:39

This page helped so much on my project for science!!! Thanks so much!!!
Seven Springs, NC USA - Thu, Dec 12, 02 at 11:38:15

I loved your pictures. I used a few to make a cover page for my project on Southeast Asia. Thank you so much!
Nina. MO U.S.A. - Tue, Dec 10, 02 at 18:07:38

Great site! Enjoyed my visit, keep it up.
Ha Donggyun
Busan, Korea - Tue, Dec 10, 02 at 05:28:27

You have done some awesome work...!! Great work !! thanks for putting this pictures on the web.
rohit aggarwal
Ca USA - Mon, Dec 09, 02 at 14:36:02

Spectacular. Nothing on any other website is comparable to the pictures found here.
Sunil Tellis
Hacienda Heights, CA USA - Sun, Dec 08, 02 at 23:57:23

Gorgeous photographs. Enjoyed them thoroughly. Thanks for making them available.
S.B.Johnson. Winslow, AR USA - Sat, Dec 07, 02 at 09:24:27

I lived in Yosemite and worked thare for 30 years !! and your pictures make it look so real good job of showing it off !!!
Tom Laughter . Mariposa, Ca. USA - Sat, Dec 07, 02 at 00:34:53

Your photographs are beautiful i really enjoyed looking at them!!
Canada - Thu, Dec 05, 02 at 21:57:04

Your photographs are an inspiration to amateur photographers like myself. Also the amount of information that you have provided on various aspects related to large format photography is a revelation by itself. Thanks and keep up the great work.
Novi, MI USA - Thu, Dec 05, 02 at 14:40:57

WOW!!!!! beautiful images!!!!!! i have a large collection of nature photography i have bought from different arts & crafts shows, and your park photography is at the top of my list. :-) i am a college student and was working on a presentation for my geomorphology class on Lassen Volcanic National Park---was searching through the internet for images to show and found your site. not only did i find many images from my park, but all the other national parks that will also be presented in our class. i am included links to my other classmates so they too can see your wonderful work, as i have already browsed through MANY of the pictures. BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!!!!! -michelle hill.
michelle hill. centreville, va 20121 - Thu, Dec 05, 02 at 04:54:34

Wow! We are so excited now after we have seen these photos!!We also want to do this so we have to practise and practise...
Marie, Isi. Schwäbisch Hall, Germany - Thu, Dec 05, 02 at 01:08:29

What type of cameras did you use to make such beutiful and capturing images?
AnaJulisa. La Mesa, California US - Wed, Dec 04, 02 at 19:52:41

Hello there, I am so greatful that I found your site. I have been trying very hard to find pictures of Bristlecone pine trees for my website at Talking Tree. I have read your terms of use. I plan on using some of your photos soon. I am going to do a section on these ancient trees pretty soon. I thankyou for letting people be able to use these photos. It is already so hard to find such on the web. I plan on going to Great Basin National Park soon but until then, If It is ok, I am going to use some of your photos. I am a amatuer photographer right now. Come and see some of my pictures. Thankyou for such a nice website! Nathan
Nathan Cowlishaw. Cedar City , UT 84720 - Mon, Dec 02, 02 at 20:35:28

I really like your images, especially the Vietnam travel series. Your pictures are really sharp and really speak for themselves. I'd love to see more of your photo when you put more online, pls let me know! thank you and have a good one!
Danny. SF, CA - Mon, Nov 25, 02 at 15:28:13

Ive further looked into your website. Formerly, I have downloaded lots of tips from your 4x5 info pages...I did not at the time look into your background or pictures. You are very amazing...a am envious of your intellect, passion for photography, and climbing pursuits. Thanks for providing me with a little wonder. Keep up the good work.
adrian schneider. - Sun, Nov 24, 02 at 18:43:24

Anh Tuan, I love your new site! I haven't visited your site in a while and was absolutely delighted to see all these new beautiful, magical pictures. I was a little sad that I couldn't find any pictures you took of Chicago when you had come to visit a couple of years back. Maybe you can upload some? My mother, Martin, and I miss you very much and hope that all is going wonderful for you. Keep in touch! Love, Mimosa - your Chicago cousin =)
Mimosa Unno. Chicago, IL USA - Fri, Nov 22, 02 at 23:44:49

What a beautifull site ! I'm a french painter and drawer of comics and all my background come from your photos inspirations ! it's the best traveller site I know! (sorry for my poor english ) I Love this site!!!!
Divad. Toulouse, FRANCE - Fri, Nov 22, 02 at 17:01:58

Great page! Thank you for the 30 minutes vacation!
Emilia. Memphis, TN USA - Fri, Nov 22, 02 at 09:01:06

Thanks for the memories!
Riesel, Tx USA - Thu, Nov 21, 02 at 11:31:49

Thank you so much for this amazing site. The most beautiful pictures on the web!
Jim Carpenter
Oceanside, CA USA - Tue, Nov 19, 02 at 21:22:05

I've been coming to your site for years. Very impressed with all aspects. I was wondering (and sorry if this has been asked) when or if you will be adding any more large format landscape photographs to your "inspirations" page. They make my computer so much more pleasant. Regards, Wal
Wal Turner. - Sun, Nov 17, 02 at 07:56:17

Tuan, this is really stunning work!!
cris . Apex, NC - Wed, Nov 13, 02 at 10:20:44

Could not open those two big files. The site is great! Have not browsed all yet. Thanks, Serge
Brooklyn, NY USA - Tue, Nov 12, 02 at 15:55:00

Love your site, a lot of great pictures from so many different country's.
Amersfoort, Utrecht The Netherlands - Tue, Nov 12, 02 at 06:41:53

Absolutely awesome and inspriring photography-- thanks for sharing it.
Phil Lee. Fairbanks, AK USA - Sun, Nov 10, 02 at 11:47:38

Hello, my compliments for your nice website and beautiful photos! Please visit my website where you can also find many phtos and more. Best regards from Tom.
Zeist, Netherlands - Fri, Nov 08, 02 at 19:43:21

Nicos. Now that you're done with the national parks, what's next?! :)
Craig Anderson
Madison, WI - Fri, Nov 08, 02 at 13:10:08

Breathtaking pictures! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your web site.
John Vasilakis
North Ridgeville, Ohio USA - Wed, Nov 06, 02 at 14:52:09

you have a terrific galerry. Various Beautiful views, a lot of works. Excellent
Ly. San Jose, ca usa - Mon, Nov 04, 02 at 21:42:11

I am a school teacher in the state of NY, and I want to comment on how incredibly beautiful and user friendly your web site is. The pictures are spectacular! It helped me expose inner city students to their country and the world. It also helped me to illustrate landforms. I have been passing this site around. It is a visual experience that one doesn't forget. web site.
John Vasilakis
North Ridgeville, Ohio USA - Wed, Nov 06, 02 at 14:52:09

you have a terrific galerry. Various Beautiful views, a lot of works. Excellent
Ly. San Jose, ca usa - Mon, Nov 04, 02 at 21:42:11

I am a school teacher in the state of NY, and I want to comment on how incredibly beautiful and user friendly your web site is. The pictures are spectacular! It helped me expose inner city students to their country and the world. It also helped me to illustrate landforms. I have been passing this site around. It is a visual experience that one doesn't forget. A cornicopia of colors. The geography is immeasurable. This site gives prestigue to the internet.
Michael Bowen
NY - Sat, Nov 02, 02 at 11:04:30

bellissime fotografie, magnifiques realisations what a marvellous world tour. thank you for "the dream" mirella belgium
sbardellati mirella
- Fri, Nov 01, 02 at 12:20:19

I really enjoyed your high-quality photos of my favorite place in the world, Isle Royale National Park. I especially liked the shot of early morning at Chippewa Harbor. The only suggestion I would have is for you to include more text about the locations and your experiences on the island.
Don R.. Tucson, AZ USA - Fri, Nov 01, 02 at 07:45:52

i like this website
rangga somawinata. bandung, indonesia - Mon, Oct 28, 02 at 03:01:33

Hello Tuan,

Thank you for posting such magnificent photographs on the internet. I was awe-stricken when I first watched the Sequoia sequence of pictures unveil themselves. Then, I was once again stricken when I watched the Rodendron and Redwoods unfold.

You have a natural god-given talent and I hope that, one day, I will be able to take pictures as well as you do.

I am truly inspired to go out and learn the craft of photography now!

Thanks again!

Vancouver, BC Canada - Wed, Oct 23, 02 at 04:05:36

Great site...beautiful photography. Thanks for being so generous in sharing your photos. You've done a wonderful job at photo-documenting this beautiful planet!
Provo, UT USA - Sun, Oct 20, 02 at 20:22:03

These are absoutely beautiful photos. So far I've only looked at the Yosemite photos, and they bring back beautiful memories of a backpacking trip from Meeks Bay, Lake Tahoe to Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park. I have downloaded some for my personal use, and I thank you for generously providing that opportunity.
Beverly Gaye Scofield. Santa Maria, CA USA - Fri, Oct 18, 02 at 11:35:25

You had the opportunity, and valor of taking your time to get the utmost of what could be achieved in many of those places. Congratulations, indeed, gorgeous work. Thank you very much, David
David. St-Pourçain sur sioule, France - Thu, Oct 17, 02 at 21:25:25

I was just informed about your website by my friend Yolanda, and I really have to agree with her. You have an excellent gallery of top class photography. You can be sure, I will find the time, to look them over, and at the same time satisfy some of my appetite for great photography. Thanks and regards ... Michael
Michael . Kitchener, Ontario Canada - Thu, Oct 17, 02 at 20:21:27

This is the best collection of nature photography I have found on the internet. Your images are outstanding. Every one looks like you were there at the right moment to catch the best light available. Yolanda
Yolanda. Boca Raron, FL USA - Thu, Oct 17, 02 at 18:36:58

greats foto's best of the net
marc. zaventem, belgium - Wed, Oct 16, 02 at 02:37:17

Awesome photos!
Genoa, Italy - Mon, Oct 14, 02 at 12:49:37

just absolutely awesome!! thankyou for sharing your marvelous talent with us....God bless
garnetpearce AT shaw.ca
abbotsford, bc canada - Sun, Oct 13, 02 at 06:24:45

Great site as an aspiring adventure and climbing photographer these images are very insperational I look forward to this site and your new images with great delight.
Andy Genereux. Calgary, Aberta Canada - Fri, Oct 04, 02 at 11:17:22

Some of the most beautiful photos I have seen on the internet!
Helen Griebeling. - Thu, Oct 03, 02 at 18:25:57

Very,very nice ,,landschaft-s''.Thank you so much.
Henryk Maszewski
Sherbrooke, PQ Canada - Mon, Sep 30, 02 at 19:35:31

great site!!!
Ralphs Animation. - Tue, Sep 24, 02 at 02:59:41

I like the page. It is great!
Germany - Sat, Sep 21, 02 at 13:18:08

Beautiful images Tuan. I would like to invite you to visit my site to see images of Everest, Ama Dablam, Denali adn more. Enjoy!
Alan Arnette. CO USA - Sat, Sep 21, 02 at 08:01:57

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Azadco Photo Graphix inc.. Montreal, Qc Canada - Wed, Sep 18, 02 at 10:25:53

A marvelous work indeed, very impressive. Now, where can I buy some of these pictures??? Keep up the good work Tuan, I'm so proud of you. Michael.
Michael Tran. Houston, TX USA - Tue, Sep 17, 02 at 12:06:28

You have great photo's very clear and detailed. these where not taken with a digital? How long did it take you them. I love using them as background on my desktop. Thanks
Rick Barnes. Burlingame, CA USA - Mon, Sep 16, 02 at 08:50:27

*extremely* nice pictures !!
Gernot Koller. Mödling, NÖ Austria - Mon, Sep 16, 02 at 02:48:03

Enjoyed your work.
Guy. Ocean City, MD - Wed, Sep 11, 02 at 20:39:18

Autumn Reflections is my favorite. Thank you for sharing your work.
Cambridge, IA US - Thu, Sep 05, 02 at 11:49:29

incredible images thanks for your help tom
tom fessenden. preston, ct USA - Sat, Aug 31, 02 at 19:14:23

Your pictures are amazing...beautiful color and composition!
Toronto, Canada - Fri, Aug 30, 02 at 08:38:30

very nice page
- Wed, Aug 21, 02 at 14:23:54

please keep off it has been done.
guyman. lome, 228 togo - Thu, Aug 15, 02 at 10:05:35

Tuan....I have just spent hours enjoying your incredible photos! I loved the way you added the tips & info on MT. climbing-an extra bonus. I was amazed at how many photos you have on your site! Thank you for the huge amt. of time that you must have taken in order to put this wonderful site together. I have only hiked in the Alps but I am familiar with the Mts. you have climbed & after seeing all of your awesome photos I feel as though I have been given the gift of being able to see places I never would have been able to see otherwise. I have visited most of the Nat. Parks also & loved seeing them through your lens...many of the same places I've taken photos of. After reading your goals in taking these photos, I just had to tell you that you certainly achieved them in my eyes. Absolutely, incredibly gorgeous!!! I feel like I just took the most amazing trip to all of my favorite places.Thank you from the bottom of my heart! In great appreciation to someone who has such a fine eye for beauty. Sincerely, alphound
USA - Sat, Aug 10, 02 at 18:35:05

I found these pages while looking for information on Denali National Park. I've just spent many minutes simple in awe at the quality of the photographs and the beauty of the places themselves. Simply stunning. I've been intersted in photography and wildlife for over 30 years and I've never seen anything like it. Thanks you for giving me an enormous amount of pleasure. I've bookmarked these pages and I'm sure I'll return many times. Thanks you, Paul Yates, West Yorkshire, England.
Paul Yates. - Fri, Aug 09, 02 at 06:55:15

Guy. - Thu, Aug 08, 02 at 06:03:45

beautiful;a revelation of what photography can do!
edward davis. glasgow, uk scotland - Sun, Aug 04, 02 at 08:19:24

Dear Quang-Tuan; Very nice website. It was great photos. I am really enjoy seeing those photos that you have done a wonderful job. Best of wishes and good luck for your future. Again, thank you for sharing those photos.
Man Ninh. Portland, Oregon USA - Thu, Jul 25, 02 at 01:32:48

Beautiful photographs, excellent web site. I'm a regular visitor of your galleries since 1996, they inspired me a lot in setting up my own photographic site (http://www.cameradigita.com). I liked very much your montain and landscape pictures. Actually, I never understood what people like in climbing but from your pictures I start to have an idea :-)). Concerning your travel photographs about South East Asia: I had been to most of the places too but could not take as many good pictures as you.
Zoltan Kato. Szeged, Hungary - Mon, Jul 22, 02 at 12:02:05

The photographs on your site are sensational--great stuff! I've been in some of the same areas, but have never used anything larger than a 2 1/4 x 3 1/4. Gregg Gleason
Gregg Gleason. Tallahassee, Fl - Tue, Jul 09, 02 at 10:56:49

Interesting site you got here. I`l be back.
Mr. T
Oslo, Norway - Sun, Jul 07, 02 at 12:55:42

Quang-Tuan, Your work is outstanding. You have inspired me in many ways. Your Adventures, Your technical expertise, and Your web design ability and your English. Keep up the good work. Lan
Lan Dalat. Landstuhl, Germany - Sun, Jul 07, 02 at 01:15:33

Your photos are beautiful! You photos of Delicate Arch and Capital Reef brought back memories when I visited there a few years ago. Keep up the great photos!
Randy Wong
Burnaby, BC Canada - Thu, Jul 04, 02 at 12:52:25

Stefano. GENOVA, ITALY - Wed, Jul 03, 02 at 12:58:39

I found your site from photo.net travel section and this site blew me away. The photography is superb and each image speaks eloquently to its subject matter. Being a photographyer myself and had been to Ho Chi Minh City and Da Lat, your images left me breathless. I wish I had found you earlier but it's never too late.
Tommy Wu. Fremont, CA USA - Wed, Jul 03, 02 at 09:37:58

Really have been learning a lot from this wonderful site.
Lee Dammerich. Kingman, Az. US of A - Tue, Jul 02, 02 at 19:49:35

Absolutely beautiful pictures. I wish I could get chance to visit those nice places. Great job indeed, especially those mountain climbing shots, I would never achieve that since I have acrophobia. Anyway thanx for sharing those great pictures.
Willie. Victoria, BC Canada - Sun, Jun 23, 02 at 23:25:14

Nice web site,I have hiked alot around the northeast usa ,there are some nice places here,hope to some day get to the places on your site.It is so great to have access to nice pictures, like the ones on your site thanks alot for sharing the pictures.
Bud Turner. Acton, Me United States - Sat, Jun 15, 02 at 17:14:49

This is an awesome site you have going on here I need to build my climbing resume to have something like you have. But I was checking your info on Denali, Cassin Ridge I am doing my homework for next spring
Luis Vega. Elmont , New York United States - Thu, Jun 06, 02 at 14:04:31

you have very good photographs and the location of where they were taken suggests you love rock climbing. I have actually gotten started in photography myself and the photos on the website above are not my best. so if you visit there don't judge me by them I am only 14.hehe
nikolay. tallahassee, florida leon - Sat, Jun 01, 02 at 18:49:43

a friend of mine wants to climb the everest, i knw its not all that simple...but plz give me details on gears, and other stuff...plz
Mohammad Isam. Dhaka, dhaka Bangladesh - Tue, May 28, 02 at 11:03:30

Love all the pictures you took in VietNam and thank you for sharing.
Anh N. Ho. - Fri, May 24, 02 at 10:02:03

Dosn't that scare the crap out of you being at a thousand feet off the valley floor?
J. S.
Livingston, Mt. usa - Fri, May 24, 02 at 08:06:02

Dear Anh Tuan, My friend shared with me your website, because I went to Vietnam in February (Tet). Your photos capture so much of what I saw there. It was my first trip, so I took a lot of "I was here" photos, but I was inspired. I wish to return with a professional camera and time to absorb (take photos & write poems). Warm wishes, Thuy Vi
Thuy Vi Dinh
Fort Myers, FL USA - Wed, May 22, 02 at 12:41:13

Your large format page is excellent. I especially like the Yosemite and Vermont photos.
David Fingerhut. Westford, MA USA - Mon, May 13, 02 at 18:06:32

I would like to get more infromation about mountain climbing because Im doing this project w/ a partner and I liked so far of waht I've read so please try to put more information on your website so we can read more
Diana Deluna
Tyler, Tx. US. - Fri, May 10, 02 at 06:39:03

soo much to read - just quickly looking but will concentrate more when not at work so far ... it's a great website ciao from roma kris
kristina lycke. Rome, Italy - Thu, May 09, 02 at 01:13:50

First of all excuse for my mistakes (I speak a very, very, very poor english...) and then I want to ask you what's your job? And how long do you train evry day to climb over that difficult mountain? With my job I unfortunately have so little time that every time I'm able to climb, it's a sort of titanic experience!!!!! But I don't go away from the mountain for nothing!!!!! Ciao Annalisa
Annalisa. Carugate, Italy Milano - Tue, May 07, 02 at 07:23:39

nice site ! I feel ready to go up again seeing your pictures. bien à vous, Wouter
wouter. mechelen, Belgium - Sat, Apr 20, 02 at 14:37:45

I have been very blessed by your photos and accounts. I am not a mountain climber nor a very sporty person. But I went into the mountain climbing website because I am giving a speech to my missionaries this evening about scaling greater heights for God and not give up. Thanks again for sharing your experience with web browsers! God bless you greatly. If you are not a Christian and are curious, I would be most happy to answer any questions that you have!
Lily Soh. - Fri, Apr 19, 02 at 20:33:08

This is a great website, keep up the good work and keep taking pictures, I alternate them for my wallpaper. Thank You for sharing them.
Karin Huntley. - Wed, Apr 10, 02 at 11:02:49

I want to get further into photography, right now Iam at the 35mm stage I wanted to know what would be a good starting point for large format photography and can you do pretty much the same with Medium format cameras...please answer
Joseph Johnson. - Tue, Apr 09, 02 at 04:38:10

These are some of the Best Pictures I have seen on the net, they are Beautiful in Color and Quality, I Love to see Vietnamese pictures and these are Great !!!! Thanks For the use of them for Screensaver...
James Darby. Delbarton, W V USA - Mon, Apr 08, 02 at 20:32:58

wonderful magnificent stupende
afro. milano, ita lombardia - Mon, Apr 08, 02 at 06:46:48

Spectactularly beautiful images - good work! All VERY beautiful! Keep shining!
Sherry. Canada - Sun, Apr 07, 02 at 20:54:22

Awesome website. Thanks.
Mark Roth
Pasadena, CA USA - Sun, Apr 07, 02 at 10:35:55

Thanks for taking the time to create such a great web site covering the multiple aspects of climbing! Before climbing my first wall several years ago I used your data to help get over some of the logistics. Now I enjoy viewing the incredible moments you have captured on film of the different scenaries. Keep up the great work. Thanks, David Brock D.O.
David Brock. Santa Barbara, CA USA - Fri, Apr 05, 02 at 18:19:24

very good, informative site
jimmy spell
jackson, ms usa - Thu, Apr 04, 02 at 08:04:28

is anyone out there normal?? you all are fags
la, ca usa - Wed, Apr 03, 02 at 10:54:26

I am a intermediate climber with bolted sport runs and multi pitch bolted climbs in mind , Iam not familiar with the U.s. venue of bolted runs I climb with a group of 8 and we are currently planning a trip.Our problem is we don't know to go to Utah or Yosemite, Iam not much of an internet user and your site is the first of its kind that I seen, Irealize the kind of climbing I am refering too is not your flavour but perhaps you could point me in the right direction of finding an info source.I really enjoyed your sight and I hope to hear back from you.
mike {shaggzz} blouin. stettler, alberta canada - Mon, Apr 01, 02 at 22:38:25

Tuan, What a great web site you've created for exploring large format photography. I was just left gasping for air in my excitement over the extraordinary quality of the images you've created expecially the one titled 'Cliffs and trees, Yosemite NP ' and also the forest shot on the opening page. Before I totally lose it and go out and blow a house down payment on a mamiya 645 large format do you have a more sane and practical advice on what would make an ideal firsttime large format camera purchase? Keep up the wonderful work, and thank you for sharing it with us. Ted C.
Ted Calbazana. Minneapolis, MN USA - Mon, Apr 01, 02 at 15:14:45

You have a very good Homepage. See our new Webpage. Hans
HANS-DIETER GREUL. FRANKFURT a/M, GER GERMANY - Thu, Mar 28, 02 at 16:30:39

Hello Tuan, Your photo's are spectacular. I've enjoyed your pictures. I am an amateur photographer who enjoy's taking various forms of photography. Keep up the good work and I hope to hear from you.
Chris Neiber. Albuquerque, NM US - Wed, Mar 27, 02 at 19:56:16

Thanks for sharing your experience with us on your website as well as on photo.net. I really admire your photographic work. And most of all, you have inspired me to take my first step into large format, I am waiting for my first 4x5 to arrive. Thanks again, Tuan. JNH
John Nghiep Hoang. Fountain Valley, CA USA - Mon, Mar 25, 02 at 21:00:54

dis is da most boring site i have ever been to. but i like the pictures and the bottom message!
macey. - Thu, Mar 21, 02 at 18:33:49

"The cosmic religious experience is the strongest and the noblest driving force behind scientific research." -Albert Einstein
Tacoma, CA USA - Tue, Mar 19, 02 at 23:33:37

albu valentin. bucharest, ro romania - Tue, Mar 19, 02 at 05:15:47

Wilson Hare. Miramichi, NB Canada - Mon, Mar 18, 02 at 17:31:41

Those are magnificent photos. It's rare to find high-resolutionn images like that. Great material!
Matthias. Berlin, Germany - Thu, Mar 14, 02 at 13:21:41

It's an excellent site and loved all the landscapes and photos.....Keep it up...
Komal. Pune, Maharashtra India - Wed, Mar 13, 02 at 22:57:08

excellent photographs .a pleasure to have visited your site
terry hughes. - Sun, Mar 10, 02 at 14:08:29

Hello, What a Fantastic site! One of the best resources I have seen. It's very obvious how much thought went into the the site. Especially liked the Canadian Rockies section since I just got back from my first winter ice trip there. Also liked the quotes and jokes section. Thanks for sharing. Best Regards, Todd
Todd Mazzola. Niantic, CT USA - Thu, Mar 07, 02 at 11:21:44

Sorry, I didn`t know you were born in Paris; it wasn`t necessary to explain about Petit Capucin and Mont Blanc. How is it in USA? Is it easy to spend the week end on mountain? or do you live far from mountain? Are they different from our Alp? by again and congratulation for your site.
gian piero. imperia, italy - Thu, Mar 07, 02 at 10:44:25

Absolutly wonderful, I whish I was there instead od London (whereI`m working now). May be a day............ Last summer I and a guide climbed "Le Petit Capucin"; it`s a satellite of the Mont Blanc the higest mountain in Europe. By and thank you because I`ve dremed for five minutes. W the mountain
gian piero drago. imperia, italy - Thu, Mar 07, 02 at 10:34:42

Minunat !
Mircea Lancranjan. Brasov, RO Brasov - Thu, Mar 07, 02 at 01:20:54

I loved your pictures. I had to look at them for a class asignment and they are butifull. My favorite one was the waterfall one were it showed you the waterfall from the back!
Ripon , WI U.S.A - Mon, Mar 04, 02 at 08:03:56

The Theft is a good route, but I hardly think that it as grade 6.
B. Blanchard
canmore, Alberta Canada - Sun, Mar 03, 02 at 12:00:20

You have a interesting site.
Marissa M. Wantagh, NY USA - Fri, Mar 01, 02 at 13:45:57

Just wanted to drop a line to thank you for the large format photography site. I traded my 35mm equipment in towards a large format which will arrive next week. Your site, and your contributers, have provided a lot of badly needed information and resources. Thanks again! Larry
Larry Mendenhall. Cedar Rapids, IA USA - Fri, Mar 01, 02 at 08:41:22

nice site. i have never climbed in yosemite but i will some day.i've got plenty of time to plan while i nurse a broken ankle from taking a fall at rumbling bald north carolina.thanks for giving us something to look at.
greenville, sc usa - Wed, Feb 27, 02 at 17:06:45

Great site! I'm planning my first trip to Yosemite in 10 years of climbing, and found tons of useful information. Thanks!
Jonathan Schumacher. Salt Lake City, UT USA - Wed, Feb 27, 02 at 12:21:50

I didn't have much luck on this site. I needed to know the 3 main mountain ranges of France for a project. I couldn't find any information.
Cardiff, Wales - Wed, Feb 27, 02 at 02:45:19

mountain climbing is cool!
ny us - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 17:07:07

Very nice website, it looks like you worked hard on it
Michael Menger. Levittown, NY United states - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 11:28:26

Tuan, HI how are you? Is it fun to be able to climb mountains? Dont you get afraid to. Have you ever fallen and gotten hurt? What do you like most about climbing mountains? When i was young i used to want to be a climber and took little bongey cords and then i would climb every where onb my walls and of my bed. How did you get into climbing mountains? Where is your favorit emountain to go climbing on? Do you ever think of stopping and taking on something eles? Did you always want to climb mountains? If you where not able to be a mountain climber where do you think that you would be ? What was your back up job? Do you ever run out of oxygen and have to turn around? Do you ever get afraid that the air is to thin and you have to turn around and then get mad that you had to turn back a round? What would you say to kids that are thinking of taking up mountain climbing? Please write back to me Thanks ~Patricia~
trisha. Wanatgh, Ny - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 11:27:21

Hi. Can you have tarning in rock climbing and still do mountain climbing if you want? If you could, can you tell me where I could get the training in my area?
Lianna. Levittown, NY United States - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 11:26:01

Can you have tarning in rock climbing and still do mountain climbing if you want? If you could, can you tell me where I could get the training in my area?
Lianna. Levittown, NY United States - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 11:25:24

hi! I wanted to know how you became so interested in mountian climnbing? How do you handle the height of all the mountians you climb. Honestly I dont think that I could handle the height of the mountain, so therefore I dont think that I would be able to go mountain climbing. What has been the highest mountain you ever climbed? I hope you have time to read this email and then email me back. I am interested in what you want to respond to my questions! ~*~Sarah~*~
Sarah. wantagh, Ny united states - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 11:24:16

HOW long have you been climbing? Have you had any bad accidents? I HOPE YOU WRITE BACK. LATA........ DAN
dan. Levittown, NY U.S.A - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 11:23:12

dear juang, you have a lot of guts to be climing at such high pecks. I give you a gold for having those guts. I have some questions for you. how much does the equipment weigh? And how long does it take to get to the top of a normale sized mountion. please write back, josh
josh. levittown, ny usa - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 11:20:21

How long have you been climbing? Do you hsve any bad results caused by climbing? Do you go every where just for mountains? write back .......bye -Kevin
Kevin. Levittown, NY U.S.A. - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 11:20:14

hi i think that you are really brave to go on almost a 90 degree angle and still take pictures. was i tscary ??¿¿ was it fun ?¿?¿ how did it feel to be up so high and was it hard to sleep because of the high altitude?where was your favorite place to climb? i've done some pretty high skiing and i no that my ears some times *pop* then the hole way down its gets really annoyin'!!! well i no you probably have a lot of e-mails and letters to answer, but PLEASE try to e-mail me back!! :-) :^D kate
kate. levittown, NY USA - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 09:08:57

i think the pictures of the alps and glaciers are very nice and they give a lot of information on the alps. I have learned a lot on this website about the alps and its glaciers
Ashley. wantagh, ny untited states - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 09:06:05

wasent that hard to clibm the mountains?how many people did you go with to see them?how high was the highest mountain that you clibmed?what were the names of all of the mountains that you have clibmed?where were the mountains that you clibmed?i always wanted to clibm a mountain please e-mail me back
steven. levittown, ny usa - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 09:05:57

Hello. My name is Rachel. I Like Your Pictures... You do a good job..My class is Researching the alps and were doing a worksheet asking questions about The Alps. I am already dont with the sheet. It was easy.. I like all the pictures.. The Man walking in mostly alot of the pictures.. is that you? ok well i must depart now bye. Keep up the good work. Please take more pictures i would love to see them all.!!! -Student at Salk Middle School- Rachel, 7th Grade!!!
Rachel. wantagh, ny usa - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 09:05:51

BRITTANY. SEAFORD, NY USA - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 09:05:44

hello, my name is eryka. it was amazing to look at the pictures of the alps you took. i thought it was really neat that you climbed all the way to take these amazing pictures. my 7th grade class is researching the alps and the first site i went to was yours. was it scary climbing so high? i would never be able to do that i have a terible fear of heights! ok well i have to go for now. please respond!!! thank you ~~eryka
eryka. levittown, ny america - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 09:04:53

hi. I want to know if you are gay
rickey. wantagh, NewYork United States - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 08:57:52

i think that u are crazy because u get froset bits and u are so high up. what sports do u like.
joe. wantagh, ny us - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 06:05:36

Do you like any sports besides this.Does it get scary while you are up there.i am going to try that one day but im not going to go very high please right back
chris . wantagh, NY US - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 06:05:34

Hey im brittany bartolotta im 12 years old and go to salk middle school i think that it is very nice that you take pictures of all of these mountains. I was wondering how long have you been doing what you do? Did you always want to be a mountain climber. Its very interesting. Thank you for putting together this wonderful site it was very helpful for this english sheet i got in class it answered everything that i needed to know. My email is bbb315 AT optonline.net when you email me please write mountains thanks brittany
Brittany Bartolotta. Wantagh , ny UsA - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 06:05:24

i love ur pictures
Mark orte. - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 06:05:18

I love your pictures. They are very beautiful. Did you climb those mountains yourself. How did you get up so high? Your pictures are like nothing I have ever seen before. Are you a Proffessional at photography? Do you have any web sites? please send them to me. Keep up the good work.
Joey Abbatiello. Wantagh, NY United States - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 06:05:12

Hey your experiences sound like a lot of fun Have you done a lot of mt. climbing before. did you ever dream as a kid that you wanted to Mountain climbing I have always wanted to try rock climbing but i have never gotten the nerve. Have you been watching the Olympics lately after seeing skeleton sledding i want to try that now Write Back Craig
Craig Juergens. Wantagh, N.Y. U.S.A - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 06:04:12

I think the adventure you took was so cool.
Tiana. wantagh, NY U.S - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 06:03:12

Mountain climbing is cool! I want to try it!
Rebecca . Wantagh, NY U.S. - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 06:01:44

I think that mountain climbing is cool. your pictures are very eye catching Iwould like to see more of your pictures
danny sanicola
wantagh, ny usa - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 06:01:01

That is cool that you climbed the Alps. The pictures you took are amazing! it looked like you had a lot of fun doing what you did.
Tara Livoti. Wantagh, NY USA - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 06:00:17

Hi, these pictures are great if yoÜ like glaciers and mountains. I am not into mountains and glaciers. Sorry, but i think you are dariung for all what you've done.
Jeff M.. Levittown, NY U.S.A - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 05:53:37

This is a really cool site. How did u get all of these amazing pictures? They are truely amazing.how long did it take for you to get all of these pictures?
brittany bartolotta. wantagh, ny usa - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 05:52:41

chinese food rules!. SEAFORD , NY USA - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 05:51:54

This web site really makes no sense at all, please try to fix this web page.Thanks for all the pictrures.
Anthony Verde. Levittown, NY United States of America - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 05:51:12

HI! I think what your doing is very risky, but if you've had experience and enjoy it then you should keep doing what you like, which is mountain climbing.
shanequa. levittown, ny USA - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 05:18:57

hey my name is kiara and im 12 years old i am loooking at your page because we are learning about you. i think that you a very brave man to do this i mean you sat on the side of a mountain and it was like a 90 degree angle. your very brave and i hope that what ever you are tryiing to accoplish you do. very good luck to you and your partner's.so i look forward to learning about you. by the way my mom's address is dianalee515 AT aol.com i had to put that one because i dont have one of my own so when you email me back please write at the headline that it was like a school project that way she wont delete it ok thank you for reading my letter, i once again think that you are a great role model and great hero and i hope that you accomplish what you are trying to! well i have to go the bell is about to ring but i would like to let you no that Mr seibert is my elglesh teacher and because of him i got to learn about you. i thanked him a minute ago well i have to go talk to you later.<3 kiara<3
kiara. levitown, ny usa - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 05:18:13

I think this is so cool what you do. I wish i can take pictures of all famous mountain ranges. It must be so much fun. You are taking a lot of dangerous risks but it must be tons of fun. All of the gear is very helpful, although it is very heavy. Well i got to go now. By the way, i am 12 years old and i go to Jonas E. Salk Middle School. Bye.
Matt Mege. Levittown, NY United States - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 05:17:55

I like your pictures i am going to learn more about the mountain we are reading a book about you i hope it is going to be good i am going to try to do mountain climbing when i get older but i am not sure if i can because i have a heart problem so i hope that i will be able to do it maybe i will be like you when i get older!!! i go to Salk middle school ... can you please write me back on my screen name so i can be a pen pal to you and you can tell me more about your trip on the mountain thank you Jackie x0x0x
Jackie. Wantagh, NY United States - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 05:17:46

cool website i climb at sams point and find that exiting its probobly nothing compared to the alps my teacher told me to tell you i go to salk i dont know why
steve cohen. seaford, ny usa - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 05:16:25

this is a lovely page...we are soon to be reading a book about a boy that climbs a moutain in the alps. this page is helping me a lot to expierence what the alps are like. we have to do a paper on the alps. thank you once again! ~*~*~JeSi~*~*~
Jesi Miller. wantagh, NY USA - Mon, Feb 25, 02 at 05:14:24

Excellent Photographs!!
Soap Lake, WA USA - Sun, Feb 24, 02 at 12:55:52

I like your website, i got it from my friend in San Jose. Keep it up..
Sydney, NSW Australia - Thu, Feb 21, 02 at 19:06:03

Salut Tuan, Chaque fois que je vais sur ton site je suis emerveille par la qualité de ton travail. Toutes mes felicitations ! Amitié, Liviü (celui qui a été avec toi et Frank dans la Gina ...)
Liviü BALEA. Gaillon, France - Thu, Feb 21, 02 at 08:37:58

Hey Website owner. Just wanted to say hi. I mean hey.
Catherine Lake
Los Angeles, CA USA - Tue, Feb 19, 02 at 18:44:07

From your copyright statement, I hope it okay for me to use your photo(s) as a background for my church's powerpoint on Sundays. We select landscapes (typically) and fade them slightly and superimpose the worship songs/lyrics over top for the congregation to read. I would, of course include a copyright line as requested and also point people to your site should they ask about the photos. If you do not find this agreeable, please let me know. This is the only place and manner in which we would be using your photos. Thanks in advance, Jason Uberig
Jason Uberig. London, ON Canada - Sat, Feb 16, 02 at 17:24:19

I would like to say that your site, in my opinion, is very good. There is a lot of information that I found helpful along with good pics and captions. I definantly will be coming back to the site. A lot of the trips that you have taken myself and a few friends want to take and do a lot of the same routes.
Ryan Leffers. Colorado Springs, CO United States - Fri, Feb 15, 02 at 09:59:14

I am a 35mm photographer who is looking into large format (Arca Swiss) for landscape work. I am a serious amateur photographer. What basic reading and research material do you recommend? Are you doing digital scanning of your images, if so what scanner do you use? Please also reply to this work email cmazansky AT cchcs.org Your work is just magnificent. I have used your Arches winter photo as a screen saver. I was there in Set. and photographed from the same position but not with the same wide angle (see my site for this image).
Cyril Mazansky. Newton, MA USA - Fri, Feb 15, 02 at 07:41:32

Hi, i've seen your photos in web. I was never been there in the states, but, this are the best and sharpest images i've ever seen. Thanks for it. Geri
Geri Mueller. Unterageri, Zug Switzerland - Wed, Feb 13, 02 at 11:13:04

I'm a dedicated adrenalin junky and climber and was so wacked to see your site. Your photos are amazing! Keep up the good climbing and keep living life on the edge!! Later, Sherman.
Sherman. Birmingham, England - Tue, Feb 12, 02 at 07:42:00

To be honest, your photographs have captivated me to such an extent that I have made the decision to build my own large format camera. Whether or not I can do as you have done remains to be seen but definitely worth a try. I hope you will continue your fine work. (I have an adopted nephew named Tuan. He, his brother Tre, and sister Tau live in the United States. Stephen D. Thomson
sdthomson AT optushome.com.au
Brisbane, Qld Australia - Sun, Feb 10, 02 at 16:40:33

This is a very interseting site and I am wondering if I can climb the Mont Blanc aswell. Tell me if there are possebilities to join groups who want to climb. Are there any mountainbiking routes availeble too? Thanks Stephan Hendrikx
Stephan Hendrikx. Stramproy, The Netherlands - Wed, Feb 06, 02 at 11:48:40

WOW!!! very nice pics, great climbings!! nice too meet your site!! thanks bye
Sebastian. Leipzig, Sachsen Germany - Tue, Feb 05, 02 at 03:33:20

Ok beautiful pictures! Ciao
Paolo Salvador. Pisogne-Camonica Valley, Italy - Mon, Feb 04, 02 at 13:41:27

Very nice site Your hard work in creating it shows
David Luong
- Mon, Feb 04, 02 at 11:41:02

Wonderful work!
George Wood. Island Heights, NJ USA - Wed, Jan 30, 02 at 06:11:53

Bob Bobbery. San Jose, Alaska United States - Wed, Jan 30, 02 at 06:09:32

beautiful phoography which touches the heart of creation.. bringing us closer to what God originally intended us to see.. nature in its purity, grandeur, simplicity, submissive beauty and sublime modesty.. thank you more than I can say ..
giordano ferro de garam. ballarat, vic australia - Sat, Jan 26, 02 at 05:28:29

Yeah I was just checking out the web site becouse my buddy and I are planning a trip to Yosemite in April, there was a great story that I enjoyed reading, keep up the awesome work with your site!!
Dennis Smith. Washougal, WA United States - Fri, Jan 25, 02 at 15:10:56

Tuan, congratulations on a great web site. I thoroughly enjoyed the visit. Good climbing. Cheers, Matt
Matthew Rosser. Perth , WA Australia - Wed, Jan 23, 02 at 18:57:04

Chao ban ! Minh vo tinh ghe tham trang web cua ban . Minh khong biet phai viet gi nhieu hon la rat cam on ban do cho minh nhung tam hinh rat dep va do la tat ca nhung gi minh dang tim kiem . Minh dang doc dong chu "Hi, this is Tuan ..........." chac co le ban la nguoi Viet Nam nen minh cung viet tieng viet . Mong la trang web cua ban ngay cang nhieu hinh dep hon . Thanks! Truong Huy
Chung Truong Huy. TPHCM, VIET NAM - Tue, Jan 22, 02 at 08:32:57

Great pictures.. I climbed Mont Blanc in august-99 and your fotos make me feel that i must go back... //Ronny
Ronny Pentikäinen. Mariestad, 54245 Sweden - Tue, Jan 22, 02 at 08:30:10

oh man what a great site. thanks for the great picturen. grts The polarbear
- Mon, Jan 21, 02 at 15:03:57

Fascinating web site. Thank you for sharing your Alaskan mountaineering adventure.
Patty Elwood. Estero, FL USA - Sat, Jan 19, 02 at 13:53:45

I have been doing research on all sorts of climbing. I was wondering if anyone would know the history or give me a refrence on where to get the information of ice climbing or rock climbing if you know anything about that. I 'm looking for things like how it began, who started it, and when did it become a sport. I would really appreciate it if someone would help I've looked must be the most incredible time looking at your site! I am excited at the thought of what I have to look at. It's like a good book that you anticipate reading. You have made the cost of Internet a pleasure! Thank you so much for the excellence of your site. Your photographs are the next best thing to actually being there. I loved Alaska. It has always been my dream to go there but I think this will now be impossible for me. (I am from South Africa and our Rand has dropped out the bottom). Thank you, thank you and thank you. With much appreciation, Isit
Isit Nochomowitz. - Mon, Jan 14, 02 at 04:28:12

Thank you very much for your excellent site. I appreciated particularly your "subjective" analysis of Nikkor lenses. Impressive! Congratulations.
Bertrand Gellie. Munich, Germany - Sat, Jan 12, 02 at 12:23:45

Fantastic website! I wonder what keeps you going. One small criticism: Much of the information you provide is time-sensitive, but the articles aren't dated. I get excited about a piece of climbing or photography gear and then find there have been several generations of upgrades since the article was written.
Ed Speer
- Thu, Jan 10, 02 at 16:15:18

HENNIE HEINSMAN (YENAL). HOLLAND - Mon, Jan 07, 02 at 03:08:43

Not a query. Just wanted to comment that I enjoyed your pictures greatly.
Don Rogers. San Luis Obispo, CA United States - Sat, Jan 05, 02 at 17:25:41

I've been looking all over for tips for high-altitude photography, in preparation for an upcoming expedition to Aconcagua. Your pages have just the information for which I've been searching. Thank you very much for putting together this site!
Mark Hilstad
Cambridge, MA USA - Sat, Jan 05, 02 at 00:26:51

Great site!! I am particularly impressed with the large format section. Really appreciate the information you put out there for us to enjoy and learn. Hai
Hai Dinh. Houston, TX US - Fri, Jan 04, 02 at 12:59:49

Hi, I just want to say thanks because your pics are wonderful. Now I can admire everyday the beautiful nature of your country.Bye,Angie
Angela. Milan, Italy - Fri, Jan 04, 02 at 12:26:42

Your pics are so beautiful. My boyfriend, Keith Turnbull, has taken an interest in mountain climbing. He reads every book he can find on the topic. I've just introduced him to computers too. So he's just started looking into the info he can get over the net. Your pics are going to send him crazy. I'm going to give him your web site address tonight, January 4th, 2002. Maybe he'll send you a little note too. I'll try to remember to remind him. Thank you for all your efforts.
Janet Barnard. Toronto, Ontario Canada - Fri, Jan 04, 02 at 12:06:00

Very glad I was here, your wonderful web site! Thanks, LVN A very formal person
Lam-Vien Nguyen. Seattle, WA USA - Fri, Jan 04, 02 at 11:33:15

Thank you for sharing your Large format landscape photographs. They are beautiful. I am currently searching for a 4x5 field camera and came across your site. Your photograph of Autumn reflections, Green Mountains, Vermont has great color. Amazing composition and skill is shown in all your images.
Brian Foulds. Sonerville, MA usa - Wed, Jan 02, 02 at 17:06:07

Loved looking at your Site - well organised and superb photography
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...wish I was there....almost been there just watching the pics....many thanx for posting and sharing your journeys
chicago, il lake - Sat, Dec 29, 01 at 04:49:14

This Web Is Cool!!!!!!!
Jackster . Olaf Growald. Fort Worth, Texas USA - Sat, Dec 22, 01 at 20:58:06

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Cabrihan56 AT yahoo.com
- Sat, Dec 15, 01 at 08:40:56

Very nice. I have seen too many color pics, I wish to see your B&W work.
Francis Koo. Sunnyvale, CA USA - Thu, Dec 13, 01 at 12:21:45

You have some beautiful pictures. I would like to use one for the cover of our annual winter sales meeting notebook. Our theme is Climbing the peaks. This would not be for profit. I can't even imagine climbing anything such as you have in your pictures. It is really nice to see them, to feel as if you experienced part of this. With my fear of heights this is something I would never be able to do. Thank you for sharing your experience through pictures.
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Massimo. Florence, Italy - Thu, Dec 06, 01 at 12:15:37

very very informative and cool site.Keep up this good record.
jean. lasvegas, CL USA - Wed, Dec 05, 01 at 16:31:19

Congratulations for yours wonderful pictures. I'd like to visit these places in the future. Greetings Silvia
SILVIA GARUTI. MODENA, Italy - Mon, Dec 03, 01 at 10:36:35

Pretty useful. Now planning a climb for 1-3/07/2002. How should I prepare? 10 hours/day warming seat doesn't seem best way to... See you there!
fede basañez. Seville, Spain - Sun, Dec 02, 01 at 08:53:29

Great Web site! I like all of your beautiful pictures, keep it up!
Muchson A. Said. Jakarta, Indonesia - Fri, Nov 30, 01 at 21:49:58

Franca. Marano, Italy - Thu, Nov 29, 01 at 06:58:15

your website is very inspiring, esp. for a trekker like me who only has recently taken an interest in photography to capture the "above the clouds" mood & share it with my friends "below" :-) more power!
mamu. - Tue, Nov 27, 01 at 00:59:18

Your works inspire me to focus more on my photographic techniques. I have so much to learn from you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful images and great travel tips. Toan
Toan Thai. Rockville, MD USA - Sat, Nov 24, 01 at 22:59:57

The photos are very good. I like mountain's landscape and I would be glad to visit Oregon. Sincerely. Elena
elena. igino serenza, italy italy - Sat, Nov 24, 01 at 01:34:19

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gaspare dalpero. toscanella, italy emilia romagna - Thu, Nov 22, 01 at 03:18:00

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Jakub Dabrowski. Vancouver, BC Canada - Thu, Nov 15, 01 at 12:21:02

Your work is truly BEAUTIFUL.....thank you for sharing it with the world. Carlotta
- Mon, Aug 13, 01 at 07:01:43

Really enjoyed your website. Thank You!
Rhonda Harris. NY, NY USA - Sat, Aug 11, 01 at 08:01:47

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I wished I had visited your site before heading out to yosemite. Excellent pics... The color is brilliant!
Loan H. Le. - Wed, Aug 08, 01 at 13:30:36

Absolutely gorgeous
London, UK - Wed, Aug 08, 01 at 04:49:24

Those pictures are BOMB!! thanks for putting them up on the net. I love the high resolution ones. Now I just have to get out and visit all those national parks...
Bock En La Bock. Folsom, CA Sacramento - Tue, Aug 07, 01 at 17:01:54

There is one single word, that I know as a German and that fits your Gallery perfectly: AMAZING! Thanks Tuan!
Frank. Germany - Tue, Aug 07, 01 at 13:06:26

I intend to climb Mt Blanc this August - but yet to decide upon a personal guide. Looking for one on one (with instruction - as I am novice) Any suggestions. 800-327-6969 Thanks Jim
Jim Gioiosa. Phoenix, AZ USA - Tue, Aug 07, 01 at 08:56:04

BERNARD. LA VALETTE, VAR FRANCE - Tue, Aug 07, 01 at 06:39:00

I have recently started climbing, and find your site, very usefull and informative, especially for the novice like myself. So a big thankyou for sharing you knowledge and happy climbing!!!
paul d'angelo. dublin, ireland - Sat, Aug 04, 01 at 05:10:21

the scrolling "you are not going to leave without signing the guestbook. . .are you?" is a cheap guilt trip! I like the pictures. now I want to visit some national parks.
- Fri, Aug 03, 01 at 21:22:13

Very nice website - I love the Denali pictures, and you seem to have some thoughtful things to say on climbing issues - I've enjoyed browsing around. I have a question for you regarding the tent you used - the Warmlite 2R - I've looked into this and it looks pretty cool. Did you get the "aluminized top" option - which he recommends if you have the tent in the sun a lot ? I was wondering if it is really necessary. Thanks very much ! Ken
Ken Garrison. Seattle, WA 98144 - Thu, Aug 02, 01 at 18:26:19

Found your link through the Rock Rendezvous website. Just went to Zion, Bryce and Grand Canyon NPs myself, but your pictures are much better. Great web site.
Steve. SF, CA - Tue, Jul 31, 01 at 10:41:11

Tuan, I arrived at you site via Morwen Thistlethwaite's "Knots site" You've put a couple of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen on the web on your site. My three favorites are:"Autumn reflections, Delicate Arch and Cliffs & Trees. Thanks, Bert
Bert Jagers. Enschede, Netherlands - Mon, Jul 30, 01 at 14:50:28

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camberley, surrey england - Thu, Jul 19, 01 at 19:43:26

I really enjoy your websites, The trip reports are great And Im a bid advocate for photos as are you I see. I do have a few questions for you if you dont mind spareing a moment to help. I'm heading to Chamonix the end of this august, how long till I can expect to find some ice? Are the alpine couliors formed year round? Where is a good spot to camp and meet other climbers (I will be alone and in search of a partner). Any other beta regarding recommended climbs (particularly ones I can solo), other things to do, and cheap pubs to frequent. Thanks and keep up the good work. TRavis
Travis Zuber. New London, NH USA - Thu, Jul 19, 01 at 08:16:38

Nice work here. I like the nature theme.
shad sluiter. marion, ia usa - Tue, Jul 17, 01 at 21:04:33

Beautifully done!
Dorothy Barker. Sassamansville, PA USA - Mon, Jul 16, 01 at 11:35:47

climber from Taiwan, ROC, Asia. just like mountain hiking, rock climbing, and has just graduated from NTU's graduate school. and plan to visit the Rock site in Western US this Summer.
Arthur Waderu. Taipei, Taiwan ROC - Sun, Jul 15, 01 at 09:38:28

These photos are fantastic. I can not imagine sleeping in a hanging basket on the side of these ice formations. I have tgried many things but your hobby is one I would much rather look at photos of than attempt to make a climb. A good friend of mine "Lester Collins" sent me this email of all these photographs. I am so glad he did, I found them most interesting. Where do you get the courage to make such perilous climbs?
Harry A Brown. Rochester, Ma USA - Sat, Jul 14, 01 at 14:56:19

Tuan, I was spellbound looking at your pictures !!! They are awesome. Thanks for the great website you have setup for our viewing pleasure.
Nita Ingewar. Mountainview, CA USA - Sat, Jul 14, 01 at 14:54:31

Dear Tuan, Thank you for showing me your view of the world. I will never be able to see this, save through your lens. Absolutely wonderful pictures. I heard about you through MacHome Classroom site. A real treat for the eyes. Again, thank you and I wish you continued success in all your mountain quests. A fellow teacher and a former student both rock climb locally. I will get this site address to them. I can just see them drooling over these sites. Again thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences with me. JoAnn
JoAnn . Brodheadsville, PA Monroe - Sat, Jul 14, 01 at 05:59:48

Outstanding Photography
Bruce McGuire. Davenport, WA USA - Fri, Jul 13, 01 at 19:29:15

Amazing! It would be nice to heap praise, but stunning is the only word to do these images justice, I have one as my backdrop and it's inspiring.
England - Wed, Jul 11, 01 at 19:28:29

Hello from arizona. I have been enjoying your web page. There is alot to learn about 4x5. I am learning by reading and doing. I would like to get my big wide address up for more to view. How do I do this ? Take care. Morey K. Milbradt
Morey K. Milbradt. Tempe, AZ USA - Tue, Jul 10, 01 at 14:32:27

hey its dan the man agan.i wanted to show you my home page and if you have aol i would love to talk to you on an instant message or in the hiking chat room.i am on at 9:30pm eastern time.i would love to talk to you. thanks alot agan, dan the man
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daniel. orangeburg, sc usa - Mon, Jul 09, 01 at 14:18:00

Dude your pictures are sweeeeeet.Ive never seen such great mountaineering photos in my life.Your pictures top the north face,mountain hardwear,robert link,and even black diamond photos.as soon as i turn 16 and get my licence i am gonna climb all of your mountains and others.now i am backpacking and july 30th im doing 50 miles of the AT.dude your pictures are sweet. thanks alot,dan the man furtick
daniel furtick. orangeburg, sc usa - Mon, Jul 09, 01 at 14:11:17

Hi, my name is Mara. I am from Italy (close, so close to the Alps and the Mediterranean beaches ...). I have been in the US for work in the last 2 years and your pictures "stabbed" my heart. I used to do a lot of little and big adventures with my friends out there. I have been through a time where I worked-worked-worked a lot, but I know my soul is out there, where nature can give you the most beautiful views and feeling. Thanks for waking up again my favourite part of me, with your wonderful images. :)Mara(:
Mara Cardarelli. Princeton, NJ US - Fri, Jul 06, 01 at 18:51:26

Wow! what amazing pictures. The large format images that you have uploaded are just amazing! I will be in touch shortly with a business proposal, which I hope you will like.
Mike Bews. Swansea, WALES UK - Fri, Jul 06, 01 at 09:07:59

wow super wow i am impressed for your photos, i am an ameateur 35 mm but i am thinking to go large format bye congratulations
Tetzu Sashida. Mexico, df Mexico - Wed, Jul 04, 01 at 19:10:50

There are so many amazing pictures on your web site! I am beginning to take pictures with a 4x5 camera myself -- and I must say that your site is both inspiring and intimidating. Thanks for all the work you've put into the site. Your work is amazing! -paul miller
Paul Miller. rochester, ny usa - Wed, Jul 04, 01 at 17:26:49

Awesome page. For someone new to the area your info is a great help. Keep up the good work.
Brian Schwarz. Campbell, CA USA - Tue, Jul 03, 01 at 22:18:45

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Avocat Mircea-Cosmin Breahna. Bucuresti, Romania - Mon, Jul 02, 01 at 13:23:18

Very interesting, wonderful pictures.
Hugh Gallagher. Tacoma, WA USA - Sun, Jul 01, 01 at 23:05:18

I enjoyed for at least 2 hours your great web page. Thank you
Oliver Riedel
Wiesbaden, Germany - Sun, Jul 01, 01 at 13:14:54

Outstanding work!
Dang (Danny) Nguyen. Pasadena, TX USA - Sat, Jun 30, 01 at 12:31:17

Celebrating the Fourth of July by summitting Mont Blanc... thanks for the additional info.
Chris Schmitt. Stuttgart, Germany - Thu, Jun 28, 01 at 02:42:07

great site!
kamal. - Wed, Jun 27, 01 at 10:20:38

You are a great landscape photographer and have greta sense of color and design. Thank you for sharing some of your pictures and informed advice.
Paul Avery. Long Beach, CA USA - Wed, Jun 27, 01 at 09:51:27

My hat is off to you. Your images are superb. I can't fathom lugging around the large format camera and tripod, to say nothing of all the other supplies you must need. I appreciated reading your comments on your camera. For quite some time I have toyed with the possiblity of getting the Zone VI field camera, but I have yet to make the plunge.
Allan Lightman. Dayton, OH USA - Wed, Jun 27, 01 at 09:36:08

Great site, great pictures! You really love moutaineering and many thanks for all what you do to advertise this wonderful sport all over the world. If you came to the West side of the Mont Blanc or if you want any information, I will be glad to offer you my collaboration. I am a mountain guide and I love mountains all over the world. I will be very happy if you visit my web site! Ciao
Christian. Aosta, Italy - Wed, Jun 27, 01 at 02:37:11

thanks for your comments I'll attempt montblanc next week & let you know how i get on
u.k. - Wed, Jun 27, 01 at 02:11:23

I believe you are a very talented and spirtited person. Your work is exquisit..... filled with marvolous beauty and technique.
Beth Kenelia. seattle, wa united states - Tue, Jun 26, 01 at 21:58:20

Where are you from in Vietnam? When, why, how did you leave? I ask this since I have 5 sisters, adopted from Vietnam and my mother, Betty Tisdale, has worked extensively with orphanges there.
Sean C. Tisdale. Atlanta, GA USA - Tue, Jun 26, 01 at 11:03:59

Thanks Tuan...you've a beautiful web site. I came looking for pictures of Yosemite, I've an interest in rock climbing. Your pictures are extraordinary, particularly Mt. McKinley I enjoyed. Thanks!
steve curry. Sunland, Ca USA - Mon, Jun 25, 01 at 19:42:10

Wow! You are very brave! I am from Colonial Outdoors and we publish an outdoor magazine covering many different outdoor activities. I was wondering if you would like to contribute a story and some of those great pictures for a story in the Colonial Outdoorsman Magazine. If you are interested or if you are not interested please e-mail me at jeffp AT colonialoutdoors.com I would have e-mailed you but your aol connection would not allow me to do so from my computer. Thanks so much, Jennifer
Jennifer Zerfoss. Somerset, PA USA - Mon, Jun 25, 01 at 13:01:27

u have my brother's name
van. - Mon, Jun 25, 01 at 03:54:30

Your site and photographs are amazing. After shooting 35mm and 120 formats for 25 years, I am now learning 4x5. Life has just begun. Thank you for your great inspiration. Vic
Victor Hamm. Kamloops, BC Canada - Sun, Jun 24, 01 at 21:56:45

Very evocative landscape photos; they make me want to go out and buy LF equipment today. I took the liberty of putting a link to your page on mine.
Morwen Thistlethwaite. Knoxville, TN USA - Sun, Jun 24, 01 at 15:26:35

Hello from Iceland, the island of fire and ice! I love your photos from the mountains!!!! I invite you to see my photos from Iceland and I hope you will enjoy as much as I enjoyed yours.
Maddy. Reykjavik, Iceland - Sun, Jun 24, 01 at 13:23:29

Hello Tuan, Great pictures. I hope to take some my self this summer. I will be climbing my first real mountain, Mt. Adams in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Camera in pack, dreams in hand. I have a couple of questions for you or whom ever will listen, but I will put them in the right place as you requested. In the mountaineering button. TA TA for now. I hope to hear from you. Thanks for the great page! Marie Email, evensong2 AT cs.com
Marie. Warwick , RI USA - Fri, Jun 15, 01 at 19:46:34

I cannot tell you how moved I was when I blundered onto your site and discovered such an array of magnificent portrayals of nature in one spot. I am currently living in London and you can imagine how much i miss the space and beauty of nature, simply not found in such vast quantities here. Thank you ... you have made my weekend.
Alison Carse
Cape Town, Western Province South Africa - Fri, Jun 15, 01 at 08:44:49

Your web site is a super fantastic one that I've ever surfed on. Great photos and interesting topic! Please keep up your good work. Thank you. Minh
Minh Tran. Sacramentoq, CA USA - Wed, Jun 13, 01 at 10:30:22

this is a very cool cite.
Jessica Rigsby. Gillette, WY United States - Tue, Jun 12, 01 at 23:47:22

I'm really amazed by the awesome snaps you have taken. Now I am inspired to visit a lot of those places... keep the good work on!!! cheers Bharat
Bharat Baddepudi. Austin, TX USA - Tue, Jun 12, 01 at 11:44:18

Great pics and info. I am a mountain enthusiast, have done some climbing here in Malaysia. Was in Chamonix in November 1997, took cable car up to view the great peaks - absolutely fantastic, makes you feel you're really nothing in comaprison to those majestic creations. Would love to go back there, Chamonix sometime and do some walking. Well done Tuan and enjoy the mountains ,they're great places to self search and take stock take in one's life.Wonderfull!! Best wishes, Sreela
Sreela Kolandai. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Mon, Jun 11, 01 at 22:36:24

I enjoyed the site--lots of info, links and great stories.
Kerstin Commagere. South Lake Tahoe, Ca USA - Mon, Jun 11, 01 at 10:26:17

RUSS LAWRENCE. Denver, CO USA - Sat, Jun 09, 01 at 21:03:16

great site!
rajini. - Sat, Jun 09, 01 at 12:10:19

Great site!
Dennis Yonkin. Mill Hall, PA USA - Thu, Jun 07, 01 at 12:35:16

Superb images! I have really enjoyed viewing the photographs and will pas the URL on to English magazines for their publication. Best wishes, Clive
Clive Kenyon. Barnsley, Yorks England - Wed, Jun 06, 01 at 11:51:58

i am certain your site inspires many to seek new experiences in the mountains. do you know where i might find a topo for the eiger nordwand? thank you for sharing your experiences.
edward. salt lake city, UT USA - Sun, Jun 03, 01 at 22:21:17

Enjoyed your mountain experiences. Beautiful pictures.
Jerry T. Bailey
- Thu, May 31, 01 at 06:39:03

Thanks for all the good info, articles, and pictures, etc. I'm sure that its a labor of love! If I ever head back to Chamonix I'll be sure to use your information. Thanks again, and Happy Climbing!
Dennis Luther. Morrisonville, NY USA - Tue, May 29, 01 at 09:29:23

Hi! First I want to thank You for the realy great pictures that I enjoy very, very much. I hope that in the future You will continue to do such a great job, maybe even better (if that is possible). Second I want to ask You how do You manage to get pictures of the waterfall so continous (like a fog)? Thank You.
Sasa Galic. zagreb, croatia - Mon, May 28, 01 at 02:06:26

Thank you for your beautiful pictures ! They make me dream !!! Diane -xxx-
Diane Clement
Quebec, Canada - Sat, May 26, 01 at 21:39:43

Sire, I salute you! May I learn from You?
Utomo Tjipto. Jakarta, Indonesia - Thu, May 24, 01 at 05:17:44

Tuan,thanks for the inspiration. Must plan epic now..... take care.
Rick Rice. Chicago, IL - Thu, May 24, 01 at 03:56:24

thanks for your collections.
tapan kr mukherjee. calcutta, westbengal india - Tue, May 22, 01 at 09:43:20

wonderful Thanks for your work
Antonio. cartagena, Spain - Mon, May 21, 01 at 14:47:39

came here via random search for Brenva Face - I was just thinking about a trip to the European Alps to reaquaint myself with an ice axe after some years away from the hills and what a find , love the large format pics. I'm referring it to a mate in my home Wellington , New Zealand who is a climber/photographer. Thanks and all the best with that RSI.
Stu Gray. Bahrain - Mon, May 21, 01 at 10:56:27

Great Site. Really Great Pictures.
Grand Bay, Ala. USA - Sat, May 19, 01 at 04:47:12

Quang, Thanks so much for your help - I just got my first LF camera, a Toyo 45a, and your informational website, as well as your phenomenal gallery of images have helped me immensely. I have yet to shoot my first pictures since I have yet to buy a lens (this stuff is expensive!) but you can be sure a printed copy of your how-to page will accompany me!
Mike Ambrose. Reno, NV 89509 - Thu, May 17, 01 at 10:38:58

You gave me some great info on the Mont Blanc And I do have to say the pictures are just fantastic !! Nelleke
Nelleke Price. Belmont, ca - Wed, May 16, 01 at 16:26:31

Tuan, You have some amazing photographs here, and I appreciate your decision to share them! Plus, your advice about photography and mountaineering has come in handy on more than one occasion. Thank you very much.
William Bernal. Chicago, IL - Thu, May 10, 01 at 17:50:21

great site
- Wed, May 09, 01 at 23:19:33

i am completely awed by your pictures, and by the whole idea of climbing. i'm heading over to the wind river range in wyoming this summer to learn and practice some climbing,(nothing as intense as what you do) and when things get tough i'll just keep reminding myself of you and all the amazing things you've done and seen. thanks so much!!! --marilyn
Marilyn Arenas. queens, ny usa - Tue, May 08, 01 at 16:29:32

One of the best photographic sites that I have ever seen. Thanks for making it easy to browse your site. Keep up the good work.
Mark Emery. Albuquerque, NM Bernalillo - Tue, May 08, 01 at 15:07:01

you take absolutely wonderful pictures.... good luck to you in all your future endeveours...hmmm i wonder if i spelled that right...
Jennifer. Fairfield, Ca USA - Tue, May 08, 01 at 08:02:00

You photographs are great, an inspiration for me to get out and take more photo's. I would be interested in knowing what film you use in your 35mm work and any other pointers for landscape and flower photo's. Thanks for putting your work on line. I have your site saved and one of your photo's as screensaver. John
John I. Willard. Bahama, NC USA - Tue, May 08, 01 at 04:48:18

Those are some amazing photos! I'm a photography student in england.... Hope you don't mind if I use you as one of my inspirational studies! I'm doing a project on the same sort of thing just..... Not as high! =] Thanks, 'Yah'
John Godwin. UK - Mon, May 07, 01 at 11:50:00

Great photographs on the site. Very impressed - certainly made me want to visit the national parks in the USA. Mind you, I reckon the mountaineering looked at bit hairy for me. I'll stick to trekking! Cheers Rob
Rob Wilson. Colchester, England - Fri, May 04, 01 at 04:34:12

Hi, Greetings from Finland.
Jari Peltonen. Tampere, FINLAND - Wed, May 02, 01 at 09:32:47

Your Pictures are outstanding. I take pictures but none like that!!
James CUmmings. Omaha, NE USA - Tue, May 01, 01 at 22:34:00

La Terre et ses merveilles: il faut prendre le temps de les voir pour ensuite les admirer...
Fabien. Lausanne, Suisse - Tue, May 01, 01 at 04:42:07

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Reykjavik, ICELAND - Tue, May 01, 01 at 03:51:44

This is the most affecting, inspiring mountaineering web site I've yet found.
Jon Bernard. - Mon, Apr 30, 01 at 23:30:50

great site
- Thu, Apr 26, 01 at 22:53:32

I admire your images very much.
stefan. Detroit, MI USA - Thu, Apr 26, 01 at 14:29:32

great mckinley page!
shaun. north pole, ak usa - Wed, Apr 25, 01 at 23:11:51

cool site
- Tue, Apr 24, 01 at 22:41:43

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- Tue, Apr 24, 01 at 22:41:10

I was in Yosemite for the first time last year. It was the most awesome climbind experience of my life. I will be back!
Glasgow, Scotland - Mon, Apr 23, 01 at 01:40:42

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Videl-. ?, ? ? - Sun, Apr 22, 01 at 19:53:16

Your photographs are very beautiful. As an amature photographer myself, your works are very inspiring. Thank you for sharing them with the world.
Christina Busche. - Sat, Apr 21, 01 at 19:19:10

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Rind. Stockholm, Sthlm Sweden - Fri, Apr 20, 01 at 10:27:25

Wow,the great site !!!. You make me dreaming. When you come to Indonesia to climb the Tropical Mount?
Muchson A. Said. Jakarta, Indonesia - Fri, Apr 20, 01 at 04:10:58

Enjoyed your site. We enjoy hiking in Colorado and occasionally are challenged by the lack of time.
Paul Petersky. Littleton, CO USA - Thu, Apr 19, 01 at 15:53:37

Very nice, I will like to have a personal page like yours!!!
roberto blasi. malaga, malaga spain - Wed, Apr 18, 01 at 08:26:19

Hi there! I was now to photography and I am using a 35mm camera. Your pictures really aspire me, thanks alot! :)
Chris. Singapore - Wed, Apr 18, 01 at 07:25:24

Hello from Iceland, the island of fire and ice! Thank you for sharing your photos on the net. I invite you to see my photos and I hope you will enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoied yours.
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i liked it very much but it was all whrite.
cumdria, walney island - Wed, Apr 11, 01 at 06:35:09

Outstanding site. It has been my pleasurer to view your work.It is encouraging to see that large format is alive and well, in the hands of serious photographers, in this digital age. I'LL BE BACK! Thank you.
Sonnie Mason. - Tue, Apr 10, 01 at 21:58:45

Hello Tuan, I am really impressed by your life story and all your accomplishments. To say the truth, I never heard from an individual who managed to combine his scientific career and his artistic and explorative interests in an equally astounding manner. Wow! Also, a very nice angle on Delicate Arch. I was able to watch a sunset on it last year, but from the other side. At any rate, keep on doing what you are doing, and good luck with everything. Christian. P.S.: The photo of the "rocky paper proof" is great.
Christian Gleissner. Nurnberg, Germany - Tue, Apr 10, 01 at 14:28:47

Very nice mountains photos !!!
Iulian Cozma. Brasov, BV Romania - Mon, Apr 09, 01 at 23:41:16

These pages of photos from the colorado plateau are absolutely brilliant.I am planning to tour the area around Grand Canyon for a week in May so these photos are helpng us to decide where to go.Thank you and keep up the good work. Rgds, Jon
Jon Ísaksson. Reykjavik, Iceland - Sat, Apr 07, 01 at 11:25:52

Those landscape shots are incredible!! What equipment was used? I am looking at 4x5 vs 8x10 cameras thanks Brian
Brian Sledz. Naperville, IL US - Fri, Apr 06, 01 at 19:12:27

Ooooooooh! Fabulous. Congratulations on such art!
Kinney Thiele. Menlo Park, - Fri, Apr 06, 01 at 15:49:14

Just another "Thanks" for your site. Already planning a trip to Mont Blanc and some big wall climbs in yosemite this summer with help from your site. Great place to kill time while at work.
Les Vierra. Carlsbad, CA USA - Fri, Apr 06, 01 at 09:52:08

Very nice site and great photographs!!! Best wishes, Natasha
Natasha Carr. OR USA - Thu, Apr 05, 01 at 23:11:40

I love rockclimbing =) nice site and keep climbing man!
Wes. SIlaom Springs, Ar USA - Thu, Apr 05, 01 at 20:16:38

hi tuan, you made some great pictures of the mont blanc. really great. i went there in summer 2000. soon my mont blanc part will be in english too. bye.
anton. utrecht, the netherlands - Thu, Apr 05, 01 at 13:42:25

Amazing Web Page! Genious!!!! You are very lucky to travel to such inspiring destinations! Also your pictures are awesome (they really do justice to large format cameras, which hopefully I can play with someday) Have you ever experimented with balck and white photography(you don't get the emotions of color, but it is interesting nonetheless) Where exactly was the location of the Green Mountains, Vermont Photo? Thanks for making this wonderful page!
Jon Loeffler. Seattle, WA USA - Mon, Apr 02, 01 at 23:16:29

Beautiful Pictures!! You have an amazing site! I would love to one day do some of the things you did! You are very much an inspiration to us all.
Denver, CO USA - Mon, Apr 02, 01 at 10:08:12

Thank you for your great page! I am a MF photographer and I will add a LF Camera to my rig after visiting your pages. Your photographs are really excellent! Thank you for sharing, thank you for helping others. I hope I will be able to make a contribution to your page in a few years!
Olivier Truan. Basel, Switzerland - Sun, Apr 01, 01 at 10:30:39

Really great work. LD
Lawrence J. Deaton. Milwaukie, OR United States - Fri, Mar 30, 01 at 20:01:33

Thank you so much for taking me back to my early mountaineering days in the Valley. I am now living in snowy New Hampshire and I get a bit homesick from time to time. Your superior photography far outpasses that of my fellows, many of whom considered themselves professionals. I have downloaded most of the Yosemite pictures and I promise to use them only for my personal screen saver. Additionally I sent one picture to my sister for old time's sake and will send her your copyright wishes. Thanks again!
Barb Wilson Kettenring. New Hampton, NH USA - Fri, Mar 30, 01 at 09:37:29

Looks good. I am just getting into your articles and contributors.
Robert C. McColloch at hortense AT pe.com
Riverside, CA USA - Thu, Mar 29, 01 at 17:05:10

congratiolations for this homapage!!
georg dichlberger. waidhofen, austria - Thu, Mar 29, 01 at 02:29:37

Your Photographs are breath-taking. I hike Alemere Falls as much as possible as well as the trails along the coast. What type of camera did you use? -Niki
Niki Buchfinck. Cupertino, CA USA - Wed, Mar 28, 01 at 21:32:08

Could you be so nice to give me a piece of advice about Nikon's cameras. I was ready to buy FM2N,but I got deal for F3HP+28/2.8 Nikon for 550 bucks,the set looks in great shape. What would you recommend for lenses and flash for F3HP and if I could use a motor drive? Thank's a lot. Marcel
marcel brezik. Denver, co usa - Wed, Mar 28, 01 at 00:15:54

I love your photographs! Your site is truly inspiring. I am just a beginning photographer, who is studying Advertising Design at F.I.T. Hopefully, I will be able to see more of the world, and get some beautiful shots such as yours. I have one question. I believe you said you use a Nikon 8008 camera, and I have a friend who may be willing to sell me theirs. From my research, I think the camera would be a terrific tool to learn on, ( I currently use a Pentax ZxM) and a believe the Nikon lenses are great. Any thoughts you could add?? Many thanks for your comments, web site, and time. Regards, D. Johnstone
Deborah KJohnstone. New York, NY USA - Tue, Mar 27, 01 at 14:13:59

Brilliant site! Have you ever thought of publishing your writing in the form of a printed document, a book etc?
Veruska. Johannesburg, South Africa - Tue, Mar 27, 01 at 00:05:07

I really really enjoyed your page! >^..^<
oceano, ca usa - Mon, Mar 26, 01 at 19:44:49

Fantastic images Quang-Tuan and rather informative too. Thanks for the great site.
Dave Sims. - Mon, Mar 26, 01 at 16:47:48

i am currently operating a professional portrait photography studio for a living (with the high competion) and have gotten out of large format. I studied and used the camera extensively during college and after doing "art photography". with the advent of digital and the hype attached i hadn't given LF much thought, at least, untill a time i could setup my enlarger and have the facilites for processing, archival finishing, etc. now i see that Lf is perfect for recording the image in high resolution in the field and then going digital...for the first time in a while i'm excited about my 4X5, and photography in general. thanks...ron h
ron harrison. poplar bluff, mo usa - Mon, Mar 26, 01 at 11:54:37

Bonjour, Votre site accompagne mes rêveries d'internaute depuis longtemps. J'y ai trouvé l'inspiration de quelques belles courses et j'y retombe aujourd'hui pour celles du week-end prochain. La Pointe Simond ou la face est du Tacul. Je vous raconterai. Bien à vous, Nicolas
Nicolas Clair. Paris, France - Mon, Mar 26, 01 at 06:24:28

Annie Lin. Houston, TX USA - Mon, Mar 26, 01 at 01:45:21

Tuan, your photos are magnificent. I reached them from scubaboy.com, which will become my new SCUBA Diving and Underwater Photography home page. I was especially interested in the methodology you use for producing your prints.
Bruce Lehnertz. Des Moines, IA USA - Sat, Mar 24, 01 at 13:12:41

great site
- Sat, Mar 24, 01 at 09:04:09

This was a very complete and informative site, with interesting reading and beautiful pictures. I´ve climbed the sheild and the nose in 1997, and this brought back some realy good memories. Thank you!!
Anders P.
Katrineholm, Sweden - Fri, Mar 23, 01 at 14:32:17

very beautiful photo.I thank you for these
ottavio. Roma, Italy - Fri, Mar 23, 01 at 09:03:25

Hello Tuan, wonderfull to visit your pages and pictures-and dream about being there and enjoy !!! I am very suprised because I haven't been there yet. Big regards from your "male-friend" Svend
Svend Bojsen-Moller. Copenhagen, Denmark - Fri, Mar 23, 01 at 07:55:45

Wonderful page. Truly an inspiration for me to get back in to the work. I will visit your site often. Thank you.
GABorden II. Indianapolis, IN USA - Wed, Mar 21, 01 at 12:49:36

excellent. well done
willy moore. plano, tx usa - Wed, Mar 21, 01 at 04:54:21

Great site!! please visit my site also (biograhies of rappers, movie stars, dowload software like napster and many nice pictures)
El Desperado. - Wed, Mar 21, 01 at 03:51:37

Hello Tuan My name is Martina and I am from Slovakia, studying the last year of medicine in Kosice. I would like to tell you that this is the most extraordinary page I have ever seen. My experiences with mountains is just hiking and skiing in High Tatras in Slovakia and in french Alps and I very much admire what you have been doing. When you put some new pictures on your web, let me know :-) Take care, greetings Martina
Martina Trnkova. Kosice,, Slovakia, Europe - Tue, Mar 20, 01 at 11:28:14

HEHE, I'm Dai's brother... He's cool but he isn't home now. He's in Helsinki all the time... Your homepage is cool but I want you to tell a little bit more about your family, how you came till Finland... But it's cool!!!
Quynh Tran Nhat. Jakobstad, Finland - Mon, Mar 19, 01 at 08:36:34

HutchReport. Waco, Tx Us - Tue, Mar 13, 01 at 20:15:40

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Mr. El Desperado. - Sun, Mar 11, 01 at 08:38:08

cool photos. i enjoyed toggling back and forth between your photos and mcnamara's supertopos to see where they are on the routes. thanks and keep adding stuff!
jeffrey chang. ft wayne, in usa - Thu, Mar 08, 01 at 10:20:27

Have been Free Climbing for 2 years now and am just starting to touch on alpine climbing.Will be in the Alps in September for 2 weeks with the German Mountaineering Club (D.A.V.) to learn "the ropes" and week 2 is dedicated to ice climbing. Your site is full of info and interesting pictures, thanks.....I have bookmarked it because I could not take in everything in one go. Mark.
Mark Swiffen. Bonn, NRW Germany - Thu, Mar 08, 01 at 05:32:01

thanks! I did enjoy it a lot.
Sandro Sonino
Venice, Italy - Tue, Mar 06, 01 at 14:25:46

Very beautiful !! I dream,one day i'll be there !
Muchson A. Said. Jakarta, Indonesia Indonesia - Tue, Mar 06, 01 at 03:20:42

Tuan, I'm 23 years old and I'm new to mountaineering and photography. Your photos are excellent and your web site really inspired me. Thanks, Brian Vail
brian vail. estacada, OR 97023 - Sun, Mar 04, 01 at 22:03:19

we really liked your web site and we also have a small rock climbng club in our country.But we are not well eastblised and we will be very grateful if you all could help us in making the club a successful club. Thank You
vertical bhutan. thimphu, bhutan - Sat, Mar 03, 01 at 06:01:32

Wie gut , dass es die Berge gibt !! good to be in the mountains, wonderful !!! Semel

semel. Hagen , germany - Fri, Mar 02, 01 at 01:44:56

Excellent site, dude! I also am a photographer, backpacker and aspiring climber (reasonably new to higher level climbing but I have been doing quite a bit of high level bouldering for years). Keep up the having fun!
Al Garcia. Laconia, NH USA - Thu, Mar 01, 01 at 21:56:40

Great site...very nice pictures...you can almost smell the air...de toute beauté! Salutations du Québec
Pierre Nadeau. Chambly, QC Canada - Thu, Mar 01, 01 at 12:46:20

...wonderful colection of pictures. You make me to sit on a plane and fly there to enjoy in the beautiful nature.
Blaz. Kranj, Slovenia - Thu, Mar 01, 01 at 10:23:20

R.J. Rankin. Wareham, MA USA - Tue, Feb 27, 01 at 17:04:50

Very nice and great... cool pics!
Stavanger, Norway - Tue, Feb 27, 01 at 06:46:57

Didn't I climb with you a long time ago through Berkeley's CHAOS? It must've been pre-1996.
Colin Lee. - Mon, Feb 26, 01 at 20:46:13

Just wonderfull, great pictures, very well done!
Armin Seeholzer. Hämikon, Luzern Switzerland - Mon, Feb 26, 01 at 10:09:46

good quality slides.....i need something to break up the winter doldrums here in phila !!
gary connors. - Thu, Feb 22, 01 at 08:51:08

Great Pictures.
Jim Rudy. Salem, OR USA - Wed, Feb 21, 01 at 06:19:21

Tout simplement magnifique. Merci.
Baunée. France - Sun, Feb 18, 01 at 13:52:14

Excellent Pictures! After threee years on the internet I have found only one other site with comparably good pictures, which you perhaps already know: http://sung3.ifsi.rm.cnr.it/~dargaud/Photo/Background.html
Hans Fuglsang. Haderslev, Denmark - Sat, Feb 17, 01 at 07:18:31

Great site. We look back often to see what you are up to! Vaer forsiktig!, Og har en moro ti!
Erikur Soma-Nelson. Alexandria, VA USA - Fri, Feb 16, 01 at 08:40:53

Absolutely stunning - Iwant to go out and buy a LF camera right now...but my wife wouldn't like it. I have a lot of quite expensive 35m equipment but my next pruchase will definitly be a LF. I was going to look at a 4 x 5 or would you recommend something bigger?
Simon Peterswald. Ashorne, Warwickshire England - Fri, Feb 16, 01 at 03:35:28

I really want to start up ice climbing. Unfortunately have hardly any idea about it. I would like to know the full equipment list, best climbing places, how to get started and any other useful information. If anyone can help me, please do so by e-mailing me at markwilliams9 AT aol.com a.s.a.p.......please.......
Mark Williams. Dartford in Kent, England - Thu, Feb 15, 01 at 13:40:23

Nice page ....Keep adding....climb on!
Sean. Golden, CO - Wed, Feb 14, 01 at 10:29:35

very awesome. i am an architect + educator, and your photography is very inspirational. your site provokes dialogue and this is good. keep it up.
david valdes. pasadena, ca usa - Mon, Feb 12, 01 at 23:05:06

Tuan, your website is wonderful! You are an extraordinary photographer. I'll have to return to your site some other time in order to see everything.
Nguyet Nguyen. Denver, CO USA - Sat, Feb 10, 01 at 19:28:42

Taun, I found your site while reserching the LF arena as an alternative to the Olympus Om2 35mm camera that I am no longer able to focus. Photography, owing to its two-dimensional presentation, provides a means whereby those of us with severe vision impairment can still see the world around us in detail. What an incredibly inspiring site...thank you so much for sharing your art.
Robert Bayles. Pickens, SC USA - Sat, Feb 10, 01 at 13:03:32

Tuan, you have some wonderful photographs here. I also shoot with a large format camera so I can appreciate your excellent work. I work mostly in black and white and only occasionally in color transparency, but perhaps that will change after seeing your wonderful color work. Well done! Don
Don Edgington. Carson City, NV USA - Sat, Feb 10, 01 at 09:43:13

that is weird
al. rakvere, ee estonia - Sat, Feb 10, 01 at 04:35:33

v. cool images dude - bring back many memories...
davethornhill. sydney, nsw australia - Thu, Feb 08, 01 at 18:06:59

glad this is here, i'm kinda housebound :( thank you
just logging in. - Thu, Feb 08, 01 at 10:13:28

Salut Quang-Tuan ! Ca fait un bail qu'on ne s'est pas contacte... je passais par hasard car je n'ai rien d'autre a faire de la journee dans l'ecole ou je bosse au nord de la Suede. Je vois que ton site n'a pas change d'un pousse. Pour ma part le mien va changer et j'en prepare un autre. Continue tes superbes images et a+ Pierre
Pierre Grimaud. Paris, France - Thu, Feb 08, 01 at 05:24:42

I am currently using a 35mm Nikon FM2, but would like to try large format. Your site is very inspirational. I am using a couple of your images as desktop wallpaper for additional inspiration. Thanks for a great site. Gary.
Gary Reynolds. Calgary, AB Canada - Tue, Feb 06, 01 at 07:23:19

I'm sorry to bother you with this question but if you know of the existence of an electronic version of the manual for the Nikon N6006 on the Net, would you tell me where I might find it? I've already tried searching Nikon's site but to no avail. Many thanks for your help, Rand Center of Excellence
Rand. Honolulu, HI USA - Mon, Feb 05, 01 at 18:25:11

Had the pleasure of climbing Snake Dike in June of 2000. We started from North Pines an hour before dawn, and were the first party of the day on SD. Though we hurried to get started, by the time the 3rd pair in our group was at the first belay there were eighteen people at the bottom! Glad to say that our climb had no distractions, other than the incredible shine on every rock and tree. That walk from the end of the climb to the top is amazing! Back at camp moments before dark. Fantastic memories! Do you know of anyone who's done the southwest face of Mt. Clark? I'm nervous about that pendulum and how it's anchored. Thanks for the cool site! - david
dave livingston. santa cruz, ca - Mon, Feb 05, 01 at 11:47:07

a marvellous travel for an old mamie who love rounds in mountains a great thanks for the so artistic pictures friendly feeling from "alpes maritimes"
DEPLANO . GRASSE, FRANCE - Mon, Feb 05, 01 at 07:40:00

Hey great page! Really helpful to me and i enjoy reading the FAQ's. Could you send me some more info on half dome and climbing it's cables? Oh, are there age restrictions?
sara "rebel" lackey. sacatak, ca UsA - Sun, Feb 04, 01 at 17:25:37

Your web page is fast and easy. The photography is superb.
connie gorham
eugene, OR usa - Fri, Feb 02, 01 at 14:17:28

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ken karr. chicago, il USA - Fri, Feb 02, 01 at 09:06:45

Great site - can't wait to get back to the alps. Thanks
Bard Sullenger. Vienna, VA USA - Fri, Feb 02, 01 at 07:59:55

Hello and Greetings From Austria!!
- Thu, Feb 01, 01 at 16:33:25

Hi! I like this page! I like the pics! Bye!
Leerdam, Nederland - Wed, Jan 31, 01 at 14:47:31

Love your photos. Very well done. I'm going to take a guess from your name and a comment you made about having lots of photos from Vietnam. Are you Vietamese? I was stationed in the Qui Nhon-Tuy Hoi-Vung Ro Bay area during the late sixties and wondered if you had any photos of that area?
Clinton A. Berry, III. Nashville, TN USA - Wed, Jan 31, 01 at 14:03:03

Hi from monaco nice site
alain. monaco, monaco - Wed, Jan 31, 01 at 03:39:13

Very nice images... Tones are nice, some images the snow is lovely and white with detail. I will have to get into a larger format, at least 6x7cm... if not bigger :o)
Steve Maslin. Adelaide, SA Australia - Tue, Jan 30, 01 at 00:23:41

Your LF photography site is an enormously useful aid to anyone (me in this case) beginning in LF photography. I was also very impressed by your photographs, particulalry the mountaineering shots. Thanks
Simon Rodan. Woodside, CA USA - Fri, Jan 26, 01 at 17:31:58

wow!! was doing a search for my upcoming trip to Arizona and stumbled on your pics. Thanks for the beauty you captured.
richard wall. nashville, tn usa - Fri, Jan 26, 01 at 17:13:50

Great pictures! We dont have any mountains i Denmark, so we have to, go to Norway or south, to the alpes to climpe.
Jens Buch. Nakskov, Denmark - Fri, Jan 26, 01 at 02:17:14

this is a cool website, and you have great pictures
sarah. marion, ia usa - Wed, Jan 24, 01 at 12:44:18

I just wanted to say that your pictures are beautiful!! I would like to use some as a backgrounds for some prayers that I have. Your pictures are very inspirational and express peace, serenity and love... Great job!! blessings, Karla
Karla. Waco, TX US - Tue, Jan 23, 01 at 18:43:56

Suvi. Kitee, Finland - Tue, Jan 23, 01 at 09:58:11

Nice site Lots of very useful info. Thanks Simon
Simon Andrews. Fort Collins, co us - Tue, Jan 23, 01 at 09:38:03

Yours pages of mountain are the best on the web, really. Casually i know the places of the pages ( to Yosemite, i wish to travel this year or the next. I know better the Pirineos, Alps and the Himalayas (new spanish route en 86 en Thamserku). Otherwise, i am expert on digitals items applieds to historical documents.
José Manuel González. Madrid, Spain - Tue, Jan 23, 01 at 04:57:41

great photos and in the words of Arnie, "I'll be back"
graham hughes. - Mon, Jan 22, 01 at 14:46:24

phil. nottingham, united kingdom - Mon, Jan 22, 01 at 08:23:20

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Kira. USA - Mon, Jan 22, 01 at 00:27:05

My students have recently completed a story about an earth mountain, so we visited your site to get a view of some real mountains. I found the photos breath-taking...as did my students. Thank you for the postings.
- Sun, Jan 21, 01 at 10:36:40

You have quite the amazing site. Good read.
BC Canada - Sun, Jan 21, 01 at 02:27:06

I wish to become a Large format photographer......I used 35mm, video and some film but large format has my attention now so your web site is more than helpful its a solid foundation....
Clarence Hawley. Edmonston , MD USA - Fri, Jan 19, 01 at 22:54:23

Dear Tuan, First of all, I would like to say how much I have enjoyed looking at your work. All the landscapes are very beautiful and I truly admire your technique. My favorites are "Autumn Reflections" and "Delicate Arch", the contrast between the warm colours and the cold colours in my opinion is amazing. I am studying for a media degree and have an interest in photography. I am currently doing digital imaging, this is how I came across your work. I would be very grateful if you had the time to write me a short e-mail, with a bit of information on how you started your career, what it takes, the techniques you use and any other information that might be useful to me. Thank you for your time. Yours sincerely Kate Siney 1st year media student at Trinity and All Saints University College, Horsforth, Leeds
Kate Siney. Leeds, Yorkshire United Kingdom - Fri, Jan 19, 01 at 04:12:34

I enjoyed your site very much. It was helpful and informative! Thanks!
Will Ferret. San Francisco, CA United States - Fri, Jan 19, 01 at 01:35:37

GAZ E. LIVERPOOL, MERSEYSIDE ENGLAND - Thu, Jan 18, 01 at 12:28:50

Thanks for all your suggestions and help. Yes, I now have my web page up and running. Sooooooooooo for those of you who have been to Belize please come see me....PLEEEEEEEESE? Love, Angelina
ANGELINA'S GUMBOLIMBO FAN PAGE. Destin, FL USA - Tue, Jan 16, 01 at 09:13:30

First class gallery, with beautiful photographs. Congratulations
Mike Berry. - Mon, Jan 15, 01 at 15:05:31

Wonderful,your work lifts the emotions ,made me happy ,thanks.
jim watson
- Mon, Jan 15, 01 at 13:01:17

An absoulubty awesome web page with some amazing pictures.
James Rushforth. Worcester, England - Mon, Jan 15, 01 at 11:18:15

Thanks everybody for all your kind suggestions. Yes, I now have the page up and running. Soooooooo for your friends who have been to BELIZE, pleeeeeese come see me. Thanks, Angelina THIS IS A CORRECTION...SORRY...WRONG GUESTBOOK
ANGELINA'S GUMBOLIMBO FAN PAGE. Destin, FL USA - Sun, Jan 14, 01 at 15:10:14

Thanks everybody for all your kind suggestions. Yes, I now have the page up and running. Soooooooo for your friends who have been to BELIZE, pleeeeeese come see me. Thanks, Angelina
ANGELINA'S GUMBOLIMBO FAN PAGE. Destin, FL USA - Sun, Jan 14, 01 at 15:08:28

Wahyunanto Harsono. Jakarta, ID Indonesia - Sun, Jan 14, 01 at 06:18:30

i work at detriot metro airport in michigan and there is a giant picture of the lake of clouds and i was wondering if you could tell me exactly where the lake of clouds is located in michigan cause i would love to go visit it and see the beautiful landscape in person.....thank you sincearly for your time thomas wolak jr
thomas james wolak jr. taylor, mi usa - Sun, Jan 14, 01 at 00:44:03

i work at detriot metro airport in michigan and there is a giant picture of the lake of clouds and i was wondering if you could tell me exactly where the lake of clouds is located in michigan cause i would love to go visit it and see the beautiful landscape in person.....thank you sincearly for your time thomas wolak jr
thomas james wolak jr. taylor, mi usa - Sun, Jan 14, 01 at 00:42:44

Hello, I have come visited your site often as I searched for large format photography info in the past. Some of the technical info I found interesting and informative and some a bit too elementary but I realize you have viewers of differing experience levels. I shoot 35mm, 4X5 and 8X10. (I built the 4X5 myself out of aluminum and it works quite nicely.) My subject matter is primarily scenic but I also have an interest in F-1 auto racing, hence the 35mm. My 8X10 is a 44 year old Burke and James w/ 12" Commercial Ektar which quite adequate for my needs. Your large format web site is certainly comprehensive and hopefully has enticed a feww smaller format photograhers to take a look a the beaty of larger format images. Quite frankly I never thought of your site as much more than a good information site until I saw your images tonight. I am impressed by the quality of your work, as I can it has a quality beyond just a scenic photographic. The images convey a feeling or mood which is quite powerful. Sometimes I acheive this same feeling in my images but it is a difficult thing to capture. By the way I spent several years in Vietnam in the late 60's but unfortunatly not as a photographer. I have never forgotten the beauty of Vietnam, however, and some day hope to return with camera in hand. Best wishes, Bob site is certainly comprehensive and hopefully has enticed a feww smaller format photograhers to take a look a the beaty of larger format images. Quite frankly I never thought of your site as much more than a good information site until I saw your images tonight. I am impressed by the quality of your work, as I can it has a quality beyond just a scenic photographic. The images convey a feeling or mood which is quite powerful. Sometimes I acheive this same feeling in my images but it is a difficult thing to capture. By the way I spent several years in Vietnam in the late 60's but unfortunatly not as a photographer. I have never forgotten the beauty of Vietnam, however, and some day hope to return with camera in hand. Best wishes, Bob Parsons
Bob Parsons. Martinsville, IN USA - Sat, Jan 13, 01 at 21:36:15

I just stopped by to look at your site. I am a fan of large format photography too. I usually have a few of my latest pictures on my website. Thanks for a wonderful site!
Ernie. Norcross, GA USA - Sat, Jan 13, 01 at 18:14:39

COOOOOOOOOOOOL. Congratulations webmaster for Alps mountains.
3D Spain
SPAIN - Thu, Jan 11, 01 at 06:31:08

Astonishing... I'm a LF photographer myself, but besides the tools, what really counts is to be there. You have definitely been in the right places in right time. Congratulations! -Timo-
Timo Ripatti. Järvenpää, Finland - Thu, Jan 11, 01 at 03:25:07

Tuan tes photos sont vraiment magnifiques! Félicitations!
Gérard Winter
Paris, - Wed, Jan 10, 01 at 08:50:32

I like a lot the information about motblanc because I want to go next May probably whit sky. Thank you.
Inigo Soteras. Zaragoza, Spain - Tue, Jan 09, 01 at 08:50:06

Chao Tuan, May cai hinh Tuan chup qua dep! Xem thay giong nhu giac mo. Sau khi coi hinh xong, no lam cho minh muon di ra ngoai chup hinh luon. Bobbi
Bobbi Nguyen. - Mon, Jan 08, 01 at 16:38:23

That should be wonderfull to visit those place. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to show those place. Keep on doing so well.
Mario Tremblay. Sorel, QC Canada - Mon, Jan 08, 01 at 09:34:31

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Autheman. Chamonix, France - Mon, Jan 08, 01 at 02:19:48

Hey there, I am not a climber but I am looking for information on falls that I know of. Three sisters on Hat Creek Road(a.k.a. Oregon Jack Creek) If you or anyone else knows of a link could you please e-mail it to me. Thanks. Also bad accident there today. You ice-climbers are nervy!!!
Becky. BC Canada - Sun, Jan 07, 01 at 20:31:49

congratulations for the site, the images are really wonderfull
belfes AT hotmail.com
Milano, italy italy - Sat, Jan 06, 01 at 06:05:41

wonderfully beautiful pictures
victoria mata. la mesa, ca usa - Fri, Jan 05, 01 at 19:07:49

Great pictures. I love to hike in Yos. and I love watching the climbers, but its not for me.
Keith Sanders
- Fri, Jan 05, 01 at 10:53:43

I never went to Moskou! If you have any chance, visit my homepages on Bali Island: http://bali.skynet.be
Kurt. Belgium - Fri, Jan 05, 01 at 09:58:03

`Nice shots. Keep hangin' in the Fridge.
Padster Reynolds. farnham, Sy UK - Fri, Jan 05, 01 at 08:25:42

Very good images, of some marvellous adventures. One of my passions too. Good luke.
Teresa Monteiro. Almada, Portugal - Wed, Jan 03, 01 at 14:42:46

iam very much intrested in joining you in the upcoming events and expeditions.please send thge detail information with application form in the below given adress khader pasha 95,6th cross.ng,palya, bangalore 560029 karnataka india
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vn-pro.com. Salt Lake City, Utah usa - Sun, Dec 31, 00 at 22:26:29

Ever get to the NorthWest?
Tom Rainey. - Sun, Dec 31, 00 at 07:38:35

very interesting page, i climb out of Montana. you have some
shannon bolton. - Fri, Dec 29, 00 at 20:24:21

Your images are enjoyable. Viewing your images inspires me to srive for higher height. I bought my Tachihara camera from Adorama some years ago. I have enjoyed the camera. Getting parts from Adorama has been difficult. If you could direct me to better source of parts I 'd greatly appreaciate it. Thanks
Tom Burrows. - Tue, Dec 26, 00 at 19:16:07

I'd like to see a climbing fotography especialy rock climbing fotography so I open this website
Stevanus Yonatan. Surabaya, Jatim Indonesia - Tue, Dec 26, 00 at 12:02:06

your pictures are great and you give good advice. i lived in hollywood as a young man and went nowhere fast now im over fifty five and find such work as yours simalar or better than most other pictorialist. i am at this time building a huge landscape camera. my bellows goes to 36 inches my lenses are a 18 inch 60 years old lens and a 24 inch air force lens that has 45 degree field doing b/w only
john farrias. el paso , texas el paso - Tue, Dec 26, 00 at 10:48:33

The photographs are fantastic. I have been to Mesa Verde, Capital Reef.... Your photo's capture the feel of those places, it was wonderful to see them again
Lyn. Abbotsford, BC Canada - Mon, Dec 25, 00 at 16:29:53

The photographs are fantastic. I have been to Mesa Verde, Capital Reef.... Your photo's capture the feel of those places, it was wonderful to see them again
Lyn. Abbotsford, BC Canada - Mon, Dec 25, 00 at 16:29:35

BONJOUR ! Après avoir lu les précisions suivantes : " I was born in Paris in 1964. I graduated from Ecole Polytechnique in 1987. I received the MS ("Magistere") from Ecole Normale Superieure in 1988, and the PhD from University of Paris at Orsay in 1992, doing my research at INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis." ...je me permets de vous écrire en français : BRAVO ! SUPER ! ... les mots me manquent pour vous faire part de mon émotion devant ces photos magnifiques qui mettent en valeur la beauté incomparable de la nature, qui ne peut que confirmer l'existence d'un Créateur plein d'amour ! Encore MERCI ! Dieter (infographiste, photographe à ses heures)
Dieter ELSHOLZ. Saverne, France Alsace - Mon, Dec 25, 00 at 16:21:22

Hi really great,thank you. Bill from Alaska.
wwyte AT ptialaska.net
- Mon, Dec 25, 00 at 11:57:13

Hi really great,thank you. Bill from Alaska.
wwyte AT ptialaska.netHi
- Mon, Dec 25, 00 at 11:45:21

La vie est amusent!
Neal E. Schlatter. Indianapolis, IN USA - Mon, Dec 25, 00 at 11:33:18

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Mr. Ljupco Mircevski-Trepet. SKOPJE, MAKEDONIJA - MACEDONIA - Sun, Dec 24, 00 at 17:48:37

you're married?lol nice webpage; you've inspired me to climb castle rock next week.
perri bronson. Los Gatos, ca USA - Sat, Dec 23, 00 at 10:48:45

Nice page
Perry. Black Mountain , NC USA - Sat, Dec 23, 00 at 08:02:48

Enjoyed it!! Thanks.
Darren Wilford
Cranbrook, BC Canada - Fri, Dec 22, 00 at 22:04:28

Great resource!!!!! thanks for your effort in putting it togther. I really enjoyed some of the pics and stories
Bill Patterson. Newton, MA USA - Fri, Dec 22, 00 at 21:00:13

Great site, Dude! Nice job.
Jerry Carson. Everett, WA USA - Thu, Dec 21, 00 at 17:01:13

Your photographs are breath taking. As a fledgling landscape photgrapherI admire your skill.
Howard Dvorin. - Thu, Dec 21, 00 at 03:38:04

Tuan, You have a Magnificient site!!! I would Greatly appreciate some Pointers from you Since I am doing Medium Format (I use a Yashica D) its a dinosaur But I love the prints I get from it. Let me know if you are willing to give a few Pointers
Nauman Saghir. Point Reyes Station, CA USA - Wed, Dec 20, 00 at 12:14:26

Absolument superbe,magnifiques photos,je pense un des meilleures site sur l'escalade,et sur la montagne que j'ai visité. Bravo. HERVE THIVIERGE. MOUTAIN GUIDE CHAMONIX FRANCE
HERVE THIVIERGE. CHAMONIX, FRANCE - Tue, Dec 19, 00 at 15:30:13

i just wanted to say: thank you. i cannot help but be deeply inspired by you and will take that inspiration with me when i leave this site. take care and God bless.
deepa. charlotte, nc usa - Mon, Dec 18, 00 at 22:09:18

Dear Tuan: Your photographs are pheonomenal!!! They are so beautiful that they took my breath away!!!! Some reminded me of paintings. You are a great inspiration for me as I am just starting out in photography and I was looking for some great work and I found it right here at your site!!! Keep up the wonderful work and thanks for having this portrayal of your photographs for all of us to view on the net. Eric. P.S. If you could e-mail me back some time, I would be curious as to what type of camera(s) use used.
Eric Johnson. St. Petersburg, FL USA - Sun, Dec 17, 00 at 21:59:23

Found your page off kanes scrambles, nice mtn pic's, Thanks!!
Steve Brant. Dillon, MT. USA - Sun, Dec 17, 00 at 20:53:50

bob carlisle. big bear lake, ca. usa - Sun, Dec 17, 00 at 16:54:10

Mr./Dr. Luong, I really enjoyed looking at your photographs on the Web. Your purpose of inspiring others has come true..... I have never taken time out to appreciate nature in life, with your photographs that interest has been active. Thnaks and keep up the good work. '1000 Words are captured in one picture' Vivek
Vivek Maripudi. Rochester, MI USA - Sat, Dec 16, 00 at 08:10:49

Great photographs!
shobha AT ncmr.net.in
Bangalore, karnataka india - Thu, Dec 14, 00 at 21:52:36

Unbelievable pictures! They made me feel like I was up there with you...
Brian Rudman. Erding, Germany - Wed, Dec 13, 00 at 17:38:25

Hi, I was just browsing through the 'net for some information and ideas to get into mountaineering, and I found your site. This page is great and I enjoyed learning about your different accomplishments. I have looked about locallyfor some courses to get into mountaineering but the scheduling for these events are few and far between...I was hoping you could perhaps aid me in finding some sort of entry point to access the climbing world. Currently I hike and backpack all year round, but am looking to dive into the depths of challenge that this sport offers.-- Respectively : Shaun.
Shaun. Prince George, BC Canada - Wed, Dec 13, 00 at 14:52:31

Very nice site. I enjoyed your pictures. I have been rock climbing for a few years now. I am interested in getting into mountaineering and would like some advice as to how to get started. I would appreciate any advicd that you have. Sincerely, Chris Leslie
Chris Leslie. Charlotte, NC USA - Wed, Dec 13, 00 at 10:53:42

oh....plase tuan.... i am a student...my real name ridwan jafar my hobby is climbing and hiking i need books about climbing and mountaineering... in indonesia not books about that so... and i very thanks if tuan sand me this book for your help .....very thanks...friends thats all oh ya...my address jalan selorejo blok.a no.16a malang,jawa timur, indonesia
ridwan jafar. malang, indonesia - Tue, Dec 12, 00 at 21:16:02

Very nice place on the internet! Anyway, I would like to ask if you ever climbed on the south face of the Dent du Geant? Since you had this nice picture of some climbers on the top of the Dent du Geant. Please sent me a e-mail I you have any info. Thank you very much! Niels
Niels Bogerd. Weesp, Netherlands - Mon, Dec 11, 00 at 02:46:43

I am in awe every time I come here...great work.
Ann R
NH USA - Sun, Dec 10, 00 at 05:50:41

JENNY. ATHENS, GREECE - Sun, Dec 10, 00 at 01:01:22

WOW! I am totally wowed by your beautiful and chilling site. I climb and install telecommunications towers for a living,so I could get a good sense of the beauty and the hazard of climbing ice formations from the photos. That's incrediblby adventurous climbing that you and your buddies are into! Best wishes and hang in there.
Roger Dennis. - Thu, Dec 07, 00 at 23:14:15

I was just wondering if you could send me some information on mountain walking/mountaineering in general! I am studying mountain walking for my a-level p.e. course, and would find your reports of trips really useful!! Thanx for u'r help, from Bec xxx
Bec Walker. Dorset(county), Weymouth(town) England - Wed, Dec 06, 00 at 04:00:51

Hello Tuan,

Just wanted to drop a quick note regarding the simply stunning photographs you take, they are truly exceptional and in this case, a picture is worth a million words. Awesome work! I wonder if National Geographic is after you to work for them as a staff photographer. =)


Zsolt Zador
'Just a lonely PC tech out for a cruise on the web who stumbled on your site one day.' =)

Zsolt Zador. Mentone, CA USA - Tue, Dec 05, 00 at 01:05:00

I was doing research for a paper I am writing and stumbled upon your site. I have inspiration with seeing this site. Thankyou very much for sharing your photographs with the rest of us. It must be an amazing journy photographing so many beautiful places. May your journy continue always.
Melissa. Pembroke Pines, Fl USA - Sun, Dec 03, 00 at 13:49:42

I like your site .I'm hoping to have one like it too but mine will be of trips I take on my motorcycle & rallies I go to. how did you get that link to view the pictures ? & stuff.
Michael. joplin , mo usa - Sat, Dec 02, 00 at 07:54:19

Spectacular images. Very nice job, keep it up.
RichardG. Denver, CO - Fri, Dec 01, 00 at 09:21:44

Very cool pictures.
Robyn Andrusaik. San Clara, MB Canada - Thu, Nov 30, 00 at 13:21:52

Richard. Porirua, New Zealand - Wed, Nov 29, 00 at 21:01:03

This is my frist time in so thanks for haven me so contact me by.
Kerwanda Poche`
Avondale, LA - Wed, Nov 29, 00 at 13:36:46

Hi Tuan, I want to congratulate you for your beautiful pictures and the interesting page you have created to share what you do with others. I found this page by chance because I was looking for some information in the internet and let me tell you that I spent more than two hours looking at your pictures and reading the information about your projects while I was at work!!! But don´t worry, my boss didn´t know (jajaja) Keep going! Jazmín P.S. I´ll send your page´s URL to my friends so that they can visit this great site... =)
Jazmín Agúndez. Culiacán, Sinaloa México - Tue, Nov 28, 00 at 17:31:35

KHANH HOANG. FRAMINGHAM, MA USA - Mon, Nov 27, 00 at 22:01:37

Ocean front property for sale!

Patrik Jacobson. Luleå, Sweden - Mon, Sep 08, 97 at 14:02:33

Hey I'm back again. I love your mountain photography so much I was wondering how I could print an occasional one to post up over my computer to look at. Is this possible or would you mind. Feel free to drop me a note when you have time. Dave
David Escobar. Bronston , Ky 42518 - Sun, Sep 07, 97 at 09:54:13

Hi Tuan, I really enjoyed your site and pic's of yosemite. David
David Escobar. Bronston, Ky 42518 - Sun, Sep 07, 97 at 09:06:36

I NEED TO GET BACK ON EL CAP AND STOP HANGING OUT ON THE WEB SO MUCH !!! otherwise keep up the good work
SAN DIEGO, - Fri, Sep 05, 97 at 23:00:44

Bomber web site, Climb on!!!!!!!!!!!
Bryan Hickerson. Las Cruces, NM USA - Thu, Sep 04, 97 at 22:19:29

Hey,man I like your page. I plan to get to some of the great places that you have on your page. I've been climbing for about 4 years and have recently got my wife into climbing so it will be a while until we are ready to climb.
Robbie Breaux. Irving, Tx U.S.A. - Wed, Sep 03, 97 at 20:23:30

Obviously this page ROCKS. One of my favorites!
Andy D. tempe, AZ USA - Wed, Sep 03, 97 at 20:08:53

cool page see you Shannon falls
tony beatty
vancouver, bc canada - Wed, Sep 03, 97 at 17:20:46

Thanks for some interesting stuff for a change to sites full of crap links to nothing
Jim Verrall. Konstanz, Germany - Wed, Sep 03, 97 at 07:42:30

One of the best homepages i have seen, about this subject. It´s been really helpfull especially your chapter about Mont blanc. please keep on climbing.
Michel Blanes
CPH, Denmark - Tue, Sep 02, 97 at 01:37:27

Great pictures, but it took me a long time to download some. I'll be back soon. Bye.
Gonzalo Alcocer. Bernal, Bs.As. Argentina - Sun, Aug 31, 97 at 16:42:43

Thanks for taking the time to do this. I don't get into the mountains as much as I'd like, but this helps "recharge the batteries". Thank you.
Chris Rypkema. Lynnwood, WA USA - Sat, Aug 30, 97 at 11:51:46

Like your Web page and photo's and thought it to be very informative. I have recently got into architural Photograph with the 4 X 5 format and love it.
Gary Woeltjen. Fort Worth, TX US - Fri, Aug 29, 97 at 10:35:52

Hi Tuan, GREAT PAGES! GREAT PHOTOGRAPHY! GREAT CLIMBS!! I go to Chamonix every year but my guts don't get me any further than walking Vallee Blanche or Mer de Glace and Mont-Blanc via the regular route Do you know any good EIGER website?? Greetings from a mountainless country Fred Vreeswijk Holland
Fred Vreeswijk. Haarlem, Holland - Thu, Aug 28, 97 at 23:45:42

Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Any scenery pictures from Vietnam?
Quynh-Huong Pham. - Tue, Aug 26, 97 at 14:47:59

Good Photos. Keep it up! - Tom
Tom H. Johnson,Jr.. Columbus, GA USA - Tue, Aug 26, 97 at 10:47:11

Hi Tuan, you have a really nice homepage. I have enjoyed looking on it. I even don't know that you climb on such extreme mountains. Not bad!!! Next week I'll be in Paris at Centrale. I'm looking forward to it!! See you Günther P.S: You have made lovely wedding pictures!!1
Günther Socher. - Tue, Aug 26, 97 at 03:16:22

Excellent site with great infromation. Gave me lots of updates for my imminent trip to Tuolumne and Yosemite and plenty of laughs in the climbing stories.
Paul Evans. Inverurie, Aberdeen Scotland - Tue, Aug 26, 97 at 01:15:33

Thank you for the wonderful photos that we got to enjoy on the net. Your all very courageous! Be careful in your climbing! (As we're sure you are!) We never got to see Mt. Mckinley at its best while in Alaska because of cloudy days, but we sure viewed it from the top here on the net! AT&DT
ATabor. USA - Mon, Aug 25, 97 at 22:19:56

Sir, You have some of the best quality photos I've seen on the Web. Thanks also for the informative captions. Regards, Mark Schilleman, Alaska
Mark Schilleman. Kodiak, AK USA - Mon, Aug 25, 97 at 20:50:03

I am visiting your site from Dave Morrison web page (www.eros.com/tennjed)and am impressed by your compelling photographs. My own e-mail is aberzon AT erols.com, but am having problems receiving it
Abner Berzon. west new york, nj usa - Sun, Aug 24, 97 at 23:42:53

OOPS, I made a mistake. I gave you wrong URL!!! I'm so sorry. Here is right one. http://www.kol.co.kr/~topilene/yuac/basecamp.html
Jongju Jun. Seoul, Korea - Sun, Aug 24, 97 at 22:39:31

OK, I'm so impressed. And your homepage helped so much to make our club's hompage. I'm a member of Yonsei University Alpine Club in Seoul, Korea. I hope our homepage will help you guys from the world to know or understand climbings in Korea. Bye.
Jongju Jun. Seoul, Korea, south - Sun, Aug 24, 97 at 22:34:39

I enjoyed your pictures. I will read more later. I'm 48 yrs old and did some ski mountaineering between 8 and 16 years ago. Your pictures take me back to those days and inspire me to get back into the shape I was in then. Thank you.
Rick Luck. Duluth, Mn USA - Sun, Aug 24, 97 at 17:48:36

arene paul. antibes, france - Sun, Aug 24, 97 at 11:18:03

Excellent site! Thanks for taking the time to create such a comprehensive resource for climbing. I can only imagine what a time commmitment it must have been!
Adrian Hill
Murray Hill, NJ USA - Sat, Aug 23, 97 at 12:02:29

nice sid
Anna olbrant
stockholm, taby sweden - Sat, Aug 23, 97 at 08:16:36

Super website for LF. I'm think about getting into it myself -- played with it a little, but can't decide between 6x7 and 4x5. I do mostly still lifes. Thanks for all the work you put into this site!
Virginia Eddy. Nashville, TN USA - Fri, Aug 22, 97 at 14:16:14

I'm impressed.
Johannesburg, South Africa - Fri, Aug 22, 97 at 05:26:28

Amazing Photos! I found your page by accident while I was looking for some new wallpaper for my computer, but I'm definitely coming back.
Melbourne, Australia - Fri, Aug 22, 97 at 00:26:36

Great images! Thanks for sharing them on your page....
Brett Bigelow. Mesa, AZ USA - Thu, Aug 21, 97 at 15:41:02

Just wandering thru' looking for stuff on the Haute Route - a funsite!
Peter Chambers. London, UK - Thu, Aug 21, 97 at 13:04:28

George Bell has been a good friend of mine for over 10 years and he had a hot link to your web page. Pretty impressive photos!! I see you live in Berkeley and it looks like you're in the CS dept. Do you know Mike Clancy? I've been singing in a choir with him since 1983.
Don Aumann. Oakland, CA - Thu, Aug 21, 97 at 09:02:05

Have you climbed Charlotte Dome? If so, do you have any relevant comments for the climb ?
Bob Garcia. Los Altos, CA USA - Wed, Aug 20, 97 at 15:42:28

Dear Di, I browsed for a bit and loved what I saw. You however need a better pic. I couldn't see your face. :-(( The boys are adorably...where's Ralph?? Corine
Corine. Olympia, WA - Tue, Aug 19, 97 at 23:00:59

A great page!! I copied the quotes and passed them on to my friends and they all love them. Keep up the good work. CLIMB ON!!
Jared Bogard. Cimarron, KS USof A - Tue, Aug 19, 97 at 20:23:24

Enjoyed your site, especially Mt. McKinley AK.
Don Kroll
Grand Rapids, MI USA - Tue, Aug 19, 97 at 17:54:14

I really enjoy your pictures.
Quang Nguyen. Sunnyvale, CA USA - Tue, Aug 19, 97 at 14:51:34

Tuan: Your pictures absolutely blew me away. Truly wonderful photography. Your whole web site is intriguing and well done. You are in my Bookmarks for return visits.
Ann Telling. Townsend, MT USA - Tue, Aug 19, 97 at 09:45:26

Great Pictures! I really enjoyed them.
Al Trudeau. Milford, CT USA - Tue, Aug 19, 97 at 09:27:11

Well, mate. What can I say? Beautiful photos and the only reference we can find thus far which even mentions Petit Dru or the Bonatti Pillar. We're just wannabes at the moment, doing some stuff in Scotland, but you sure gave us something to aim for. More updates soon - especially shots of your ice-climbing madness, please!
Chris Lee. Sheffield, England - Mon, Aug 18, 97 at 15:38:02

Awsome shots!
Mike14496. CA USA - Mon, Aug 18, 97 at 12:13:24

The trip reports are great. How about someone give us a report on the Rostrum.Your work is much appreciated!!!
Chuck Barbee
Norman, OK USA - Fri, Aug 15, 97 at 19:53:56

Great pages, am impressed with your choice of photographs. My web page photos pale in comparison. Robert
Robert Wilson. WINNIPEG, MB Canada - Fri, Aug 15, 97 at 18:54:37

I really enjoyed you pages. I am a 48 year old American male who has spent too much time on the couch. In my youth, I participated in a winter climb of Mt. Washington which was turned back within sight of the summit by high winds and sub-zero temperatures. Currently, I am slowly working my way out of my mid-life lethargy by bicycling. I have cycled from CT to California alone and from CT to Key West, FL. I have always wanted to learn to ice climb and I figured that I was a fool for putting it off for so long. Eric Ruark th2017 AT sprynet.com
Eric Ruark. Southbury, CT USA - Fri, Aug 15, 97 at 13:44:22

Your page on large format photography was a big help for me explaning stuff like loading cassettes, etc. Thanks and regards, Jos
Jos Lenior. Edam, Holland - Fri, Aug 15, 97 at 12:46:21

I must visit this photography site again. I too am engaged in mountain photography using 35mm (Nikon FM2's), 6X7 (Pentax system) and 6X9 (Fuji gsw69 professional). What are your preferences for 4X5 camera systems - monorail or folding ?
Stuart Scott. Plymouth, Devon UK - Fri, Aug 15, 97 at 07:08:53

Very pleasant page. Definitely different from the ones I am used to encounter these days. Mountain pictures are terrific and the information on the routes is so far 100% correct. Marco.
Marco Benvenuti. Geneva, Switzerland - Fri, Aug 15, 97 at 02:41:54

Good stuff.
Bil Padgett. Atlanta, , GA USA - Thu, Aug 14, 97 at 21:32:49

I am going to try to link your stephenson tent comments and pictures to my web page. I am now working at jpl, and my personal domain is weasel.com turbo AT weasel.com
Jeff Deifik. tujunga , ca usa - Thu, Aug 14, 97 at 09:38:22

A geat site thatI keep coming back to. It can reduce my productivity
Kevin Barber. Manchester, England - Thu, Aug 14, 97 at 05:07:06

Beautiful, site enjoyed seeing the Alps and Mt. Mckinley again, this time from a different perspective. Thanks
Joseph A. Tureaud. El Paso, TX USA - Wed, Aug 13, 97 at 21:15:59

just want to hello to you. tuan phan
Tuan PHAN. Australia - Wed, Aug 13, 97 at 19:27:32

Simply stunning!
Suzanne. Stamford, CT USA - Wed, Aug 13, 97 at 18:33:46

Woderful pictures. I grew up in the western USA in the Rocky Mountains. Its wonderful to see such terrain.
NJohnson. Warrenton, VA USA - Wed, Aug 13, 97 at 11:00:38

Thank you I will be back soon when I have more time.
Den, Co usa - Tue, Aug 12, 97 at 18:18:56

cool phots. how long have you been climbing ?
Mark Warner. rochester hills, mi usa - Tue, Aug 12, 97 at 16:55:54

Felicitation for your pages. I live France and I often go in the Alps for hollidays. Photographies are exellent. It is the better site on the Alps I know. Ever the Chamonix pages are not so good.
Olivier FERRAND. Dieppe, France - Tue, Aug 12, 97 at 14:21:13

Outstanding page and beautiful photography ... I'll return to this site often - thanks,gg
George E. Garrett. Sunnyvale, CA USA - Tue, Aug 12, 97 at 05:52:25

I arrived at your home page after listening to songs from Iceland sung by Otto Bardarson, who's son Baird Bardarson is a second cousin. (His mother and my mother were first cousins, born in Sweden. Baird is a retired physician who lives in Seattle. His father Siguard Bardarson was born in Iceland. Any relation? My recreation is skiing. I have been a member of the National Ski Patrol in the U.S.A. for 45 years. Presently I serve as the Outdoor Emergency Care Supervisor for the Pacific Northwest Professional Region Of the National Ski Patrol. I was interested in your comments about ice climbing and mountaineering safety consideratons. Best regards, Jim
James T. Dodge, M.D.. Yakima, WA U.S.A. - Mon, Aug 11, 97 at 16:29:30

I just read through all your homepage. It's great. I also took a look at your personal opinion page. I think we have something in common. I also like to travel but unluckily I haven't had any chance.
Thao Uyen Nguyen. Riverside, CA - Mon, Aug 11, 97 at 16:09:12

I found here all the necessary information about Mont-Blan. Thank you.
Lyahovitsky Alexander. Rishon LeCion, Israel - Mon, Aug 11, 97 at 15:10:41

Hey there! Those are amazing photos... Just what I like to see after a long day in the office. Gets me psyched for the winter. I am in the process of planning a 3 week trip to Colorado in Jan/Feb. Ideally, we would like more of an alpine experience, with long approaches, where we'll be able to winter camp, AND climb some ice... Do you know Colorado at all? Any ideas areas, routes?? I'd love to hear from you, any details would be much appreciated... Thanks for the enjoyable viewing and humor. All the best,susan
Susan . Boston, MA USA - Mon, Aug 11, 97 at 14:25:33

I have enjoyed your web page and information on climbing within Yosemite VAlley...As our son is about to do the South Face of Washington's Column this week, I have found discriptions of the climb within your site very interesting...Thanks again, Gary Ludwig
Gary Ludwig. Richmond, CA USA - Mon, Aug 11, 97 at 08:43:34

Wow.... These are great pages. I hope to see your photos of the Italian Dolomites one day! Regards, Wim Bouman
Willem Bouman. Utrecht, The Netherlands - Mon, Aug 11, 97 at 07:31:10

beautiful shots. wish I was there.
jc crossley. independence, mo usa - Sat, Aug 09, 97 at 22:00:31

Hi, I usualy dont sign in GuestBook, but your site is something special. I was wondaring the net for info on climbing (in Italy and France) and entered your site. I found your pictures - breath taking - Keeping telling to my self : I want to do the same !!! Thank you very much .... Gur
Gur Lavie. Rishon Le-Zion, Israel - Sat, Aug 09, 97 at 04:45:39

You've got some awesome pictures, thanks for going to the trouble of sharing them. I've been to Switzerland four or five times hiking & biking the "Middle Mountain" and your pictures bring back some good memories. Good luck and keep the pictures coming..............................
Charles Lee. Green Valley, Illinois US - Sat, Aug 09, 97 at 00:01:53

I think that your page is really cool - because all of the others (at least, almost all...) are simply boring. I especially liked "top 10s" and "quotes". Go on!
Kasper T. Gradon. Warsaw, Poland - Thu, Aug 07, 97 at 07:40:04

I filled out my comments (all good) a long time ago. Just checking if anything new on large format
Joe Suarez. Claremont, CA USA - Tue, Aug 05, 97 at 23:36:35

hey this is a great site. i am a photographer and have just recently decided to move into large format work. although i haven't really read through the site thoroughly i am sure i will be returning soon. i will try to keep you posted on my progress and expect an email from me too. personal questions.
thaddeus root. cleveland, oh usa - Tue, Aug 05, 97 at 18:16:53

This is an awesone page I'm gonna tell my friends about it!!
Brandon Roascio. Benson, AZ U.S.A. - Tue, Aug 05, 97 at 08:56:40

beautiful pics, admired your spirit in this type of adventure.
Imogene Goss. Kansas City, MO USA - Mon, Aug 04, 97 at 13:44:26

please put a new photo on your home page. youll never find a woman if you have a helmet on your head. Because no risk no fun
beabl, hannes, kathryn
hindelang, ger bavaria - Mon, Aug 04, 97 at 13:05:17

I'm an inexperienced outdoorsman and am trying to become more experienced. I found this copmilation to be very informative.
Kyle Rudnick. Chattanooga, TN USA - Mon, Aug 04, 97 at 10:12:55

Quite amazing pictures. You are very lucky to have experienced such beauty. How does Rocky Mountain National Park compare to the other mountain ranges you have seen? I am sure there is no comparison, huh?
Amy. - Sun, Aug 03, 97 at 17:36:44

MATT. LITTLETON, CO USA - Sun, Aug 03, 97 at 14:20:13

TERRY DREIER. Knoxville, TN USA - Sun, Aug 03, 97 at 13:39:22

very nice site, im going to put you upp on my climbing links page.
patricke. sollefteå, sweden - Sun, Aug 03, 97 at 12:13:54

Your pictures at the mountain gallery are just beautiful! they are good enough to get accepted into National Geographic. Is photography a hobby of yours?
Missy. Minneapolis, MN US - Sun, Aug 03, 97 at 08:52:57

great pictures!i wish i was there.
jean m doherty
merrimack, nh usa - Sun, Aug 03, 97 at 07:10:17

Enjoyed your homepage. Want to browse a little more the next time around. Thanks. Jerry
Jerry R. Swanson. Anchorage, AK - Sat, Aug 02, 97 at 22:39:41

I work for the airlines and fly basically for free, and thats where I prefer to fly to.Those are the true wonders of the world to view.Let alone the peace and serenity.No wonder cause "there ain't no people around to bug you" amen !
Tommy T.. ny, ny USA - Sat, Aug 02, 97 at 16:23:58

This is a great group of shots but how do you retain the pictures. I tried to save a couple to make a personal screen saver, but i can't get anything but text saved.
Tommy Tassopoulos. flushing, ny usa - Sat, Aug 02, 97 at 16:12:34

I do medium format B&W landscapes. I love your work.
Mark Heitner. Albuquerque, NM USA - Sat, Aug 02, 97 at 16:05:27

Congratulations! Stunning photography! Keep it up!!!!
Harry Fanning
Winchester, TN USA - Mon, Jul 28, 97 at 08:22:23

I like your photos. I want more.
Grzesiu. Cracow, Cracow Poland - Sun, Jul 27, 97 at 08:07:42

Great page. I work at Teton Mountaineering in Jackson, WY and I am their web page designer. I put a link to your page because you cover the bases. All of us here at TM are into ice, alpine, sport, rock, and big walls (well most of us). I myself have yet to do any big walls but I think I'm heading to Zion this fall to do a couple of trade routes (spaceshot, moonlight butress, prodical son). Let me know if you have any suggestions for our page. I would love to have a partner for some climbs in the valley after I try out zion. So far I have dipped into waterfall and alpine ice, alpine rock, and sport (although not my favorite). Thanks for the great page. Robert Donovan rdonovan AT wyoming.com or tm AT tetonmtn.com
Robert Donovan. Jackson, WY USA - Fri, Jul 25, 97 at 23:30:08

Tuan, I've been reading your stufcf on the net for the past 2 years. It is fantastic! It was two years ago that I decided to learn how to climb. Although I live far from the mountains I still manage to get there about 4 times a year. I have "bagged" peaks in the Cascades, the Dolomites, the White Mts. (NH) and the Rockies. This August (97) I will attempt the Cosmiques Route on Mont Blanc and the West Flank of the Eiger. I have enjoyed your Web publishing tremendously. Thanks! Brian
Brian Harris. Washington, DC USA - Fri, Jul 25, 97 at 13:00:02

Great web site! I wish I had found it before I did the leaning tower (July 4th weekend). And thanks for the beta on the Prow, we will be climbing it in August.
Bob Boggs. Berkeley, CA USA - Fri, Jul 25, 97 at 10:34:51

Que penssez-vous de l'avenier de l'internet en France/ l'europe?
James R. Hamaker. Tacoma, WA - Tue, Jul 22, 97 at 21:03:05

Do you know any not very difficult, but not crowded route on the Mont Blanc? If so, please let me know. In the meantime check out my website containing some Monte Rosa photos.
Gergely Szabó. Budapest, Hungary - Tue, Jul 22, 97 at 06:15:13

This is the very best climbing web site I've ever seen.
Gergely Szabó. Budapest, Hungary - Tue, Jul 22, 97 at 05:43:38

Beautiful pictures. Your photography captures the feeling I get climbing. This webpage shows a vast amount of effort. I hope your RSI is healed soon.
Jerome Graham. Seattle, WA USA - Tue, Jul 22, 97 at 00:18:25

Cheers for all the great photos Tuan. Also the info about Yosemite. You should come and check out NZ sometime! Arwen.
Arwen Vant. Auckland, New Zealand - Mon, Jul 21, 97 at 18:05:45

Very handy site - just the thing to keep me interested in the more difficult decisions one confronts when contemplating the move into large format work!
Rich Ernst. Malvern, PA USA - Mon, Jul 21, 97 at 12:17:54

I am very impressed with both the quality and quantity of stuff you have put together for your home page. I especially enjoyed the photo essay of the leaning tower, which I am travelling to Yosemite to attempt next week.
Nathan Bronson. Waxhaw, NC USA - Sat, Jul 19, 97 at 22:31:05

I'm an amature photographer(truly beginner in photography), but a professional in tax and accounting. I found your place without my recognition and realized that this is a treasure of information I've needed. Thank you for your wonderful works !!!!!
Hunjae Park. Milpitas, CA USA - Fri, Jul 18, 97 at 19:05:30

Found your site and links very useful. I intend to go to to the Mont Blanc area in summer of 1998 and hopefully summit. I hope to have my own page up soon with items on Scottish winter mountaineering and the Cuillin Ridge.
Ian Rushin. Quorn, Leicestershire UK - Wed, Jul 16, 97 at 16:42:02

This is the first time that I have seen your page. My email address has changed (see above) but the old one still works. I've got about 6 more months here in France and your photos of France have already made me 'home'sick for MY alps. I'm more of an Ecrins kind of person. The photo of 'Symphonie d'Automne' - my first ice lead - already I have a wave of nostalgia!
jonathan george. Grenoble, France - Wed, Jul 16, 97 at 04:42:48

Thanks for the spectacular views of mountaineering. I'm a day hiker. Seeing your photos is a very expanding experience. Great Web page organization.
James Ferrucci. Waterbury, CT USA - Tue, Jul 15, 97 at 18:24:22

Enjoyed looking at your photos. were planning a trip to Switzerland, Eiger North face. Do you have any pictures? My uncle tryed to climb it in 1963 made it to the second ice field and had to turn around because of a bad storm. Its time for the younger generation to keep the leagacy going. Take care, Jerry
Jerry mc Kenna. Los Angeles , CA 90035 - Tue, Jul 15, 97 at 16:10:35

I just had to say thank you for all your wonderful photographs! You do something that few people ever do; experience the beauty of the world, and then are generous enough to share your fantastic pictures with the rest of us!! Thank you again!
Stefan Yotz. Kent , WA USA - Tue, Jul 15, 97 at 12:33:18

nice info on water ice...i'm on the work computer so don't want them suspicious that I'm using it for something other...but will keep you informed about wyoming ice as I get around this next season...until later.
bob branscomb
lander, wyo usa - Tue, Jul 15, 97 at 11:56:17

Thank you for the useful info with which my friends and me managed to climb Mont Blanc by ourselves.
Gabor VERES. BALASSAGYARMAT, HUNGARY - Tue, Jul 15, 97 at 10:56:50

Thank you I was bored out of my tree and just seeing the mountains has refreshed and revived me
Philip Black. Edinburgh, Lothian Scotland - Tue, Jul 15, 97 at 07:27:15

Looking for information about Mont Blanc, want to climb it with a guide
Walter Verkaart. Zoetermeer, Netherlands - Mon, Jul 14, 97 at 12:51:30

I loved the pictures on your site! I am wondering under what conditions I could use a picture of Mont Leblance on a web page I'm designing for Pinnacle Consulting Group (I'm one employee, my dad's the other). Please let me know.
Jenn Brooks. - Mon, Jul 14, 97 at 06:26:31

Your photography is terrific. And thank you so much for presenting it in a size which is perfect for use as wallpaper. Although I respect the discipline of such mountaineering, I don't know that it's for me. I don't have that much fondness for the color white. And I like body temperature too much. But I admire your ventures. Thank you for a very interesting opportunity for me to be a fly on the wall.
Michael . New York, NY USA - Sat, Jul 12, 97 at 21:06:26

If you can't contact me on the address above. Try "arandall AT nordwand.demon.co.uk" I've just started using the net and I may have got confused. I look forward to some trans continent climbing contact
Al Randall. Clevedon, UK - Sat, Jul 12, 97 at 08:39:33

I love to ice climb waterfalls, thanks for the pointers
Eddie Westerly
Ann Arbor, MI USA - Fri, Jul 11, 97 at 15:16:14

Excellent photography!
L Reed. Union, NJ USA - Fri, Jul 11, 97 at 12:52:36

I need some Fills about Mt.mckinley can't you send to my e-mail address ? thank you ...
Ko Seung O. - Thu, Jul 10, 97 at 23:21:50

Phenomenal page! I'm a novice climber who also enjoys photography. I have you "bookmarked" so I can enjoy your page during my lunches.
Steve Gerst. Seattle, WA USA - Thu, Jul 10, 97 at 16:12:08

This has been such a great site to visit. Thanks so much.
Michael McGuinn
Flagstaff, AZ USA - Thu, Jul 10, 97 at 11:03:11

Do you guide trips? I do like outdoors?
Phu Nguyen. sf, ca sf - Wed, Jul 09, 97 at 18:30:53

Hello, Tuan. I'm from Louisiana; however, I've been to Alaska and have seen Denali many times. I've spent six summers in the "Last Frontier," five of which were in Denali National Park. I'm sure you know how that experience has enriched my life. I have loved Denali since the very first time I saw it. Some day, I plan to climb the mountain, but I don't have the money, or time, right now. Anyway, your Denali trip account has been very enjoyable for me. It looks to me that you were extremely fortunate to have such spectacular weather for your climb. I have bookmarked this website, and I will visit it to see your other climbing experiences when I can find the time. Thank you for sharing them with me. :)
Robert Spears. Ruston, LA USA - Tue, Jul 08, 97 at 22:58:40

Very good website. I especially enjoyed the large format section. I'll certainly visit again.
Keith Taylor. Minneapolis, MN USA - Tue, Jul 08, 97 at 21:29:39

The Mountain Gallery is excellent. I haven't got much time at the moment but I will be returning to this site soon. I was just browsing some of the climbing sites thinking about the trip to Chamonix that I can't afford this year! Apart from making me extremely jealous (!), your pictures have also given me some inspiration for a few goals that I have been thinking about for the past year. I have a few queries, but will Email you about them at a later date.
Richard Amlot. Bristol, UK - Tue, Jul 08, 97 at 13:46:34

Seeking info on roped-solo free climbing. Found your site first. Thanks for the info and for putting such a nice site together!
Paul Machamer. Chicago, IL USA - Tue, Jul 08, 97 at 07:08:52

Hi Tuan ! I'm very impressed of your page. It is one of the best mountain-pages I have ever seen. By myself I'm member of the german Alpenverein and very intersted in hiking, climbing, photographing and so on. Congratulation!
Michael Jaekel. Landshut, Bavaria Germany - Tue, Jul 08, 97 at 04:16:46

just curious - develolping an interest in climbing and just wanted to check out some web sites
mike burke. lexington, kentucky united states - Mon, Jul 07, 97 at 09:15:27

I found your set as I searched for information on the Nikon 8008s. It is a potential purchase for me. My manual SLR is an F3, but my AF stuff is Maxxum. Not happy with the lenses, but I do love the 700si body.
Ben Sendrow. Ft. Myers, FL USA - Sun, Jul 06, 97 at 21:22:40

Hey let me know if the everestboots are still for sale and if those are american dollars.
Kelly Mortensen. North Van, B.C. canada - Fri, Jul 04, 97 at 20:28:49

Thanks to you, I finally found so many information about free-climbing and also found the name of my teacher V.Mitsiou somewhere in Greek section. I'm going today to do some free clibing at Filopapu a place near Acropoli where we get some practice while we're working in Athens and apart from weekends. Hope you're still doing well with everything. I'd like to hear from you as soon as possible. Kindest regards Maria
MARIA DIMOPOULOU. Athens, Greece - Thu, Jul 03, 97 at 05:14:19

hi tuan, i loved your pictures and explanations very much. i recently had a friend killed, tito carrasco,m.d. in mexico. he was from boliva and was a prominent climber. he was practice a climb in mexico, just a training mission, when a massive rock slide came upon him. he was a chief radiologist at md anderson cancer center. anyway after seeing some of his pictures I wanted to see more and found yours. thanks, they are great!!
debbi. houston0, tx usa - Wed, Jul 02, 97 at 09:37:42

cool page. Thanks for the x-ray info, very valuable.
Len Daniels. Grand Rapids, MI USA - Wed, Jul 02, 97 at 07:55:20

best climbing web page I have seen. how do you find the time to keep it updated?
Allen Hu. San Jose, CA USA - Tue, Jul 01, 97 at 13:30:00

I had a great pleasure looking at your pictures. Alps are beautiful !
Andrea Gariglio. Torino, Italy - Tue, Jul 01, 97 at 07:03:41

Good site, packed with info!
Ed Ralph. Sheffield, Yorkshire UK - Tue, Jul 01, 97 at 05:15:52

My name is Tuan also. I liked your web page.
Tuan L.. Columbia , MS USA - Mon, Jun 30, 97 at 21:55:56

The webpage with the link that sent me to your site had it quite right, these are some of the most beautiful scenes on the web. Thank you for you efforts. I am curious, though, whether you are familiar with Washington State's scenic Cascades. I usually call Washington my home, though I live in the city at the moment. In, fact, I was seeking-out pictures to remind me of where I always want to be when I dropped by your site. Please keep it up, for as many times as not, beauty must be put directly in the path of some folks' eyes before they notice it.
C.E. Winters
New York, NY USA - Mon, Jun 30, 97 at 17:06:46

the photos are great! I'd like to be in B. C. now!!!! you can contact me for ice climbing in the dolomiti (est alps) bye.
mauro paglierani. trento, italy - Sun, Jun 29, 97 at 14:47:24

Incredible photos. Will come back when I have more time to browse.
Chris Harrison. West Columbia, SC USA - Sun, Jun 29, 97 at 10:39:50

Very nice and useful. I am not a regular surfer -- don't want to spend the time -- but I enjoyed it enough to bookmark it which is something. I used to climb a lot and take lots of pictures. Now, they are both on the back burners. I recently bought a Cannon IXY (I hear it's called ELF in the US but have not seen it) in Japan. It is very small and takes wonderful pictures and can be operated with one hand. It is my first point-and-shoot and I love it. I still do use my FM2 and FM2N but less and less.
Eiichi Fukushima. Albuquerque, New Mexico USA - Sun, Jun 29, 97 at 10:14:17

Nice page. I am heading to Yosemite on the 19 of July. If you want to clime look me up.
Tom Kapinus. St. Ann, MO USA - Sat, Jun 28, 97 at 14:04:43

Nice page. I am heading to Yosemite on the 19 of July. If you want to clime look me up.
Tom Kapinus. St. Ann, MO USA - Sat, Jun 28, 97 at 14:03:41

You've got the greatest page. I'm coming to Yosemite in January 1998. Hopefully I'll see you then.
Owen Davis. Perth, Western Australia Australia - Sat, Jun 28, 97 at 04:12:29

I liked your climbing pictures alot, as well as the reviews of 35mm equipment. You should try to get out to Utah some time, seems like there is a lot of nice climbing out there as well. Tim
Tim Hobson. - Fri, Jun 27, 97 at 13:15:42

I have done some climbing. Great pictures.
Tom Long. Santa Barbara, CA SB - Fri, Jun 27, 97 at 07:40:23

Great site!!! Good Info!! Here in NZ large format users are few and far between, so not much local info available.
Andrew Simpson. auckland, new zealand - Fri, Jun 27, 97 at 02:19:50

It seems that we all end up at tuans...I think that you need to climb full time tuan, so the cyber couch climbers can get out and climb more often.....
Zach Little. sandiego, ca usaaa - Thu, Jun 26, 97 at 10:59:46

Thanks for providing an intelligent forum for the large format photographer. It is refreshing to see information on topics other than why large format, et all. What I would love to see is more on the creative process, ie the zen of the large ground glass. KEEP IT UP. If there is anything that I may do to help, e-mail me. I have been working with the large camera as a main tool for over ten years. Platinum printing for quite a while as well Also, I work exclusivly with black and white materials, and love to help break misconceptions. I have found that there are many developers that give "pryo like" results without the problems, and have found a wonderfull replacment for oriental seagul, that is easy to find - it does require mixing your own developer. I am also working on an artical on why Dektol is not the best developer to use, Thank you again, Tom Pappas
Tom Pappas. oceanside , ca usa - Thu, Jun 26, 97 at 08:45:35

Belautiful photographs. I'm a photographer also am in the processof setting up a Web site for my photographs and those of some of other photographer friends. When I get it on the ISP( in about a week)I'll let you know. Regards, Jaime
Jaime R. Carrero. - Wed, Jun 25, 97 at 18:40:24

Student of computer science. I'm in love with photography, but here in Bulgaria it's difficult to obtain a good camera, lens, misc & so on, because they ar not available in shops and when they are they are inpossibly expensive. It was a great pleasure to me to visit your site. Thank you.
Kamen Kovatchev. Varna, Bulgaria - Wed, Jun 25, 97 at 12:42:09

I enjoy this site...I check in once every two months or so. Always looking for 4 x 5 stuff.
Edward Bruce Lee. Pukalani, HI USA - Wed, Jun 25, 97 at 10:41:37

bloody good photos!
london, england - Wed, Jun 25, 97 at 02:19:42

Hey Tuan, you did a great job putting your mountaineering page. I really enjoyed pictures, stories and advices. thanks
igor djokovic. Tustin, ca usa - Tue, Jun 24, 97 at 13:36:47

WOW! Can any of these be purchased? I am furnishing a house.
David L'Roy. Euless, TX USA - Mon, Jun 23, 97 at 15:33:32

Planning to visit Chamonix. Perhaps try to climb Mont Blanc
Per Bjorkengren. - Mon, Jun 23, 97 at 13:49:13

Tuan, Great web pages. It brought back lots of memories of my visits to Chamonix, including soloing Mont Blanc via the Grande Mulets and by the Gouter. The Grand Mulets was great - peaceful and quiet. The Gouter hut was packed. It was the last weekend of the season (September '80) and was full of weekend climbers. We left late and passed loads of people throwing up on the Dome de Gouter. We were first on the summit and saw a fantastic dawn over Switzerland/Italy. regards, Mark
Mark Fitzpatrick. Bedford, England - Mon, Jun 23, 97 at 09:09:40

I liked very much your pages, especially your mountain images. I also like to travel on mountains but here in Romania the highest mountain has 2544m. Anywhere, I make also photos and you can see them to http://www.dntis/ro in the Romanian Directory. Excuse me for my bad English
Adrian. Iasi, Romania - Mon, Jun 23, 97 at 02:53:36

Stuart. Mahwah, NJ USA - Sun, Jun 22, 97 at 09:52:42

Hello Tuan, I liked your pages about Chamonix very much. I used to go on holidays to Chamonix to (I went there the last two years not for climbing but to walk from cabane to cabane (I do only "via ferrata"). I wish you a long climbing life.
VANDENBULCKE Jacques. B-9290 Berlare, BELGIUM - Sat, Jun 21, 97 at 16:09:57

Hello Juan, I liked your pages about Chamonix very much. I used to go on holidays to Chamonix to (I went there the last two years) notfor climbing but to go from cabane to cabane (I do only "via ferrata". I wish you a long climbing life.
VANDENBULCKE Jacques. B-9290 Berlare, BELGIUM - Sat, Jun 21, 97 at 16:03:42

This is by far the most incredible Webpage I have ever seen, period! If you will be climbing in the Pacific Northwest anytime sonn, please let me know. I would love to join you.
Vincent Gutierrez. Tacoma, WA USA - Sat, Jun 21, 97 at 01:25:08

Hi Tuan, As usual your page lifts the soul a little. I'm off to the Ecrins this time next week so I'll say 'Hi' to them for you. Nick
Nick Ward. San Jose, CA USA - Fri, Jun 20, 97 at 17:59:12

Beautiful photography! I wish my photos would turn out like this.
Tracy Floreani
Lawrence, KS USA - Fri, Jun 20, 97 at 08:40:03

Need lotsa stuff on Europe!!!!!!
Chiang Mai, none! Thailand - Fri, Jun 20, 97 at 07:07:18

Au fait, j'ai passe 3 ans a polytechnique aussi - j'ai fait aussi une these sous la direction d'un chercheur de la Fac d'Orsay. A la fin de l'annee je partira d'amsterdam pour aller m'installer a Grenoble. Un job a L'ESRF (synchrotron europeen). J'ai en autre decide pour ce job pour etre plus proche des montagnes. CIAO - Peter
Peter Goedtkindt. - Fri, Jun 20, 97 at 03:46:52

very good links and information on photography
peter Goedtkindt. Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Fri, Jun 20, 97 at 03:41:26

Tuan, Your site has been more informative than any other thus far. I am new to Large format, You and others have helped me make the right choice for 4X5. Richard
Richard Flake. - Fri, Jun 20, 97 at 02:30:24

Nice page ! I like Alps too. I have been get to Chamonix two times before. Treking and Hout route (ski). Next April I will get to Hout route -Monte rose - Mont blanc by ski. Our guide is BLANCHARD jean (Chamonix guide). See you soon!
YAMOTO kazuhiko. Warabi, Saitama Japon - Thu, Jun 19, 97 at 19:55:36

Just looking to find out about ice climbing in my area. I've tried a few spots but would like more info. FYI: I've been climbing now 4 years and live for it!!
Danny Kane. Ottawa, ON Canada - Thu, Jun 19, 97 at 11:18:50

I loved your Mountain Gallery! I started climbing a year ago, and my goal in life is to do big wall climbing in Yosemite. The pictures were great and made me all the more excited to climb big! Thanks!
Jeremiah Fellows. Tucson, AZ USA - Thu, Jun 19, 97 at 08:21:19

Thanks for the brilliant photos of mountaineering. I am new to it all and just did a winter course in Scotland. Having mountain pictures on my machine at work is a real treat.
Greg Inman
- Wed, Jun 18, 97 at 07:36:23

Hello! This is my first visit to your web site, and, definitely, wont be the last one! I've been in the Valley once and I think it is the best climbing area in the World. I could climb only free routes (because I broke my left 5th methatarsian bone 2 weeks before arriving to the Valley), and the next ones are the best: The grack Center (5.6), The Grack Marginal (Excellent!!, 5.9) Serenity Crack (.10d), The Good Book (Excellent!!, .10d), New Diversions (5.10a), ... I hope to come back pretty soon to try some longer free routes, and a hard aid one on El Cap or The Dome!
Josep E. Castellnou. Tivissa, CAT. Spain - Wed, Jun 18, 97 at 05:54:02

great site. good photos; very inspiring.
mike imwalle. dayton, ohio usa - Tue, Jun 17, 97 at 17:54:46

Enjoyed the info on the Alps Brilliant site all round.
Paul Richards. Billericay, UK - Tue, Jun 17, 97 at 14:16:02

great ! nice pictures
cecile THOMAS. PARIS, FRANCE - Tue, Jun 17, 97 at 06:16:10

tres belles photos de montagne merci pour la qualite j'en utilise quelques unes pour agrementer mon ecran comment faites-vous pour obtenir des couleurs si denses ? est-ce la qualite du film, des filtres, lesquels ? utilisez-vous un filtre polarisant ?
Gerard BLEY. grenoble, FRANCE - Tue, Jun 17, 97 at 02:53:29

Tidy pics Nice Page
Gareth Brooks. North Wales, United Kingdom - Mon, Jun 16, 97 at 04:20:58

terry stanton. selinsgrove, pa usa - Sun, Jun 15, 97 at 06:08:20

Your photographs are beautifull.I love mountains and I was really happy to discover your site. Keep on climbing !
Lebens Jean-Paul. Liege, B Belgium - Sat, Jun 14, 97 at 04:28:32

I very much enjoyed your photo show of Denali. I have climbed it 5 times so far and plan another trip next May (98). I love the west rib route for its' lack of traffic and beautiful vista. Thanks. j.t.
J. T. Coyne. San Diego, Ca USA - Fri, Jun 13, 97 at 10:19:19

great page! keep up the good work.
chris white
boulder, co states - Thu, Jun 12, 97 at 19:31:33

found your pictures to be very nice. mountaineering intrigues me.... heard Dr. beck weathers speak this past weekend on his survival on mt everest. very gut-wrenching!
W.G. Dart. chattanooga, TN u.s.a. - Tue, Jun 10, 97 at 06:56:24

Thanks for af wonderfull page. I am a regular visitor and always pleased by the great pictures.
Nicolaj Borchorst. Copenhagen, Denmark - Mon, Jun 09, 97 at 12:00:02

Excellent page!!! The photos are great and the information very useful. Keep it up!!
Yuri Vinces. Dobbs Ferry , NY USA - Mon, Jun 09, 97 at 07:53:58

Your photos are stunning. I enjoyed your site very much.
Gary Terrell. Avon, IN USA - Sun, Jun 08, 97 at 21:21:38

Very informative! I wish I had spotted your web site earlier. I'm very interested in photograohy and currently building the Bender 4x5 ... Wish me luck!
Roland Idaczyk. Wellington, New Zealand - Sun, Jun 08, 97 at 20:24:45

Good tips!
John Kapa. Wellington, New Zealand - Sun, Jun 08, 97 at 20:23:18

You have some stunning photos. I envy you mountaineering and photo skill.
dan moore. Livermore, CA - Sun, Jun 08, 97 at 16:17:00

Could you speak Vietnamese ?
NGUYEN HOANG DUNG. DIJON, FRANCE - Sun, Jun 08, 97 at 00:36:54

nice photos
Eric Burns. park forest, il usa - Sat, Jun 07, 97 at 17:25:44

Nice references. Hope my e-mail is of use.
Eric Nelson
Chicago, Il - Sat, Jun 07, 97 at 09:07:45

Your mountain photo gallery is the best I've seen on the web - nice one!
John Barker. Bath, - UK - Sat, Jun 07, 97 at 08:37:36

Nice photographs! But i`ve still got lots to look at.
Steve Bull. Eastwood, England - Fri, Jun 06, 97 at 14:19:01

Rock climbing / mountain climbing is the best stress releiver!
Tracey. toronto, ontario, canada - Fri, Jun 06, 97 at 09:29:12

Tuan, Thanks very much for providing me with some excellent sources of information about Large Fornat photography and equipment, via your home page. I live in Great Britain and LF has never been as popular here as in the US so I have not found it so easy to get high quality information and guidance. I am just starting to use 5x4 and some 5x7/Half Plate but my results are not too good so far. I use various older cameras and lenses and I have a particular interest in using old or classic lenses - British ones such as Ross, Taylor Taylor Hobson, Dallmeyer and others such as Kodak and Zeiss. I am also a member of a small British club for MPP camera users. I regularly use a Micro Precision Products Microtechnical Mark VII 5x4 camera and I have just started to use a MPP Micropress 5x4 which is similar to a Speed Graphic. My Half Plate camera is a Kodak Specialist II but I use 5x7 film in it. Any U.S. user of MPP cameras is welcome to contact the MPP User's Club via me on Email or writing to a chap called Neill Wright. I don't have Neill's address with me today but I will send it in another Email soon. I am pretty busy at the moment (My wife and I have a new baby) but when I have time I will be happy to contribute some information on two subjects - MPP Technical and Press cameras and British lenses for Large Format use. Thanks, Tim Hicks PS I tried to email this but it didnt get through
Tim Hicks. Birmingham, Great Britain - Fri, Jun 06, 97 at 08:15:00

Congratulations on great mountain photos!
Alan Caplar. Zagreb, HR Croatia - Fri, Jun 06, 97 at 02:42:26

Hello, I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed your web page,I have a friend climbing at Denali now and I have been greatly enlighted by your page. He's extremely experienced and I'm not...so even your personal thoughts were facinating to me. Do you ever teach beginners? Hope you are well. Regards Myra
Myra. SF, Ca USA - Thu, Jun 05, 97 at 19:02:21

i'm just a novice (15 y/o girl) first tried it out on Texas A&M's rock wall...loved it and intened to do much more. haven't been on a 'real' rock but i'm anxious to try it out
sara oliva. Tallahassee, fl us - Thu, Jun 05, 97 at 15:13:27

you offer an incredible array of images. any time to in the north east, give a call and we can hang, hike or climb. Thanks for the trip up denali. i hope to do it myself in the next couple of years. --dave
dave morrison. bogota, nj usa - Thu, Jun 05, 97 at 13:55:43

Seems to be a great source of information, I will take a deeper look offline. Those of you who want to learn german and the basics of everyday-photography, visit my website. ;-)
Tom Striewisch. Essen, Germany - Wed, Jun 04, 97 at 16:38:18

Nice pictures
ivan lopez. mexico, D.F. mexico - Wed, Jun 04, 97 at 00:14:47

Sorry, no vietnamese only swedish. Keep up the good works. Me myself earn my living by doing nature and adventure photografy. You can see some photos at www.naturfotograferna.bildbyra.se See you out there.
Krister Berg
Lapland, Sweden - Mon, Jun 02, 97 at 11:21:43

I really enjoy the material you put out on the web, Tuan - great pictures!
Bard Johansen. Oslo, Norway - Mon, Jun 02, 97 at 02:30:45

Wunderfull pages ! We are just prepairing our trip to the Mont Blanc area. The pages are very useful ! Please continue you work ! Thanks.
Fre Etty. Zeewolde, Flevoland Netherlands - Sun, Jun 01, 97 at 07:28:52

i enjoyed a lot with your climbing and mountaineering slides. i climb and practice mountaineering too. keep on framing these webs. salutations.
david hidalgo vila. barcelona, catalonia - Sun, Jun 01, 97 at 01:14:11

Awesome visuals, well organized web site. You just connected your nature scene with us here in Asia.
ToChs. Manila, PH - Sat, May 31, 97 at 20:26:59

am fond of nature pictures and i really appreciate your work, try Nanga Parbat or K2 its great
saleem sultan. karachi, sindh pakistan - Thu, May 29, 97 at 13:55:32

Thank you for a wonderfull climbing site.
fredrik ladin. stockholm, sweden - Thu, May 29, 97 at 06:52:13

great site, thanks for some usefull information
tim van der linden. amsterdam, netherlands - Thu, May 29, 97 at 06:43:54

The photos look lovely although I'm having some problems accessing them. This could even convince me to visit the US - then again, maybe not Cheers, CASE!
Paul Casey. Perth, WA Australia - Wed, May 28, 97 at 17:50:47

Very impressive and well organized, superb photography, well done!
Manchester, Britain - Wed, May 28, 97 at 07:39:26

many happy PEAKS!!!
Peter Gyurgyik. Budapest, Hungary - Wed, May 28, 97 at 07:05:33

Tuan - congratulations on an excellent site! I have recently taken up paragliding with some friends, and we are planning a trip to Chamonix, which is where I first saw the sport, when hiking in the mountains. We're also considering attempting Mont Blanc in about two years time, which is why I came across your site: I'm now desperate to get into the mountains! So far I've mosly looked at your photos, particularly the high mountain ones - some are quite breathtaking. I look forward to reading some of the written material, and returning many times to this site. Pete.
Peter Buckney. London, UK - Wed, May 28, 97 at 06:05:36

Tuan, nice page with lots of info. Great work! I'm just about to jump into LF with a Cambo camera and Symmar S 210. It's a heavy setup, but seems to do everything I want. Would you have any recommendation on a light meter?
Matt Peterson. San Luis Obispo, CA USA - Wed, May 28, 97 at 02:20:22

I am collecting information to prepare my first trip in Chamonix, for some alpine climbs, and I have found your pages. Great informations, very useful (I think). I come back often to take a look at your very nice pictures. Thanks.
Chiurlea Serban. Bucharest, Romania - Wed, May 28, 97 at 01:38:34

congratulations with your splendid pictures- spend some time myself in the Chamonix area- did also some waterfall climbing- yours is a beautiful site for mountain-lovers.
Paul Viaene. Tongeren, Belgium - Tue, May 27, 97 at 04:46:01

I`ll be back! (It`s 2.30 am now and I`m terribly tired...). Great (great!) site!
Wolfgang Kommerell. Berlin, Germany - Fri, May 23, 97 at 17:38:34

Great pictures. You should come up to Washington and climb Mt. Rainier sometime.
Tony Smith. Seattle, WA. - Fri, May 23, 97 at 11:34:34

I enjoy your pictures and texts very much! Being a former mountaineer (today only hiking!), a photographer using 8x10 mm to 8x10 inch B&W film and an electronic engineer, this is a lot of valuable and enjoyable stuff. Best regards Heinz Grau
Heinz Grau. Berne, BE Switzerland - Wed, May 21, 97 at 14:37:32

nice page! i was looking for info on nikon n70, n90s good luck!
john t ryan. - Tue, May 20, 97 at 20:40:40

cool page. do you still have the down vest for sale i have a friend who might be interested.
gary dunn. arnold , md usa - Tue, May 20, 97 at 20:33:10

Wow!! Your photographs were simply stunning...they took my breath away. Great to see such inspiring photography
Steven Smith. Armidale, NSW Australia - Tue, May 20, 97 at 18:29:47

Great page !!!!! Question: what's the feeling out there concerning the quality of the Wisner vs the Deardorffs?
Luis. New Braunfels, TX - Mon, May 19, 97 at 20:51:25

I would like to know more about how to get started. What it's going to cost me and if there are any courses run in australia. Thanks and good work
Angus Watts
Sydney, nsw Australia - Sun, May 18, 97 at 21:15:13

What a wonderful use of the Internet and master presentation. Tuan, thank you for sharing your work and adventuresome climbing. Best wishes from hot, humid and _flat_ Florida.
Roger Wehling. Tampa, FL USA - Sun, May 18, 97 at 02:29:41

Nice discussion on the Gitzo mountaineer tripod. I own one of the first (1228), but wasn't aware that Gitzo had brought out one better suited to large format. How about a discussion (or comparison with other cameras) of the Linhof Technikarden S? Thanks, Dave Stedman
dstedm AT halcyon.com
Kirkland, WA USA - Sat, May 17, 97 at 10:51:41

I am just learning 4 by 5 and this was helpful.
Bob Kingsley. - Fri, May 16, 97 at 20:26:49

Tuan, I tried the e-mail address you gave me from work (at this URL) but it gave me the same answer ==address not found Brought up your web site and found that to be very good and on the same idea i was looking for. thanks, John Berg
JOHN BERG. rochester, nh strafford - Fri, May 16, 97 at 05:19:25

Hi Tuan, Great stuff! My husband Rob is an avid ice climber in the Canadian Rockies and I might ad a pretty good photographer. I am some what new to ice climbing but I love it, and I am a full time pro photographer. Therefore we really appreciate what you've done here. Fantastic !!!!
Rob & Tracey Simmonds
Sundre, Alb. Canada - Wed, May 14, 97 at 21:56:56

Nice pages! Nice photos! I'm leaving Flagstaff tomorrow night (5/15/97) to drive to Yosemite to climb Zodiac. Thanks for the beta.
John MacDonald. Flastaff, AZ USA - Wed, May 14, 97 at 17:38:29

Tuan, I really enjoyed you home page. I like you opinion on bolting and am pleased to hear someone with the broader view of the relative effects of bolts on the environment. I think in general human observers are the only ones effected by bolting bare rock. However a square km of paving is a square km of sterilized landscape. All the best. Dave.
David Reid. Redwood City, CA USA - Wed, May 14, 97 at 09:17:50

I really enjoy your photographs, particularly the big wall climbs. I've been climbing for 9 years and like long free routes but am very interested in doing some big wall climbing. Keep up the good work.
Paul Freshour. Albuquerque, NM USA - Wed, May 14, 97 at 08:13:29

Ive checked out the Yosemite page in its entirety and it has proved useful. I used the beta for the south face of the clloumn and a referance to the FISH site. Keep up the great work
Ian Maskal. Visalia , CA USA - Tue, May 13, 97 at 00:28:27

I enjoy climbing in the Bozeman area and am planning on going to Wyoming sometime this summer( in between EM classes).
Jeremy Johnston. Bozeman, MT USA - Mon, May 12, 97 at 07:21:48

You are doing what I have longed to do, but when I was into rock climbing (1959) we didn't have the technology. The pictures are an inspiration and the lines of the climb give the story real excitment. Keep the page up and I look forward to seeing more.
jay rockwood. campbell, ca usa - Sun, May 11, 97 at 19:42:14

ill be coming to yosemite in fall 98
nick robinson. sydney, nsw australia - Sun, May 11, 97 at 17:55:53

Excellent Photos of climbing, I think I need to practice a bit more to compete! We hope to visit Mont Blanc this summer and want to 'look' at the mountain, any comments? We have done no alpine climbing B4 (only UK rock and indoor), so we don't want to climb it - just get a good view. Best of luck with your climbing (and use a ROPE!)
Simon Rose. Liverpool, England - Sun, May 11, 97 at 14:56:17

Over here from Australia and thought Id tackle some of Europes finest. Thanks for the useful info.
Lorne McClurg. London, UK - Sun, May 11, 97 at 13:46:49

Slow load due to net being heavily used. I SHALL return Ken
Ken Sinclair RBP FBPA. Lethbridge, AB Canada - Sun, May 11, 97 at 13:29:48

I like your large format reviews. I have a Wista 4X5 DXII and love it. I think the Wista is the best compromise among quality, sturdiness and weight. Bellows length is limited, but I use it mostly for landscapes with 90mm and 150mm lenses.
Dave Hargus. Brentwood, Ca USA - Sun, May 11, 97 at 11:08:52

This seems to be a very good site !
Chris Rose. Lichfield, Staffs England - Sun, May 11, 97 at 08:27:01

YO Man! What about the beautiful end of the Appalachian Trail--MT. KATAHDIN in always the National Playground--MAINE! Fred
Fred LeisentrittIV. Lincoln, ME USA - Sat, May 10, 97 at 14:26:27

I have information about Fuji large format lens that is very difficult find any place. If you feel that this would be helpful to your home page drop me a line. e-mail PFRaymore AT KPSCAL.Org
pat Raymore
loma linda, ca - Fri, May 09, 97 at 12:13:27

A truely enjoyable site! Great Pictures! Thanks.
Philip Lexow. san diego, ca usa - Fri, May 09, 97 at 08:54:55

Hello i am gathering info on a summer alpine rock trip; your page helped, thanks. JCR
jason ruckel. austin, tx usa - Thu, May 08, 97 at 22:22:50

One of the best most interesting and best photo sites I have seen. Very inspiring! Thank you.
Alan Martin. Closter, NJ 07624 - Thu, May 08, 97 at 21:37:05

I am looking to get into large format photography. I've been shooting 35mm for approximately 15 yrs. and do alot of nature photography. Enlarging from a 35mm slide is not satisfying especially from the standpoint of landscapes and waterfalls. Hopefully I will be able to move into largeformat soon!
Ed Morris. Brentwood, TN USA - Thu, May 08, 97 at 12:06:39

I was just surfing on by accident. Actually was looking for a famous climber by the name of JOhn. I don't recall his last name, but I was at the EMS store on Route 17 in NJ last night listening to him speak about his climb to Mt. Everest with the rest of the others that had survived and those who didn't. Their expedition was last year. It was announced on the news and on nightline. I don't recall, but a few that he knew, had bravely died just to get to the summit of Mt. Everest. I just want to let you know...because this climbing is really coming to my interest. I have cousins who do climb and it really fascinates me. Anyways, I like the pics that I seen. They are very beautiful. I think you are soo lucky. =)
Anne. Staten Island, NY USA - Thu, May 08, 97 at 08:12:52

Enjoyed your photos!
John Zemko. Washington, DC USA - Thu, May 08, 97 at 06:32:12

great inspiring pictures!
jonathan whitmore (age 14)
peterborough, - uk - Thu, May 08, 97 at 04:36:35

Enjoyed the mountaineering photos and was going to put a comment here asking how the photos were converted to web use. Thanks for putting up all the data on How! Dan
Dan Perrine. Phoenix, AZ USA - Wed, May 07, 97 at 23:05:44

Wonderful photography
Kristy Mann. Eugene, OR USA - Wed, May 07, 97 at 17:46:37

there's NO climbing in Hampton, VA!
Tim Yamashita. Hampton, VA USA - Wed, May 07, 97 at 10:39:57

I appreciate the time & effort that you have put into your homepage. You have created something of value.
Jim Craighead. Rochester, MN USA - Wed, May 07, 97 at 10:36:40

Hi! I have to say that your climbing gallery is excelent. I have never seen nothing like it before if I count out CNN-sponcored Mt. Everest pages (they used quite a lot of money for those pages...) Keep going and have a nice summer. Pete K. P.S. If you are interested of Finnish climbing, try www.tky.hut.fi or altavista/Teepakki
Pete Krook
Helsinki, Finland - Wed, May 07, 97 at 10:35:01

What i'm doing here out of a Rock ?!?!?!?
Claudio Silotto. Sao Paulo, SP BRAZIL - Wed, May 07, 97 at 06:18:01

Very impressive photos. They make for inspiring wallpaper! Thank you!
Chris. - Tue, May 06, 97 at 20:27:42

Didn't have time to view and visit all of your site, but it does look goood. I will return later with questions for your e-mail.
garry r. james, studio-k. Salem, OR USA - Tue, May 06, 97 at 11:31:04

I am interested in Large Format. Found your pages very informative.
Robert Rosenstein. Ellicott City, MD USA - Tue, May 06, 97 at 07:54:20

You have an awesome web page! In fact, I can say without any hesitation that I have not visited a more exciting page yet. I'm not sure whether I'm more impressed with the climbing or the photography and web design. I feel very inspired by both. Hats off! Marc Karlsberg By the way, I've been viewing your images from my computer at work and just about everybody who has passed by me seems to feel the same way.
marc karlsberg. Monrovia, CA USA - Mon, May 05, 97 at 17:15:40

Great page, I'll be back!
Mattias Waldenvik
- Mon, May 05, 97 at 16:20:13

Very GOOD photos!
Quebec Canada - Sun, May 04, 97 at 21:32:52

Don't stop. Thanks, a great time. Saludos desde España!.
Enrique Albertos. Zaragoza, spain - Sun, May 04, 97 at 16:17:06

I am an American living in Switzerland. At my place of employment I am totally alone in my interest of mountaineering. I would like to go after Mont Blanc alone, is this a wise choice. I am a little older and fatter now, although I am only 30. I lived in Telluride, Colorado fo 10 years and conquered all of the 13,000-14,000+ peaks there, but they are less than technical for the most part. I go to Kenya in January to hit Kilimanjaro, but that is less than technical too. So what do you suggest for Mont Blanc? Too Techish to conquer alone?
S.S. West. Neuchâtel, Switzerland - Sat, May 03, 97 at 11:43:58

No question - just "thank you" for the mind-blowing pictures. Thanks also for the "proof" quotes, which I have run off for work. I recognise some of the proof techniques you describe but (hope) I am no guilty.
Patrick Radford. Wallington, Surrey UK - Sat, May 03, 97 at 10:49:21

Hi... I am 19 years old... and like climbing... free heelskiing etc. this is a cool page... Bye //Snajgel
Snajgel. OakYourIsland, Sthlm Sweden - Sat, May 03, 97 at 07:08:47

Hey Tuan, Hi, you don't know me but I was a member of the trio who made the ascent of Denali, the first blind person. Our mother, I and my twin brother Marty had the opportunity to make this ascent in May 1993. I see you were on the mountain that year also. I ran into a person who said you had our picture included in your home page somewhere. Where is it? I see you have some great photos of the Alaska Range and Denali. Are you planning any climbs this year? Maybe you are already out on an expedition. Well take care, Sincerely, Michael Phelps
Michael Phelps. - Fri, May 02, 97 at 15:23:43

This page is a breath of fresh air. If I'm feeling a little low I just hit my bookmark. Keep it up
Nick Ward. San Jose, CA US - Fri, May 02, 97 at 15:06:30

Your photos are very beautiful! I'll sometimes come to see your photos.
Yukiko Tazaki. Kawasaki, Japan - Fri, May 02, 97 at 07:45:26

Like your web page. Am thinking of venturing into large format after 15 years in 35mm. Will never abandon 35mm but am cautious about spending too much on medium format. Prefer the simplicity of large format even though I have a Rollei-copy. Am still trying to find the best allround 4x5 to start with. Regards, Kevin Lee Sydney, NSW, Australia
Kevin Lee. Sydney, NSW Australia - Thu, May 01, 97 at 21:00:12

Hi, I've E-Mailed you also but want to say thanks again for the stunning photo's.
Sue Clout. melbourne, victoria australia - Thu, May 01, 97 at 18:14:22

Dear Tuan, I lived in Geneva last summer doing some work with WHO. My rockclimbing skills are about 5.12. And, I have been extreme skiing at 14,000ft. without difficulty. While in Grindelwald, Suisse, I hired a guide to climb Jungfrau (because I had not climbed a mountain before... with crampons, rope, etc.). However, a storm hit us during the night at the Monchschuhutte, so we went for the Monch summit instead. I was very pleased with myself, as we rapidly gained the summit without incident and made it back down without any problems. My big question is this, Tuan: I am in excellent shape, and I have only Monch (guided) under my belt with alot of sport climbing experience. What is your recommendation to me if I want to climb the Mont Blanc this June with a guide on the easiest route? I believe I can do it without difficulty, but I would like some sage opinion on this matter, as I do not want to get killed. Thanks alot! Cheers, James Wilson
James Wilson. Cincinnati, OH USA - Thu, May 01, 97 at 07:55:18

Your photographs are very beautiful. Please visit to my homepage(toshi's Photo Gallery).
Yamamoto Toshimitsu. Kanazawa, Ishikawa Japan - Wed, Apr 30, 97 at 19:30:41

EXETER, DEVON UK - Wed, Apr 30, 97 at 07:25:09

Very good. Very useful. I'm going to Europe and I intend to climb Mount Blanc. Congratulations.
Marcos de Barros Cruz. Campinas, SP Brazil - Tue, Apr 29, 97 at 21:09:14

After months of looking for a good web on mountains and hiking, i finally found your's. Thanks a lot. Perhaps I'll definitly try to climb the Mont Blanc.
Domingo Escudero. Barcelona, Spain - Tue, Apr 29, 97 at 16:08:56

Really awesome gallery you got there.Absolutely the best one online. Outstanding pictures and with the best quality makes this site the best. Keep up the good stuff //Erik
Erik Leonsson. Sundsvall, Sweden - Tue, Apr 29, 97 at 02:06:37

As I try to put off studying for final exams I spend my time dreaming of the climbs I'd like to attempt. After a year of university and a year of dreaming of climbs, I've planned more trips than any climber could do in a liftime. Thanks for all the great photos and info to help a student keep from going crazy.
Chris Argue. Yellowknife, NWT Canada - Tue, Apr 29, 97 at 00:42:17

Cool photos! I enjoyed you site. Thanks. I photograph a lot on the Alps, it's not too cold up there but I found same problem with film cracking; AGFA 50 (neg) breaks easily, ILFORD seems to hold up much better. I have a q I have a question for you: I am thinking of getting a wide angle lens to use on the Alps, do you find a 24mm good enough? How about a 21mm? (for a 35mm camera). Thanks.
Jerry Lee. Zuerich, Switzerland - Mon, Apr 28, 97 at 23:55:12

Great Photos thanks for sharing them
Ian Smith. Cerby, England - Mon, Apr 28, 97 at 13:10:41

c'est une tres bonne page!
ryan oakes. boone, nc usa - Mon, Apr 28, 97 at 13:06:42

This URL(http://www.ai.sri.com/) is very interesting. I like those pictures, they're very beautifull for my. If you know any other URL of pictures like that, please send me E-mail!! BYE
Ales Cesen. Kranj, SLOVENIA - Mon, Apr 28, 97 at 12:50:47

I havent looked aT MUCH BUT WHAT I'VE SEEN I LIKE.
david carter
REDONDO BEACH, CA. UNITED STATES - Mon, Apr 28, 97 at 07:55:04

I just spent 10 minutes looking around your site. I will return when I have more time. You have the loveliest photo I have seen on the net. I immediately clicked on the stevenson tent because I have both the bag and the tent. The photo is so good it looks like medium format or larger. The ice climber shot is stunning also.I just put up my first home page. Looking at yours gives me an inferiority complex.I will have to study your html. Again, nice page, nice photos. Mark Webster
Mark Webster. tacoma, wa usa - Mon, Apr 28, 97 at 04:04:28

Just passin through
Mike McLaughlin. Cheyenne, WY 82001 - Sun, Apr 27, 97 at 18:59:41

thank you very much to show your marvelous pictures on the internet
Suvija Nutakul. Bangkok, Thailand - Sat, Apr 26, 97 at 19:35:48

Hi Tuan! Hope your hands are getting better. I'm actually off crutches and climbing again myself. Remember the wrist fifi trick for aid climbing! Stay patient and get strong again, Eric
Eric Hirst. Seattle, - Fri, Apr 25, 97 at 00:06:31

This is awesome! I am a beginner climber -- I am also only 17. I have done a little climbing in the Tetons, and although I wasn't very good at it, it was a lot of fun and I would like to learn more and get better at it. This is a good start. (I am more into backpacking now). Also, I spent 6 weeks in Alaska and saw Denali from a distance ... it was definitely inspiring. If I was as good a climber as you are ...
Rachel Coff. Doylestown, PA USA - Thu, Apr 24, 97 at 16:32:15

Just wanted to sign the guest book
Bob Harvey. Palm Bay, FL USA - Thu, Apr 24, 97 at 08:26:07

Very informative large format section
Javier Arriaga. El Paso, Tex USA - Wed, Apr 23, 97 at 22:17:53

Great site. You must put a lot of effort into it. I'll surf here often.
Chris O'Connell. - Wed, Apr 23, 97 at 20:26:12

Brilliant pics - but not even you can make it as good as really being there. However, thanks a million for trying!
Lance Housley
Barnstaple, Devon UK - Wed, Apr 23, 97 at 09:24:08

Really marvelous photos! I have a lot of respect for hardy individuals such as you. Thank you for the opportunity to view your lovely and exciting photography. Keep on going!
Cathy S. Barr. Jacksonville, FL USA - Tue, Apr 22, 97 at 17:50:04

Great pictures
Lasse Isaksen. Horten, Norway - Tue, Apr 22, 97 at 05:14:07

Thank you for the information about Mont Blanc, I might be going this summer.
Håkon Jordet. Norway - Mon, Apr 21, 97 at 11:28:44

Hello! I am a Norwegian climber more experienced in the world of climbing than the Internet. I climb all season - big wall, crag and waterfall. Nice homepage. With regards C.E.
Christian Eek. Oslo, Norway - Mon, Apr 21, 97 at 06:36:39

Intresting, when you talk of large format photography, you stop at 5x7. What about 8x10, 11x14, 8x20, 12x20, 16x20, and 20x24? Don't forget some of the larger large formats as they are still being manufactured today.
George Losse. - Mon, Apr 21, 97 at 06:19:14

Your site is getting cooler each time I get here! Nice new pictures Mont Blanc Pictures also very cool! You just have some I could not take on my expedition to Mont Blanc in summer 1996! CyA
Marcel de Cocq. Nieuwegein, the Netherlands - Mon, Apr 21, 97 at 05:26:46

hy. have you more information about denali for me!!!!!!!!! what think you about down shoes for the tent.have you use this?
Andreas Weber. freiburg, d baden - Sun, Apr 20, 97 at 10:38:39

Very impressive photography. Some amazing sights. If only my efforts were as good! Cheers!
Richard Bailey. Manchester, England - Sat, Apr 19, 97 at 04:51:07

just going up to yosemite this weekend to do some snowshoeing, wanted to look around here. great page, thank you.
bennetti, matt. san francisco, ca usa - Fri, Apr 18, 97 at 13:00:02

Erik Arisholm. Oslo, Norway - Fri, Apr 18, 97 at 06:46:53

What a wonderful collection of stunning photographs
Ian Ferguson. Hampshire, England - Thu, Apr 17, 97 at 11:27:31

Dear Sir, I read your attracting photos from Web. Those photos can really tells story of your hearts, which also what I wish to read from corner to corner. I'm now working in a trading company, with 2 kids-- 10 & 8 years olds, whom left me more time to pursure my photograph. I'm currently have Nikon F3, which I bought 12 years ago. And I started to print B/W photos some 6 months ago, and am still experiemtning each factors, which made my wife angay. You might have similar experience when developing photos. Simply to control each details on photos. So simple, while so difficult to control ti. I boutht a Rolleiflex TRL camera and sent it to Hong Kong for necessary maintenance. I'm now intend to purchase a Graflex Graphic camera from Amierica. Of course, the camera will be a 2nd hand. I have found some suppliers. But, I am still unable to confirm whom will give me expected equipments as expected. I prefer a Graflex Pacemaker Crown Graphic, or a Pacer Speed Graphic. Would you please kindly find a time to recommend the proper supplier for me to purhasethat camera from America? I understand camera is simply as brush for artis. However, if I could not get a camera with good function, will I get a high quality picture from my hearts. Would much appreciate your kind concern, we remain, Best Regards, Ming-Sung Lin
Ming-Sung Lin. Feng-Yuan, Taiwan, R.O.C. - Thu, Apr 17, 97 at 10:54:01

It's wonderful to know you climbing guys by internet, and if any of you have chance to climb in China, please contact me, I will like to help you. My Phone: 86-10-62754423, Fax: 86-10-62622584
Cao Jun. Beijing, China - Thu, Apr 17, 97 at 00:48:45

It's wonderful to know you climbing guys by internet, and if any of you have chance to climb in China, please contact me, I will like you help you. My Phone: 86-10-62754423, Fax: 86-10-62622584
Cao Jun. Beijing, China - Thu, Apr 17, 97 at 00:35:45

Want to learn more about large format
Steve Moody. Woodinville, WA 98072 - Wed, Apr 16, 97 at 23:06:46

Excel.lent web site!!!!
Ernest Bladé. Barcelona, Catalonia - Wed, Apr 16, 97 at 00:57:44

good climbs to everybody!!!!
Luigi Spinoglio. Lanciano, Italy - Wed, Apr 16, 97 at 00:38:15

Enjoyed your info on the Canham. Any thoughts about a way to get into large format on a tight budget and still get lots of movements and a sizeable bellows, i.e., the Graflex is not an option? I've considered finding a good antique camera, but they are hard to find.
Rand Collins. - Tue, Apr 15, 97 at 16:14:08

I am new to the internet, but while "playing" what a treat to find your web site. I am an avid climber (mostly Yosemite and High Sierra) but am looking forward to traveling in the future. Thank You for a wonderful session on the net.
Joseph Busby
San Francisco, Ca. U.S.A. - Tue, Apr 15, 97 at 12:57:38

This is a really well put together site. Makes the pages of those of us who aren't world travelers pale in comparison!
Steve Hagensicker. Wash USA - Mon, Apr 14, 97 at 22:01:54

read some of your zone vi reviews. I own one for 4 years Paid $1000.00 new and was the best wooden camera available for the money even for humid and hot Florida. The wisner was to expensive for what it had to offer and I do not think it was as good as the wisner, but of course this was before calumet . What is this between Ron Wisner and Fred Picker?
Rudy Umans. Jupiter, FL Palm Beach - Mon, Apr 14, 97 at 20:17:58

awesome---i love it--a great way to pass the time daydreaming instead of working!
Matt Allen. ft worth, tx usa - Mon, Apr 14, 97 at 07:33:21

I found your gallery web address in a magazine called TRAIL published here in the UK. Thought I would see if I could access your photos. I have not seen much yet but it looks good so far. Thanks for taking the effort to put it up on the WEB.
J P C SMITH. BRISTOL, UK - Mon, Apr 14, 97 at 07:10:28

You have captured the essence of the wild places I so love - and teach others to respect. Thanks Tuan - your photography has captured what I can only remember. (I'm a lousy photographer!!)
Jim Streeter. Newquay, England - Sun, Apr 13, 97 at 15:03:57

Great Site. Just the laugh I need since I wasn't out climbing.
Shannon Deacon. Yakima, WA USA - Sun, Apr 13, 97 at 14:25:10

have been looking for info on Toho FC-45a. you have the only mention on the www. thanks, i now have an address to write to the company. this hit the spot.
Dan Corey
La Quanta, Ca USA - Sun, Apr 13, 97 at 00:38:56

Tuan, Great page. I am still exploring it so I have few comments. I liked the literature on the cold mountain page (technique, screw placment, etc.) I am new to ice climbing (actually I have never done it, but will be soon)and found the material interesting and informative. Exactly what I was looking for.
Torben Grumstrup. Rapid City, SD USA - Sat, Apr 12, 97 at 23:35:27

I really enjoyed hearing the recording of Ansel Adams. Excellent images and well presented. I'll be back when I have more time.
Mike Williams. Spokane, WA USA - Sat, Apr 12, 97 at 19:48:33

Hi Tuan, thanks for this page, it has been very useful for my next summer trip to Chamonix. Saludos. Pedro Sánchez.
Pedro Sanchez. Madrid, Spain - Sat, Apr 12, 97 at 09:38:24

Really enjoyed your site. It's quite impressive. Very nicely done. Thanks.
Mike Jenner. Bakersfield , CA USA - Fri, Apr 11, 97 at 18:50:11

I thing your page has become the home of climbing on the web, whenever I'm surfing I have to stop by and say hi
Dale Bish. Davis, CA USA - Fri, Apr 11, 97 at 17:46:14

Thanks for providing the great information herein. I originally found you via a large format web search. I recently purchased a Toyo 45AII and have been having a ball getting into large format for the first time... what a trip! I have been in and out of professional photography since I was a teenager and at 44 I have seen a lot changes in image making over the years due to our wonderful technology age. But, there is something very wonderfully simple about large format photography that is hard to describe. There's not many gizmos to play with; just a few simple movements and my imagination. Makes for better pictures, I think. Again, thanks for your efforts on this site. I plan on visiting often. Tad Dorsey
Tad Dorsey. Early, TX USA - Fri, Apr 11, 97 at 17:00:04

SACRAMENTO CA , CA SACRAMENTO - Fri, Apr 11, 97 at 13:54:34

Great pictures on the big wall. All around wonderful site!
Josh Bartels. Cedar Falls, IA USA - Fri, Apr 11, 97 at 09:26:14

Why? Oh, okay. I appreciate the work you've done to make this info available. I've been climbing off & on since '71. Local crags in Minn., S.D. Needles, Devil's Tower, Wind Rivers, Tetons, RMNP, & Red Rocks. My immediate goals are to do a long roped solo in Red Rocks and Pervertical Sanctuary on the Diamond. I'm geeting too old to have any long range plans! Bye!
Jim Craighead. Stewartville, MN USA - Thu, Apr 10, 97 at 13:12:49

Searched for Arca Swiss info; found your LF photo page. This led me to your Yosemite page and Climbing page. This is great stuff! I'll be back when I have more time.
Ian Dodd. LA, CA USA - Thu, Apr 10, 97 at 08:18:22

Like one of your previous visitors I found your address in an English walking mag. TRAIL. What superb pictures. I've taken one to set as "wallpaper" on my pc so when the screen saver comes on I can see fabulous mountain scenery instead of the dreary walls of the office. Bad for concentration though - I start dreaming instead of working. Thanks for a super page - you've obviously put a great deal of effort into it. Best Wishes Joy
Joy Davies. Southport, UK - Thu, Apr 10, 97 at 06:05:04

I like your home page a lot! The script at the bottom, the layout and especially the pictures. I live in NC-the climbing here is pretty good; I do some leading but it looks like your into some tough stuff! Congradulation!
Brian Wilson. Raleigh, NC USA - Wed, Apr 09, 97 at 21:04:27

Bravo! You have an absolutely incredible collection of photographs. I just began my mountaineering last August when I climbed Mount Shasta. I leave for Mount Rainier in just over a month and then back to Mount Shasta at the end of July. I'm trying to determine whether I have the 'bug' or not. If I do, I'd certainly like to believe that Mount McKinley is in my future. If not, at least I got to enjoy your climb from the comfort of my office at UC Irvine, where I'm the Business Manager for the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Best wishes.
Larry Buttrey. Long Beach, CA USA - Wed, Apr 09, 97 at 12:06:23

Excellent Tuan! I read from your Yosemite page often. I am planning a trip to Yosemite in May to do a bit of free climbing and find your site entertaining and useful in learing bit about the valley routes, the setting and the characters. I'd love to do some aid some time but aid partners are vveerrry scarce in Texas. Again, I enjoy your site. Cheers, Steve Mays
Steve Mays. Dallas, TX 75252 - Wed, Apr 09, 97 at 11:30:03

please put me on you mailing list.
Rob Salazar. sacto , ca U.S - Tue, Apr 08, 97 at 13:47:16

I really enjoyed your pictures! I will be using one of the thumbnails on a web page (http://sun3.lib.uci.edu/~sclancy/teddy/goals.htm) for a class I am teaching, if that's OK. I have included your copyright notice and link to your page. Thanks!
Steve Clancy. Irvine, CA 92623 - Tue, Apr 08, 97 at 10:47:59

I really enjoyed your pictures! I will be using one of the thumbnails on a web page for a class I am teaching, if that's OK. I have included your copyright notice and link to your page. Thanks!
Steve Clancy. Irvine, CA 92623 - Tue, Apr 08, 97 at 10:45:44

Superbe site, avec des photos de grande qualité, et un soin dans la présentation comme on aimerait en voir plus souvent. Félicitations ! ! !
Julien BEAUSSERON. LYON, FRANCE - Tue, Apr 08, 97 at 02:02:38

Nice pics. I'm currently serving a stint as the Treasurer of the [Australian] Army Alpine Association (AAA). Last major expedition was to the Pamirs, in Tajikistan, Jul-Aug 96. A AAA team has just departed for Dhaulagiri I in the Nepali Himalayas. Expeditions to Aconcagua in the Andes (Dec 97) and McKinley in Alaska (May 98) on the drawing board.
Major Carl Johnson. Canberra, ACT Australia - Mon, Apr 07, 97 at 22:51:49

Excellent photgraphs and well designed pages! Well done. Regards Jim
Jim Finnie. Aberdeen, Scotland - Sat, Apr 05, 97 at 10:32:55

Hi there Tuan, I came straight here before looking at your site in detail (my scottish presbyterian folks always taught me to be polite), but it looks good so far. I got the url from a uk walking mag called "Trail" may 97 issue, so look out for more visitors from the UK. First thing for me is to check out the Alps section, where I've skied and done a very little climbing, so I'll get on with that now. Thanks for the opportunity. Bruce.
Bruce Penman. london, uk - Sat, Apr 05, 97 at 08:37:01

Hi Tuan, My name is Johan and I'm a 24 year old medical student. I have just read about your expedition to Mount Mckinley. I would like to thank you for all the usefull information I found about the mountain. I'm planning to spend my summmer in Alaska and thanks to you I have the possibility to plan my Mount Mckinley trip from Sweden.
Johan von Heideken. Stockholm, Sweden - Sat, Apr 05, 97 at 06:19:06

This is one incredibly full site !I mean it has every bit of photographic knowledge that most people ask for and can't seem to find on the net. Happily I'll be including your site in my limited list of links. My site should be up in about 2-4 weeks. I'll be putting together both my commercial photography and quite a few formulas for B&W developing. I really like the large format material ! It's better than View Camera !
John S. Douglas. Pine Beach, NJ USA - Fri, Apr 04, 97 at 21:35:14

beautiful pictures
melbourne, victoria australia - Fri, Apr 04, 97 at 18:14:50

I've meant to check your site out for a while, as I keep hearing about it on rec.climbing. Glad I finally did!
Simon Isbister. Toronto, Ont. Canada - Thu, Apr 03, 97 at 18:43:38

I do like your pages
Tanja. Zagreb, HR Croatia - Thu, Apr 03, 97 at 03:02:58

Excellent home page Tuan. Now that I am in graduate school and stuck in my lab all day I can't go camping or hiking like I used to. But you home page keeps reminding me that the wonders of nature are still out there and someday I will be out there again.
Bryan Severyn. State College, PA USA - Wed, Apr 02, 97 at 21:34:00

Tuan,I had just sighed the guestbook and said I like looking at animals in the wild(realized I was in the wrong site,sorry) I like your pictures of alaska,hope to visit there some day. that is my dream vaccation.well that's it.Take Care.
steve puck. westmilford, nj u s a - Wed, Apr 02, 97 at 16:49:40

nice pictures,I like looking at animals in the wild,I love the outdoors.
steve puck. westmilford, nj usa - Wed, Apr 02, 97 at 16:38:22

Great Works! Tuan Many Thanks LTC
Le Trung Chinh. Los Angeles, CA U.S.A. - Wed, Apr 02, 97 at 10:24:38

your page is really good but needs more people who climbed the mountains
martha nilles
so. st. paul, m.n. u.s.a - Wed, Apr 02, 97 at 06:10:24

Really like your web sites! Any suggestions for novice climbers or mountaineers? Not much heighth to practice on in the Middle East...
Karen Kvashny. Jerusalem, Israel - Tue, Apr 01, 97 at 23:49:00

need pix of nude chics
vernon d baker
seattle, wa usa - Tue, Apr 01, 97 at 16:18:34

I was viewing your page with great interest. There is a Large Format photographer here in Florida: Clyde Butcher, we call him the Ansel Adams of Florida. There was a featured article in the last month Shutterbug. You should view his web page www.clydebutcher.com and you may want to link to his page. Also, I produced a videos series workshop with Clyde "Introduction to Large Format Photography: A Workshop with Clyde Butcher" that may be of interest to your market. If so, or you want more information. Contact me: Elam Stoltzfus Live Oak Production Group lopg AT digitalexp.com 904/674-2902 fax 904/674-2903 Thanks
Elam Stoltzfus. Blountstown, FL USA - Tue, Apr 01, 97 at 01:20:58

Hi, It's very nice for your page. We shared common interesting in photography only different is that you take much much seriously. One experience I got to tell you that I once used a gitzo 312 for taking stars in an evening of -20 C and after 45 minutes, the pressure of a FM2 with 300mm f4 made one of the leg curved. Be careful about Gitzo in extreme weather. Good Luck.
Andy Chan. Richmond Hill, Ont Canada - Mon, Mar 31, 97 at 18:24:48

Thank you for making this page, I liked your comments about some of the woodfields... I have a Tachi, and I'm quite please with it (hey, it's *poor mans* wisner).. I agree about the stability. :( Very nice, I hope you keep it updated!:)
Dave Greenblatt. Boston, Ma USA - Mon, Mar 31, 97 at 17:34:36

Marc Mejia. Berkeley, Ca USA - Mon, Mar 31, 97 at 16:49:52

Great home page - really like the Gallery. I could not seem to get access to the USAF Postscript test target - not sure if its still there. Do you know of any site that contains lens resolution results for medium-format lenses? Thanks.
Neville J. Parakh. Vancouver, BC Canada - Mon, Mar 31, 97 at 15:50:39

Tuan, If you come to Montana, let me know. Jerry
Jerry Buck. Missoula, mt 59801 - Mon, Mar 31, 97 at 14:45:30

Great page!!! I hope that one day mine will be as good - check it out, and mabe help me make it better.
Anders Kiel. Denmark - Mon, Mar 31, 97 at 05:42:29

Thks for all your pictures and comments about my beloved Alps mountains. May see you one day by there...
Christian COOPER. GIF SUR YVETTE, 91 FRANCE - Sun, Mar 30, 97 at 02:11:04

I like your home page. Its verry nyse. You shoald come to Iceland sometimes its verry nyse country.
Steinunn Þórðardóttir
Hveragerði, Iceland - Fri, Mar 28, 97 at 08:42:50

Excellent Site.....keep up the great work....! I love the diversity of the topics, as an avid ice climber its great to find a site with a variety of ice climbing topics...!
Robert Drake. Ann Arbor, MI USA - Fri, Mar 28, 97 at 06:40:09

Just felt I ought to sign in since we've been communicating some. I hope your sprain gets better.
Johnny Burkhart. Nevada, IA 50201 - Tue, Mar 25, 97 at 21:23:46

Beautiful photographs. Really enjoyed. Just getting into climbing and alpine hiking at 40 years old. Many inspirational images. Thanks.
Rory Eddings. Colorado Springs, CO USA - Mon, Mar 24, 97 at 12:07:20

Your wepside is COOL If you ned info. about climbing in Iceland send me email: sigur AT ir.is
Sigursteinn Baldursson. ICELAND - Mon, Mar 24, 97 at 03:56:20

Greetings from the truly Great White North! Great page, Tuan! (Looking for info on the Haute Route for a summertime hike!)
Barry Clarke. Fort Simpson, NT Canada - Sun, Mar 23, 97 at 22:23:18

This page is awesome!! I love the outdoors. God's glorious creation! It's breath taking. Only He could make something so beautiful and majestic. Thanks!!
Brian Murphy. Peterborough, ON Canada - Sun, Mar 23, 97 at 18:32:46

Thankyou for your page. which is now on my favourite places. I found your Chamonix page v.good as I and friends plan a trip next year.
simon dawson. Rawtenstall, Lancashire England - Sun, Mar 23, 97 at 01:09:14

I am not going to ask any questions, I just want to say, that I really enjoyed the tour through the photo gallery. Such fantastic pictures give stuff for dreaming. Wish I were there....
Mia Stampe. Copenhagen, Denmark - Sat, Mar 22, 97 at 16:00:29

Nice Site, I intend to spend the summer in and around Chamonix and I am sure the info you provided will be of use. Sources of information like this are invaluable. Yours eagrerly awaiting the summer months, Feargal Buckley
Feargal. London, U.K. - Sat, Mar 22, 97 at 13:38:22

Enjoyed your page. I am interested in getting into large format photography. A long time photographer- industrial work mainly- with 35mm.
Curtis Carter. - Fri, Mar 21, 97 at 20:03:55

Hi Tuan, The Waterfalls are pretty cool to climb out here, they fall right into the Atlantic Ocean!
Luke Anthony Marshall. Hantsport, N.S. Canada - Fri, Mar 21, 97 at 15:58:53

Cool place.
Tadeusz Dziegielewski. Krakow, Poland - Fri, Mar 21, 97 at 07:55:28

Hey, this is a great site. I am organizing a trip to do the Haute Route in early May, and was looking for stuff to point my comrades at. I am an airline pilot, and on the side, a professional photographer, so I especially appreciate your excellent images. You're nice to share the accurate and helpful tips, too. Best wishes....
Alan Agle. Park City, UT USA - Thu, Mar 20, 97 at 19:57:09

Great pics, want to be back there !
Tony Prendergast. Stockport, England - Thu, Mar 20, 97 at 11:51:06

Very good photography....thank!!!
Giovanni Di Quattro. Rome, Lazio Italy - Thu, Mar 20, 97 at 08:15:24

Very usefull!!!
Sergio Parisi de Mello. Florianópolis, SC Brasil - Thu, Mar 20, 97 at 03:59:55

Cool Website
Dan Steaves. Co springs, CO US - Wed, Mar 19, 97 at 20:01:01

Love your home page and the spectacular photos.
Michael Rinaldi. San Francisco, CA USA - Wed, Mar 19, 97 at 17:30:42

Hey Tuan Even as a non-climber, I thoroughly enjoyed taking your slideshow. Great job! Thor
Thor Sinclair. Houston, TX USA - Wed, Mar 19, 97 at 14:27:46

Nice web site.
Doug Blane. Milton Keynes, N/A UK - Wed, Mar 19, 97 at 08:54:36

Cool data on BD screw strengths!
Steve Guay
Dover , NH USA - Tue, Mar 18, 97 at 16:34:21

Tuan, great page!!! Not only is it very fun to look at, but very informative with lots of links. You need too get some info on other areas especially for big walls. Where is Zion? Keer it up, Victor.
Victor Best
Boulder, CO USA - Tue, Mar 18, 97 at 10:03:45

I have been climbing for years when I was young (now 31) but now have time for business only, so I return from time to time to your page to think about old, good days. I like images on your page very much and hope to see some new ones. Take care, Jarek
Jarek Wywial. Krakow, Poland - Tue, Mar 18, 97 at 08:33:14

I would just like to take this opportunity to tell you I thought your home pages were visually very stunning. Unfortunately, I will have to wait another few weeks for the weather to warm up before my partner and I can start climbing this week, but your pages have certainly helped relieve some of the boredom. Take care and good climbing!
Graeme John Duncan. Oslo, Norway - Tue, Mar 18, 97 at 00:26:45

Tuan, I hadn't visited for some time. This is a beautiful set of pages, fantastic job! Peter
Peter N. Steinmetz. Baltimore, MD USA - Mon, Mar 17, 97 at 19:08:50

I went Yosemite last year,and looked up EL-CAPTAN. Someday I will climb there. I enjoy Your phote.
YOKO TAKEUCHI. Kokubunji, Tokyo Japan - Sun, Mar 16, 97 at 19:55:47

Great Pix, Wish us eastcoasters had these classics in our back yard. Well, we are trying to duplicate them here at Cliffhangers Gym in Reading,PA! If you got the time, drop us a line! See ya, Hayes.
Hayes Alan Knorr. Reading , Pa USA - Sat, Mar 15, 97 at 16:30:45

Tuan, How are you? I'm going to France this summer and need some information on rockclimbing in southeastern and alps region. I am an intermediate sport climber with minimal trad experience. I was wondering if you could provide any info or can direct me to a good source. Thanks.
Jim Santos. - Sat, Mar 15, 97 at 10:21:19

ABSOLUTELY great homepage !! As Freiburg is pretty close to CHAM and the rest of the western alps I appreciated gettting some more ideas on where to go ice climbing the next season . Take care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex Pautsch. Freiburg, Germany - Sat, Mar 15, 97 at 10:18:58

GLADEWATER, TX USA - Sat, Mar 15, 97 at 10:00:04

Brilliant site....thouroughly enjoyed visiting and will be back. Your pictures are fantastic! Currently live 1.5 hours from Yosemite and will be visiting tomorrow as the park reopened today. Your pictures have inspired me to find my ol' rock boots and get back out there! Who knows maybe I'll have my own pictures dangling half- way up El Cap soon! If you visit my homepage, I'm afraid it's only just up and running, but there is some nice pictures of Scotland (where I used to live before moving to CA) I'll be back!....Cheers.
Neal Evans. Clovis, CA USA - Fri, Mar 14, 97 at 17:35:20

Wow! is about the first thing that comes mind looking at your mountain/climbing photos! I'm really impressed. I've thought that there ought to be more climbing oriented photos out there, and I'm glad I stumbled across your site. Although there are a few images on my homepage, I've yet to scan most of the slides and none are as impressive.
Ciam Sawyer. Seattle, WA 98105 - Fri, Mar 14, 97 at 16:48:19

Thank you for putting together a web site on photography which we do not have many on the net. Best of luck. Al.
Alparslan Berik. Izmir, Turkey - Fri, Mar 14, 97 at 08:30:23

I like your home page.
Frank Landers. Portsmouth, RI USA - Thu, Mar 13, 97 at 15:21:15

great information! I am still looking out for some information on the bernese alpes (known as the Oberland Bernois). Do you have any info on the routes to the jungfrau and the normal way to the Eiger? By the way , there are great climbing routes in this area as well. I will be pleased to give anyone a tip on where to go for pleasure climbing.
Amy Sadeghi. Lausanne, Switzerland - Thu, Mar 13, 97 at 09:24:07

My climbing partner and I are looking to better our skills. We are very interested in the North Cascades and the more difficult routes on the volcanic peaks of Wa. Would be interested in teaming up with others who have experience and patience with intermediate skilled climbers.
chas pauly. pt. hadlock, wa jefferson - Wed, Mar 12, 97 at 20:09:36

I appreciate your work. Real nice.
John Talmage. Jacksonville,, FL USA - Wed, Mar 12, 97 at 09:31:44

I am interested to start in large format printing. Maybe you have some advise.
Paul G. Guti. Tavernier, FL USA - Tue, Mar 11, 97 at 22:25:47

in french merveilleuse collection d'images des alpes merci il faut que l'amerique nous montre les alpes rien de similaire en france a ma connaisance encore si possible thank you
cooper. velizy, 78 france - Tue, Mar 11, 97 at 15:36:30

Loved the slide show
Tim henke. Casper, WY USA - Tue, Mar 11, 97 at 14:03:10

Le projet Chamonix-Zermatt est prevu pour fin mars, en regardant tes pages je voudrais deja y etre. Merci Anne Claire
bouget. Nice, France - Tue, Mar 11, 97 at 05:19:29

Nice site, very helpful with beta, and also for planning climbing trips.
Donnie R. Hilterbrand Jr.. Henryville, IN U.S.A - Tue, Mar 11, 97 at 01:09:26

Amoureux fou de la montagne, j'ai ete seduit par la qualite et la beaute des images. Merci, c'est vraiment tres chouette.
Claude BRIE. RENNES, FRANCE - Mon, Mar 10, 97 at 23:33:45

Nice pictures.
Nathan Huddle. Bellingham, WA USA - Mon, Mar 10, 97 at 17:03:40

Thanks for the virtual climbing. I have climbed since 1974, but in the last few years have spent most of my time sitting in an office without windows. Your pictures and stories make life bearable.
norbert kartner. Toronto, ON Canada - Mon, Mar 10, 97 at 15:43:56

cool page
nick's virtual climbing rack. ny, ny usa - Mon, Mar 10, 97 at 14:09:35

Congratulations for your excellent pictures. I've climbed the mountain last summer and I missed all my pictures because my camera was freezed. I've liked very much to see yours that help me to remember. Best regards.
Enrique Lozano. Valencia, Spain - Sun, Mar 09, 97 at 11:11:37

Great Photos
David Ports. Marathon, WI - Sun, Mar 09, 97 at 10:02:12

Great job providing very useful and inspiring info. I'm thinking of a mountaineering trip to the Alps this summer and your page has given me a jump start on planning. Thanks! FYI. I worked at SRI in the Business Consulting Group (now SRIC) for 4+ years. Left in 1995. Hope all is well for you there. Ciao, M.A.
mary ann beyster. - Sun, Mar 09, 97 at 08:21:24

Juste pour signer mais je t'ai écris à sri.com aujourd'hui (8 mars).
Pierre Bonamour
- Sat, Mar 08, 97 at 05:52:54

The url goes to the school where I am head master. Sorry, my first E-mailadress was not correct
Hans-Gustaf Ekholm. Borgholm, Sweden - Fri, Mar 07, 97 at 11:36:04

These are some of the best pictures I have seen. I too am a mo am a mountaineer and I frequently take pictures on my climbs. I use a Nikon N6006.
Chris Rummel. Pullman, WA USA - Thu, Mar 06, 97 at 14:33:41

i like your photos.
catalin tigau
bucuresti, ph romania - Wed, Mar 05, 97 at 23:57:00

Great photography I am just gettng into large format and found your material great and inspiring Thanks Mike
Mike Greenberg. San Jose, CA 95131 - Wed, Mar 05, 97 at 22:28:37

Very interesting pages.
jollyjim. - Wed, Mar 05, 97 at 21:06:16

I like this web page. Its much more interesting than most of the other web sites on the Internet. The photographs that were taken are excelent.
Mark Large. Knoxville, TNN. United States - Wed, Mar 05, 97 at 13:51:42

I was looking for a page like yours for months. I am from Greece the country of Zeus and Aphrodite. I am interested in climbing and i would be glad if you could send me some internet addresses of climbing gear companies. I am looking forward reading from you yours sincerely G.LOUIZIS
george louizis. thessaloniki, greece - Tue, Mar 04, 97 at 23:00:05

I'm working for a magazine here in Japan, and would like to introduce your mountain page to our readers. Would you agree if I put your page address on it? Please tell me if this causes any inconvenience to you, asap. The magazine sees to feature mountaineering and outdoor sports for the next issue (April-May). Yours Sincerely: Masahiro YASUDA
masahiro YASUDA. Tokyo, Japan - Tue, Mar 04, 97 at 19:55:05

Nice Ice photos You seem to get around alot. hope to see you in the valley or cascades some time. Thanks for working so hard on this elaborate page. It keeps climbers trapped in the rain semi sedated.
matt w. stuart-falwell. murray, ky USA - Tue, Mar 04, 97 at 11:57:57

Great site which I visit quite often (large format area)!
Mike Tinsley. Tunbridge Wells, Kent |England - Tue, Mar 04, 97 at 05:49:34

Neophyte Big waller trying not to act like a geeky engineer.
Eric R. Bennett. Lynnwood, WA USA - Mon, Mar 03, 97 at 20:13:13

looks good hope to be in Yosemite to do some easy clombs in June
Janet Maguire. London, England - Mon, Mar 03, 97 at 14:44:17

Very nice shots and extremely well arranged. And thanks so much for sharing your journies with the many who will visit your site on the WEB. I'll provide a link from our church homepage. Stunning images! Peace & Blessings, Ted
Rev. Ted Newcomb. Mount Bethel, PA USA - Sun, Mar 02, 97 at 16:11:53

One of the best "mountain-sites" on the web. Super !
Wim Roelants. Vosselaar, Belgium - Sun, Mar 02, 97 at 13:19:31

Sensacional colección. Enhorabuena
Mariano Val Ibáñez. Zaragoza, Spain - Sun, Mar 02, 97 at 01:33:09

I really like your review on Nikon N8008/N90. It seems you exploited all the capabilities of these cameras. I was so undecided on which one to buy. But I think I will go for non-D lenses and N8008s/MF21/SB24. Unfortunately, I can only buy them used. Anyway, I better keep my FM2 too.
Tien Dinh. Austin, TX USA - Sat, Mar 01, 97 at 05:57:48

great pictures... i did leaning tower in 1987, but only had an instamatic with three or four shots left...
hal throolin. shoreline, wa usa - Fri, Feb 28, 97 at 21:51:04

Tuan I have gotta say "well done mate"! FANTASTIC info about your climbs. You are a wild man :-) I have added your URL to my adventure section. I have some decent picts of the Austria and Italian Alps there too! Take care and keep "Stretching" yourself to new heights, Matt.
Matt Burke. Sydney, NSW Australia - Fri, Feb 28, 97 at 21:03:02

None so far. Maybe later. :)
Jack Quek. Singapore, Singapore Singapore - Fri, Feb 28, 97 at 11:45:39

Very nice page. I used to do some rock climbing, I'm too old and out of shape for it today (plus I wasn't very good). I still enjoy backing packing trips to Colorado, or Wyoming every summer. Looking at your photos will have to do until August.
Jim Thompson. Houston, TX USA - Fri, Feb 28, 97 at 11:42:05

I was lucky enought to live in Alaska for two years. However, I'm not a climber and wish I had started years ago.
Algan Lake III. Cheyenne, WY wy USA - Thu, Feb 27, 97 at 21:31:15

excellent info and entertainment
smokin' joe
ballard , wa usa - Thu, Feb 27, 97 at 12:02:16

Pozdrowienia z Polski.
Wojciech Soko³owski. Koszalin, Poland - Thu, Feb 27, 97 at 04:13:38

My son Ryan and I would like to express our thanks for your sharing your photographs of Mt. McKinley, they are fantastic!
Mike & Ryan Burt. Denver, CO - Wed, Feb 26, 97 at 22:57:16

That's quite a collection of photos. I spent six months in South America last year, and unfortunately did not spend enough of that time in the Andes. I'm hoping to return to Northern peru this fall, I have to see the Cordillera Blanca. Why I didn't stay an extra month when I was there. Kicking myself slowly. Thanks for the pictures.
Paul Hawman. Toronto, On Canada - Wed, Feb 26, 97 at 21:37:27

Thanks for the great site. Drop me a line for beta when you decide to head for Wyoming Ice.
Todd Cozzens. Cody, Wy US - Wed, Feb 26, 97 at 18:43:20

Envy your trip up Danali. Could a person 56 years old in reasonable condition make the trip?
jerry morris. pewee valley, ky 40056 - Wed, Feb 26, 97 at 08:16:17

I am a big fat booger who just happens to love climbing. Your site sucks..............NOT !!!!!
Adelaide, SA Australia - Wed, Feb 26, 97 at 02:23:00

I like this stite. I think this it's the best Mountain site on the net till so far. CyA
Marcel. the Netherlands - Tue, Feb 25, 97 at 10:59:14

Hello! I was just surfing by and found your page and descided to say hello to all other climbers and to you.
Magnus Oberg
Alvsbyn, - Sweden - Tue, Feb 25, 97 at 02:09:53

I think I know you more than I know my climbing partners! I love your essays, especially the one about Ky-Van. I'm sorry to hear you couldn't mix climbing with a relationship.
Jimmy Kwan. Los Angeles, CA USA - Tue, Feb 25, 97 at 02:00:46

Hi! I was just writing cause I found your page! Its really cool! Congratulations
Emma . CANBERRA, DEAKIN ACT 2600 - Mon, Feb 24, 97 at 19:40:08

Super page, enjoyed the photos especially..thanks
Dave Bulson. Podunk, NY US of A - Mon, Feb 24, 97 at 09:28:15

hey tuan, your mountaineering site is absolutely great. i esp. enjoyed the sections on Mt. Blanc (did the tour du mont.blanc in '94) and mountain photography (aspiring). very well researched and lots of good links.
riley morton. bellingham, wa usa - Sun, Feb 23, 97 at 23:49:46

I'm doing a research paper on what my future goals to become a gude for climbing and mountaineering.If you have Any info or hnd have gotten up seven walls. Had my first solo wall this summer, (prow) and can't wait for more.
Shawn MacRae. gunnison, CO USA - Wed, Oct 23, 96 at 11:20:07

Too bad about your wet ice experience in my state. Though it does occasionally happens, I think you were somewhat unlucky. Next time you must go to Lake Willoughby, VT also!!!!
Bill Arling. Windham, NH USA - Wed, Oct 23, 96 at 10:34:19

Being relatively new(but enthusiastic)to climbing,I've found your page to be very informative.I've seen you from time to time on rec.climbing.Keep up with your page.Thanks
Marvin D Beck. The Woodlands, TX USA - Wed, Oct 23, 96 at 09:57:48

very nice pictures...
jussi remes. umea, sweden - Wed, Oct 23, 96 at 04:15:31

Your Mont Blanc page is great; I'm toying with the idea of doing it sometime.
Graham Pearson. Edinburgh, Scotland - Wed, Oct 23, 96 at 03:57:39

Bonjour Tuan ! Félicitation pour ton site web. Il est très intéressant. J'ai bien aimé les pages sur les trucs et techniques, car je suis un débutant. Je te souhaites bonne chance dans tes futurs projets. Jean-Francois
Jean-Francois Bisaillon. Montréal, Québec Canada - Tue, Oct 22, 96 at 20:56:01

enjoyed the exciting photos and the wealth of information thanks...Gerry
Gerry Simon. kent, oh usa - Mon, Oct 21, 96 at 22:59:55

enjoyed the exciting photos and the wealth of information thanks...Gerry
Gerry Simon. kent, oh usa - Mon, Oct 21, 96 at 22:59:52

Your photos are great!!! You are welcom to our tourclub's home page ( pluto.iis.nsk.su/Tourism/) We have some photos, too. Thank you!
Kobitsky Andrey. Novosibirsk, Russia - Sun, Oct 20, 96 at 22:07:56

Lovely, lovely work, Tuan. I much appreciate all the material on large format photography. I want to move in that direction, and this material will be useful. And your adventure photoaving problems with your relationship. Best of luck in working it out. my regards. Tri
Tri Hoang. San Jose, Ca USA - Sun, Oct 20, 96 at 10:48:11

Surfing in San Diego. Cool page.
Kevin Ohlin. San Diego, CA USA - Sun, Oct 20, 96 at 09:59:15

I like your site very much (nice photos...:)
Primoz Poklic. Slov. Konjice, sLOVEnia - Sun, Oct 20, 96 at 06:55:01

Great pages. Nice photos. I wanted to correct one thing however. The glacier which leads to McKinley is spelled KAHILTNA not Kahilna. Good climbing to you!
Dennis Busch. AK USA - Sat, Oct 19, 96 at 23:13:46

A very cool page for a climber to look at. I ice climb and mountain climb myself and your pictures blew me away. You should send them to a magazine. What is this most dangerous climb you've had?
Jolene Blanchard. Thunder Bay, ONT CANADA - Sat, Oct 19, 96 at 11:38:54

Nice pages, good information!
Reindert Lenselink. Leiderdorp, ZH The Netherlands - Sat, Oct 19, 96 at 07:28:29

You have put together some wonderful pictures in a great page here. I believe this is the best I've seen. Good job I am really into the mountaineering side of climbing, and I really enjoyed seeing your photos!
Kenneth Ferguson. Memphis, TN Shelby - Fri, Oct 18, 96 at 09:16:31

I found the web page very informative and useful for me as a large format camera user. The part on large format camera lens interest me most. I have kept a copy of the lens data that you have offered. I hope to see more on your view on digital imaging and its impact on large format photography.
Dr. W. K. Lam. Hong Kong, China after 1997 - Fri, Oct 18, 96 at 08:42:10

Beautiful images, why not add some from the pyranees?
guy jackson
London, uk - Fri, Oct 18, 96 at 07:25:52

Best mountaineering pages i have seen on the net
Hafnarfjörður , Iceland - Fri, Oct 18, 96 at 07:22:51

Hi Tuan.... Thanks for such a great page. I've been climbing for about 4 or 5 years. I've had 3 shots at Washington Column and really have enjoyed it. I plan to solo it this comming spring or summer, probably around the May to July time. I can't wait to get back out. Take care and have fun with your next climbing excursion. -Jon
Jon Schmidt. San Clemente, CA USA - Thu, Oct 17, 96 at 20:14:32

Your page and impressions have been extremely helpful as I plan a Denali trip for 1997. I actually work jsut around the corner from SRI at Informix. It would be my pleasure to buy you lunch someday and pick your brain some more. 415-926-6903. Thank-you Brian Pierosn
Brian Pierson. Santa Cruz, CA USA - Wed, Oct 16, 96 at 22:48:49

Excellent, well done on a brilliant gallery of the mountains etc
Kevin Scott
Howick, Natal South Africa - Wed, Oct 16, 96 at 05:23:31

Hello again Great indeces to climbing sites and I have added your links to my home page (http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/D_Faulks3/)to encourage other English climbers on the Net. I would welcome any other info from your "readers" on European sites in particular. Please mail me and/or visit my Home Page.
David Faulks. London, England - Tue, Oct 15, 96 at 15:09:04

Hi Ho! This is wreck.climber Tom Kenney. I like your page, especially the photos of the Leaning Tower. YIKES!!! I also tune in to your occasional TRs on wreck.climbing. I left my link so you can look at my (crummy) photos and my (boring) trip reports. As of now, I've only got three stories, but more are on the way! I was hobbling around Yosemite (broken leg!!) this weekend (Oct 10-14) and saw a bunch of climbers on El Cap, WC, and one guy somewhere east of Glacier Point (east of Staircase). Any chance you were up there somewhere? (8^D) Bye for now! Tom Kenney
Tom Kenney. Reseda, CA USA - Tue, Oct 15, 96 at 10:48:40

Nice page with lots of useful information
Dave Adams / Siera Mtn. Guides. Minden, Nv USA - Tue, Oct 15, 96 at 08:22:34

thank you, Tuan, for an excellent resource. it is personal sites like this one, and the efforts of individuals like you, that make the www worth exploring. fwiw, i am a fair climber (mera peak, khum dalre peak, denali, alpamayo, el cap, etc) but sadly a poor photographer (technically sound but without vision). how i wish you were with me to photograph some of mountains i have seen (esp in nepal & tibet).
michael mulholland. missoula, mt usa - Tue, Oct 15, 96 at 07:28:54

Cool. I'm just a little jealous. Wish we had your weather, I'd be out there five days a week.... FrodeB
frode bjerkestrand. bergen, norway - Tue, Oct 15, 96 at 03:56:22

They are really good pictures. I know it must really feel on top of the world when you are there, because you are. Thanks for the look cause I may never see them in person. Joe
Joe Brunette. Albuquerque, NM USA - Mon, Oct 14, 96 at 11:24:11

I just want to thank you for the incredible pleasure you have provided me this afternoon with your extremely beautiful page. I am a Spaniard studying my Ph.D. in Economics at UCSD, and I love mountains. Last year I went to Zermatt and I climbed the Dufourspitze. It was beautiful. We also wanted climb the Matterhorn but we didn't feel very confident so it's something I hope I will make in the future. Again thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences. I will be visiting your page very often. Best regards, Pedro.afternoon
PEDRO RAPALLO. SAN DIEGO, CA SPAIN - Sun, Oct 13, 96 at 16:44:48

NEWCASTLE, ENGLAND - Sun, Oct 13, 96 at 15:49:04

I'm still exploring, but looks great so far!
Tony Senior. Hemsworth, UK - Sun, Oct 13, 96 at 15:40:58

Wow. I am very impressed with your pages. Very informative I'm just as interested in mountaineering, climbing, and photography as you are. Truly inspiring. Good recommendat- ions on photo gear too.
Mike Hagen. Vancouver, WA USA - Sun, Oct 13, 96 at 08:23:40

Gave a fast glance & looks good - I'll be back later. I do LF (8x10) senics, found objects bid & small. Platinum prints are the final product. I try to do straight photography with vision!!
John Roseborough. Oceanside, CA - Fri, Oct 11, 96 at 22:19:44

I have no comments, except I hurt myself and haven't climbed I'm Horny for climbing adn right now this is as close as I get. I'm looking for a friend.
Stephen Collins. San Diego, CA USA - Fri, Oct 11, 96 at 19:28:38

Beautiful pictures for a wonderful sport in a wonderful environment which is nature. I've been very impressed by your wonderful pictures and the excellent presentation of your Web Site. I don't climb very often but I'm very found of of sports which are in direct contact with nature like canyoning or mountain bike.
ARNAUD Jean-Yves. Avignon, France - Fri, Oct 11, 96 at 02:42:24

Well done, the pictures of McKinley are other-worldly. I need the money, not the desire, to get involved in technical climbing.
Jason Gastrock. Anchorage, AK USA - Thu, Oct 10, 96 at 20:56:26

Beginner in rock climbing...I recently climbed the Grand Teton and interested in finding another Mountain that is doable for a beginner like me.Presently on rare occasion I climb at New Paltz Mohonk Mountain Preserve... The Gunks.. Let me know if you have any ideas.
G.Rettek. - Thu, Oct 10, 96 at 19:12:12

I enjoy your large format stuff!
John Turner
Berkeley, Ca - Thu, Oct 10, 96 at 17:17:45

Excellent Page! Put in a section of COLORADO stuff, this is where it's at.
Ben Myers. Loveland, Co US o' A - Wed, Oct 09, 96 at 20:43:28

I'm really impressed with the big wall climbing pics found here. I've been wanting to take a trip out there, but haven't had time. Thanks for allowing me the next best thing.
Tim Fletcher. Lakeville, MA United States - Wed, Oct 09, 96 at 18:19:51

RICHARD ERICKSON. CHADDS FORD, PA USA - Wed, Oct 09, 96 at 17:46:00

Tres tres belles pages!!!!!!!! En temps que francaise en postdoc a Baltimore (sombre ville!) j'ai vraiment apprecie de tomber par hasard sur ta page! Apres la periode "these" (a Orsay!) ou l'escalade a Fontainebleau etait deja un luxe, je redemarre doucement ici aux USA. Mais les Alpes me manquent, meme si mon niveau ne me permet que quelques belles voies. Si tu connais des grimpeurs (falaise montagne) dans le maryland, let me know!!! Un petit message en retour me ferai vraiment plaisir!!!!! Melanie
Bonhivers Melanie. Baltimore, MD USA - Wed, Oct 09, 96 at 16:28:18

I really like the pictures that are provided, they are spectacular. Here in Canada we have different rock formations, your rock is so cool to climb, I would think. We have rocks with the tinyest holds, and mountains of snow.
dennis gandner
sparwood, british columbia canada - Wed, Oct 09, 96 at 13hr> I have not yet looked at your site. But, you have the right topics. I do nature photography in the western USA. I also travel extensively throughout the world. I will be coming back here. Thanks
Dee Rees. Farmington, Utah USA - Wed, Oct 09, 96 at 08:07:19

Incredibly well done and informative page! Any beta and photos coming on the Steck-Salathe?
Dave Johnson. Sacramento, CA 95831 - Mon, Oct 07, 96 at 22:49:33

Hi Tuan, YOu have a nice website! Looks great! Regards, Huub
Huub Robroek. Mountain View, CA USA - Mon, Oct 07, 96 at 01:20:00

Thanks for the LF info- I'm still working on the decision to assemble a large-format system for myself. -g.
George Piche. Gilford, NH US - Sun, Oct 06, 96 at 14:21:56

Hello Tuan! This is my first time on the internet. I am going climbing today at Rifle. My friend, Geof and I went there yesterday. We had a good time working on our projects in the warm weather on a beautiful fall day. I am just browsing and will come back to you when I have more time. Have a great day!
Laura Schappert. Aspen, CO 81612 USA - Sun, Oct 06, 96 at 07:21:59

I find the work of people with a passion for somthing facinating and, as in your's it reflects in their work. Breathtaking
Mike Simmonds. derby, derbyshire united kingdom - Sun, Oct 06, 96 at 06:58:39

Brilliant photos of an area that I know and have climbed in. I have started looking through your indeces and they are very useful too.
David Faulks. London, England - Sat, Oct 05, 96 at 11:44:42

Thanks for a great looking page. I wanted to access Lg. Format page & ask if anyone has had experience with 6x12 rollfilm back for 4x5. I would appreciate (greatly) a reply. Thanks.
Jeff Rogers. Lexington, KY USA - Fri, Oct 04, 96 at 21:15:56

Really beautiful photography, and I am absolutely amazed at how quickly they load up. I have been using GIFs a lot but I am now sold on JPG. Nicely designed.
Lance Funston. Santa Monica, CA USA - Fri, Oct 04, 96 at 20:27:39

Great Pics and editorials.....do you have any pics of slovenia or North Carolina??? some climbs in NC are Looking Glass Rock, Stone Mountain and Whiteside Mtn.
BD Kluchar
Apex, NC USA - Fri, Oct 04, 96 at 17:25:31

Nice pictures!! I'm impressed by the speed with which they display!
Marc "RoadKill" Hertz. Van Nuys, CA USA - Fri, Oct 04, 96 at 17:19:39

planning Mc Kinley trip in 97. very much enjoyed your visual essay as well as your thoughts. i am new to mountaineering but have been bitten by the bug, and plan to do quite a few trips next couple years. Thank you again
tom feisthamel. boston, ma usa - Fri, Oc 10:30:46

Bonjour Tuan ! Mon nom est Claudio et je vis à Bale (en Suisse). Ton site sur le Mont - Blanc et l' alpinisme en général m'a beaucoup imprèssioner . Du travail comme on as rarement l' occasion de voir sur le WWW . Toute mes félicitations ! C'est un site que je vais beaucoup visiter les prochaines semaines... Pour ma part je n'ai plus guère le temps de faire des courses en haute - montagne. Peut-etre dans quelques mois...l été prochain peut-etre... Mais ton site et tes remarquables photos m'on mis l'eau à la bouche... Alors peut-etre à un de ces jours dans les Alpes...qui sais ? Claudio P.S. Excuse s'il te plais mes fautes d'orthographe ...ca fait un bout de temps que je n'ai plus eu l'occasion d'écrire en Francais...
Claudio. Basle, BS Switzerland - Fri, Oct 04, 96 at 05:28:11

Excellent images. Loved the ones of the Alps many areas I have actually climbed in.
James O Reilly. Cork, Ireland - Thu, Oct 03, 96 at 01:33:44

Beautiful pictures. Just browsing. Fire Chief of Beasley Fire/Rescue. Keep up the good work!
Tom Brach. South Slocan, BC CANADA - Wed, Oct 02, 96 at 23:54:25

ERIC L. WHITE. WEST SPRINGFIELD, MA USA - Wed, Oct 02, 96 at 23:49:13

Salut, j'alut, j'ai beaucoup apprecie tes photos du Nose, je grimpe moi meme assez regulierement, et j'aimerais que tu me dises ce que l'on ressent quan on realise une telle ascension ! A+ Vincent
vincent Van den Wiele. CAEN, France - Wed, Oct 02, 96 at 13:31:11

Great photos! but I'll bet you hear that all the time. For the photographically impaired like myself yours are a real inspiration. Thanks, I'll check back often to see what new things to inspire me you've added.
david croze. Kenai, AK USA - Wed, Oct 02, 96 at 07:55:48

Hi, Tuan! Nice, NICE site! I'm an avid mountaineer, too, with a bit of rock climbing to make it all interesting. After coming back from six weeks in Austria without a single weekend suitable for heading up into the Schladminger Tauern, your site is just what was needed to bring a smile to my face. Thank you! trane
Trane Francks. Tokyo, Japan - Wed, Oct 02, 96 at 06:13:08

I need map.
cbkim. - Wed, Oct 02, 96 at 01:54:52

Nice page very interesting. I moved here (CA) from Grenoble France last year. I'm actually British but lived in Grenoble for nearly three years. It sounds as if your interests are similar to my own. I haven't climbed anything since I got to CA so i'm hoping to get back in touch with teh sport at planet granite also. Hope to see you there A bientot Nick
Nick Ward. San Jose, CA - Tue, Oct 01, 96 at 14:39:39

Thanks - great images. It reminds me of working in Slovenia where I could see the mountains from my office. But. Even with millions of colours in use, I still had some color problems - distinct bands across the sky where the blue changed shades. It's a shame because the pictures are so good.
Adrian Platts. Birmingham, UK - Tue, Oct 01, 96 at 01:45:53

Excellent photos in the gallery. I made a link from my pages to yours.
Judith Kunst. Culemborg, The Netherlands - Mon, Sep 30, 96 at 13:26:50

Very interesting.
Graham Anderson. Oyen , AB Canada - Sun, Sep 29, 96 at 21:30:08

EVEREST climbing game Experience the thrill and challenge of planning and executing arduous climbs of the world's greatest peaks. This unusual strategy game features spectacular professional photography of mountains. Will you lead your expedition to great heights, or will you be overtaken by one of the numerous perils that befall foolish or unlucky climbers? http://members.aol.com/cascolysw/strategy.htm
Steve Estvanik. Seattle, - Sun, Sep 29, 96 at 21:20:59

Brillant site! Lots of inspiration, I've climbed in the Alps, now I want to go to Yosemite...
Kieran Sheridan. Dublin, Ireland - Sun, Sep 29, 96 at 14:39:35

Great to see that there are so many people interested in getting some feet under their feet!!
Steve Wilson. Golden, CO USA - Sun, Sep 29, 96 at 14:14:59

Enjoyed the visit, very informative and well presented. Keep up the good work.
Eric Hibbert
Manchester, England - Sat, Sep 28, 96 at 14:17:31

Great Images . well done!
Bob Norton. Dublin, Ireland - Sat, Sep 28, 96 at 11:22:27

Great homepage !!! Specialy Tuan's Mountaineering Page, It's one of my links in my pages (aficiones / hobbies)
Rafael Martinez. Oslo, Norway - Fri, Sep 27, 96 at 09:50:08

Thanks for the cool page. Im not really into mountaineering (yet)but love all types of climbing eg. sport, trad and aid. I am hoping to travel to your country soon but mabey you should come down to Australia (lots of great climbing) PS Im only 16 so it may be a few years till I get cranking in America.Thanks
julz bell
Blue Mtns, NSW Australia - Fri, Sep 27, 96 at 04:06:44

Some great pics!!!
Bruce Cosgrove. Sydney, NSW Australia - Fri, Sep 27, 96 at 00:55:30

nice page!! i'm very interested in mckinley, fountainbleau, himalayas, aconcagua, hueco tanks, yosemite, cascades, everything! am beginning to collect gear and experience--interesting to read your essays, etc.
Ben Doyle. Colorado Springs, Colorado USA - Thu, Sep 26, 96 at 14:53:37

Very nice Gallery! I am a skier/climber/photographer. I'm glad some people don't mind giving out tips. It shows lack of paranoia. Have a great day, Tuan Rick
Rick Antony. Portland, OR USA - Thu, Sep 26, 96 at 13:39:21

I enjoyed very much your site. It's vey interesting for me the comparison F90/F801. Bellissime foto! Ciao.
Alberto ISOLA. Genova, ITALY - Thu, Sep 26, 96 at 04:26:00

I love yours pictures
Michael Pedersen
Frederikshavn, Denmark - Thu, Sep 26, 96 6, 96 at 00:54:18

Fascinated by your pictures. truly amazing shots. Found you listed in the net guide magazine.
terry redmond. salt lake, ut usa - Wed, Sep 25, 96 at 22:13:37

Nice site, well structured and presented.
Tim White
Houston, TX USA - Wed, Sep 25, 96 at 11:02:49

Check out my web page and please consider adding it to your link areas. Also, on the Cold Mtn. Page I'd be glad to send digital images of Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon this Winter to monitor the ice conditions. Let me know. -=Dennis
Dennis Williams. Alpine, Utah USA - Tue, Sep 24, 96 at 14:09:06

I have an idea how you can possibly begin receiving income from your website.. please contact me if youre interested...
Robbie Rupard. Atlanta, GA USA - Tue, Sep 24, 96 at 05:53:48

A very nicely composed homepage. You must be very keen on mountaineering if you do such an effort in this page. I particularly enjoyed your Denali photo report, though as I more or less plan to go there since several years.
Hartmut Bielefeldt. 88699 Frickingen, Germany - Tue, Sep 24, 96 at 00:33:00

Enjoyed your site. Thanks for the information you made available.
Yumei Leventhal. - Mon, Sep 23, 96 at 20:00:40

You've got a wonderful web page. I love your photos! When are you going to have new pictures? Take care and have fun! John
John Tatsukawa. San Jose, CA USA - Mon, Sep 23, 96 at 08:43:09

Thanks for taking the time to put up your info! I'm shopping for a 35mm P&S to take on mountaineering/trekking trips, and that's how I got to your site.
Ken Krugler. Hong Kong - Sun, Sep 22, 96 at 22:31:34

Nice group of pictures
Dave Nicholson. Danville, IL USA - Sun, Sep 22, 96 at 21:22:50

Great web page! Gorgeous pictures! As a fellow 8008 user, and a prospective N90(s) buyer, I find your review very informative. I am interested in hearing from other Nikon (or any other brands for that matter) phootographers.
Joe J.. Sacramento, CA USA - Sun, Sep 22, 96 at 20:46:28

Our greetings for your beautiful home-page, and lovely photos. I'll be back.
Arthur C. da Silva. Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brasil - Sun, Sep 22, 96 at 14:42:32

Very extraordinary your photos! Congratulations!
Nathalie Boudreault. Repentigny, Queb Canada - Sun, Sep 22, 96 at 06:29:10

Please send me some more information about Mt.McKinley
Martin.Köppä. 2620 Albertslund, Denmark - Sun, Sep 22, 96 at 05:29:55

Duncan Gillies
Sydney, NSW Austrtalia - Sat, Sep 21, 96 at 02:03:18

The photos of Denali are stunning. I appreciated your advice on cameras. I have actually had good luck with an Olympus Sup[erzoom 3000 using Fuji Sensia (100) film for recent shots in the Canadian Rockies. The zoom is an asset over the Yashica T4s that other team members carried. I plan to do a slide-to-slide comparison soon.
Randy McNeely. Boston, MA USA - Fri, Sep 20, 96 at 13:50:08

Your photographs are exceptional. I'm 51 and just starting to do some nontechnical climbing. Your photos have gotten me even more excited about the sport. Thanks
K. Capps
Greensboro, NC USA - Fri, Sep 20, 96 at 08:21:51

These are very nice pictures!
Lennart Gerlagh. Amsterdam, NL - Fri, Sep 20, 96 at 05:58:56

Beautiful! I'm never been in the States mountains, but your pages are a kind of trip ...
Stephane Bocage. Toulouse, France - Fri, Sep 20, 96 at 02:32:56

Wow! What a great page on Mountaineering you have! I spent Quite a bit of time here. I thank you for the many downloaded shots of the climbing scenes. You should count yourself very lucky to have experienced all you have so far in your life. Do you know where I can find scenes of Mt. Everest on the net. I want scenes of climbers in action and photos that can be enlarged for use as wall paper. Have a great day!
Bob Ford. Devils Lake, ND USA - Fri, Sep 20, 96 at 02:00:42

It's very impressive webpage! Have you ever been in Viet Nam? Can you speek the language? I'm also interested in photography and enjoy the outdoor. I grew up in Viet Nam and lived there for 20 years. I havhave been rock climbing in England for four years, although I mainly just tend to do crag climbing but the pictures are totally amazing ! How does the portable ledge work ??
Andy Dixon. Cambridge, Cambridgeshire England - Fri, Sep 13, 96 at 04:50:21

great page
Douglas Dillon. - Fri, Sep 13, 96 at 01:07:57

Hello Tuan. I'm a fellow Mountaineer living in Alabama. Yeah, I know, you feel sorry for me. And you're right, Alabama is not the Mountaineering capital of anything. It only beats out Florida, Nebraska, Mississippi, and Louisiana. That is not good. However, Alabama provides me with quality Sandstone for me to hone my rock climbing skills. Where to you live? drop me a line sometime. Patrick
Patrick H. Patin. Tuscaloosa, Alabama Good ol' U.S. of A. - Thu, Sep 12, 96 at 16:23:05

Hello Tuan. I'm a fellow Mountaineer living in Alabama. Yeah, I know, you feel sorry for me. And you're right, Alabama is not the Mountaineering capital of anything. It only beats out Florida, Nebraska, Mississippi, and Louisiana. That is not good. However, Alabama provides me with quality Sandstone for me to hone my rock climbing skills. Where to you live? drop me a line sometime. Patrick
Patrick H. Patin. Tuscaloosa, Alabama Good ol' U.S. of A. - Thu, Sep 12, 96 at 15:59:32

Hey Tuan! Great work, but when do you go climbing???? Have you found time yet?? Especially the picture with the ice column is really fascinating!! Which ice axes do you use? If you have time come to climb in Swiss ice! You're welcome! Thanx for the page! One of thousands of climbers
Urs Stöcker. Davos, CH - Thu, Sep 12, 96 at 12:13:15

For a climber who is working at his Diplomathesis it was wonderfull and "mind relaxing" to look at your pictures during a brake.
Stephan Forsthuber. Baden, Austria - Thu, Sep 12, 96 at 01:02:41

An excellent page. The pictures are amazing (and well composed). The reports and beta are interesting. If I can't climb in the Valley, yet, I can certainly imagine what it must be like. I aspire to one day to big walls, so I currently just practice. I have aidid up a number of trad routes (clean gear only of course) to work out the system and speed. If you have any tips on aiding I would be very appreciative. Thanks.
Brian Connors. Springfield, VA US - Tue, Sep 10, 96 at 14:42:25

An excellent page. The pictures are amazing (and well composed). The reports and beta are interesting. If I can't climb in the Valley, yet, I can certainly imagine what it must be like. I aspire to one day to big walls, so I currently just practice. I have aidid up a number of trad routes (clean gear only of course) to work ou the system and speed. I fyou have any tips I would be very appreciative. Thanks.
Brian Connors. Springfield, VA US - Tue, Sep 10, 96 at 14:41:41

PARIS, FRANCE - Tue, Sep 10, 96 at 04:11:27

I think your images are magnificient.I would like to download them to put them in Decor.I am not sure how this can be done. Can you help? Irv Greenbaum
Irv Greenbaum. Houston, Tx. USA - Mon, Sep 09, 96 at 22:23:53

Dear Tuan. I found a lot of interesting things on your page. Especially I like the mountain photos. I myself extremely found of hiking and mountain tourism so,it was very interesting to me. I just preparing several pages about outdoor activities in Ukraine. That pages will appear as an addition to my pages at http://www.usemb.kiev.ua/Ukraine/ Anyways I was glad to to meet the person thinking the same way as I do and enjoy your wonderfool work.
Oleg Baranovsky. Kiev, Ukraine - Mon, Sep 09, 96 at 08:19:13

Inteesting, I am starting out as a hobby and found very useful information. Thanks
Rostant Ramlochan. Singapore - Mon, Sep 09, 96 at 00:42:33

Nice page
Egerton Boyce
Belleville , Ont Canada - Sun, Sep 08, 96 at 17:08:55

Excellent Site. Do you know of any climbing in the caribbean ? I know that there is some on Cayman Isle (Sports climbing).
Sid Siddiqui. Oldham, Lancs UK - Sun, Sep 08, 96 at 16:03:03

I often hear the criticism that the net lacks content. That will never be said about your fine page. The photo gallery is spectacular.I have some friends trying to talk me into Denali. These pics are gonna drive them crazy with mountain lust. Thanks for the outstanding effort.
Robert Farnell. Belleville , Ontario Canada - Sat, Sep 07, 96 at 18:53:34

Why do people climb? Anyone who has seen your pictures wouldn't need to ask! Have you ever visited New Zealand?
Sean Comber. Wellington, New Zealand - Sat, Sep 07, 96 at 18:00:56

What an amazing site! Marvelous photographs! I saw Denali (from the gound!) last summer and for the first time understood why climbers climb! I feel like I've been up there myself after seeing your photographs. Thanks for giving them to the world.
Barbara Kaden. Point Pleasant Beach, NJ USA - Sat, Sep 07, 96 at 11:44:52

Great looking page, thanks for the info Shawn
Shawn Huisman. Canmore, AB Canada - Sat, Sep 07, 96 at 10:24:54

Very informative, well organized. Pictures are just superbly shot! Thanks for putting up such a page on the Net.
Roberto E. Salarza. Iligan City, Philippines - Sat, Sep 07, 96 at 03:12:18

Enjoy your pictures. I just climbed the Grand Teton and wondered if you had any pictures of it.
Joshua Jensen
kaysville, UT USA - Fri, Sep 06, 96 at 21:00:33

Hey Tuan! Nice upgrade to the site -- I've been off the web for a while. Hope you're healing fast! Cheers P.S. note the new e-mail.
Clyde. Boulder, - Fri, Sep 06, 96 at 19:54:54

Nice Home Page! Could you give any helpful tip for big wall climbing? Thanks Cory
Cory Henderson. Huntsville, TX United States - Fri, Sep 06, 96 at 15:25:38

RICK WINN. ROCK ISLAND, IL ROCK ISLAND - Fri, Sep 06, 96 at 09:40:53

Lovely photos, Why dosn't it rain when you take pictures:-)
Andy Johnston. Wigton, Cumbria, England - Thu, Sep 05, 96 at 06:14:14

A very impressive place to visit. Your photographs are very good. They seem to capture some of the essence of dramatic places without hysteria.
Robert Miller. Portland, OR USA - Wed, Sep 04, 96 at 22:37:57

Hey Tuan, Cool photos man. Sorry to hear that you were injured. Climb and enjoy! Later!
TradMan (Forrest West). Hixson, Tn. USA! - Wed, Sep 04, 96 at 20:17:31

Hi Dude! Drop me a line if you are ever in the Virginia/D.C. area and want to go climbing.
Duncan Thomson. Vienna, VA USA - Wed, Sep 04, 96 at 10:26:29

Hello Tuan, Thank you for the site. I have a 4x5 Deardorff, which belonged to my late beloved uncle. It's still in very good condition, though I'd like to have it refurbished (expecially the metal fittings). Any idea as to who to contact? Howard
Howard Dinin. Cambridge, MA U.S. - Wed, Sep 04, 96 at 07:54:33

Your pictures are amazing. I'm keen on mountain hiking. I picked one (Mont Blanc) as a wallpaper in Windows. It's super.
Petr Novak. Prague, Europe Czech Republic - Wed, Sep 04, 96 at 02:09:19

Great page, some of the best photography I have seen on climbing and mountaineering. Absoulutely the best on the web!!
Eric Heuser. Madison, WI USA - Tue, Sep 03, 96 at 15:03:59

Your photographs are amazing and a real inspiration to view. I very much wish to get into mountaineering and was wondering what steps do you suggest to take to get me on my way. I am planning on taking a National Outdoor Leadership School course next year. Currently my outdoor quests have entailed spring and summer backpacking and rocky mountain and eastern mountain winter backpacking. I would appreciate any advice. i am a junior at the university of kentucky studying civil engineering.
Michael Schrader. Lexington, KY USA - Tue, Sep 03, 96 at 12:41:10

Thanks for the info on solo aid climbing! If all goes well, next summer I will be in Yosemite on the walls. Perhaps we will meet then.
Tramm Hudson. Albuquerque, NM Bernalilo - Tue, Sep 03, 96 at 09:53:02

Une Page comme je reverais de faire. Mais je prefere infiniment plus passer mon temps dans des choses verticales. Alors si tu viens au Baou, peut etre aurons nous le plaisir de partager le meme relais
Denis. Saint Jeannet, France - Tue, Sep 03, 96 at 01:57:50

Spectacular stuff! (Nice web site too.)
Don Leeper. St Paul, MN USA - Mon, Sep 02, 96 at 20:46:04

Salut, jolie page WEB. Je vais passer 5 mois en Californie a Stanford (depuis le mois d'octobre). Je pratique l'alpinisme et le parapente. J'espere que nous aurons l'occasion de nous croiser...
Marti Gaetan. Lausanne, CH - Mon, Sep 02, 96 at 00:41:22

Excellent slide show!! I'm an interested outsider in the area of mountaineering and alpine climbing. my experiences in climbing and and trekking have been under the watchful eye of Uncle Sam (i spent time in the military). the trekking i've done, enjoyable but limited, was in Norway and then in the Sierra Nevadas. anyway, i'm looking for some pointers on taking that first step into the endless world of mountaineering and alpine climbing. thanx a bunch, dan i.
Dan C. Ialenti. Weirton, WV USA - Sun, Sep 01, 96 at 08:57:22

I was hoping I could find pictures from mountains in tropical countries. I am from the Philippines and I've been climbing for about 2 1/2 years now.
Mellina Ching. - Sat, Aug 31, 96 at 21:01:18

Can you suggest how I would get started in the sport of rock climbing? I live in the southeast. Thanks for sharing the great pics!
Connie J. Lutz. MOntgomery, AL USA - Sat, Aug 31, 96 at 19:34:59

Hi, Tuan. I¨m a mexican girl who would like to meet you. Do you like to have a fascinating experience?
Claudia Leal
Monterrey, Nuevo León México - Sat, Aug 31, 96 at 13:31:53

Just wanted to say thanks for the link to our site, The Sharp End. We appreciate the traffic that this helps to generate. Sincerely, Hollan Holmes Redpoint Graphics http://www.redpnt.com/redpnt/
Hollan Holmes. Euless, Tx USA - Sat, Aug 31, 96 at 00:48:35

TUAN your page is the page for the wall rats.Great pictures, and great beta.
Aaron Silverman. Reno, NV USA - Fri, Aug 30, 96 at 15:27:27

Thoroughly enjoyed your photos and your comparison of the 8008 and N90. I have owned two 8008's and am considering buying an N90s, so your comments were of more than academic interest. GREAT photos! Thanks.
Prof. Bob Turner. Charlottesville, VA USA - Fri, Aug 30, 96 at 04:39:51

I haven't even climbed a steep set of stairs, but I'm off to Kilimanjaro in a month. Hey, you've got to start somewhere! Great site.
Jim Norris. west chester, pa usa - Wed, Aug 28, 96 at 15:28:43

Hi, Tuan, I am an associate professor of photography at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania. I have been working with 35mm for many years and recently came into possession of a 4x5. This is how I started over 30 years ago. I found your page and it is very, very helpful getting me back to using this format again. Thank you.
Paul Laincz. - Wed, Aug 28, 96 at 14:49:18

Nice site. I'll e-mail you some questions. Thanks.
Steven Falcone. berkeley, - Wed, Aug 28, 96 at 10:26:01

My daily buisiness is environmental management, with special interest in mountainous areas. A real mountain freak
Jeroen Aerts. Delft, Holland - Wed, Aug 28, 96 at 06:06:15

Great Site! Looking for beta on 1. Liberty Bell, WA 2. Mt Robson, North Face 3. Denali, Cassin Route BIG roadtrip planned
Barry Jones. Nome, AK USA - Tue, Aug 27, 96 at 16:21:30

Straightforward, informative site. I have been inspired to refurbish, reload and release the shutter on my old 4X5. Thanks, Rich
Rich Crossett. Louisville, KY US - Tue, Aug 27, 96 at 10:52:15

Since that worked...I will tell you more.....this weekend the rock was so hot we could not hold on. Dehydration had set in and we were out of water. It is not as severe as it sounds but it was the essence of the day. Heat, anxiety, lack of knowledge, fear of the unknown, let my partner and I to defeat more than once. The last rappel my figure eight tried to consume my prusik, just as I was standing on a ledge at the top of a completely new rappel. The slings of the top rope were not equalized and I could not get enough tension to let go because the last sling was too long...It was like.....let go...I dare you.....I could not let go.....I could not get up.....needless to say a good litre of sweat poured from my head.....interfering with an attempt to retie one sling with one hand......etc. etc. etc. but lived. We finally rap'd into a strange bear-like den chimney-type atmosphere....cool and refreshing.....My partner climbed first....only to send a truckload of falling rock and other debris, then finally decided to retreat. At one point, she went to take grip upon a huge component of the cliff....it crumbled, rocked, and then crashed down, landing on a ledge only to fragment into a thousand unpredictable destinations. She shouted 'rock'. But a last surge of awareness told me to keep the belay device tightly locked. Was she coming with it? Anyways, we lived. After that, we hiked 20 min. back to the boat (route accessible only by boat). Next time we must wear helmets. Thank you for listening.
MANITOBA, CANADA - Mon, Aug 26, 96 at 21:30:01

Know what? I think there is magnetic fields that draw me to different cliffs. I'm working on cleaning a virgin cliff. It is short, but dangerous. The rock is old granite, loose, and never encountered except by eagles, wasps, bears, deer, etc. It is nothing like climbing on routes someone else manicured and bolted and setting up toprope. It is a wonderful dangerous experience of finding your way. Something keeps pulling me to this place. When I am not there, I am dreaming about it.
MANITOBA, CANADA - Mon, Aug 26, 96 at 21:04:35

Nice home page, lots of info, keep up the good work. I'm just starting large format, so I appreciate your info pages on it.
Stephen H. Ellis. Huntington, WV USA - Mon, Aug 26, 96 at 19:28:25

Made good use of your Leaning Tower beta. Was a great help in our climb (documented in "So You Wanna Do the Leaning Tower." Let me know if you'd like to review it for possible inclusion in your climbing page. There's not much beta in my account, but I think I successfully capture the imposing nature of the route! Keep up the good work (and the great ice climbs). DMT
Dingus Milktoast. Elk Grove, CA USA - Mon, Aug 26, 96 at 12:45:37

Hi Absolute great pictures and info about the mont blanc range. I climbed the Dru this year by the American direct route. At the "block coincee" we continued by the classic west face to the summit. I can highly recommend this route, for it is very sustained very long and beautifull.
Jochem Baselmans. Groningen, holland - Mon, Aug 26, 96 at 05:19:00

I think that you have made one of the better photo sites. The information/noise ratio is very good. Your efforts show -- thank you!
Don Feinberg. Bet Shemesh, Isra, Aug 25, 96 at 22:40:50

You have a great page.I've linked to your page. Would you like to have a look and maybe do the same?
Hans Solmssen. Verbier, VS Switzerland - Sun, Aug 25, 96 at 14:27:57

Just a note to say "thanks" for including a link to my web page in your Yosemite page. I appreciate your kindness very much indeed. I was surprised to see, however, that there are evidently so few black and white photographers making Yosemite images these days. What would Ansel think of that! Regards, George Lauterstein
George Lauterstein. Wimberley, TX - Sun, Aug 25, 96 at 12:52:19

Looks great! Hope to climb at that level sometime.
Aidan Duffy. Dublin, Ireland - Sun, Aug 25, 96 at 10:51:07

Salut! Ca va? I'm afraid my French isn't adequate to write this note quickly. I've been looking at your photography pages to which you refered in rec.climbing. Cheers, Tom Donalek
Thomas Donalek. - Sat, Aug 24, 96 at 21:14:43

Gee, I love mountains, except I'm afraid of heights so I'm a dancer instead. Congratulations on climbing all these mountains, this must have been an incredible experience. I wish I could go on trips like this. Cheers, Adrienne
Adrienne Haspel. Budapest (temporarily in San Francisco), CtemporarilyA Hungary (temporarily in USA) - Sat, Aug 24, 96 at 18:36:03

"You can't help respecting anybody who can spell TUESDAY, even if he doesn't spell it right; but spelling isn't everything. There are days when spelling Tuesday simply doesn't count."
Bryan Wallis. Rancho Cordova, CA USA - Sat, Aug 24, 96 at 10:48:01

Superbe Web page! Je vais devoir revenir plus tard pour lire le rest. Il y a la de quoi faire un livre (a la Galen Rowel). Tes commentaire technique concis et detailles sur camera/lentiles et surtout sur les "practical shooting tips" m'on interesse plus particulierement. (J'utilise une N90 avec Nikkor 24mm et 80-200mm). Bravo!
Bernard Duchesne. Mountain View, CA - Fri, Aug 23, 96 at 16:31:25

Have you got any Andes pictures?
Willem Robert van Hage. Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Thu, Aug 22, 96 at 11:41:00

verry verry verry nice
chris jonkers. stockholm, sweden - Thu, Aug 22, 96 at 02:53:00

Congratulations! Many high quality photographs in an easy to read format - I like your style This sit-down site of yours is one of the most comfortable to use so far Yours, Adam Newcastle University Mountaineering Club Australia
Adam Bramwell
- Thu, Aug 22, 96 at 02:19:17

Climb and Shoot, what more is there to life?
Jim Bednar. Clifton, NJ USA - Wed, Aug 21, 96 at 18:32:51

I'm leaving for my second Yosemite trip and I found your link on the Yosemite climbing to be great! Climbed Commitment and Bishop's Terrace last time I was there and plan on using some of the suggestions on your page in order to decide where to climb. Would like to do one climb in the neighborhood of 5.8 that is four to seven pitches long. Got any good suggestions that I might not be aware of?
Alan Baker. San Luis Obispo, Ca USA - Wed, Aug 21, 96 at 15:56:32

History:Staff photographer for R.C.A.;General Electric:the Navy.I currently run a Linotype 3300 laser drum scanner for Discmakers.www.discmakers.com.You have a very nice site,thank you!P.S. I love my Toyo.
Ray Roda. Magnolia, N.J. U.S.A. - Tue, Aug 20, 96 at 19:46:14

Your pictures are great! recommended by hans--who I met at the Matterhorn.
sara boland. napoli, italy - Tue, Aug 20, 96 at 16:40:53

Nice to see hardcore scientists with a life! Look me up in Boulder where I'll soon be living.
David Fay. Baltimore, MD USA - Tue, Aug 20, 96 at 12:54:36

This is a fantastic directory. I am thinking about getting an N90 or F90x (in australia). I have been using a Pentax for all of my photographic life. I taught myself and now I want to go onto a Nikon system. If you have the time can you please write to me telling me some things such as: Without the SB26 (not the flash, but the back) is the camera still good? Also how much is the cable release? I am into long exposures, how much does it drain the battery? If I do get a cable release then will it drain it less? Thanx a lot and again excellent homepage.
Michael Popelianski. Melbourne, Vic Australia - Sun, Aug 18, 96 at 22:47:35

Gorgeous page. Your photos are amazing. Definately one of the most beautiful sites I've found.
Greg Casey. Vernon, CT USA - Sun, Aug 18, 96 at 09:21:11

Lewis J. Grace. Fort Worth, Tx USA - Sat, Aug 17, 96 at 22:04:55

This is the most impressive homepage I've seen. You take beautiful photographs. I'm a climber myself, and these shots are really inspiring. Happy climbing!
Kevin M. Mclin. Boulder, CO USA - Sat, Aug 17, 96 at 14:00:35

Merci de tes tres jolie photos et histoires de tes ballades dans les Alpes et dáutres montagnes. Je suis PhD student de Pharmacie a Utrecht (une belle ville a visiter!) et mon passe temps prefere pendant le temps que le travail ne m'oblige pas a rester dans le labo....est escalder dans les Alpes. D'ailleurs, j'y vais apres demain! Kind regards, Maaike
Maaike van Slooten. Utrecht, the Netherlands - Sat, Aug 17, 96 at 04:53:59

Your pages are very informative AND enjoyable. Some specific experience on equipment would be helpful, though I understand that could get touchy with some manufacturers.
John E. Meyers. Chicago, IL USA - Fri, Aug 16, 96 at 21:10:15

This is a good idea to possess a guestbook! How about the Russian large format camera? I am the European Agent for "The Kiev Report" Maybe you have seen it. Do you know that a Do it yourself kit for large format camera in Great Britain exist? The drawings for it costs approx Sterl. Pounds 29.- Depends on how much postage must be paid. If intersting for you I can see at home for an address! Otherwise I have seen a Woodworking company in Germany who Repair old and new wooden cameras, eg Deardorff etc. Also repair and MAKE ON YOUR OWN specifications a wooden camera. Hoping to hear from you, soon, Gerard . (by the way beside English I understand German too. In Germany a large Postorder Company sells also different large format camera.! If you need to fax: my fax nr: all time: +31 71 5 27 4900 Private fax: + 31 71 5 76 9283 ONLY working at USA TIME between 10.00 till 15.00 hour
Gerard W. van Beukering. leyden, netherlands - Fri, Aug 16, 96 at 06:26:20

Thanks for the info on Chamonix. I'am going there next week with my girlfriend to do some rock climbing and trekking. It's nice to get some first hand information. Regards, Ole
Ole Norklit. Aalborg, Denmark - Fri, Aug 16, 96 at 02:05:56

great photos...looking for info on Whitney, but yours was the only thing I could connect to.
Derick. seattle, wa usa - Thu, Aug 15, 96 at 14:06:52

Hey, I sure am glad that someone took the time to make a page (several, for that matter) to show some of the beauty that this Earth has to offer. I think that too many people take for granted the incredible place in which we live. I live in Utah, which is a beautiful place to live, but I can never take the time and get some snap shots to show everyone, and when I do, they dont come out all that great. I haven't gone to the picture tips yet, but I'll take some time some other day to see what you have to say cuz your pictures are zmazing. Thank you for taking your time to put this thing together. From a climbing comrade, Fabricio Olsson
Fabricio Olsson. Provo, Utah USA - Wed, Aug 14, 96 at 13:12:49

No comment, just enjoing the beautyfull pictures on a number scale of 1 to 10 you get an 9 for your pictures en the web site.
Danny Remkes. zwanenburg, Nederlands - Wed, Aug 14, 96 at 13:10:02

I was very surprised about the astonishing pictures of the Mont Blanc. They are the most beautiful I've ever seen on the net!! Please go on!
Geert Declercq. Belgium - Wed, Aug 14, 96 at 08:17:57

I love your photos, they are incredible. I have slowly been getting into adventure photography. I have been a photojournalist for years and love to adventure (climb, mountaineer, canyoneering) and seeing all your stuff has inspired me to continue to do this. I will be visiting your page often until I have explored it all. Thanks again, and keep up the good work.
Joe Lachowski. Orono, ME USA - Wed, Aug 14, 96 at 06:43:52

i stumbled on your page (isn't that the way it always works?) and was delighted by your photo's. i am a bit of a climber myself, but stick to pretty low level stuff, and generally prefer rock to snow. ( all i've had time to look at so far is the denali section - so i am assuming from that you lean toward the snow scene ...!) anyways, nice photos, nice narrative along with them, to give some feeling to your experiences. i look forward to finding some more time to check out the rest of your offerings. but most of all, **thanks** for taking the time to put all this on the web! i know it is time consuming, and i appreciate your effort.
shari mcbride. portland, or usa - Tue, Aug 13, 96 at 18:21:36

your photos are awesome. I have just recently purchased my system and have not set up an e-mail address and do not have a web site. However if you have any catalogs for mailing please feel free to mail them to me at 8910 hunter way Westminster, CO 80030 USA
Michael Munsch
- Tue, Aug 13, 96 at 07:06:03

My english is very bad. Congratulations for your page.
Francisco Salazar Campos. Santiago, Chile - Mon, Aug 12, 96 at 17:57:20

Orig. an AZ climber, I moved to Seattle for the weather and the mtn.s. Recently carried over on Rainier (up the Emmons, down the D.C.). Lot's o' rock to climb up here and not enough weekends.
cromwell, robert. - Mon, Aug 12, 96 at 16:08:00

Trevor Palin
London, England - Mon, Aug 12, 96 at 05:26:32

Great. More tips would be greatly appreciated by all budding enthusiasts (any more tips for climbing photography?) Cheers...
Andrei Woinarski. Wollongong, NSW Australia - Mon, Aug 12, 96 at 00:02:18

Awesome page. I have spent extended time traveling by canoe in the Northwest Territories of Canada, so am familiar with expeditions. I've always wanted to climb McKinley, so I really enjoyed the narrative and photos you put together. Thanks!
Russ Jones. Denver, CO USA - Sun, Aug 11, 96 at 18:04:06

Do you know of any good sites on the web to find out about photographing at McNeil River in Alaska. I would like to learn as much as I can and get a shot at winning in their lottery system.
jeff. overland park, ks usa - Sun, Aug 11, 96 at 17:37:10

great page and pictures - thanks for all the scenery to brighten up my screen as I work along - climb on bro'
Bo Turnbow. Bozeman, MT 59715 - Sun, Aug 11, 96 at 16:04:29

I liked the info you have to offer.It will come in handy . thank-you
Nick Vrtiska. Beatrice, Ne. U.S. - Sun, Aug 11, 96 at 13:55:58

another happy arca 6*9 user salutes
marco borggreve. utrecht, the netherlands - Sat, Aug 10, 96 at 10:17:49

I enjoy your page. I hope to join you in the pleasures of 4x5 photography soon.
Allyen Wilson. Stanley, KS - Fri, Aug 09, 96 at 19:38:09

Great Ice photo
Jay Harrison. NY - Fri, Aug 09, 96 at 17:12:49

I've been interested in moving into medium format photography but recently ran into a friend who has been praising large format for landscape photos. I'm currently wanting to expand my photography skills and am excited about the prospect of getting started in either MF or LF photography!
Kevin Smith. Boulder, co - Fri, Aug 09, 96 at 15:27:12

This is an excellent collection of information, links, and images. Great work, Tuan!
Jim Miotke. Seattle, WA USA - Thu, Aug 08, 96 at 22:03:47

You have captured it my friend... excellent photos, page layout.... my hands were sweating in some of the wall shots... best climbing page on the net!
Paul. Durango, CO USA - Thu, Aug 08, 96 at 08:11:27

A really nice home page! Thanks for sharing your images with us!
Ketil Waagbo. Stavanger, Norway - Thu, Aug 08, 96 at 00:47:19

Robert Anderson. Seoul, Korea - Wed, Aug 07, 96 at 18:00:16

This was the best mountain climbing experience I have had outside of being on a mountain. I have done some climbing in America (Rainier, Shasta, Hood) and South America (Aconcogua, Huayna Potosi) and was very excited looking at your Mkcinley photos. I am planning to go to Mckinley next year and seeing your pictures got me really hyped. If you can I would love to know how to download some of them. Thanks for making such a great Web page.
Martin Davis. San Francisco, CA US - Wed, Aug 07, 96 at 10:09:07

Hmmm... I am returning to large format field photography, and I was planning to get the ubiquitous spot meter, but I now wonder if the N90S will perform well enough. On the other hand, I have had a Leica M4 for many years, witht the MR4 meter, but the meter has finally reached the point of being unrepairable (the copper circuit board traces are pretty much dissolved inside, probably just from pollution), so I will need a meter for that too... decisions! Like your site: I'll check in again soon.
Tom Montgomery. Montreal, QC Canada - Wed, Aug 07, 96 at 06:08:46

Hmmm... I am returning to large format field photography, and I was planning to get the ubiquitous spot meter, but I now wonder if the N90S will perform well enough. On the other hand, I have had a Leica M4 for many years, witht the MR4 meter, but the meter has finally reached the point of being unrepairable (the copper circuit board traces are pretty much dissolved inside, probably just from pollution), so I will need a meter for that too... decisions! Like your site: I'll check in again soon.
Tom Montgomery. Montreal, QC Canada - Wed, Aug 07, 96 at 06:08:23

Superb pictures. I'm struggling with a heavy 8x10 on inadequate tripods! Where on earth can I find info about the fabled Ries tripods - even their address? Can any reader help? Thanks and safe climbing.
Nigel Goddard. Manama - Box2282, BAHRAIN - Tue, Aug 06, 96 at 04:41:51

I enjoyed the large format section
Darren Gunderson. Junction City, KS USA - Mon, Aug 05, 96 at 15:12:06

I have only had the chance to read the primer on LF. I was a heavy LF for about 2 years more than 10 years ago. I am trying to get back in it and your page is the right "medicine" for me. Thanks for the info.
Javier Montiel. Miami, Fla - Mon, Aug 05, 96 at 09:16:58

I'm and ice climber and aspiring photographer. Your cold Mountain page is most excellent. Now I definitely want to work my way up the grades until I can climb Cutain Call and Polar Circus. They're spectacular !!
Edwina Podemski. Edmonton, AB Canada - Sun, Aug 04, 96 at 20:28:00

I go to school in New England and am trying to get more into Mountaineering. I hope to climb some 4000m peaks in Europe next summer, and have found your page very helpful. Thanks.
Ray Hartwell. Richmond, Va. USA - Sun, Aug 04, 96 at 15:50:34

Nice site....interested in 4x5 B&W landscape
Ron Johnson. Brigham City, Ut USA - Sat, Aug 03, 96 at 20:29:28

beautifull photo's on your site. Unfortunately my site is in Dutch. Planning to visit your site more often. Bye
piet schild. dordrecht, the Netherlands - Sat, Aug 03, 96 at 09:26:08

Great page! Great mountain links! I found just what I was looking for
Sven Bruchfeld. Santiago, Chile - Fri, Aug 02, 96 at 14:41:11

Hi! I was searching for "salomon" + "norway" + "fish" and your guest book showed up! Best regards, torbjorn
torbjorn aberg. Oslo, Norway - Fri, Aug 02, 96 at 06:38:46

I was very interested in the section on X-ray machines- Thankyou for posting this valuable information. As a professional photographer myself I find this kind of information invaluable. I have been considering (before I saw this page) placing a blank film through and airport x-ray machine and carrying one through for manual inspection then processing them in the same tank to ensure identical processing, the taking densitometer readings of them to see if they had been fogged or not. If I do this I will send you the results if possible. Thanks again...
Mark Moughton. Huntingdon, CAMBS England - Thu, Aug 01, 96 at 08:39:24

A hobby climber stuck in the capital of Sweden. Not doing much climbing at the moment but are looking foreward to doing som later this year.
Lars Dalmyr. Stockholm, Sweden - Thu, Aug 01, 96 at 01:30:29

It' a very very cool site, I liked so much. It has been a nice surprise to find mountains photos on the net...I'm fanatic for Mountain! Sorry for my Z-class English...Ciao.
Carlo Baffe'. Bologna, Italia - Wed, Jul 31, 96 at 08:14:11

My compliments!!! => beautifull pix
Lammert Zwaagstra. The Hague, Netherlands - Wed, Jul 31, 96 at 06:46:32

WOW!!! nice photos I hope to see more of your soon Happy Climbing!!!!
Thomas Hezel. Philadelphia, PA USA - Tue, Jul 30, 96 at 14:05:16

Congratulations. Especially the idea of offering some information about your experiences along with some excellent photos is a great one. I'm still looking for the right equipment for backpacking excursions. I tried 35mm (Nikon FM2), 4x5" (Toyo), medium format (Bronica ETRS), and probably the Bronica is the best compromise but it's quite expensive.
Thies Meincke. Hamburg, Germany - Tue, Jul 30, 96 at 01:09:33

Excellent collection for an online gallery. The subject matter is quite exciting. Hope to see more in the future.
Ken Blankenbuehler. Linwood, NJ USA - Mon, Jul 29, 96 at 16:29:35

Cool page. Always good to see fellow climbers share their experiences thru pictures and stories!!
rahul ravel. porland, or usa - Mon, Jul 29, 96 at 13:27:01

It's wonderful to be able to see other people's climbs and pick up beta. Thanks. Dan
dan rampe. - Mon, Jul 29, 96 at 13:13:22

Would like some photos to download. Are there any available?
Jack Danner. Chattanooga, TN USA - Mon, Jul 29, 96 at 05:59:53

Thanks for wonderful photos and helpful tips
Massimo Polignano
Florence, Italy - Mon, Jul 29, 96 at 04:49:52

I'm an intermediate climber from Las Rocas de Suesca, a beautiful crag near Bogotá City. I really liked your photos and I would like you to see some of my own. If you are interested and like to travel then you could come to Suesca and have some nice climbing!
Andrés Triana. Bogotá, Colombia - Sun, Jul 28, 96 at 13:10:51

This is my 1st time on the Internet, so bear with me (note my stumbling in identifying my E-Mail address ... I think I did it right). Looks like a great feature. I will be visiting it more. I am a beginning climber, myself. I did my 1st lead on rock, the other day at historic 'ol Ragged Mountain, Conn (very exhilirating experience). I'll be climbing the Connecticut Traprock crags, tommorrow, and going to THE Gunks, next weekend (Gosh, the climbing is wonderfully difficult there !). I enjoyed the ice climbing in the Adirondacks story. Climb On !
MARK RENSON. East Hartford, Ct United States - Sat, Jul 27, 96 at 18:32:36

well put together home page.me and a friend are looking to come over in november to j tree .any info would be appreciated. thanks.
shaun bentley. glasgow, u.k. - Sat, Jul 27, 96 at 08:20:04

Your homepage is v attractive to me.. not only 'cos I have great interest in mountaineering but also the content and design is outstanding! :)
Jianfeng. S'pore - Fri, Jul 26, 96 at 16:35:21

Thanks for the shots, gives people something to strive for
Robbie Evans. Monroe, La. United States - Fri, Jul 26, 96 at 08:59:43

nice work! thanks for the view!
Brian Mc Williams. - Thu, Jul 25, 96 at 23:28:16

nice work! thanks for the view!
Brian Mc Williams. - Thu, Jul 25, 96 at 23:27:48

Great work! I have done a little climbing myself (Shasta, Rainier, etc.) so I really appreciate what you have done.
Carl. Olympia, WA - Thu, Jul 25, 96 at 17:57:59

Excellent site! Especially like the gallery.
Dave Eddy. Austin, TX USA - Thu, Jul 25, 96 at 06:09:41

Interesting stuff... Nice pictures! Glad to see you are in favor of the Nikon 90 which I have just purchased. I'll be leaving for Nepal to climb Ama Dablam and intend on taking the camera with me. I've been using Fuji Velvia and Sensia and have had most success with those films. I bought a 35/105 and intend on getting a 20mm. I don't know about the 35/105... Maybe I should have bought a 80-200. I'm considering a swap, I'll have to find someone interested though. I also noticed that you speak french. I'm from France also, Clermont-Ferrand dans le Massif Central. Ca fait 8 ans que j'habite a Calgary/Canmore. At ta prochaine visite ici au Canada contactes moi. On ira grimper ensemble si ca te dits. Je pars le 20 Septembre avec ma femme pendant pres d'un an voyager autour du monde. Tu peut laisser un message chez mon beau-frere: 403 247-2377. Salutations distingues, Eric
Eric Trouillot. Calgary, AB Canada - Wed, Jul 24, 96 at 16:11:05

Takes a cruel man to put these mountain photos where some poor sould like me, recently exiled to the flatlands from California, can find them. And I thought I was just about over the mountains. Oy!
David Mercer
Corpus Christi, TX - Tue, Jul 23, 96 at 21:48:03

Thanks for the nice photos. You got me psyched to go climbing!
Matt Hyde. seattle, wa - Tue, Jul 23, 96 at 19:09:26

Thanks for the excellent pages--I found some very useful information right away!
Cldye McConnell. Calgary, Alberta Canada - Tue, Jul 23, 96 at 08:04:49

I saw your works very well. It's great and fantastic. I want to see oriental mountain e.g. HIMALAYA, CHINA... Good luck...!!
kyoung-seok Lee. suwon, KOREA - Mon, Jul 22, 96 at 23:46:18

I saw your works very well. It's great and fantastic. I want to see oriental mountain e.g. HIMALAYA, CHINA... Good luck...!!
kyoung-seok Lee. suwon, KOREA - Mon, Jul 22, 96 at 23:46:03

You section on Large Format Camera was just what I was looking for. Thanks, Gerry Dong
Gerry Dong. Sherman Oaks, CA USA - Mon, Jul 22, 96 at 23:13:03

Nice page for notes and hints with regard to 4x5 issues. --AE Nash
Ann-Elizabeth Nasg. Boulder, CO 80302 - Mon, Jul 22, 96 at 14:48:20

Do u hav anything on longs peak in rocky mountain national park & anything on everest? Great web site
Stuart. San Angelo, TX USA - Mon, Jul 22, 96 at 14:19:30

Thank you for your home page service.
Kim IgSu. SEOUL, KOREA - Sun, Jul 21, 96 at 13:05:47

Hi Tuan! Just had a few minutes free so I was checking out the web site. Haven't looked at it in a while - good job. Do you have any hints on recovering a camera after an avalanche? Do you think it's too late for repairs if I found it? :> Jim
Jim. - Sat, Jul 20, 96 at 23:14:48

Thank You for publishing a very inspiring set of pages! Interesting combination of hobby and profession you have. My humble page "Wireless Multimedia" hint on the same combination. I dedicate it to Ansel Adams. You find there a trick to get large format feel with 35 mm format. Try it! Regards/ Staffan
Staffan Johansson. Stockholm, Sweden - Fri, Jul 19, 96 at 15:16:34

Hi thanks for the detailed info about LF photography. My company owns a sinar but the person who left it behind left no manuals can you help me in any way?
Louis Ng. singapore, singapore - Fri, Jul 19, 96 at 09:50:11

Hi thanks for the detailed info about LF photography. My company owns a sinar but could the person who left it behind left no manuals can you help me in any way?
Louis Ng. singapore, singapore - Fri, Jul 19, 96 at 09:46:15

Salut Tuan Sympa ton truc; j'ai pas encore tout vu mais c'est bien Si un jour tu passes en france, contacte moi On ira faire l'Eiger ou l'integrale (j'ai fait la moitie)
kempf olivier. Enghien, France - Fri, Jul 19, 96 at 04:16:29

Hope the info on Chamonix proves useful for forthcoming trip
S Murray
Durham, U K - Fri, Jul 19, 96 at 03:13:32

Your mountaineering page is quite cool. I just spent a good hour or so looking at the McKinley stuff (instead of finishing off my calculations). though I think the ice climbing pictures are the coolest. The 3 waterfall ones in the gallery, I mean.
Andrew Barnes. Durham, NC USA - Fri, Jul 19, 96 at 01:22:55

Hi, I'm a young physicist and a young climber. I'm now working in the joint resurce center of the European comunity in Ispra (ITALY) for my graduate thesis. (If you wont to know more about my work here have a look in my home page) The next Thursday I'm going to climb the mont blanc with to friends of my starting from hute cosmic on the way of tacoul and maudy, we will go down using the 'papa's way' (the one that from the top of the mountauin make you reach Courmayeur. I've found your home page and your Gallery very interesting. Good work and thanks for the attention. (Sorry for my english!)
Damiano Zilio. Varese, Italy Ispra - Fri, Jul 19, 96 at 00:54:22

A unique combination of qualities... Top class climbing info, photography (not just mere photos) and scanning!
Julian Hall. Edinburgh, UK - Thu, Jul 18, 96 at 11:01:02

We would like to know more about your expositions
Eduardo Ariano. Bogota, Colombia - Wed, Jul 17, 96 at 23:45:31

I'm thinking of buying an 8x10, but don't know where to buy a good used one (or what's a good brand). I also have limited resources in Hong Kong -- any good suggestions?
C. Sidenius
Shatin, Hong Kong - Wed, Jul 17, 96 at 12:41:06

Great pictures! I am using some of your tips for my trip to the Mont Blanc
Amy Sadeghi. SwitzerlandGreat - Wed, Jul 17, 96 at 08:00:46

Your photography is breathtakingly beautiful. Thanks. You've put more work into your home page than any I've seen and it's been a joy to visit. All the best. Ed
Edward Phelan. North Berwick, ME USA - Wed, Jul 17, 96 at 06:53:45

I really enjoyed U'r Mounteniring Slide Show. U're pictures are a GREAT insperation, and the format of the slide show is very good. Thank U for giving us a great photographic web page
Elli Glazer
Haifa, Israel - Wed, Jul 17, 96 at 03:16:11

Great page. Am an Aussie working in LA (breathe deep...) for a year or so.
Geoff Sinclair. Santa Monica, CA USA - Tue, Jul 16, 96 at 12:00:10

Inspiring work. Of all the personal mountaineering pages that I have seen on the web, I would have to say that yours is the best. Unfortunately I don't have a direct e-mail address currently, so I am using a friend's. If you wish to snail-mail me, my address is: Robert S. Spalding (there is also a Robert H. Spalding there, so use the initial) 4609 S. Xavier St. Denver, Co. 80236 My heartiest congratulations on your achievements as a mountaineer and climber. I do the same thing out here in Colorado, so I don't have to travel very far very often. I hope you continue to enjoy this sport, which is close to my heart as well.
Robert Spalding. Denver, Co U.S.A. - Tue, Jul 16, 96 at 08:06:22

I love'd the pic's of McKindly. I climbed the West Buttress in May 1995. We had severe weather that month, so, I didn't get to take a lot of pictues. Your pic's brought back a lot of good memories. The 35mm was just to hard to get out of the pack during the ascent.
Brian J. Kelley. Nutley, NJ USA - Tue, Jul 16, 96 at 07:50:25

My favorite way to reduce productivity at work is browsing Tuan's pages!
Keith Guillory. Austin , TX USA - Mon, Jul 15, 96 at 11:31:14

Like your article and your photo. First visited Yosemite as a young member of the US Navy during WW2, 1944. Few people there at that time, few cars, the place was very quiet. Only a handful of humans there in 1944. Thanks for sharing your experiences, and your backgound is VERY impressive. BEst wishes, Byron Dillon....
Byron Dillon. Durango, CO USA - Mon, Jul 15, 96 at 10:41:14

Nice site, with good informative information on the Mt.Blanc area. I've been climbing there for the last couple of years. Next summer I'm on a Danish expedition to Nepal to climb Island Peak (6300m).... Andy..
Andy Strange. Horsholm, Denmark - Mon, Jul 15, 96 at 07:50:49

Glad to find your page. Will check in later.
Mark Nechodom. Sacramento, CA US - Sun, Jul 14, 96 at 11:22:31

Very well done. I love the mountains and am delighted to see such a fine effort on the web. Keep it up and let us know when you put new stuff on your page. Best wishes. Matthew H.
Matthew. - Sun, Jul 14, 96 at 08:43:54

Pretty good page. Even better climbing resume. Esp. the alps stuff. Haven't gone but hope to in 98. Esp. interested in the Brenva spur and Bonatti Pillar on the dru. How truly hard by N. Am. ratings would you say they are in say, august? Best, Dr. E.
Eric Spangenberg. Pullman, WA USA - Sun, Jul 14, 96 at 00:08:31

First day on the WWW and already found your site. Great pictures and useful tips. This kind of work might make me an internet-addict which is defenatly not good for my climbing. Bye
Jaques van Strien. Rotterdam, Netherlands - Sat, Jul 13, 96 at 15:15:14

I found your page through your article on the N90. Imagine my surprise to find a fellow climber at the other end. Just about to leave on a 3 month cragging holiday to the US ( 1 week to go) and I'm looking for a replacement for my 10 year old Pentax SuperA and have almost decided to get the F90x (N90 in US?) despite the weight/bulk. Thanks for the tips on your page! If you have any suggestions on what I should buy or, maybe most importantly, the cheapest place to buy a N90x in the US (and can reply by Friday 19th July) I would be extraordinarily grateful. Happy Climbing Mike
Mike Gidding. Melbourne, VIC Australia - Sat, Jul 13, 96 at 07:30:03

I enjoyed the information. I have been a photographer for 21 years. I shoot industrial, architecture, corporate, and travel photography. I also do landscapes for fun. I use canon 35mm, mamiya rz6x7 , 4x5 sinar, and 5x7 and 8x10 deardorff. I use the 5x7 and 8x10 for landscapes, although I sometimes use the mamiya for windy conditions.Iread with interest your comments on new vs classic lenses. I own mostly nikkors, which are superb. I also have kodak, goerz and voigtlander lenses.These perform very well too, although the kodaks are noticeably a little less crisp than the others.Bye for now, I will check in from time to time to see what is new.
Harold Clark. toronto, ont canada - Sat, Jul 13, 96 at 06:23:33

Climb till ya drop, that start again.
Stephen Botting. Christchurch, New Zealand - Fri, Jul 12, 96 at 21:29:36

keith guillory. - Fri, Jul 12, 96 at 19:12:11

Merci pour les magnifiques photos proposées si aimablement aux amoureux de la montagne! J'en suis, et j'apprécie à la fois les aspects esthétique et documentaire de la Mountain gallery. Un point commun entre nous: également passionné de montagne et de photo (mais avec un "palmares" infiniment plus modeste), j'ai l'an dernier fait la voie normale du Mont-Blanc, équipé d'un bricolage un peu spécial:une monture portant deux reflex 24x36... L'enfance de l'art pour la photo relief, mais les projections sont saisissantes! Encore bravo!
DEHON Jean-Paul
Mulhouse, France - Fri, Jul 12, 96 at 10:54:33

My best compliments about your web pages and photo! Me too climb and go on mountain very often. Monte Rosa, Monte Bianco, Gran Paradiso are near to my home (between 120 and 170 kilometer) and when I have a little time, I escape on mountain! ciao by italo (Club Alpino Italiano)
Italo Busto. Casale Monferrato, I Italy - Fri, Jul 12, 96 at 02:26:00

Your homepage address was in finnish naturephotogrphiers magazine
sauli aaltola. lahti, finland - Thu, Jul 11, 96 at 11:53:32

I have recently been doing a lot of 35mm portrait work. Now I am contemplating going up in format size to perhaps a 4x5. You have a great deal of good information and present a lot of things to consider here. Thanks for putting it all together. I haven't read it all, yet. I will probably have some questions, so send me a note if you don't mind answering some. THanks again.
Dennis Dame. Indianapolis, IN USA - Thu, Jul 11, 96 at 10:32:49

I am new to the net. With pages like yours I am hooked. Thank you.
Mark Uitti. Sacramento, CA USA - Wed, Jul 10, 96 at 19:05:01

This pages are really wonderful. Probably the best I've ever seen about mountains climbing. I love the Alps, have done some of the more famous out-bounds tracks there. I now learn climbing and will have my first real experiences this summer in the Pyrenees. I'll probably make such a site in september with my own pictures. See ya soon !
Cedric LECOURT. Lille, 59 France - Wed, Jul 10, 96 at 04:35:47

I´m living in a famous climbing-area in Germany/southern Palatinate (next to the French border) If you are interested in our region (Südpfalz, Buntsandstein), send me a mail. Maybe we can `talk´ a bit about this great hobby... Jürgen
Jürgen Glaser. Kaiserslautern, rlp germany - Wed, Jul 10, 96 at 02:27:39

Hi Tuan! Thanks for the restaurant guidebook, its been useful. Unfortunately we have limited internet access at work so I can't surf the net very often. Hope things are going well, Chris
Chris Porter. Cambridge, MA USA - Tue, Jul 09, 96 at 16:19:17

I love you web site. I work at a Indoor Rock Wall and it is always a pleasure to find people who enjoy climbing like I do.
Mark Hamilton. Allison Park, PA United States of America - Tue, Jul 09, 96 at 10:35:17

You have seen a great deal in this world and I am impressed at the photos you have taken and shared them with us. Safe travel, Joe
joe tran. Portland, OR USA - Tue, Jul 09, 96 at 09:58:03

Great homepage! I'm impressed with your climbing resume - I've been climbing for 24 years and I haven't done half the stuff you have. But I am still having fun!
Jim Craighead. Stewartville, MN USA - Tue, Jul 09, 96 at 05:43:56

HI! My name is Alexander Kuznetsov. I am from Moscow,Russia. I attend of climbing already 5 years. I go to the mountains of former Soviet Union. I have visited mountain regions of Caucasus, Pamir, Nothern Tien-Shan. The famous mounains where I have been are peak Lenin, Ushba, Elbrus, peak Shurovsky, and others. Your photos of Alps and Mc Kinley are very impressive. May be sometime I shall climb there. Nice to meet you! Bye.
Alexander I. Kuznetsov. Moscow, Russia - Tue, Jul 09, 96 at 00:11:54

Beautiful pictures. Very well layed out web page. Thoroughly enjoyed my time on the page, and I will visit again.
Bob Farrenkopf. Yorktown, VA USA - Mon, Jul 08, 96 at 18:41:16

Nice page!
Geoff McAuliffe. Piscataway, NJ USA - Mon, Jul 08, 96 at 12:18:30

Hien Luong. SA Australia - Sat, Jul 06, 96 at 23:39:17

It´s really great finding a website like yours! I am absolutely adicted in climbing and loved to see your pictures!! Keep on climbing, shooting fotos and putting them on to the WEB
Dieter Brandl. Tsukuba, Japan - Sat, Jul 06, 96 at 01:28:20

Addictive! Can't wait until Cogne freezes! Reminds me also there was a time of smoking dope on portaledges at night and trying to squeeze some funky pieces into this magic chunk of granite at day, long time ago. Kris
Krzysztof Worytkiewicz. Lausanne, Switzerland - Fri, Jul 05, 96 at 12:16:19

I am an American who has been living in Switzerland for the past 3 years. I really enjoy the mountaineering and want to get into ice climbing. That is what brought me to your page. Very cool Web Site. Feel free to e-mail me if you have questions about the Swiss alps.
Courtney Malcarney. - Fri, Jul 05, 96 at 10:27:11

Excelent Fotos!!. I've enjoyed going trough your page, remembering my own trips to Yosemite, now 10 years ago. If you ever come down to Mexico City I'll be happy to show you some of our climbing areas. Hasta la vista!!.
Ruben Perez. Mexico, MMD.F. Mexico - Fri, Jul 05, 96 at 09:58:23

Fun reading - makes me nostalgic for some Chamonix climbing! Also, a really good place to stay in Cham is Le Chamoniard Volant (45 route de la frasse, It is towards the bois de bouchet. Yvano Girardini lives just down the street! Dorm style and cheap. Just beware of Sylvaine the owners wife...she can be vicious to customers! Regards, Louis Beauregard.
Louis Beauregard. Magog, Que Canada - Fri, Jul 05, 96 at 08:34:55

very interesting but not funny!. I have a Mamiya 645 and love it. Some time I would like to experiment with large format.
Phil Carvo
Yakima, WA - Fri, Jul 05, 96 at 01:42:40

Great Page! I'm pleased a fellow climber has taken it upon himself to put so much time and effort into a climbing resource link. Thanks for all the great info and pics. P.S. I recently read about your climbs in Canada, how about an update on your page, or did I just miss it somehow?
Shawn M. Lupcho. Salt Lake City, UT USA - Thu, Jul 04, 96 at 22:01:10

Best home page I know ! Congratulations
Helmut Herberg. munich, Germany - Tue, Jul 02, 96 at 17:32:56

Wonderful climbing pictures. I'm taking the Zeiss Contessa up McMillan Peak in the N Cascades this weekend, hoping for good luck.
Tom McBride. Seattle, WA USA - Tue, Jul 02, 96 at 00:33:13

appreciated your article on older large format lenses vs modern (esp older Super-Angulons)- liked the lead photo in Alpinista section section - reminiscent of Rowell- so what's the price on the 58 mm Rodenstock? Thanks
Francisco Villaflor. - Mon, Jul 01, 96 at 19:31:10

Those were some of the most amazing images I have every seen! I have amazing respect for you. Not only because you are an excellent photographer, but because you have the courage face those incredable obstables that you so wonderfully captured my hat to you. -Mando Morlos
mando morlos. albuquerque, NM USABABY! - Mon, Jul 01, 96 at 16:46:08

Thanks for sharing your experiences in mountaineering and climbing It's a great page , specially for your photos. Take care. Bye
Ivan Rojas. Cameron Park, CA USA - Mon, Jul 01, 96 at 08:47:12

Interested in purchasing a Stephenson tent for through-hike of Pacific Crest Trail next season. Hiking solo - need to save weight.
Sterling Barlow. Hilton Head Is, SC USA - Sun, Jun 30, 96 at 23:47:57

very good!Im climb in Rio de Janeiro, very point!
Francisco Martins. brazil - Sun, Jun 30, 96 at 15:27:40

enjoyed very much having been on the initial pitches of all the routes before bailing it was very nice to finnally see a more holistic view of the yos. routes. .
bennett barthelemy
ojai, ca - Sun, Jun 30, 96 at 11:15:09

Howdy Tuan, Just stopping by to say hi to a real "peakbagger". I scramble, class 3-4 maximum technical. But I have climbed some excellent peaks and all the fourteener's in California, except Thunderbolt.(Those Palisades are nasty) But, I avoid serious exposure without ropes. 52 peaks over 10,000'. I grew up in the northern Sierras, at Lake Tahoe. Now I live along the Central Coast and my spare time is spent doing something we call "Full-contact" saltwater fishing. Basically fishing rocks near the breakers (wetsuits and boots a must). Probably more dangerous, but this pays better. If you have any fatality statistics for the Palisades I would like to see them , I had a friend get seriously injured on North Pal a few years back, and I got smashed by a boulder on Middle Pal, but was able to self evac. Anyway, excellent page and very easy on the download. seeya Mike
Mike O'Reilly. Morro Bay, CA USA - Sun, Jun 30, 96 at 02:47:23

Great work on your pages. Come visit my new Mountain Photos page: http://www.premier1.net/~jdockery Climbing, skiing, landscapes, etc. Cheers, Jim
Jim Dockery. Lk. Stevens, WA USA - Sat, Jun 29, 96 at 14:04:28

Excellent! Best climbing web site I've come across.
Hector Vandenberg. San Jose, Ca 95117 - Sat, Jun 29, 96 at 12:40:52

Hello! Thank you for makeing the best pages about mountenering.
Hans-Gustaf Ekholm. Borgholm, Sweden - Fri, Jun 28, 96 at 13:24:27

Nice job.
Stephen Oertwig. Seoul, Korea - Fri, Jun 28, 96 at 06:20:52

i am a teen looking for information on climbing. your photos are cool.
martin holly. - Thu, Jun 27, 96 at 21:19:58

Just looking.
Al Mather. E. Machias, ME USA - Thu, Jun 27, 96 at 18:52:05

I'm glad to find this site. I'm a man who usually imagine that I am climging a white mountain somewhere. Nice meet you.
Hoon Jun. Seoul, Korea - Thu, Jun 27, 96 at 18:05:00

Excellent intro to large format Do you know of any other large format sites / reviews ?
Ian Thomas. Staffordshire, England - Thu, Jun 27, 96 at 11:45:40

Great info!
Pat Schneider. Brentwood, CA USA - Wed, Jun 26, 96 at 19:12:41

Your Big Wall photos are great! I am a trad climber who is interested in getting into Big Wall climbing. I have done moderate short aid. Do you have any suggestions for a first route-ZION, Yosemite? 211 Mackechney, Nacogdoches TX 75961 Thanks!
Christian J. Hunter
- Wed, Jun 26, 96 at 15:22:53

Your Big Wall photos are great! I am a trad climber who is interested in getting into Big Wall climbing. I have done moderate short aid. Do you have any suggestions for a first route-ZION, Yosemite? 211 Mackechney, Nacogdoches TX 75961 Thanks!
Christian J. Hunter
- Wed, Jun 26, 96 at 15:22:50

Hi, The information you have listed as price of the Bender 4x5 View Camera Kit is a little high. The correct price is $219.50. Great pages... nice work!
Jay Bender. Leavenworth, WA USA - Wed, Jun 26, 96 at 07:24:04

I enjoyed reading your analysis. Thank you for sharing.
Carolina Smith
Santa Clara, CA USA - Tue, Jun 25, 96 at 20:03:31

Greats shots of your McKinley Trip. I had a ride to Basecamp a year ago and have been intrigued with the mountain ever since. I also have enjoyed your trip report on your climb.
Joe Campalong. Clearwater, Fl USA - Mon, Jun 24, 96 at 12:47:26

I don't feel a need to fill this section (1/2 :), but I did like your section on photography. It's now bookmarked.
Cloyce. Austin, TX USA - Mon, Jun 24, 96 at 07:34:51

Loved the big wall pics of Yosemite. I'm moving over to SF soon and am looking forward to seeing the sights of Yosemite (if not climbing the mig mutha's)
Steve Button
Adelaide, SA Australia - Mon, Jun 24, 96 at 01:48:38

Good site - enjoyed your mountain pics. Question- what program are most guys using now to label and catalog slides? both 35mm and 120. Thanks for any help.....Steve
Steve. - Sun, Jun 23, 96 at 14:40:31

Hey I like your page.
Tyler Knight. Meaford, On Canada - Sun, Jun 23, 96 at 13:31:27

You do great work. I don't climb, and never probably will but I do hike and get beautiful photos, not as spectacular as your's though. Thanks for the info on X-Ray machines it woke me up and also thanks for sharing your great artwork.
Bill Preston. Orlando, FL USA - Sun, Jun 23, 96 at 10:49:11

Photographs are very beutiful and the presentation is excellent. Thanks.
Vijay Vardhan. Bangalore, KRNT India - Sun, Jun 23, 96 at 10:30:23

I am glad to announce you can find a link to your pages at my(very new) URL,specially because of the beautiful pictures. If you like my site, please feel free to add it to yours. With regards, Dirk Verwoerd.
Dirk Verwoerd. Amersfoort, Netherlands - Sun, Jun 23, 96 at 07:21:51

Cool pages. How about posting a calendar for future climbs or trips.
Cory Timms, & Casey Timms, & Justin Arsenault. Alta Loma, Ca USA - Sat, Jun 22, 96 at 22:47:51

I would like some info. on Glamour Photography.
Visual Images
Sacramento, Ca. USA - Sat, Jun 22, 96 at 21:59:10

Cool Site! Check mine out! It's called Shut Up and Climb!
Alan Wagner. Fort Worth, TX USA - Sat, Jun 22, 96 at 20:05:48

Great page, love the photos I wrote to you earlier with a question on gear. I asked what you thought of zip away hoods and the North Face Kichatna jacket. You mentioned you did not own one, do any of your friends? What do they think of it? What Gore tex jacket are you using? I know this sounds like 20 question but i am going to get into mountaineering and value your opinion as someone with a lot of experiance. I am planning on doing my mountaineering course in NewZealand, is there anywhere else that I should concider. The course 10 days long is very good, around $1000.00Us. Where elso could I go to do a really good course or learn to climb from other experianced mountaineers THANKS GREAT PAGE!!!!!!!! Alex V
Alex van der Kooi. Melbourne, VIC Australia - Sat, Jun 22, 96 at 18:35:21

HI! I foung this page is THE BEST in my web surfing of 2 years. Its just like going into the alps.. haveing fun out there.. Great work!!! Great Magnum opus !! I cherish this site forever.. regards, krishna
krishna Samavedam. BANGALORE, KA INDIA - Sat, Jun 22, 96 at 00:33:13

Congratulations. Great site. Hope to use you as a resource in the future.
Ken Brown. - Fri, Jun 21, 96 at 08:39:28

Hi Tuan, My first question is are you a Vietnamese? I'am almost 99% sure about the answer but I'm just curious about the other 1%. Anyway, I am a computer programmer by day and a photographer by ...what ever is left of it. I don't know when I got interested in photography but I realy enjoy the art. Thank for sharing all the information. One thing, I have try to search for a section on the web where I can find out new techniques and post my questions. I am now doing wedding photography for other people but I would like to learn more about other great techniques there are. A greedy guy right? I would appreciate any info you may have for me. I'll visit your page again. Thank for sharing Thieu
Thieu Le. DREXEL HILL, PA U.S.A. - Thu, Jun 20, 96 at 14:40:20

Hi. I am new to web surfing. I am a Television Engineer and I am currently moving into the digital photograhy field. Your Photos are great. I will be back for more soom.
Helen Okenka. Toledo, OH USA - Thu, Jun 20, 96 at 06:37:52

Hai I'm a dutch climder since a few years and i'm an member of the Enschedese students climbing c,ub. I'd like your home page very much.
Maarten-Jan Hoeve. Enschede, Netherlands - Thu, Jun 20, 96 at 06:20:12

Nice Web Page !! :-) Seems like you have collected a lot of usefull information! I´ll come back. Bye Regenbogen
Tobias-E. Regenbogen. Berlin, Germany - Thu, Jun 20, 96 at 05:41:19

Hi!! I just wanna say, that you have a nice Homepage!!! have a nice day, and take care!!
Pham Quoc Bao. Denmark - Thu, Jun 20, 96 at 05:38:06

Just thought I'd get connected with some of the eliterate climbers in the area. Nice info on ice climbing; I've really stuck to mountaineering and rock, but you make ice seem alluring...
Matthias Schabel. Stanford, CA 94305-4045 - Wed, Jun 19, 96 at 21:52:13

Beautiful shots. I really enjoyed browsing. Its nice to see views from rocks you don't get to climb. Big wall..? someday. climbing and photography seem to go so well together. look forward to getting through the rest of the photos. Beautiful resolution. comes across nicely! thanks! m.
marc norland. l.a., ca - Wed, Jun 19, 96 at 21:29:28

Very impressive stories and pictures. Just one small request: Where can I find a picture of Ky-Van ? Can you speak Vietnamese ? --To` Mo` -----
Cam-Van Pham. Dallas, TX USA - Wed, Jun 19, 96 at 18:13:04

I'm just finishing the writing of the first really comprehensive LF Handbook in spanish. I will visit you back. Now no time to visit all your page. Nice to meet you!
Manolo Laguillo. Barcelona, Spain - Wed, Jun 19, 96 at 16:15:24

Nice page, pity about the Franglaise !
John Tait. Sunderland, U.K. - Wed, Jun 19, 96 at 05:17:54

Thanks for providing such nice pictures on the Web ! I'll view them at my leisure!
Alex Merchant. Sydney, NSW Australia - Tue, Jun 18, 96 at 22:20:04

Loved your large format page. It had all of the information that I was looking for. Thanks.
Bob Carpenter. Pittsburgh, PA USA - Tue, Jun 18, 96 at 20:20:28

As usual, an EXCELLENT web page and great photos. I just updated my link from my page to reflect your URL change. Ken
Ken Papai. San Rafael, CALIF. - Tue, Jun 18, 96 at 16:24:58

I'm doing my first exploring of your page, so more later. I'm just glad to be here!
Chris Mende. - Tue, Jun 18, 96 at 16:06:23

Looking for more info on the Gitzo 1228 and Alta Vista led me to you - Thanks for the review! (I'm off to the Aleutians next week should be some good shooting)
Jamie Stewart. Philly, PA - Tue, Jun 18, 96 at 12:56:13

GREAT PHOTO'S - Enjoyed reading about your aadventures. Although I don't technical climb, I spend vacation time hiking in Colordo Rocky Mountain National Park area every summer.
Pam Wagner. Lawrence, KS USA - Tue, Jun 18, 96 at 10:37:41

I found your lens comments interesting. I have some that you have tried and some that are new to you. I have a 20-35 which I really love and a 58 F1.2 Noct that I have just acquired. Also a 28 F1.4. The new Nikkors (28 F1.4, 20-35, 80-200 F2.8) are really wonderful lenses. I have been taking night shots with the 28 and you can really see the difference between it and other lens; there's much less fringing around point light sources. I was interested in your evaluation of the 6 mm F5.6. I am trying to purchase one. I use Fish Eyes in my work at UCLA. Not really a technical application - I just like them for showing dramatic views of some of my projects. I am an engineer -- not an artist. The comments on the 35-200 surprized me. I have one which I use when I cannot take several lenses with me and I know I'll be needing some telephoto capabilities. I also have the 24-50 AF which I also take on "one lens" outings. I found your N90 review interesting. You are pretty particular about many features -- more so that me. I have 2 F4s, which are but I really like them. I like the manual-like features. They are indestructable. They screens get dirty but you can pop off the finder and clean them with a brush. I use the waist level and magnifying finders too. I'll keep cheching your board to see if you have anything new. mk stenstrom
Michael K. Stenstrom. LA, CA USA - Tue, Jun 18, 96 at 00:23:34

Hi Tuan! Very nice page. I will like to organize something similar. Probably we can work to set up up dates on topos and beta for the routes in the valley Sorry about any delay, if any! On the Zodiac. By the way we finished in a 14 Hs. We know that next time we can finish in a 10 or so. If can email to thetwins AT slip.net
The Patagonian Brothers Expedition, Damian. Berkeley, CA - Mon, Jun 17, 96 at 19:06:17

I must say, your page is quite beautiful. I almost gave you my web addrress, but i just cpuildn't let you see my sad place. perhaps another time. Anyway, as a climber i found it beautiful, and as a fellow computer geek, it was immpressive. keep up the good work and keep us up to date on the climbing exploits. hopefully i'll have my page full of beautiful photos like soon. kelly jeanne adcock
kelly adcock. memphis, tn 38104 - Mon, Jun 17, 96 at 17:39:02

Hi from the mountain country!!!!
francois eyer. pully, switzerland - Mon, Jun 17, 96 at 12:30:17

Glad you're providing this service! Have heard a lot of nice comments about it. Thanks for being so giving of your time and knowledge.
Tom Halicki. Alexandria, VA USA - Mon, Jun 17, 96 at 10:30:35

Good Stuff. Neatly done, and well organised. All that this corporate ladder stuck chappie can do is to dream on, and admire other climbers activities.
Paddy Iyer. Burnsville, MN USA - Mon, Jun 17, 96 at 10:04:15

I love your mountain shots...I am wondering what film you use for 35mm shooting? I have tried Velvia and love it but due to it's slow speed it is hard to use for climbing photography (I use a 28-200 lens...not a 24mm but very versatile). I am just about to get developed a roll of Provia 400 and Fujichrome 400 DX of shooting I did at Seneca Rocks and New River Gorge. 400 speed seems to be the best so far...but I'm not sure of the quality. Any advice would be appreciated. :) Steve
Steve Lew. Toronto, ON Canada - Mon, Jun 17, 96 at 08:14:17

I love your mountain shots...I am wondering what film you use for 35mm shooting? I have tried Velvia and love it but due to it's slow speed it is hard to use for climbing photography (I use a 28-200 lens...not a 24mm but very versatile). I am just about to get developed a roll of Provia 400 and Fujichrome 400 DX of shooting I did at Seneca Rocks and New River Gorge. 400 speed seems to be the best so far...but I'm not sure of the quality. Any advice would be appreciated. :) Steve
Steve Lew. Toronto, ON Canada - Mon, Jun 17, 96 at 08:14:17

Although you have mentioned our cameras, the information is incomplete Suggest you contact us at 800-848-0448.. Also, suggest you link you page to ours at www.wisner.com Thanks
Ronald Wisner
- Sun, Jun 16, 96 at 22:51:52

Nifty. I wish I have a color printer to show your pictures to my friend. I specially like shots where we can appreciate the magnitude of the mountain/climb. Any plans to do have a video slide presentations at places like Sunrise Moutain Sports?
Ariel Quintana. Pacheco, CA USA - Sun, Jun 16, 96 at 19:18:41

enjoyed the pics, and, as a new user, I want to thank you for the surf tools--
jim henson. Summerfield, NC US - Sun, Jun 16, 96 at 18:58:38

I think I'm gonna get fired of my job because of your page. Superb photos and very useful info on Mont Blanc. I wish to go there sometime.
Juha Rimpiläinen
Helsinki, Finland - Sun, Jun 16, 96 at 05:49:44

A very useful page and links. Thank you for putting it together
Tony Eppstein. Palo Alto, CA - Sat, Jun 15, 96 at 21:40:11

I am a mountaineer from Kentucky who has climbed several 14,000'peaks in all seasons in the Rocky mountains. I plan to attempt Denali in 1997 or 1998.
Alan Qualls
Bowling Green, KY USA - Sat, Jun 15, 96 at 12:21:04

I'm climber too. It is first place with such photoes. Pictures are very nice!
Maixm Penzin. Irkutsk, Russia - Sat, Jun 15, 96 at 09:11:56

Excellent Page and photos. It made me wish I had gone too. Perhaps another day.
John Adams. Winter Haven, FL USA - Sat, Jun 15, 96 at 06:45:16

nice site.
martijn. Heerhugowaard, NH nederland - Sat, Jun 15, 96 at 03:08:26

Great Page, I have been climbing for around 2 years now, since I was 15. At the finish of my final year in school I am travling to NewZealnd and doing a course with Geoff Wyat. I would really appreciate some advice from a guy who has probably seen what gear is good and what sucks. I am thinking about getting the North Face Kichatna jacket and am getting gortex pants from a company call Mountain Designs in Aust. North Face is not stocked in Aust, so no one knows much about it. I would by a Jacket from Mountain Designs, but they have a zip away hood that does not quite offer enough protection for my liking. What is the TNF kichatna like, is it a good choice. Well thanks and your page is cool Alex V
Alex van der Kooi. Melbourne, VIC Australia - Sat, Jun 15, 96 at 00:22:58

Im a person who is starting with thwe sport of mountaineering, and i like it so much that i ve travel to many places here in my country nd enjoyed too much. I hope that you reply me and someday you can visit those beautiful places in my country, here we have a little bit of everything and for every taste. Thanks
Pablo Gonzalez Ortega. Mexico, D.F. Mexico - Fri, Jun 14, 96 at 23:12:48

Very good collection of informations, your pictures are excellents. I´ll be back many times.
Antonio Rodrigues - Tony. Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil - Fri, Jun 14, 96 at 18:25:08

Thank you for your effort. I'll be back here many times as I sense your going to be very important to my "seeing". Again, thanks for your honesty and I like your photographs a lot.
Buddy Hathcote. Ogden, Ut US - Fri, Jun 14, 96 at 14:25:46

nice page!
marko jevsek. maribor, slovene slovene - Fri, Jun 14, 96 at 14:20:19

Excellent collection of information. If you have time for technical questions, how do you feel the Lowe ice invaders compare to footfangs and switchblades? Are they a good choice as an all-around crampon? Thanks.
Greg Calvetti. Pittsburgh, PA USA - Fri, Jun 14, 96 at 05:08:18

Well done Tuan xiansheng, one of the best I've seen. Rob Mountfort, Photo-editor Far Eastern Economic Review
Rob Mountfort. Hong Kong, - Fri, Jun 14, 96 at 02:53:36

Smart page - I like your section on hard climbs in the alps. Good information for trip planning.
Rupert Finn. Manchester, England - Thu, Jun 13, 96 at 09:27:44

The pictures are great. McKinley??? SOLO!!!! Good luck with everything!! Matt
Matt Kauffmann. Minneapolis, MN USA - Thu, Jun 13, 96 at 06:32:26

Excellent site.
Av Gordon. Plymouth , MN USA - Wed, Jun 12, 96 at 22:34:36

Great website with clear, simple, bold design and choice of photos that I really like. I found your site browsing for extreme sports websites. Im, in fact, a freelance writer, based in Hong Kong. I'm doing an artilce on extreme sports for the Philippine Airlines in-flight magazine, Mabuhay. I know they are looking for pics. Do you have access to professional-quality slides of ice climbing. Are you interested in submitting photos to them? Let me know by e-mail and I will put you in touch with them. Thanks a lot!
Jake Statham. - Wed, Jun 12, 96 at 10:13:33

A truly inspiring page, great info on climbing in the Mont Blanc range. I'm planning a trip there for some climbing this summer.
Peter Tillgren. Linköping , SWEDEN - Wed, Jun 12, 96 at 01:00:03

cool homepage !!! cool pictures !!! cool climbs !!!
utrecht, holland - Wed, Jun 12, 96 at 00:20:04

Your newsletter contains excellent detail and is highly practical. I am just now changing to nature/stock photography as a profession after 18 years in another area. I can use any advice you are willing to give.
Michael Harroun. Penryn, CA USA - Tue, Jun 11, 96 at 17:27:39

Contains some really good advice on LF cameras. Keep it up!
Ericson Tham
Sydney, NSW Australia - Tue, Jun 11, 96 at 05:27:54

Great pictures, I hope I will be able to take pictures like that one day...
Marcus Johansson
Linköping, Sweden - Mon, Jun 10, 96 at 01:08:55

A very informative page covering a lot of interesting aspects. Many Thanks.
Darren O'Keeffe. LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Sun, Jun 09, 96 at 14:24:13

I like your pictures !
Andy Gray. WALES - Sun, Jun 09, 96 at 09:04:16

Your site is very wonderful. I am interested in Mountain climbing very much, and have been to Mont-Blanc .
Hiroko Ikazaki
Tokuyama, Yamaguchi Japan - Sat, Jun 08, 96 at 23:28:30

Thankyou for these pages. I shall visit often enjoy your photographs.
Russell Kippax. Auckland, New Zealand - Sat, Jun 08, 96 at 22:27:01

Great pictures. I have recently become addicted to Ice Climbing and your pictures w/ the short narratives are a good alternative. If you have a minute to write back regarding climbing in the Alps I would appreciate it. I am trying to work my way over there to concentrate on improving my mountaineering skills but I am at a loss for how to start. Any comments would be welcomed. Regards................Kyle Stone
Kyle Stone. Whitmore Lake, MI USA - Sat, Jun 08, 96 at 18:48:37

I am interested in buying your 360/5.5 Schneider lens if it is still available. Where might I contact you for this?
Jorge Perez de Lara. Mexico City, D.F. MEXICO - Sat, Jun 08, 96 at 14:54:52

Thanks for the pictures and stories. I do some long distance hiking (JMT), smaller scale mountaineering than yourself (Mt. Shasta) and rock climbing. I also do some indoor sport climbing at Mission Cliffs in SF. Talk to you soon. Doug
Doug Kern. San Francisco, CA 94105 - Sat, Jun 08, 96 at 13:03:23

Very Interested in your cold climbs
Paul Truby. - Sat, Jun 08, 96 at 12:23:03

This is truly the best page I have come across. Since visiting Yosemite in April this year, I have not forgotten the incredible place. It's easy to see why so many people flock to the Valley. If I had just a small bit of Yosemite to climb here I would be happy! I have resolved to return to the valley in the next few years. (I only signed this guestbook because of that irritating message scrolling across the bottom of the screen :) Climb on... Russell
Russell Fitzpatrick. Perth, W.A. Australia - Sat, Jun 08, 96 at 01:25:23

Great Page.
Will Crljenko. Bishop, Ca. USA - Fri, Jun 07, 96 at 19:58:57

Hi Tuan, thanks for all the info on this page. It is really helpful as I am just beginning to embark on 5x4 by building my own wood and brass. This project was waiting for a catylyst and the aquisition of a really old but Very cheap DeVere has got me started. thanks again for all the hints and tips, all I need now is a 90mm and some money for the film. Cheers Tom
Tom Addison. Exeter, Devon England - Fri, Jun 07, 96 at 08:23:15

Looking for information on the death of my brother, Stephen.
Sarah Ross. Ithaca, NY USA - Fri, Jun 07, 96 at 06:26:04

I enjoyed your page Wonder whether you can link to our page which offers the Malaysia Airlines Mt. Kinabalu Climbathon which offers a total of US$36,000 in total cash prize. Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in South East Asia,located in the island of Borneo. Registration is accpeted online at http://www.jaring.my/sabah thanks
richard lupang. kota kinabalu, SABAH Malaysia - Fri, Jun 07, 96 at 01:34:23

Outstanding presentation!!! As a fellow climber I can especially appreciate the work you have done! Thank you for the Beta and excellent photographs of the West Face Leaning Tower!(had an opportunity to do it May 11-12 with a friend of mine) SPECTACULAR! Thanks again!! Trevor
Trevor Kurth. San Luis Obispo, ca usa - Fri, Jun 07, 96 at 00:47:13

Castelo Junior
Brasília, DF Brasil - Thu, Jun 06, 96 at 21:04:18

BRASÍLIA, DF BRASIL - Thu, Jun 06, 96 at 20:43:58

I checked into your Mount McKinley trek. It looked so fabulous. Have you done any climbing in the San Juans in Colorado. I have climbed two 14ers and hope to do one this year.
John B. Case. Albuquerque, NM USA - Wed, Jun 05, 96 at 19:24:14

I enjoyed your trip report to New Hampshire. I did some of the same routes you did. Great conditions, no?
Robert Branch. Burnsville, NC USA - Wed, Jun 05, 96 at 15:43:11

nice web page found the beta interesting, wish I'd read a little of it before doing Leaning Tower. Excellent photos.
wes dong. belmont, ca usa - Wed, Jun 05, 96 at 15:35:22

Sorry, this is my dad's account, so I don't know the address
John Inguagiato
- Wed, Jun 05, 96 at 15:21:59

nice page
Magnus Andresson
Reykjavik, Iceland - Wed, Jun 05, 96 at 08:09:17

I have been an amateur photographer since about 1976 and moved to large format in 1987. I was pleased to see this page devoted to this medium, and even learned that my 4x5 is a Technika V rather than a IV (I got it used from a pro a while back). I would also like to add that in reading the entries here, I did not find anything I considered incorrect. A good page, nothing much new to me photographically, but I am glad to see this page and appreciate your efforts. P.S.: I found your equipment reviews straightforward, particularly regarding the Zone VI 4x5 and Gitzo carbon fiber tripod. I lug the Zone VI (16 lbs) now, but after I get back out of school again will get one of the Ries. My longest one day hike with it was approx. 14 miles over two mountains in the Smokies. One other thing and I will quit rambling. Tourists don't seem to know trail etiquette that the person ascending hasthe right of way over those descending (easier for descenders to regain their momentum after yielding). Pointing the spikes of my tripod forward when approaching someone who doesn't look like they are going to yield, and me not looking like I am going to yield, has proven quite effective.
John Salomon. University, MS USA - Wed, Jun 05, 96 at 07:21:48

You have some great stuff here. E-Mail foolows.
Ian Johnston. Washington, DC USA - Tue, Jun 04, 96 at 06:19:20

your personal texts (girlfriend, lost comrade) were very touching. open-hearted descriptions like yours are rare these days.
Patrick Hansmeier. Dortmund, Germany - Tue, Jun 04, 96 at 04:06:32

your page is really wonderfull, ......
poujade olivier. FERMILAB, Batavia, IL USA - Mon, Jun 03, 96 at 16:31:07

Pretty good!
Tony Zirkel. South Croydon, Surrey UK - Sun, Jun 02, 96 at 05:43:43

cool page man....... sign my guestbook
nick skyles. mountain grove, mo USA - Sat, Jun 01, 96 at 20:56:19

En tant qu'ami alpiniste, je te felicite pour la qualite de ta home page. Je suis a Strasbourg depuis peu, si tu as des infos sur les Alpes Suisses, je suis preneur. Si tu es interresse par les Pyrenees, je connais assez bien etant originaire de Toulouse. Encore bravo...
Alexandre TRAJAN. Strasbourg, France - Sat, Jun 01, 96 at 06:32:11

You're page is better than the on-line Rock &Ice.
Erik Patterson. Fairbanks, AK USA - Fri, May 31, 96 at 19:40:18

Hi there, Just a quick call to say I enjoyed my visit I'll bookmark you to call again Yes I'd appreciate a reply if possible! Stephen Edgar
Stephen Edgar. Belfast, Northern Ireland - Fri, May 31, 96 at 17:17:09

You have a very informative Site!
Norman Woo. Castro Valley, CA USA - Fri, May 31, 96 at 11:00:40

great site.
andrew.r . sydney, nsw australia - Fri, May 31, 96 at 09:46:00

Enjoyed site and mountain views. I use 8x10 and 11x14 and specialize in platinum portraiture. Take a look at my site. Interested in LINKS? I would be glad to recriprocate. Let me know by email thanks GA
Gary Auerbach. Tucson, Az USA - Fri, May 31, 96 at 08:35:31

Great pictures of the Shield!! Its a route I really want to get on one day.
John G Evans. Salt Lake City, UT USA - Fri, May 31, 96 at 07:56:54

I am very impressed by the page, the pictures and most of all by the climbing. Definitely the best climbing pages I have seen
Gudmund Hinderaker. Trondheim, Norway - Fri, May 31, 96 at 06:00:37

Oliver Sachs. MUNICH, Bayern GERMANY - Fri, May 31, 96 at 01:09:16

REALLY beautiful pictures!!! You are very fortunate to have visited all of those places!!!
Ken Duncan. Mountain View, CA USA - Thu, May 30, 96 at 17:35:53

Fine work, I myself am in the process of preparing my home page covering the synthesis of art and digital technology, but since I am also a serious amateur photographer, this WEB site will cover photography as well. Check it out, but be aware of the fact that the URL I gave is temporary, and it is going to change in the nearest future. I'll keep you posted to the URL change, so you won't miss a thing. The home page is currently under construction, but a lot of interesting stuff is going to arrive there soon. Sincerely, Vladan.
Vladan Dugaric. Belgrade, Yugoslavia - Thu, May 30, 96 at 03:57:50

They look really great !!!!
Graeme Knox. New Zealand - Thu, May 30, 96 at 01:31:51

Awesome page of your Denali trip - the photos are the highest quality I have ever downloaded. This NorthCascades boy would like to do a trip log/scrap book like yours for several traverses I've done up here. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Bill Davis
Bill Davis. Mukilteo, WA USA - Wed, May 29, 96 at 18:28:21

Cool Web Page!!! Only had time to take a quick look, but I was definitely impressed! Annie
Annie Lin. Berkeley, CA USA - Wed, May 29, 96 at 12:29:46

One of the best climbing pages I've ever seen!!!!
Erik Rindvoll. OSLO, Norway - Wed, May 29, 96 at 05:34:02

Congratulation to your homepage. I've already got me some useful informations, specially bout Cham from these pages. With regards Wolfgang
Wolfgang Striebel. 89081 Ulm-Lehr, Germany - Wed, May 29, 96 at 03:34:47

useful info thanks
alan epstein. agawam, ma USA - Wed, May 29, 96 at 01:49:31

Sorry for my elemental English. My mother tongue is Spanish. Only I want to say you, Congratulations for your JOB. Large Format options is like a religion, and people that practice it, are the initiates in shinning path to freeze an instant of eternity.
Victor Mello. New York., N.Y USA - Tue, May 28, 96 at 12:30:22

Fleeting visit after seeing the address on the uk climbimg news group. be back later for a better look round. as planning to visit Chamonix later this year. Only walking not into the "dangley stuff !" Munro Bagger extraordinaire!
les goodwin. Burntisland, Fife Scotland - Tue, May 28, 96 at 04:45:24

Thank-you for your photo. I forgot for a while I stay in Japan now I cannot climb here. Maybe do you know climbers in Japan ??? I wish to find walls like Calanques or Aiguille Dibona but ther`is nothing like those wonderful place. Ciao
costanzo giovanni. Torino, Italy - Tue, May 28, 96 at 02:54:09

Bonjour, J'ai trouve ta page particulierement attractive. Les recits, les photos. Tout cela fait rever. J'ai goute a la montagne il y a bientot un an, par deux stages UCPA a Chamonix. La premiere fois, j'etais litteralement terrorise par l'escalade et autres pentes de neige ou de glace. Mais j'ai tellement apprecie l'ambiance que j'ai decide de m'offrir un second stage. Et je n'ai pas ete decu. Je me suis retrouve dans un groupe fantastique et nous avons passe ensemble une merveilleuse semaine. J'essaie de mettre ca au propre sur ma page WEB mais ca prend un peu de temps... A bientot, Yannick
Yannick ARNOUD. Bures sur Yvette, France - Tue, May 28, 96 at 01:00:53

Bonjour, J'ai trouve ta page particulierement attractive. Les recits, les photos. Tout cela fait rever. J'ai goute a la montagne il y a bientot un an, par deux stages UCPA a Chamonix. La premiere fois, j'etais litteralement terrorise par l'escalade et autres pentes de neige ou de glace. Mais j'ai tellement apprecie l'ambiance que j'ai decide de m'offrir un second stage. Et je n'ai pas ete decu. Je me suis retrouve dans un groupe fantastique et nous avons passe ensemble une merveilleuse semaine. J'essaie de mettre ca au propre sur ma page WEB mais ca prend un peu de temps... A bientot, Yannick
Yannick ARNOUD. Bures sur Yvette, France - Tue, May 28, 96 at 01:00:42

Appreciate the evaluation of the Nikon 8008/n90. In the market to upgrade from an older Nikon. Even starting to buy AF lenses for the future. Would like (means probably only can afford an 8008) but now not sure because of the review. Not sure AF is worth $400 to $500. Regards, A.
Arnold Reynolds. Lynchburg, va USA - Mon, May 27, 96 at 13:30:25

These are very good photos. Is it possible to get the book?
Alexander Luntz. Jerusalem, ISRAEL - Mon, May 27, 96 at 11:14:44

c'est marrant, on a quelques points communs: je fais une these (supraconductivite), de la montagne (pas au meme niveau malheureusement !) et de la photo... to site est tip-top ! une question specialisee, neanmoins : pour l'eperon de la Brenva, la partie rocher a l'air dure, de la facon ou tu la decris, alors que le vallot reste pour le moins evasif... ca m'embete bien cette histoire (je suis encore moins un as du rocher que de la glace, et je voulais y aller). mais d'apres ce que tu dis, on peut eviter par la gauche ?
Marc-Henri JULIEN. Grenoble, France - Mon, May 27, 96 at 09:31:29

Nice page! I think I'll be back soon.
Bob Greene. Lowell, Ma USA - Sun, May 26, 96 at 23:12:42

Great pics, and accompanying graphics.
Seattle, WA USA - Sun, May 26, 96 at 14:26:25

Beautiful and Great Pictures
Roger A. Rivera. Clifton, NJ USA - Sun, May 26, 96 at 10:56:37

thank you very much
yuichi akiyama. kyoto, japan - Sun, May 26, 96 at 03:00:15

Are Pettersen
Norway - Sat, May 25, 96 at 05:05:12

Excellent page with good attention to detail. Perhaps the addition of winter hiking experiences and such could provide a method of expansion. That is, if your site is not already too big. Just the opinion of a 28 year old winter nut who would rather freeze than attend college.
Mic Maryanski. Lexington, Ky. USA - Sat, May 25, 96 at 01:24:06

Jack Meov. wollongong, nsw Australia - Fri, May 24, 96 at 19:43:29

Your presentation on the Alps is outstanding and inspirational. I have climbed in the North Cascades for the last four years, and I am ready to broaden my horizons. We are thinking of going abroad, and are considering the Alps. Our trip would last two to three weeks, and we would like to tackle 2 or 3 moderate and classic climbs in the range. We are looking at the Rochefort Ridge/Dent du Gaent (spelling) in particular. Could you give me beta on that route, and maybe some info on other comparable routes. Thanks.
Mike Shikany. Seattle, WA USA - Fri, May 24, 96 at 15:09:10

Votre page sur l'alpinisme est tout simplement magnifique. Bon courage! Your page on alpinism is simply magnificent. Keep up the good work!
Alexandre Velhinho. Lisbon, PORTUGAL - Fri, May 24, 96 at 02:04:35

Liked your climbing slide shows a lot. Saw that you are into 3-D and wondered if you have any QTVRs or VRMLs of Yosemite. I'm working on a similar website with my own Yosemite pictures and would eventually like to put it all together into a virtual tour (in 3D) of Yosemite Valley. I would like to see what you are working on - perhaps we can exchange ideas and/or photos. Puntalejos
Charles Winstead. S. F., CA USA - Thu, May 23, 96 at 21:12:08

If you would like trip reports from: Wet Denim Day Dream, Leaning Tower Direct North Face, Sintinel Zodiac Direct Northwest, Half Dome (2 day ascent) Shield, El Cap (starting tomorrow, up-to-date...if we make it) I'll email you the text. Tony
Tony Lobay. Berkeley, CA USA - Thu, May 23, 96 at 20:03:38

great page has helped my friends and i considerably, fun to look at while at school and great amping material
david lane. carlsbad, ca USA - Wed, May 22, 96 at 09:19:31

X93, en stage d'option, montagnard (alpinisme, ski de randonnee, ...), apprecie beaucoup les photos pour divertissements au travail.
Nachury. Reading, England - Wed, May 22, 96 at 08:57:40

Where could I find info on large format enlargers and optics? Good information on your page for a newcomer like me!
jyrki iivanainen. Mikkeli, Finland - Wed, May 22, 96 at 07:57:04

This was great. I did a quick browse through and will be back.
Sethu Palaniappan. Chicago, IL USA - Tue, May 21, 96 at 21:32:34

Your lens rating info is the best I've come across to date. Thanks
Austin Watts. USA - Tue, May 21, 96 at 17:45:48

I enjoy rock climbing including big wall climbing. I have attempted Half Dome '89, completed Zodiac in '94, and will be attempting Mescalito this June. I enjoy sharing beta, and browsing for related information. Perhaps I can add to your climbing homepage someday.
Brian Baker. Aloha, OR USA - Mon, May 20, 96 at 15:38:42

Tuan, I enjoy your adventures immensely. I am very interested in alpine climbing but do not know how to go about learning. I have taken a climbing course at a gym and read a lot about it. How do you guys manage time off from work to go on these adventures. Who has that much vacation. I'd love to do a himalayan peak but I'd most surely have to take leave from work. Probably not a good idea in today's job market. I'm very interested in your thoughts on how I can become an alpinist in a minimum amount of time without careless neglect. If you ever need an extra on a less demanding alpine ascent I'd be interested in doing it !!! Thanks for your input if you have the time. Regards, Ken Goold (919)231-4995 P.S. I am 35 yrs. old, 6'1", 185 lbs. and in pretty good shape.
Kenneth Goold. Raleigh, NC USA - Mon, May 20, 96 at 14:06:54

I browse through your pages and find that real interesting. As I am also a hiker and active shooter, your page give me new idea of landscape. I have too little chance to visit new place and as a result I limited my photography in Hong Kong. Not like you that have good chance in visit, I dream of. Some of pages do not have your Email contact button which may be less easy comment/chat. Read form your contact location page that you have changed login area, that might be problematic.. If you will come to Hong Kong in future, leave me a mail and I will buy you drinks. Of course I am the best photography guide in HK! Bye.
Ct Lee (§õÂíÀÜ). Hong Kong, - Sun, May 19, 96 at 21:25:29

I'm proud to be your first guest. Your photos are amaizing!
Dave Townsend
Fairfax , VA USA - Sat, May 18, 96 at 16:06:50

I love the gallery! Outstanding!
Dave Klos
Fairfax, VA USA - Sat, May 18, 96 at 15:56:11

It's very very great mountain photographs!! I'm so lucky,because find this homepage by Yahoo(serch$(B!!(B"Mt."). Plese send me E-Mail,then I will tell you URL about Japanese mountain. Thank you.
Mitsuaki.Kato. Yokohama, JAPAN - Sat, May 18, 96 at 11:52:32

Great idea to share your experiences. I do something like you by means of slides in lectures. The difference is the quantity o people that can hear us and the much more experience of you in climbing. My experience is based in climbing in the Merida cordilllera (Bolivar, Humboldt peaks), colombian eastern range (pan de azucar, concavo, ritacuba) and in the Ecuador's volcanoes (Chimborazo, Cayambe, Pichinchas, Illiniza-sur).
Alfonso Benavides. Caracas, VENEZUELA - Sat, May 18, 96 at 09:53:34

Your site is quite informative !! I was impressed upon my first and brief visit. I will be a regular visiter. Good luck. Sathish Gajaraju.
Sathish Gajaraju. Singapore - Sat, May 18, 96 at 02:09:56

glad to see a few climbing pictures on the net.
fred yoshimura. san gabriel, ca USA - Fri, May 17, 96 at 19:48:44

Interesting information.
Leslie Abromovitz. Lake Ariel, PA USA - Fri, May 17, 96 at 17:37:26

There are grrrreat pictures in the Mountain Gallery
Keith N.. Black Creek, BC Canada - Thu, May 16, 96 at 21:02:41

Cool homepage... I added a link to your page as "the best climbing pictures i've seen on anyone's page"... keep up the good work. -mike
Mike Kowdley. Davis, CA USA - Wed, May 15, 96 at 22:57:17

Are you the guy with the Hungarian that I met last January, attempting the North Face of Mt Robson?
William Rattray. Edmonton, ALTA Canada - Wed, May 15, 96 at 16:49:34

Great job. Too bad I didn't find your info sooner.....
Russell Callender. Charlottesville, VA USA - Wed, May 15, 96 at 12:36:38

What a great web site. Thanks
Dave Lewis. Sitka, AK USA - Tue, May 14, 96 at 23:26:00

I enjoyed your photos very much the last time I visited. I have been to Yosemite several times but I am no climber by any means. I enjoy looking at the mountains and hiking in the park. I wish I were there now. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
Opie Taylor
St. Louis, MO USA - Tue, May 14, 96 at 17:18:06

Bravo!! Superbe! je voyage très souvent avec ces pages et j'ai placé un lien dans ma homepage vers ce site! Il vaut le détour. Plus timidement, j'ai réalisé quelques pages sur la haute route de Verbier à Zermatt, visible via mon url.. Si tu pouvais me donner ton avis? Encore BRAVO, bye.
Albert lacroix. Verviers, Belgium - Tue, May 14, 96 at 15:59:49

It's really great to find the most pleasant waste of time in the Internet
Detlef Baehr
Erlangen, Germany - Tue, May 14, 96 at 12:39:45

Congratulations for your web page !!! I've spent hours looking at your photos but even that, I return to your page regulary, I think I will never get tired of looking at mountains.
Vicente González. València, VALÈNCIA SPAIN - Tue, May 14, 96 at 08:22:02

Beautiful! I love the mountains.
melinda smith. piscataway, nj USA - Tue, May 14, 96 at 04:59:08

Very nice web page on mountaineering, esp the Yosemite stuff. I'm envious!
Ian Veach. Reno, NV USA - Mon, May 13, 96 at 14:22:50

Very nice page Tuan.
Paul Schaffer. bloomfield, n.j. USA - Sun, May 12, 96 at 19:39:30

I am just beginning to look at your page. So far I like it a lot. I like your images. I'm just at the beginning, so I don't have much of a response, except that I like what I see and read. I love the billboard that is running at the bottom of my screen. I think you should write a poem. It shouldn't keep repeating come on write me something. try a poem, no kidding. can you have variety? I am a large format person. I use the Polaroid 20x24 . I can't take it outside.cheers.
elsa dorfman. Cambridge, MA USA - Sun, May 12, 96 at 18:36:48

Very great achieve
Chan Tin Loy. Hong Kong, - Sat, May 11, 96 at 23:03:40

great reading and a useful info site
mark wilson. bewdley, worcs uk - Sat, May 11, 96 at 09:27:12

YO, YO, YO, I'm looking at a possible venture into online publication. I would like to talk to you about it sometime. Hope all is well! Best wishes....PT
Peter Takeda. ESTES PARK, CO USA - Fri, May 10, 96 at 20:14:05

photos beautiful, but not much time to look today. Will come back and look and read the articles soon!
Andy Lemmon. Broomfield, CO USA - Fri, May 10, 96 at 17:09:51

Last summer I did a Denali expedition up the West Butress. I went during the month of July and was blessed by similar weather to yours. Seeing your pictures brought back many wonderful memories. You did a great juob putting this collection together. Thanks, and may the mountains continue to bring you joy and bliss.
David Abell. Los Angeles, CA USA - Fri, May 10, 96 at 15:46:52

Please visit our web site AT the above URL!
Doug Hutton. Kirkland, WA USA - Fri, May 10, 96 at 15:22:55

Your Canadian Rockies shots make me homesick. Excellent photos and information. Thanks!
Brendan Mumey. Seattle, WA USA - Fri, May 10, 96 at 14:34:06

Thank you for gathering such nice pictures at one place. I'm one member of Seoul National University Alpine club. Nowadays It's my pleasure to gather the mountain pictures. I think that your mountain gallery is the most fascinating and beautiful web site.
Changbong Hyeon. Seoul, South Korea - Fri, May 10, 96 at 03:52:14

Nice page. I shall probably visit again to use some of your useful links.
Tony Eppstein. Palo Alto, CA USA - Thu, May 09, 96 at 21:57:34

Beautiful photographs! Your dedication and skill are inspiring. Keep on with what you're doing!
Lee Gentry. Knoxville, TN USA - Thu, May 09, 96 at 18:52:39

The photos of Alaska and Mt. McKinley were great. Thanks for the experience.
Phil Levy
Morganville, NJ. USA - Thu, May 09, 96 at 17:26:13

Thanks for sharing your experiences, I'm just getting into large format and feel like I'm drowning sometimes. Enjoyed your page.
Michael Langford. Hondo, TX USA - Thu, May 09, 96 at 14:42:24

Salut Tuan, Compliments pour ton serveur. Ca fait plaisir de voir des photos de Chamonix ici a Berkeley. Je suis moi meme originaire de Chamonix, et j'effectue un stage de 3 mois (c'est court) a Berkeley dans le cadre de ma these. Apparement tu es un grimpeur. J'ai a peine repris la grimpe ici, il y a peu de temps. Dur, dur la reprise ! Je me suis inscrit dans un Gym d'Oakland ou il y a un chouette mur. Il faudra que je recherche le nom, je ne m'en souviens plus. Le pb, ce que je n'ai pas de caisse ici et que je cherche toujours qqn pour m'y emmener. Alors si jamais, tu es un familier de cet endoit, fait le savoir ! Pour ma part, rien d'original dans mon serveur: c'est juste pour apprendre a se servir des pages html... Mais j'espere arranger ca a mon retour en France, car j'ai un paquet de photos de montagne dans les plaquards. Talk to you soon, Laurent Blondaz.
Laurent. Berkeley, USA - Thu, May 09, 96 at 12:16:28

Very helpful. I use a Contax RX 35mm and a Sinar Bron A1. Am in the software industry, but not into digital manipulation (yet)- it doesn't appeal to me although it will be useful for some of the ideas I want to lay down.
Neil Murray. Brattleboro, VT USA - Thu, May 09, 96 at 09:07:33

Hi! I've some friends in CHAOS, and I've recently gotten onto the mailing list. I was reading some of the posted messages about the recent Shasta trip and decided to have a peek at your homepage. I must say, this page seems to have had a LOT of time, care, and effort put into it! bye, candace
candace young. sacramento, ca USA - Wed, May 08, 96 at 19:40:37

Nice layout of your homepage, fast and easy to get around. Wicked photos, keep it up!! pj
Peter Leibel. cranbrook, BC Canada - Wed, May 08, 96 at 18:17:53

very impressive!
Mrs. Miller
jax , fl USA - Wed, May 08, 96 at 16:21:25

Interesting. I haven't yet looked at all that is here.
Merle Benson. Albuquerque, NM USA - Wed, May 08, 96 at 08:27:26

Hello! You have to learn some norwegian to understand this. Sogndal er en liten plass med noen tusen studenter og et OK klatremiljø. Ta en klatretur i Norge, sommer eller vinter, det er det verdt. Kari
kari torgersen. Sogndal, Norway - Wed, May 08, 96 at 05:46:20

Hello! You have to learn some norwegian to understand this. Sogndal er en liten plass med noen tusen studenter og et OK klatremiljø. Ta en klatretur i Norge, sommer eller vinter, det er det verdt. Kari
kari torgersen. Sogndal, Norway - Wed, May 08, 96 at 05:45:02

You have a really wonderful web site. I have an 8 X 10 camera, and I think your large format tips are practical and useful.
Elizabeth Erskine. washington, dc USA - Tue, May 07, 96 at 08:03:34

Hi, nice page! I was looking for info on cleaning/lubing my two Synchro-Compur 4x5 shutters. Any ideas on where to find a magazine article or a book/manual/?
Allan Tigges. Tucson, AZ USA - Mon, May 06, 96 at 22:46:34

Great page!
john edwards. columbia, md USA - Mon, May 06, 96 at 17:19:54

Marius Skaar. Ulsteinvik, Norge - Mon, May 06, 96 at 16:38:02

Great Page Tuan! It is very impressive. It is a good combo of both persoanl and practical information. Keep up the good work! Climb On! Paul
Paul Kloehn. Ann Arbor, MI USA - Mon, May 06, 96 at 09:33:32

Super great pictures. One question: is it possible to climb El Cap when you're not able to climb routes in high grades. I would love to climb a big wall in the future but i'm not sure if there are any easy routes on El Cap. Maybe you have some more info on this subject. Thanks Marc
Marc. Tilburg, Netherlands - Mon, May 06, 96 at 01:14:21

Your photographs are absolutely beautiful. I particular like the one of Dent de Geant. Thanks for making them available on the net. Is it possible for me to obtain a copy of the Dent de Geant photo in JPEG or Bitmap format (it would make an extraordinary wallpaper)? Who am I, you ask? A first year law school student who's trying to relieve the stress of finals by looing at nature photography. Hardly anything is as breathtaking to me as the site of mountains. Perhaps that comes from having been raised in the Great Plains (Oklahoma). Anyway, I'd better get back to studying now. Thanks again.
Joe Thai. USA - Sun, May 05, 96 at 20:47:00

Just bought my first LF equip. (Speed Graphic, 135/4.7 Xenar). Lookin' to learn.
Evan Jones
Phoenix, AZ USA - Sun, May 05, 96 at 20:04:01

very nice , altough it would be very helpfull (for peaple like me , outside of the USA )to find a list of prof.photo- graphic shops;on the net. all the best,georg!
tappeiner georg. milano, italy - Sat, May 04, 96 at 11:39:15

Thanks for collecting the info and making your web page public. I was able to jump to your site from Yahoo. I haven't kept up with the photo newsgroups, or any newsgroups for that matter (there are sooo many!). Anyway, I'm an amateur, shooting outdoor/wilderness but lately just contemplating at the keyboard. The weather's nice so I'll probably be back in the swing of things again. Later, -Lawrence
Lawrence You
San Jose, CA USA - Sat, May 04, 96 at 10:19:55

It's really worth the effort visiting your web-site. Have you climed cotopaxi or chimborazo ?I'd like to now more 'bout these routes that I want to ascent this summer.

Great pics.
Dale Rhodes
Denver, Co. USA - Fri, May 03, 96 at 23:34:44

I think that your tours are fantastic!!! I've sent your site address to alot of my freinds.I've done alot of outdoor activities, but nothing to your extremes.!. Keep it up.
Trex Donovan. Livermore, CA USA - Fri, May 03, 96 at 19:50:50

Have been to Canadian RockiesX3 for ice climbing. Each time I enjoy it more. plan to return Feb, 1997.There's not much ice climbing in Wisconsin, so it's sort of hard to practice! Keep up the good work.
Art Davidson. Mequon, WI USA - Fri, May 03, 96 at 18:36:39

I leave in the am tomorrow to climb Half-Dome with my partners. I have never been to Yosemite before. Your pictures have definately wet my appetite for adventure. Thank you!
Sterling Noren. Seattle, WA USA - Fri, May 03, 96 at 16:27:50

I just read Philip Greenspun's review of the ZONE VI large format camera, and I'd like to get the chance to speak out in favor of it.
Howard Lester. tucson, az USA - Fri, May 03, 96 at 10:37:46

Hi, love your stuff... Have sent you an email separately re Articles wanted..... Please!!!
Harry. Oxford, Oxon UK - Fri, May 03, 96 at 06:42:55

Love your comments on LF mistakes. I have made them too
Maeve Robinson. Dublin, Ireland - Thu, May 02, 96 at 15:04:05

De très belles pages avec de magnifiques photos.
BELAT. ILLZACH, FRANCE - Thu, May 02, 96 at 07:47:07

Thanks Tuan for the great pics. I'm looking forward to start climbing myself. I am a professional photographer that recenlty moved into the digital world. Your images help pass the render hours which seem too short when looking at your images. Thanks.
Jerry Sells. Hollywood, Ca. USA - Thu, May 02, 96 at 04:23:24

Thanks for the fantastic views. It sure is the best way while waiting for a 2D motion track to render. Thanks
jerry sells. S.Pasadena, Ca. USA - Thu, May 02, 96 at 03:56:56

This is by far the most comprehensive page I have seen on climbing. The pictures taken upon the Yosemite walls give such a feeling of 'being there'!
Russen Fitzpatric. Perth, W.A. Australia - Thu, May 02, 96 at 02:45:59

Great site!
Qui Hoang. Portland, OR USA - Wed, May 01, 96 at 15:11:28

Nice photos. I'm a novice mountaineer (5.9, toughest multi-day climb was a slog up Rainier last summer) but I'm taking an intermediate climb to advance the skills. I'll be back to the site to check on the pics.
Thomas Johnson. Seattle, WA USA - Tue, Apr 30, 96 at 18:35:28

This is without a doubt the most interesting and useful page I've found on the web! You've done a great job. So far, I've looked into the Yosemite info. and loved it. Keep it up!
Ron Heinsman. Taichung, Taiwan ROC - Mon, Apr 29, 96 at 22:39:51

Nice page, I particularly liked the ice climbing FAQ.
Javier Sepulveda. Santiago, Chile - Mon, Apr 29, 96 at 21:10:44

Tetons, City of Rocks, Wind Rivers, etc. Interested? Let me know. . .
Van Jensen. Brigham City, UT USA - Mon, Apr 29, 96 at 19:23:40

Phillip Lee. Fairbanks, AK USA - Fri, Apr 26, 96 at 20:39:03

A man was just here at the computer lab where I work, and we were talking pages, and he wanted to show me the best personal page on the web. BUT, I had to help a patron and when I came back, he was gone, and your page was on my computer. So, I don't know his name, but he truly admires your page. Thought you should know. A.
Abigail Elder. Madison, WI USA - Fri, Apr 26, 96 at 20:00:31

Great Pages with much good information ! Keep on maintaining them !
Wolfgang Soergel. Lausanne, Vaud Switzerland - Wed, Apr 24, 96 at 02:42:39

excellent page. Myself and others from university of cincinnnati are headed to alaska this summer for a glacial field methods class. We hope our experiences are half as rewarding as yours were.
Wayne Lawrence
cincinnnati, oh USA - Tue, Apr 23, 96 at 19:44:45

Hey Hey Tuan, Remember me, I was around from 1989 to 1992. I remember well your stories of soloing Mnt Mckinley in 1992(?) Anyway, I am now in Boulder and have started up a new Chaos out of all those 20 and 30 year olds that have left the university for the real world but have not forgotten how to play. If you are ever in the Boulder Area, please give me a call 303-661-0384. You are always welcome to crash at my house. Great Page!!!
Coy Christensen (old Chaos'er). USA - Tue, Apr 23, 96 at 05:49:22

Wonderful pics , great because next year we shall be going to the West Rib Thanks again and if you are in Sweden or thereabouts drop me a line.
David Humphreys. Stockholm, - Sweden - Tue, Apr 23, 96 at 04:18:16

Yr 7 Students, Middle Ridge School. Toowoomba, Qld Australia - Tue, Apr 23, 96 at 04:17:22

I enjoyed you photo essay on your Denali climb! Thanks
Mark King. Tulsa, Ok USA - Mon, Apr 22, 96 at 19:57:20

Alan Glazier. rohnert Park, ca USA - Mon, Apr 22, 96 at 18:42:09

Wonderful photos! You've had some remarkable experiences. You visited our homeplage and inquired about scanning glass-mount scans. Are the scans for your web site? Please call me at 1-800-888-3686 so we can discuss the project. I'd be very happy to help you. Also I'd like to link to your page. May I? All Hail the Good Life!
Chuck Benedict. Fort Collins, CO USA - Mon, Apr 22, 96 at 07:58:43

I'm new to the web; been shooting for 30+ yrs: Nikon & Lg Format. Very Interesting stuff here. Love the Zone T-pod myself! Trying to get a handle on this Digital pix process. Stay in touch. Peace & Love--
Scott N, Pro Photog. Chi 'burbs, IL USA - Mon, Apr 22, 96 at 01:45:24

Gravical web page. You have some pretty gravical pictures. Keep up the good work!!!
Julian Stoddart
Vancouver, B.C. Canada - Sun, Apr 21, 96 at 17:25:45

Incredible picture...looks very cold at the Alaskan location. Go for the "adventure", and I'll be content to sit home and marvel at your accomplishments! Take care, enjoyed the visit! Caryll.
caryll. toronto, on canada - Sun, Apr 21, 96 at 17:05:20

I have found some very good information here on these pages. I am thinking of buying a 4x5 LF. So all the info I can get is of great use to me. Thank you OLI
Oliver ILLI. Luchsingen, 8775 Switzerland - Sun, Apr 21, 96 at 13:08:18

I'm in the process of upgrading to large format and surfing the net to obtain information may help my purpose. I will probably visit your site often.
Garry Bird. Edmonton, Ab Canada - Sun, Apr 21, 96 at 11:11:41

Love your pages. Thanks for giving me info concerning Mt. Blanc. Will visit often.
Robert Johnson. Lake Oswego, OR USA - Sun, Apr 21, 96 at 09:33:19

It's always a pleasure to see such a purist approach to photography.
Jeff Kurtzeman. Phoenix, AZ USA - Sat, Apr 20, 96 at 21:05:24

Wonderful photos! Thank you so much for sharing.
Vic Walton. Santa Barbara, CA USA - Sat, Apr 20, 96 at 14:32:58

Hi! Since I'v purchased FM2 I'm involved the "Nikon world". Actually, I'm not a pro. Even long-term amateur. Just beginner. That's all! Thanks for your activity! Be happy! Sincerely, Ilias.
Ilias I. Khairullin. Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. - Sat, Apr 20, 96 at 01:16:20

Beautiful photos!!!!! I am just getting into mountaineering and your photos are giving me the itch to go and climb. Thanks!!!!
David Hagen. USA - Fri, Apr 19, 96 at 17:01:42

Wow. I am completely blown away by your site. (I saw you mention in the rec.climbing or backcountry, and decided to check it out.) I especially like your trip report of McKinley... I am thinking of trying it, perhaps in 2 years, with training and thinking from now til then. I also have to convince my wife to come with me. Right now we are just doing summer backpacking, with 1 or 2 trips in late winter/early spring. Anyhow, I have to get pack to all your great pictures. Thanks for making this beautiful site...
Robin Majumdar. Saint Eugene, Ontario Canada - Fri, Apr 19, 96 at 06:54:13

Merci pour le topo de glace des A.M., j'en avais entendu parler mais je n'arrivais pas a mettre la main dessus. ET un bon point pour les reportages photos, ça donne !
pierre Durin. Antibes, FRANCE - Fri, Apr 19, 96 at 04:32:10

Hey, Mightily impressed! Just spend the last hour surfing your stuff. I've climbed heaps in southern hemisphere locations (Australia & NZ etc) and I'm pretty into photography of these places... Haven't transferred any slides onto digital format yet so that's something to learn! I'll give you a sample when I get around to it. I've got some pretty good ones of Mount Cook and other NZ peaks. I'm planning a Chamonix trip so your stuff has been very helpful. Thanks Heaps Greg Brown
Greg Brown. Adelaide, SA Australia - Thu, Apr 18, 96 at 21:49:07

I like what I initially see. I shall be back to peruse more carefully
Jack Hamilton. Milwaukee, WI USA - Thu, Apr 18, 96 at 16:41:14

Great picture's, it just make's me want to pack my gear and go for it again. I really enjoyed looking around on this page. C.U. Peter
Peter Oostrum. Apeldoorn, gld the Netherlands - Thu, Apr 18, 96 at 13:56:10

Hello. Anyone know anyone with pictures of the Pyrennees or Scotland on the web. Cheers. Antony.
Antony Harris. Edinburgh, Scotland. - Thu, Apr 18, 96 at 05:18:01

Good information and nice photographs!
Why don't you come and visit Håkon's photography page in Norway!

Håkon Grønning. Trondheim, Norway - Thu, Apr 18, 96 at 04:17:54

i realy enjoyed tour photos of the nose. i climbed the route myself with a partner in 1985, since then i climed humpty dumpty on the squmish chief. not as sustaned as the sheild, you have my envy.when i was on elcap three guys were doing the shield. we were at camp 4 and could see there rope and hear the epic begin.the belayer said no more rope,leader sead one more placement. well i guess you can understand our enjoyment that we were on a bigg ledge and listining to these guys argue. they finaly figured out what to do. and i got a great photo of there hall bag in space with the sun going down.forget there names but they had good laugh when we told them we could here the hole sean. anyway we had our own epic om the nose,ran out of water! herd that before.enjoyed yor photos.
g menzies. canada - Wed, Apr 17, 96 at 21:31:44

Great page. I put you on my still growing Northwest Recreation Page. Thanks Richard
Richard Chamberlain. Seattle, WA USA - Wed, Apr 17, 96 at 08:45:04

Hi, great site. Interested in the large format stuff. Justin
Justin Mueller. Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa - Wed, Apr 17, 96 at 07:50:10

Great photos! Made me wish I was there myself.
Matt Cloner. Plainfield, MA USA - Tue, Apr 16, 96 at 17:22:55

I enjoyed the pictures!
Sharon Flanagan. Brooklyn, NY USA - Tue, Apr 16, 96 at 11:44:50

An outstanding effort!
Sam Linzell. Troy, MI USA - Tue, Apr 16, 96 at 09:00:39

Joe Josephson
Canada - Mon, Apr 15, 96 at 19:43:50

Wonderful Pages and Photos!! As a novice rock climber your information is very interesting. Can you tell me who to contact in Yosemite Re; Climbing Classes for the beginner? I live close to the park (Visalia) and want to try my hand at climbing along with a friend that has climed before. Thanks
Bruce Gibbings. Visalia, CA USA - Mon, Apr 15, 96 at 15:46:57