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Suggested Travel Itineraries in Vietnam

By Quang-Tuan Luong © 2001

The following itineraries are based on my personal experience of more than three months of travel in Vietnam. They cover the main sites and assume that your time is limited and your are interested in seeing as many sites as possible. However, remember that the more you can slow down, the better.

When to come

Vietnam is quite spread out from South to North, so the climate can be surprisingly different in different parts of the country. Because of that, there is always an area with nice weather at anytime of the year.

Three Days (in Saigon)

Three Days (in Hanoi)

One week (in the South)

Add to "Three days in Saigon" one of the two options:

One week (in the North)

Add to "Three days in Hanoi" the following four day trip:

One week (in the Center)

Add to any of the "Three days" itineraries the following four day trip:

Two weeks to a month

Combine the previously described itineraries. Three weeks to a month will allow you to see all sites listed on this page.
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