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  In most cases we recommend that you order a bare print from us and take it to a local frame shop. This reduces your cost (we offer free shipping for bare prints, but not for framed prints, which are expensive to package and ship) and the risk of damage. It is also much easier to select framing materials to taste in person. If needed, we offer framing as a service to our customers, but we do not make any money from it. Depending on the order and the circumstances, we may do the framing or have it done by a commercial framer. The shipping price will depend on the number of prints ordered, their sizes, and your shipping address. Because of the number of options, billing for framing services is not integrated with the shopping cart used for prints orders.

Framing prices

Image size Matted size Single Matted Double Matted Single Matted
w/bevel or float
Double Matted
w/bevel or float
12x18* 18x24 $125 $150 $180 $215
16x24* 22x30 $195 $235 $255 $275
24x36** 32x44 $495 $535 $574 $628
30x45** 38x53 $650 $710 $745 $850
24x12* 32x20 $170 $200 $220 $240
36x18** 44x26 $445 $485 $525 $577
48x24** 56x32 $600 $650 $695 $750

* Standard size. Will be framed with 3/4" to 1.5" wide wood frame
** Oversized. Will be framed with 2" to 3" wide wood frame

Examples of framed prints

Mahogany wide frame, single matte

Silver frame, single matte with bevel

Black frame, floated single matte