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High-End Stock Photography: Geography, Nature, Culture, Travel, Adventure

How to license (obtain permission to use) a photo

To license a single image, click on the image that you want (so that it fills up the page), then click on below the image, and fill-up the form to request a quote. We will reply promptly by email.

For more complex requests, please contact us by email or phone. Provide as much detail as you can about the intended use of the image(s), including in particular size, placement, circulation, territory of use.

Uses. We license images for any use, including advertising, corporate, promotional, editorial illustration in magazines and books, web, media, presentations, decor, and retail products. You are responsible for how images are used and whether other permissions may be needed.

Exclusivity. Our images are geared towards the high-end buyer. They are available exclusively from this site. They have never been distributed Royalty-Free. All our image licenses are right-managed so that each image has limited exposure. Our system informs you instantly whether an image has been licensed before. Complete use history is available upon request. By default (no additional cost) our licenses are now exclusive based on territory, duration, and type of use, with more restrictions possible (at an addtional cost). All images are registered with the US copyright office.

Free research. We represent only our own images so we know our collection well. We can let you know if we have the stock images you are requesting within seconds, and then suggest quickly the right images, as well as provide extensive information.

High quality digital files. Almost all our 35mm stock photos (scans from film or digital) are available as high resolution digital files of at least 3000x5000 pixels (11x17 inches at 300dpi). For the ultimate in quality, we have thousands of large format 5x7 inch transparencies, many pre-scanned to 12000 x 9000 pixels. If even larger scans are needed, original transparencies can be shipped (originals request form), or rescanned at actual lab cost.

Free digital services. If requested, we can size, crop, proflie and sharpen files so that they are ready to use at no extra charge.

Free electronic delivery. Digital files can generally be made available by download within a couple of hours. Unless specified otherwise, stock images are transmitted in Adobe RGB, saved as high quality (photoshop 9) jpeg. We can also FTP directly to your prepress house.

Pricing. Each license is issued for a specific use. In general, we charge one-time licensing fees which depend on the actual usage. The broader the rights granted, the higher the fees (it is fair that a small business brochure costs less than a national advertising campaign). This is why it is important that you provide detailed information about your intended use. Due to our premium services, we cannot compete with royalty-free of microstock pricing, but we match the price of other right-managed providers. Discounts are given for multiple image uses. We never grant free commercial licenses solely in exchange for credits or links.

Payment. Licensing contracts can be paid by major credit cards, paypal and wire transfer. We accept purchase orders and checks from account holders, net 45 days.

Licensing terms. We have very simple terms: click here to view them all. Not all images can be licensed.

References. We have been in business since 2001. We have a track record of serving the nature, travel, and adventure photography needs of many leading editorial, corporate, and advertising clients. See a short list of clients who have licensed stock photography from us.