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Ice climbing in the Canadian Rockies (part 1)

The classics are along the Banff-Jasper highway. On this picture, you can see the 200K+ miles WV bus that my partner Jim drove from Oregon, and an undisturbed mountain goat.

The Weeping Wall.

We climbed Lower Weeping Wall. The perspective is deceiving: Upper Weeping Wall (upper right in the first picture) is higher, and more difficult. Lower Weeping Wall has been called a "vertical football field" because it is incredibly wide. To get the scale, see in the last picture, the two dots on the upper 2/3 of the right side: that's me and Jim.

Two shorter classics:

Curtain Calls

Oh le tabernacle !

Polar Circus

The avalanche danger was not neglectible...

We managed to climb in the early morning the first part of Polar Circus: an alternance of snow gullies, steep slopes, and ice walls. The headwall was climbed in the begining of the afternoon. Soon after I clipped into the final belay, a big avalanche coming from the above bowl swept the final part. Close call !

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