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Alaska Winter

Alaska Winter : 260 images

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Alaska range, winter sunrise. Denali National Park, Alaska, USA. Car being pulled out of snowbank. Wiseman, Alaska, USA Family riding camel carved out of ice. Fairbanks, Alaska, USA Woman dog musher posing with dog team. Chena Hot Springs, Alaska, USA George Horner Ice Park at dusk, 2012 World Ice Art Championships. Fairbanks, Alaska, USA Stream and greenhouse at dawn. Chena Hot Springs, Alaska, USA Trans Alaska Pipeline and snow-covered mountains. Alaska, USA Ice sculpture of bear reading about humans. Denali National Park, Alaska, USA. Greenhouse and steam. Chena Hot Springs, Alaska, USA Commercial truck towing car, Dalton Highway. Alaska, USA Northern lights over Brooks Range, winter. Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska, USA. Balancing ice cubes with colored lights, 2012 Ice Alaska. Fairbanks, Alaska, USA Husky dog sitting on doghouse. North Pole, Alaska, USA Igloo-shaped building covered with snow. Alaska, USA Mt McKinley under clear winter sky at sunrise. Denali National Park, Alaska, USA. Snowy gullies. Alaska, USA Residents preparing dog sled. Wiseman, Alaska, USA Stream, steam, and bathhouse at night. Chena Hot Springs, Alaska, USA Sculptor using electric saw to carve ice. Fairbanks, Alaska, USA Mount Sukakpak in winter. Alaska, USA

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