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Sapa People

Sapa People : 30 images

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Dzao women shopping. Sapa, Vietnam Two Red Dzao women. Sapa, Vietnam Ethnic minority women. Sapa, Vietnam Black Hmong Women. Sapa, Vietnam Red Dzao boys. Sapa, Vietnam Hmong women returning to their village, which cannot be reached by the road. Sapa, Vietnam Hmong women back from the fields. The back basket is typically used by mountain tribes. Sapa, Vietnam Boy keeping water buffaloes. Sapa, Vietnam Child and woman of the Black Dzao minority, between Tam Duong and Sapa. Northwest Vietnam The saturday market. Sapa, Vietnam Red Dzao children. Sapa, Vietnam Boy of the Black Dzao minority wearing a hat with three decorative coins, between Tam Duong and Sapa. Vietnam Hmong people at the market. The Hmong constitue the largest hill tribe (ethnic minority). Sapa, Vietnam Water buffalo and mountain children. Sapa, Vietnam Black Hmong girl and family. Sapa, Vietnam Black Dzao man making the decorative coins used in the children hats, between Tam Duong and Sapa. Northwest Vietnam Black Hmong Women riding at the back of a Russian motorbike. Sapa, Vietnam Playing with the water buffalo. Sapa, Vietnam Sapa market. Sapa, Vietnam Hmong women kids with sugar cane. Sapa, Vietnam

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