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Judaism : 15 images
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Menorah. Jerusalem, Israel Orthodox jews in a narrow alley, Safed (Tsfat). Israel Central synagogue dome. NYC, New York, USA Jews in the ultra-orthodox Mea Shearim district. Jerusalem, Israel Menorah, inscription in Hebrew, and lantern, Safed (Safad). Israel Central synagogue door. NYC, New York, USA Sign advertising jewish religious studies for beginners, Mea Shearim district. Jerusalem, Israel Alley with sign pointing to Synagogue Abuhav, Safed (Safad). Israel Laundry in a courtyard, with the Western Wall in the background. Jerusalem, Israel Synagogue interior, Safed (Tzfat). Israel Orthodox Jews. Jerusalem, Israel Young soldier and orthodox jew reading prayer  books at the Western Wall. Jerusalem, Israel Orthodox Jew and soldier at the Western Wall. Jerusalem, Israel Western (Wailling) Wall and Dome of the Rock at night. Jerusalem, Israel Elderly orthodox jew, Western (Wailling) Wall. Jerusalem, Israel

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