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Power Plants

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Power Plants : 24 images
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Chimneys of power plant emerging from the fog. Morro Bay, USA Natural gas powered electricity generation plant, Moss Landing. California, USA Power Station, Queens. NYC, New York, USA Gorge Powerhouse, Newhalem. Washington Nuclear power plant reflected in Rhone River. Provence, France Coal fired generating station at dusk, near Holbrook. Arizona, USA Harbor and power plant, Moss Landing. California, USA Morro Bay power plant at dusk. Morro Bay, USA Gorge Dam in summer, Newhalem. Washington Cholla Power Plant, Joseph City. Arizona, USA Atomic Power Station with four pressurized water reactors. Provence, France Queensboro bridge and power station. NYC, New York, USA Hydroelectric power plant, Newhalem. Washington Power station and fishing boats, dusk. Morro Bay, USA 995-megawatt Cholla Power Plant, near Holbrook. Arizona, USA Cooling tower of nuclear power plant with ecology-themed art by Jean-Marie Pierret, and windmill. Provence, France Hydroelectric Powerhouse, Newhalem. Washington Smokestacks, Cholla generating station,. Arizona, USA Power station reflected in harbor, dusk. Morro Bay, USA Smoke Emitting From Cooling Towers, Cruas Nuclear Power Station. Provence, France Coal fired power plant, Joseph City. Arizona, USA Vertical stacks of power plant. Morro Bay, USA Fishing boats and power plant. Morro Bay, USA Duke Energy power plant. Morro Bay, USA

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