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Asian Hill Tribe People

Images by QT Luong

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Ethnic minority women carrying banana trunks. Vietnam (color) Flower Hmong women. The Hmong ethnie is divided into four subgroups, designated using the dress pattern they wear. Bac Ha, Vietnam (color) Hmong women returning to their village, which cannot be reached by the road. Sapa, Vietnam (color) Elderly woman weaving in her home. Northeast Vietnam (color) Elderly tribeswoman and girl doing field work  near Yen Chau. Northwest Vietnam (color) Hmong family in front of their home, near Tam Duong. Northwest Vietnam (color) Bai tribeswomen selling incense. Shaping, Yunnan, China (color) Woman of the Thai ethnicity milling grain, near Mai Chau. Northwest Vietnam (color) Boy of the Black Dzao minority wearing a hat with three decorative coins, between Tam Duong and Sapa. Vietnam (color) Thai women walk in a town market, near Son La. Northwest Vietnam (color) Hmong family near Lai Chau. Northwest Vietnam (color) Thai women loading a bicycle, near Tuan Giao. Northwest Vietnam (color) Vegetable section of the Ky Lua Market,  Cao Bang. Northeast Vietnam (color) Women wearing traditional Bai dress. Dali, Yunnan, China (color) Sani women. Shilin, Yunnan, China (color) Market scene, Kalaw. Shan state, Myanmar (color) Woman of the Lao Huay tribe in front of her hut,  Ban Nam Sang village. Laos (color) Tribeswomen at market. Chiang Rai, Thailand (color) Colorful crowd at the sunday market. Bac Ha, Vietnam (color) Red Dzao boys. Sapa, Vietnam (color)
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