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Being acclimatized thanks to my extended waiting at 14300ft, I skip the 16000 camp, which is occupied by a guided team comming from the bottom of the ridge. Denali, Alaska (color) On the North face of Grande Casse, Vanoise, Alps, France. (color) Woman with backpack pausing on steep terrain above Iceberg Lake. Sequoia National Park, California (color) Probing a circle for crevasses, before unroping. Alaskan glaciers are among the biggest in the world, and have very deep crevasses, which are difficult to spot. Denali, Alaska (color) Waiting out in bad weather. Denali, Alaska (color) Traveling down with sleds. Denali, Alaska (color) The three tracks starting from the 14300 camp are very visible: to Windy Corner, the West Buttress, and the West Rib (although these were only my tracks). The 14300 camp would soon be in the shade. Denali, Alaska (color) Alpinists climb Aiguille du Midi, France. (color) Like most people, we leave our snowshoes and sleds here, and organize ourselves to do a double carry the next morning. Denali, Alaska (color) Looking up to woman scrambling on rocks on the East face of Mt Whitney. Sequoia National Park, California (color) Fresh snow on the 14300ft camp. Denali, Alaska (color) The treacherous Denali Pass, scene of numerous accidents. The descending traverse is somewhat delicate for tired climbers. Moreover some take only ski poles and therefore cannot self-arrest. Denali, Alaska (color) Climber on Aig. des Pelerins,  Mont-Blanc Range, Alps, France. (color) Windy Corner. There is a secondary summit which creates a funnel with the West Buttress, generating incredibly high winds there during storms.. Denali, Alaska (color) Climbers on a bivy ledge in the East face of Mt Whitney. Sequoia National Park, California (color) The ridge visible on the skyline is the West Rib, which was my planned itinerary. My companions had settled for the West Buttress, so I would do the second part of the climb solo. Denali, Alaska (color) Joan Phelps, a blind woman from Anchorage summited a few hours after me, guided by her twin sons Marty and Mike. The most remarkable ascent ofthis year. Denali, Alaska (color) Frank Levy on the central slope of North face of Les Droites, Mont-Blanc Range, Alps, France. (color) Frank Levy during a storm,  North face of Les Droites,  Mont-Blanc Range, Alps, France. (color) Alpinists climb  Aiguille du Midi, France. (color)
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