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America's Fifty-Nine National Park

introduction by Geir Jordahl
photos by Quang-Tuan Luong
True North Editions (2016)
176 pages, 11 x 8.5 inches, hardcover
ISBN 978-1-943013-03-6

Limited Edition of 100, signed and numbered
includes a signed original print

When they hosted the "Treasured Lands" exhibit in February-March 2016, PhotoCentral Gallery produced this limited edition publication that not only serves as a catalog, but also expends the exhibit through a carefully curated choice of additional images.

From the introduction by Geir Jordahl:

Quang-Tuan Luong has spent twenty-two years photographing the National Parks. He has done so with a dedicated practice reminiscent of photography's pioneers. Laden with large, often-burdensome equipment and, most importantly, large sheets of film , Luong represents the end of an era. He is a living enigma of sorts, still creating images through the magic of alchemy, understanding his tools and craft to the extent that his mind's eye translates the sublime experience of nature to film. There is no preview in his camera, no evening assessment in his method. It is not until long after his return from the journey, that Luong has the opportunity to review his results. Such is his process, his art and his craft. [...] In review of this large, consistent body of work, we are able to delve more deeply into the concept of parkland and our own personal relationship to nature.

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