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Black and White Photography by QT Luong

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Children play with inflated balloons behind the Cathedral by night. Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico (black and white) Girls playing in tidepool, Kukuila. Kauai island, Hawaii, USA (black and white) Children playing a rotating swing near Can Cau. Vietnam (black and white) Girl riding a donkey. Guanajuato, Mexico (black and white) Cycle-rickshaw pulling a box for carrying schoolchildren. New Delhi, India (black and white) Old carousel. Avignon, Provence, France (black and white) Storybook Puppet theater, Fairyland. Oakland, California, USA (black and white) Native kids. Virgin Islands National Park, US Virgin Islands. (black and white) Children in front of rural hut, Hon Chong. Vietnam (black and white) Kids in a small sailboat docked in Inner Habor. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (black and white) Girls playing in tidepool, Kukuila. Kauai island, Hawaii, USA (black and white) Children on stairs of an old alley. Jerusalem, Israel (black and white) Girls in front of La Valenciana church, late afternoon. Guanajuato, Mexico (black and white) Uniformed junior school girls, Ho Chi Minh city. Vietnam (black and white) Elderly tribeswoman and girl doing field work  near Yen Chau. Northwest Vietnam (black and white) Girl riding in the back of pick-up truck in a street close to ocean, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. Jalisco, Mexico (black and white) School children visiting the mission. San Juan Capistrano, Orange County, California, USA (black and white) Motorized rickshaw, typical of this area. Luang Prabang, Laos (black and white) Colorful stripes on wall, tree, and girl, Tlaquepaque. Jalisco, Mexico (black and white) Girl feeding pigeon, Jardin du Luxembourg. Quartier Latin, Paris, France (black and white) The Jewel House, housing the Crown Jewels, Tower of London. London, England, United Kingdom (black and white) Schoolchildren in a marching band. Guanajuato, Mexico (black and white) Children practising in a marching band. Guanajuato, Mexico (black and white) A minority village in the mountains. Da Lat, Vietnam (black and white) Children with drums. Guanajuato, Mexico (black and white) Girl sorting dried shrimp. Ha Tien, Vietnam (black and white) Girl with ornemental leaves in traditional fashion. Pago Pago, Tutuila, American Samoa (black and white) Two kids in front of a hut. Hong Chong Peninsula, Vietnam (black and white) Fisherman pulling out fish out a net, with girl looking, Kaneohe Bay, morning. Oahu island, Hawaii, USA (black and white) Girls on beach, the Cove. La Jolla, San Diego, California, USA (black and white) Egg throwing contest. McCarthy, Alaska, USA (black and white) Girls laying on floating mattress, Sand Harbor, East Shore, Lake Tahoe, Nevada. USA (black and white) Villagers gathering wood. Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, India (black and white) Young burmese woman and child. Bagan, Myanmar (black and white)
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