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Mexico countryside - 2

Pictures by QT Luong

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Aerial view plain and Sierra de Madre. Mexico ( color) Banana trees, palm tree, and tobbaco field. Mexico ( color) Woman sitting in a fruit stand. Mexico ( color) Tropical Fruit stand with girl in background. Mexico ( color) Young women sitting on a roof. Mexico ( color) Bananas in the back of a pick-up truck. Mexico ( color) Coconuts. Mexico ( color) Agave field cultivated to make Tequila. Mexico ( color) Hardened lava field. Mexico ( color) Blue agaves near Tequila. Mexico ( color) Agave plantation and tree. Mexico ( color) Dense rows of blue agaves. Mexico ( color) Rural landscape with grasses and agave field. Mexico ( color) Cactus amongst agave field. Mexico ( color) Blue agave field on hillside. Mexico ( color) Man sitting beneath a tree near a field with stacks of corn hulls. Mexico ( color) Man with cowboy hat. Mexico ( color) Taco stand on town plaza with cathedral in background. Mexico ( color) Children playing with a ball in village street. Mexico ( color) Candles in a roadside chapel. Mexico ( color) Candles, flowers, and religious offerings in a roadside chapel. Mexico ( color) Cemetery with tombs of all shapes and sizes. Mexico ( color) Multicolored flowers on a grave. Mexico ( color) Floral wheels in a cemetery. Mexico ( color)
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