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Frozen Waterfalls

Photos by QT Luong

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Climbers tackle Oh le tabernacle !. Canada (color) Rappeling from an ice climb in Rifle Canyon, Colorado. USA (color) Higher, the fourth pitch ends up with an airy traverse. Lilloet, British Columbia, Canada (color) Rappeling down from Lower Weeping wall. Canada (color) Base of free standing column of Viollins Falls, Fressinieres. Alps, France (color) Climber on the lower Weeping Wall. Canada (color) Climbing the Fang, Vail, Colorado. USA (color) The route had apparently stirred the interest of a number of locals, but no one had had the nerve and persistence to make a serious attempt. On the second attempt, the route appeared even less in, in contrast with the nearby Gift , still fat with ice. This was the last opportunity of the season. Starting to climb at 8am, we had managed to snatch the route from the gods who guard improbable ascents. Like thieves, we had finished under cover of darkness. But as if those gods had summoned the police, a witness mistakenly thought we were in trouble, and Mounties arrived on the scene at the end of an almost 24 hour day of effort. The new route, put up by a pair of transplanted Californians, is called The Theft, V 6R.. Lilloet, British Columbia, Canada (color) The Terminator wall. Canada (color) Paul and Vincent are going to avoid the vertical free standing section of the main falls of Gialorgues by climbing through an ice-tunnel, an experience of rare beauty. Alps, France (color) Climbing the headwall of Polar Circus. Canada (color) Bridge River area, near Lilloet. The line on the left is The Gift, one of the harder additions to the area, first climbed during Christmas 95. The line on the right, even more obvious and dramatic (but clearly not as fat) was revealed to me by Eric Hirst through e-mail. Lilloet, British Columbia, Canada (color) Climbing in  Provo Canyon, Utah. USA (color) Crux traverse on Sea of Vapors. Canada (color) Dominique climbs Nains des Ravines, Fournel. Alps, France (color) Snow traverse and headwall of Polar Circus. Canada (color) Climbing the Fang, Vail, Colorado. USA (color) Lee was going to lead successfully the chimney, using one Camalot and one piton to clear a chockstone by an aid move. Lilloet, British Columbia, Canada (color) Terminator seen from Sea of Vapors. Canada (color) Stalactite of the Moulins Falls, La Grave. Alps, France (color)
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