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Frozen Waterfalls

Images by QT Luong

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Mountain Goat and Oh le tabernacle !. Canada (color) Rappeling from an ice climb in Provo Canyon, Utah. USA (color) Having finished this crux pitch, It is now dark, but I feel very excited of being only one pitch away from completing the project. Lilloet, British Columbia, Canada (color) Starting up on Sea of Vapors. Canada (color) Francois climbs a new route, Fournel. Alps, France (color) Climbing the Fang, Vail, Colorado. USA (color) Weeping wall. Canada (color) This line has two parts quite distinct in character: the first includes a pitch whose base looked very sketchy from the road, and the chimney, of which the inside was not visible. The second is the partially free-standing huge column, which is visibly very steep, sustained, and complex. Lilloet, British Columbia, Canada (color) The Terminator wall seen from the base of Professor's fall. Canada (color) Philippe leads in the Bourdoux falls. Alps, France (color) On the lower Weeping Wall. Canada (color) Climbing in  Provo Canyon, Utah. USA (color) Kevin looked with some perplexity at the fifth. Lilloet, British Columbia, Canada (color) Baiser de Lune, Fournel. Alps, France (color) Climbing in  Provo Canyon, Utah. USA (color) Lower Weeping Wall. Canada (color) The first pitch (thin ice crux, WI5+ R) was one of the scariest I have ever climbed. Althought it at first didn't appear to be possible because the main pillar was unstable, it went on the thin ribbon on the right. Lilloet, British Columbia, Canada (color) Stalactite of the Moulins Falls, La Grave. Alps, France (color) Climbing in Rifle Canyon, Colorado. USA (color) Climber on the lower Weeping Wall. Canada (color)
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