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Hawaii - Big Island

Black and White pictures by QT Luong

[Kona Coast]
[South Point and Punaluu]
[Hawaii Volcanoes NP]
[Hilo Coast]
[Akaka Falls State Park]
[Waipio Valley]
[Mauna Kea]
[Misc Big Island]

The Big Island of Hawaii (or simply Hawaii Island) is aptly named so, looking more like a small continent, than an island. It is twice the size than all the other Hawaiian Islands combined. Its population is also the less dense. Dominated by volcanoes, the Big Island features a peak whose top is sometimes covered in snow while eruptions on its flanks send rivers of molten lava into the Pacific. Some of the coastlines are desert-like, with fields of black lava stretching to the horizon, while a few dozen miles away, hundreds of inches of rain feed tropical jungles, exotic blossoms, and year-round cascading waterfalls.