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Katahdin region

Pictures by QT Luong

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The Katahdin region is home to Baxter State Park where Mount Katahdin is situated. Millinocket (population 5000) is the largest town in the Maine North Woods. Largely a mill town, Millonocket has also grown into a destination as the gateway to Baxter State Park and Mount Katahdin. The Golden Road, partly unpaved but well maintained, links to two main towns of the region, Millinocket and Greenville, passing through the hamlet of Kokadjo, marked with the sign "Population not many".

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Pond and trees at dusk, Golden Road. Maine, USA ( color) Tree skeletons, forest in fall foliage, and fog. Maine, USA ( color) Forest with low layer of fog, morning autumn. Maine, USA ( color) Pond surrounded by trees in fall colors. Maine, USA ( color) Dense forest of dead standing trees. Maine, USA ( color) Dead trees on the shore of Chesunkunk Lake. Maine, USA ( color) Penobscot River in autumn, late afternoon. Maine, USA ( color) Trees in fall foliage reflected in wide  Penobscot River. Maine, USA ( color) Floatplane at dusk, Ambajejus Lake. Maine, USA ( color) Railroad and mill, Millinocket. Maine, USA ( color) Businesses on main street, Millinocket. Maine, USA ( color) Main street, Millinocket. Maine, USA ( color) Corridor in inn with chair and window looking out to trees. Maine, USA ( color) Wall of firewood, Millinocket. Maine, USA ( color) Truck carrying logs, Abol bridge. Maine, USA ( color) Truck on road below cloud-capped Katahdin. Maine, USA ( color) Welcome to Kokadjo sign. Maine, USA ( color) Trucks with moose lining up at checking station, Kokadjo. Maine, USA ( color) Truck with harvested moose, Kokadjo. Maine, USA ( color) Large dead moose in back of truck, Kokadjo. Maine, USA ( color) Moose with kill tag in back of truck being lifted, Kokadjo. Maine, USA ( color) Huge moose lifted from truck for weighting, Kokadjo. Maine, USA ( color) Inspectors recording antler length of killed moose, Kokadjo. Maine, USA ( color)
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