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North Maine Woods

Pictures by QT Luong

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The North Maine Woods is a mixed-use forest covering more than 3.5 million acres in Maine. Largely unsettled, besides small logging camps, hunting camps, and lodges, the North Maine Woods is the largest undevelopped track of forest in the East. It is not a wilderness, as the North Maine Woods have been continually logged for two centuries and are criss-crossed by an extensive network of logging roads. Most of the land in the North Maine Woods is owned by timber companies, but has remained so far open to the public for recreational activities. The North Maine Woods surrounds the protected areas of Baxter State Park and the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. It is bordered by the towns of Millinocket and Greenville on the Moosehead Lake. For a more complete survey of the area, please be sure to check those pages, as this one concentrates mostly on the forest and forestry activities. See also the account of my trip to the Maine North Woods.

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Clearing and forest in autumn. Maine, USA ( color) Septentrional forest in the fall. Maine, USA ( color) Clearing and north woods in the fall. Maine, USA ( color) Northwoods autumn color. Maine, USA ( color) Northern forest in fall with narrow unimproved road. Maine, USA ( color) Dirt road and curves in the fall. Maine, USA ( color) Grassy road in autumn. Maine, USA ( color) Forestry road with logs on both sides. Maine, USA ( color) Stacked logs. Maine, USA ( color) Felled tree trunks. Maine, USA ( color) Log truck loaded on forestry road. Maine, USA ( color) Log loader lifts trunks into log truck. Maine, USA ( color) Logging truck loaded by log loader truck. Maine, USA ( color) Forestry truck at logging site. Maine, USA ( color) Clearfelt area with forestry truck and trailer. Maine, USA ( color) Clear cut gully in forest. Maine, USA ( color) Pile of cut branches. Maine, USA ( color) Sawdust pile, Ashland. Maine, USA ( color) Sawdust in lumber mill at night, Ashland. Maine, USA ( color) Stacks of finished lumber at dusk,  Ashland. Maine, USA ( color) Stacks of lumber and mill at night,  Ashland. Maine, USA ( color)
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