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Moosehead Lake, Maine

Pictures by QT Luong

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[1 : Overview]
[2 : Greenville to Rockport]
[3 : Woods and B-52]
Moosehead Lake is the largest lake in Maine. Moosehead Lake features an intricate lakeshore (280 miles long) and more than 80 islands. Towns that border Mooselake Lake include Rockport and Greenville, the historic gateway and recreation center for the Maine North Woods. In 1963, at the height of the Cold War, a B-52 crashed during a training mission on Elephant Mountain, near Moosehead Lake. Remains of the aircraft can still be seen in the woods at a site that has been preserved as a memorial.

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Deep Cove, Moosehead Lake. Maine, USA ( color) Deck, Moose River, Rockwood. Maine, USA ( color) Mount Kineo seen across Moosehead Lake, Rockwood. Maine, USA ( color) Reeds and autumn trees reflected in still pond, Greenville Junction. Maine, USA ( color) Autumn scenery with lake and clouds lifting up. Maine, USA ( color) Lake autumn landscape. Maine, USA ( color) Moose Island. Maine, USA ( color) Conifers silhouette and clouds, Lily Bay State Park. Maine, USA ( color) Cove and boat on shore of  Moosehead lake, Lily Bay State Park. Maine, USA ( color) Stream, trees in fall color, Beaver Cove. Maine, USA ( color) Moosehead Lake, sunset, Greenville. Maine, USA ( color) Deck, lamp, and Katahdin steamer at sunset, Greenville. Maine, USA ( color) Boats in Beaver Cove Marina at dusk, Greenville. Maine, USA ( color) Moosehead Lake at dusk, Greenville. Maine, USA ( color) Floatplanes and reflections in Moosehead Lake  late afternoon, Greenville. Maine, USA ( color) Railroad track and abandonned station, Greenville Junction. Maine, USA ( color) Stores, Greenville. Maine, USA ( color) Cemetery in autumn, Greenville. Maine, USA ( color) Autumn landscape with colorful leaves and distant mountains. Maine, USA ( color) Moose warning a wood for sale signs. Maine, USA ( color) Trees ablaze with fall colors. Maine, USA ( color) Backpacker shouldering pack at trailhead. Maine, USA ( color) Landing gear of crashed B-52 in woods. Maine, USA ( color) Pieces of B-52 wreckage lie scattered on Elephant Mountain. Maine, USA ( color)
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